Gamesnosh Interview

I was lucky enough to score another interview about Yandere Simulator! This time it’s with the UK-based Gamesnosh.

After the Hatred controversy, I started to wonder how mainstream media sites are going to cover Yandere Sim. What kind of publicity do you think this game will generate?

Look forward to another gameplay update two days from now!

19 thoughts on “Gamesnosh Interview

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much, it’s not like it’s comparable to mindless mass murder-
    >panty shots
    Nope, you’re screwed.

    Jokes aside, I doubt your game will be mainstream enough to worry about any severe moral backlash. Even if some were to occur, the type of people who would buy this game probably won’t listen to said backlash or buy because they learned about the existence of the game from the very people complaining.

  2. You’re gonna get shit on for creating a teenage girl murder simulator but it probably wont stop the game from being successful with your audience.

    There are way to avoid too much of a backlash though. Maybe you should include a male rival or two or even make all the rivals men if you choose a female sempai. As long as there are men you have to actively kill it’ll help. People will be mad about the panties shot thing so maybe you should consider having something else you can sell to infochan too. Maybe it could related to your relationship mechanic like pictures of certain couples kissing. As for killing kids it might be a good idea to also have some adults that need to be killed so it’s not just killing kids. Justifying all your characters actions with the story is also important so that it doesn’t seem like a random murder simulator like Hate.

    For the most part you’re just going to have to eat it. Reinforcing that this is a game based on well known tropes and that you don’t advocate murder will be your best asset.

    Lastly don’t associate with any controversial groups. It’s good that you didn’t call 4chan by name in this article and you should continue to do that. I’m sure you’re aware of what sites and groups are controversial so just keep using your intuition.

    Can’t wait till Thursday to see what you’ve been working on. Good luck senpai!

    • Pantie shots must stay I say. No really this is another anime cliche that you mock. I personally dev-senpai project for all those little nods he gives. I don’t see how killing adults would help, that makes kid murders even worse.
      And I said it earlier(or maybe not, I tend to forgot): Any publicity is good publicity for you Dev-senpai. It’s not like you are trying to hide what the game is about, so only people who accept it will buy it.

      • I definitely agree about panty shots and I don’t think they should be taken out no matter what. I just think that having some other pictures you can take for favours could possibly reduce the flack dev senpai gets since the game wouldn’t punish you for not taking panty shots.

        I think you might be right that adding adult murders won’t help now that I think about it. I don’t think it will hurt either though so if there’s an opportunity to make a christmas cake style target there’s no reason not too.

        Like dev senpai mentioned he has ears of the same thing that happened to hate happening to him. So I think until the game is closer to release or possibly even already greenlit it’s important to try and get more good publicity than bad.

        So far things seem to be going well though so there’s no need to change anything dev senpai is doing.

  3. Just wear your best grin as they report how you’re Satan and talk as if they’re giving you positive interviews, completely ignoring all “ethics” criticism.

  4. I really wouldn’t worry too much about it. This game is about a girl’s obsessive nature taken to the next level, it’s not about genocide like “Hatred”. Sure, the game is practically based around violence. Well guess what: So is Grand Theft Auto. Hell, there’s even R_peL_y by Illusion. That was…an interesting experience.

    Anyways here’s what you should come to expect from the various types of people who may or may not check out your game:

    1) The Guy who obsessively watches anime: He’s cool with this type of game. He knows what a Yandere is and is desensitized to this. He knows what he is getting into and might even try his hand at it.

    2) The Guy who plays video games: Depending on their views on violence, they may hate or love this game. Usually people who play more violent games (that actually have a tremendous amount of blood, E.G. Prototype and Killing Floor) may be desensitized to this as well. Opinions may vary but they probably WON’T go ape shit.

    3) The Guy who doesn’t play video games and watch anime: Again, this depends on his views. If he sees what this game is truly about: A girl obsessing over a boy, he may slump his shoulders, sigh and walk the other way. If he doesn’t, you may have a controversy on your hands.

    As for me: I’m both 1 and 2.

  5. That image at the end was cel-shaded. I like that so much. Are you considering going cel-shaded instead of regularly shaded?

    • It’s always been the intention to give the game cel-shaded graphics, although I’ve tweaked the settings so much that now the models don’t seem to be casting shadows on themselves anymore, which makes it seem as though the cel-shaded look is gone. I can look into that.

  6. Congratulations! I’m glad your project is getting more exposure! How exactly did the interviewer find and contact you?
    On a side note, the dialogue wheel screen has a cardiowave display on the bottom right, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there before. Is it something we can look forward to in the next update? Is it related to Yandere-chan’s mental state, or is she using her predatory instincts to gauge the NPC’s condition? :3

  7. I know this is meant to be a yandere-girl game but would you ever consider a male protagonist? like choosing to be male? I would love to stalk down a girl and kill everyone 🙂

  8. Dev senpai has noticed me! Now I must make sure his eyes are for my posts only!

    I don’t know it’s just me but it seems that your wordpress timestamps are set to GMT. Also I can’t reply to replies of replies therefore this non reply post.

    I can’t wait to see your update tomorrow!

  9. Apparently it already happened. It’s not to uncommon to come across an article of the game that acusses it of trivializing suicide and consent. Fortunately it’s not mainstream.

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