Sanity in Yandere Sim

It might look like I didn’t get much done over the past two weeks, but that’s primarily because I was optimizing some old inefficient code and fixing some of the bugs that had been piling up. I re-implemented ragdoll physics (still not satisfied with them, though) and re-implemented the way that button prompts appear and get targeted (still not satisfied with that, either). On the plus side, I did get a lot of work done regarding the “Sanity” feature, previously referred to as the “Yandere Meter”.

The cardiograph monitor at the bottom right corner of the screen displays Yandere-chan’s heart rate, which reflects her current level of Sanity. Yandere-chan loses some Sanity every time she performs an unethical action, such as killing, stealing, poisoning someone’s food, etc. When your Sanity is below 66%, you will appear suspicious, and NPCs will be wary of you. When your Sanity is below 33%, you will look dangerous, and NPCs will be afraid of you, which causes damage to your reputation. The cardiograph is be a gentle pink when Yandere-chan is normal, hot pink when she is suspicious, and red when she is insane.

As you can tell from watching the above video, a lot of things change when Yandere-chan loses her sanity. Her animations change, her facial expression changes, her heart rate increases, the background music changes, the camera starts to wobble, and the edges of the screen become dark and blurry. I would like to improve upon these effects (better animations when she’s insane, dynamic music rather than pitch-shifting the existing music, better visual effects, etc) but the current visuals demonstrate the kind of look I hope to achieve.

There will be several different ways to restore your Sanity. Laughing is one method. Gazing lovingly at a picture of Senpai is another method. Sitting in a bathroom stall is another method. Standing nearby Senpai will also calm Yandere-chan down and restore her Sanity. However, if Senpai sees Yandere-chan when her Sanity is less than 33%, he will become afraid of her, and he will never be able to love her. This would result in a Game Over.

So, what does a Game Over look like? Perhaps it will be something like this:

What’s that curious fourth option? Maybe next month’s update will feature it…

Patreon Update

At the suggestion of several commenters on this blog, I’ve updated the Patreon page with a milestone goal that outlines how much money I need to make Yandere Simulator my full-time job.

132 thoughts on “Sanity in Yandere Sim

  1. Maybe in another update you should add in other movements and ways to attack for movements you should add kicking and for attacking you could trip someone and stab then on the head. 😊

  2. Oh and maybe add in trading and currency and a school store to buy things from and trade with.
    Pippi Osu’s task could be finding her paper with her password for a game on it the password should be 602603Osu. 😊

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