April 15th Update

Hello! New build, new improvements, new bug fixes, more tasks crossed off my checklist.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this striking illustration of Ayano by Kissennran!

Generic Task Overhaul

In 1980s Mode, over 70 students all shared the same Task – “Go to the Library and complete an assignment for me.” That was super lame. So, from now on, instead of one task, there are ten different tasks that the students of 1980s Mode can offer you. Each task follows the same basic formula as the “complete an assignment” task:

  1. Go to location
  2. Perform action
  3. Return to student

The ten tasks of 1980s Mode are:

  1. Go to Library, complete an assignment for a student.
  2. Go to Home Ec room, prepare a meal for a student.
  3. Go to Sewing Room, sew a scarf for a student.
  4. Go to Infirmary, get some headache pills for a student.
  5. Go to Cafeteria, buy a drink for a student.
  6. Go to Workshop, repair a broken toy for a student’s younger sibling.
  7. Go to Student Council room, retrieve a magazine that was confiscated from a student.
  8. Go to Art Room, improve a painting for a student.
  9. Go to Computer Lab, print copies of a flyer for a student’s friend.
  10. Go outside, get a flower for a student.

Some additional information:

  1. Previously, if you accepted the “complete an assignment for me” task, you would have to complete the assignment and turn it in before doing it for another student, even if two students wanted you to complete two separate assignments. That is no longer the case. From now on, if two students want you to do something (like prepare a meal) you can prepare two meals back-to-back, instead of being limited to only one preparing meal until you’ve turned in the quest.
  2. None of the new tasks currently have voice acting. Also, the icons that represent these tasks are currently placeholder. I’d love fix this in the future, but it depends entirely on volunteer availability.
  3. Each of these tasks (except the “buy a drink” one) involves a short, 5-second animation.
  4. Most of the short animations do not involve any kind of visuals representing the object that Ryoba is creating/obtaining/repairing. If this is upsetting or disappointing, then visuals can be created in the future, but it seems like a low priority issue, so I hope that people can tolerate it the way that it is…at least until after the crowdfunding campaign.
  5. The “improve a painting” task is the only exception. You’ll actually see the original painting and watch it transform into a “better” painting.

There’s a small part of me which thinks that each of the 5-second animations should be a super-short minigame where the player just has to hit 3 buttons within a time limit, or something insanely simple like that, so that there is actual interaction and gameplay happening. However, I’ll only spend time adding that to the game if players express that they feel that it’s significant enough to warrant my development time.

Currently, the rivals of 1980s Mode are still sharing the “Complete a school assignment for me” Task. This is because I plan to update the game with a bunch of unique tasks for all 1980s Mode rivals, and I want to “bundle” that improvement with several of other rival-centric improvements, so that I can release a “Big 1980s Mode Rival Overhaul” update that has a bunch of different adjustments to 1980s Mode that I honestly believe will warrant you replaying the game to experience all of the differences and changes.


  • The “Extras” part of the Main Menu now brings the player to a screen with actual functionality. In short, it’s a menu that allows people to visit certain YouTube videos. For example, the “Lore Videos” menu links to videos that provide backstory/lore that isn’t offered within the game itself.
  • Students’ lips now move during their Task dialogue. However, the lip sync is current imperfect. It’ll be improved in the future, so please don’t judge it too harshly just yet.
  • Previously, the contents of all students’ bento boxes were identical. As of now, there are 4 different “variations” of food that can be found inside of a student’s bento box.
  • Ayano will now undo her ponytail when she changes into a towel, and switch back to a ponytail when she puts any outfit back on.
  • Students’ smartphones now have social media on their screens, instead of being blank empty screens.
  • Replaced the textures for the bento boxes that students eat out of and the food contained within.
  • Replaced the 3D models for the cat accessories that Osana’s suitor can give to Osana.
  • Shima Shiya now has voice lines for her Task dialogue.


  • Previously, if a student council member pushed the protagonist while the she was walking around with a water cooler, the water cooler would be dropped and clip into the student council member, leading to bugs. To fix this issue, the protagonist will no longer drop the water cooler if she is carrying one while pushed by a student council member.
  • If the player attempted a Mission Mode mission that required the player to dispose of the target in a vat of acid, and the player chopped up the victim into pieces before disposing of their corpse in the acid vat, the game would not acknowledge that the player had disposed of the target correctly. This bug has been fixed.
  • Previously, students were willing to run to the Matchmaking spot even if they were currently in a swimsuit. This was unintentional; I intended for students to reject the Matchmaking attempt if they were in a swimsuit at the time. This oversight has been fixed.
  • If the player spoke to a character while standing too close to two other character that were having a private conversation, the player would get in trouble for eavesdropping. This was unintentional and an oversight, and has been fixed.
  • During Osana’s confession cutscene, she is supposed to start crying after Taro accepts or rejects her confession. However, due to a bug, she was already crying at the start of the cutscene. This bug has been fixed.
  • Characters were able to perform the “waving at friend” animation while sunbathing and while mourning a dead loved one, which looked weird. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Sumiko (4th 1980s Mode rival) to perform her walking animation at running speed at the end of the day.
  • The “china dress” easter egg – accessed from the “meme closer” – was not functioning. Oops! This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed typos in the Scheme descriptions in the “Ayano plans her next murder in front of her corkboard” screen.
  • Previously, students held their smartphones in their hands in a very awkward way. This has been fixed.
  • The three sinks in the outdoor cafeteria were untextured. Oops! This has been fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect text on the “How To Play” screen for Yanvania: Senpai of the Night.
  • Fixed a typo in one of the 1980s Mode students’ profiles.
  • “Acetic Acid” was misspelled. The typo has been fixed.

51 thoughts on “April 15th Update

  1. thanks for the update, YanDev! so basically i was lost in thought and i realized something that we do that doesn’t really make sense. Burning our school uniforms. They cost quite a lot, as all uniforms do, about 1000-2000 yen! so that would be a waste of money! so, perhaps we would have to buy a school uniform before the next day, like at night or morning; or, perhaps, we could get Hazu to be our friend, and would make them for us, OR, we could avoid burning it altogether! the washing machine, perhaps? anyway, these were just my thoughts. have a nice day!

    • I agree, I think an action like that should have consequences like burning a weapon does, though I also believe that a feature like that would confuse new players quite a bit, maybe there should be a warning screen before you burn your uniform/ a weapon for the first time? Warning the player of the consequences of this action, and telling them where they can replace their uniform. Maybe when they get home, their computer is highlighted in pink or something as a reminder they need to buy a new uniform? Or maybe Info-Chan will provide us with one extra free uniform the first time, and will tell us how to get a new one? Maybe this is already a pop-up, though…

      • You can throw it in the incenerator if you want. Then just buy a new one after working part time in the town.

        But we already have the option of washing our clothes. So we don’t have to burn the clothes if we don’t want to~!

        Plus there’s always the method of befriending Hazu, in the Sewing Club. So that’s another free uniform~!

        I actually quite enjoy all the options. Its pretty fun.

    • That’s actually a good idea. Ayano can start with 3 – 5 uniforms, and I believe Info Chan would be an option as well. If Ayano has info points left over, she could drop it off at her house. I think the punishment for losing all of her uniforms would make her forbidden from going to Akademi until she obtains a new one.

    • The option of washing the uniform and Hazu thing is already in the game. And we can buy new uniforms in Yanchan’s computer.

  2. Quick question : will the 1980 rivals appeared in the title screen according to the way they were eliminated? Could be a way to test the feature for the 202X future rivals.

  3. Amazing update as usual! While checking out the new tasks, I notice that the tasks switch up every time the player opens the “task” menu. For example, if the student needed a rose, the task in the menu would say they wanted a bento. Again, this was an amazing addition to add more life to 1980’s mode, I can’t wait for something like this to be added into 20XX mode!

  4. Hmm, an idea occured to me.

    Why not incorporate the tasks we can already do for the Delinquents so that way we can gain access to the weapon case?

    I have been thinking about it logically and it would be odd for Ayano to just start off with the weapon’s bag. Seeing as the Delinquents are the only ones with weapon bags.

    So a good way to mitigate this would be to have her befriend the Delinquents in order to gain access to the weapons bag. As a proof of their friendship.

  5. Hello Yandere Dev. I found out about this game some time ago. I find it to be quite interesting since I like stealth and action games in general. Ive always wanted to play the game directly however as a Muslim I cant really do that. The girls in this game wear skirts that reveal their legs and thats a sin to look at in Islam. However while watching a video I noticed these 5 girls that wear skirts that cover their legs completely. This gave me an idea: in the menu where you can change the uniforms of the students, perhaps you could add an option for all the female students to wear the long skirts. That way me and other Muslims can also play this game.

  6. In 1980 mode, if you turn on the radio and someone listens it, the phone is placed in their hand and in that year there were no smartphones, it is a small bug but I only report it .Also, if you look in the pause menu, in the tasks, it gives you an error, or I don’t know if it’s just me, I’ve done various tasks, but the ones I’ve done say that they are all homework or sometimes it changes them to tasks that I haven’t done yet.Anyway, thanks for updating, i liked that characters in 1980 mode have different tasks :), and sorry for the bad english, i don’t speak it

  7. i’ve noticed that in the first headmaster tape, he refers to akademi as a high school. im assuming this is a remnant from before akademi was changed to be more of a college setting, and you may know of it already and are planning to fix it. but just in case you happened to miss it, i just wanted to point it out 😀

  8. I definitely think the mini-game during tasks is a good idea. Also, I saw someone say something about long skirts (so Muslims can play), and I think it’s a good idea to look into. You could include it in the customization screen, and have it be “female uniforms (1-6); skirt length(short-long); male uniform(1-6)” (although this may be obvious to you…). Even outside of Islam, some people want the skirts to be longer since that’s really just how it is in Japan. If you google “Japanese Uniform” (and find a legit one), it will be about knee length. Also, since the skirts are found out… could Horuda get her skirt back??? I loved that she had a longer one, and it fit her character. Even if it’s like the length of the delinquents instead of knee length, it would be cool for her to have it again.

  9. I’m so happy that the students in 1980’s mode have diversified tasks now!! Also thank you so much for making us not have to go back and forth to do all the student’s tasks one by one, so much easier!!

  10. i had an idea for a way to dismember/decapitate victims— one of those guillotine-looking things used to cut paper or fabric. it could be in the sewing room, art room, or the faculty room maybe?

    • I’m sorry, but no. If I type out a list for you, and you think that some of the items on that list look unnecessary, you’ll just complain and tell me “Don’t waste your time on item 1, 5, or 7” and I don’t want to have to get into an annoying debate over what features are necessary and what features are not necessary.

      • I wouldn’t care about the other things that don’t relate to the games impact and I don’t complain about stuff on what you add to the game because whatever you have to add in your game we have to cooperate with these features because later in the future It could be relevant to the entire game lore/strategy. I don’t care if it’s useless because if your decorating your game with some ideas of your feature It will make the game look better every time. Also the reason why I’m asking for the checklist is because I just want to see how many more left you have to do before crowdfunding (I wouldn’t mind if you add more checklist cause I’m patient and happy because you have ideas that can make the game even more better with your ideas.)

  11. I love this update!! adding so much more variety to basic tasks and things I’ve overlooked that really adds to the game. I hope you end up adding the small minigame, that sounds like so much fun

  12. Thank you for implementing more tasks in 1980s mode, even though it’s not completely finished yet! I’ve always found it strange that 1980s mode was labelled as ‘complete’ when there was only one task! I’m so happy!! I think creating task minigames would be a game changer (no pun intended) and It really helps to improve the fun factor. Thank you so much! (´,,•ω•,,)♡

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