April 7th Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! There was an oversight in the previous build that was probably going to confuse new players, so I’m releasing an update ahead of schedule to fix that issue.

Speaking of new players…as I’ve mentioned before, it’s extremely valuable to watch a new player experience the game for the first time, since it allows me to discover what parts of the game are confusing or frustrating for newcomers. Recently, a YouTuber named Mikeeey played Yandere Sim for the first time, which provided me with a lot of insight into what areas of the game can be adjusted in order to make a first-time player’s experience a bit more smooth. A lot of the adjustments that were made to the game in this build were actually the result of me seeing something janky happening in Mikeeey’s video and then thinking, “Yikes, I need to fix that!”

I thought that his video was hilarious, and if you’re interested, you can check it out below:

To read a list of everything that was added, changed, fixed, or improved in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful 9th anniversary artwork by sakuras_yans!


  • Info-chan’s “Hint Available” will no longer appear for the first event of the day (Senpai’s interaction with Osana). The player doesn’t need to see a hint for something that is in their immediate cone of vision, new players can get confused by hint pop-ups appearing within 1 second of gameplay beginning, and the hint pop-up interferes with players who need to pause the game at the start of the day for any reason.
  • For years, Taro’s “Student Info” portrait was always Taro’s default appearance, instead of the appearance that the player had actually chosen for him. This confused new players. From now on, the screenshot of Taro that appears in the Student Info screen will reflect Taro’s actual appearance, instead of his default appearance.
  • If the player got into a physical altercation with Raibaru while next to a wall, the camera could potentially clip into the wall during Raibaru’s takedown animation. From now on, move away from the nearest wall under those circumstances, so that this is no longer a possibility.
  • From now on, the date of the current build will be visible from the “Choose Your Resolution” screen, so that you can tell whether or not you’re on the latest build immediately instead of having to load all the way into the school to find out.
  • If the player got into a physical altercation with Raibaru while Osana was nearby, the camera could potentially clip into Osana. From now on, Osana will scoot back if that’s happening, so that this is no longer a possibility.
  • Previously, the text describing Mina Rai’s task didn’t mention the fact that the muddy shoeprints in the east Zen Garden are located inside of the tea house, specifically. That text has been adjusted.
  • From now on, if the player attempts to purchase something from Info-chan and doesn’t have enough Info Points, the “HOW TO EARN INFO POINTS” prompt will have flashing red arrows around it.
  • The “That Dude” easter egg (type the letters t-h-a-t-d-u-d-e while at school) is now functional again (the nurse gets a more curvy body). Works in both 202X Mode and 1980s Mode.
  • Chigusa, the “gravure model” rival from 1980s Mode, now actually does “modeling” poses during her photoshoot, instead of cycling between a bunch of idle animations.
  • Improved one of the animations in the 202X opening cutscene; the “Ayano is sitting in her room, looking out the window, looking sad” animation.
  • Replaced the 3D model for the “haunted piano” with a superior one.


  • Previously, if the player dismembered a corpse behind the “mythical cherry tree” behind the school, blood would spawn underneath the ground, where the player would not be able to mop it up. This bug has been “fixed.” And, by “fixed,” I mean that blood no longer spawns anywhere in the vicinity of the cherry tree. Dismember someone past the running track, and you won’t have to clean up any blood. I guess this is kind of an exploit, but, oh well, it’ll just have to remain that way for now; currently, Yandere Sim is not capable of spawning pools of blood on top of non-flat surfaces. Well, technically, there actually IS a lore reason why any blood spilled in the vicinity of the cherry tree would – ooooops, almost said too much…
  • I put an invisible barrier near one of the rooftop air conditioners to fix a bug. Unfortunately, this resulted in a secondary bug – it became impossible for the player to get close enough to Osana/Raibaru’s conversation to eavesdrop on Osana’s words and obtain her “Dark Secret” information. To fix this, I have expanded the “player can overhear what words are being spoken in a private conversation” radius, and also replaced the invisible barrier with a physical object that makes more sense to be located next to the air conditioner.
  • Previously, during the Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki minigame, if the player got hit by an enemy bullet during the final boss’ death animation, the player would get a “GAME OVER” and “STAGE COMPLETE” simultaneously. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player ordered a bottle of poison from Info-chan (emetic, lethal, sedative, or headache) and the bottle landed upside-down, the player wouldn’t be able to pick up the item. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible for the player to get caught by a student council member for misbehavior in the split-second between being noticed by Raibaru and being grabbed by Raibaru.
  • There were a couple of voice lines where a teacher would erroneously call Akademi a “high school.” These voice lines have been adjusted to no longer refer to Akademi as a “high school.”
  • If Osana was alarmed by anything while on her way to her Monday morning event, the event would not end, and Osana/Raibaru’s voice lines would play. This bug has been fixed.
  • If Raibaru and 3 other students witnessed Ayano commit murder, Raibaru would try to join in on the group takedown, but would fail. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ritsuko (1980s Mode rich girl rival) to clip into the bench that she sat on while reading a book on Tuesday.


I made some adjustments to something that is normally hidden from the player. Because it’s meant to be an easter egg, I’m not going to tell you exactly how to access it. Instead, I’ll just say that…

  1. You haven’t spoken to her in a long time.
  2. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 69, and 666 will show you things you’ve already seen. Anything else will show you a new conversation.
  3. She misses you, and wants to give you a little hug.
  4. If you type her favorite word 10 times, she will come visit you at school.
  5. I’ve always had plans for her that go beyond her current implementation. Maybe one day I’ll work on that, but for now, it’s just not the highest priority.

65 thoughts on “April 7th Bug-Fixing Build

    • Hii, i have a problem, in this update the game is very slow, something that did not happen before, I don’t know if it is something from this update that is bad optimized or something else. I want to clarify that my FPS is still the same as always, around 30-40 FPS, but it has a lot of lag spikes, where it freezes too much or certain moments when it suddenly drops to 3 FPS for no reason. Sorry for the long text, still thanks for the update 😀

      • that happens a lot to me too, its because students actions are being read every frame which makes it low, im not sure if thats the case but if you kill everyone the framerate is so much better

  1. F̷̨̹̫͔̺̥͕̺̗̔̔̈́̈́̌͗̀̈̋͜ư̵̧̘̻̣̪̭̮̤̺̮̲̈̾́̇̀̑͛́͘̕͘͜͝͝ͅñ̶͔̌̒̅͗̄͘ ̴̞̜͎̹̌̊̀F̵̲̱̪̝̻̠̙̠̙͖̱̰̺͚́ͅư̶̢̳͔͚͙͚͈̬̪̪̻̥͍͍̟͑͆̇́̄̐̚̕͠͝͝ń̶͕͎̻̏̊͌̂̚ ̴̢̬̻̮̪͈̱̘̋̎͑̄̏̇̈̓̌̕F̶̧̡͚̰͈̗͉͕̬̙͑̔̐̈́̇̌̿̀̎̏͜͠͠ư̶̢̢̢͙̮̦͓͎̩̩̭͌̏̊̆͒̓̒̇̈́̐ͅn̵̨̧̡̡̢̩̠̤̤͕̬̒̌̎̿͐͗͠ͅ

  2. How exciting!! My game is updating so I check everything out! Thank you for your work! Well done!! 😀


  4. I have a question. If you replace the “student_1” file with another image (such as a portrait of Senpai created with pose mod), will it be the replaced image?

  5. Can we super pretty please with ten billion cherries on top have a female senpai 😍😥 pleasee yan dev

  6. Yandere dev, how did you do with senpai that the portrait is adapted to his appearance then you should do the same with students, it’s specifically for school uniforms

  7. Important thing to remember is that, while helping new players go through the game is fine, don’t hand hold them, having a player discover things by themselves via trial and error is often more engaging than telling a player what to do, how and when. (Treat this as a reminder, not as criticism, I’ve seen a lot of games go down the “we need to make the game more clear to new players” rabbit hole)

  8. Yanderedev I have a question. In Ayano’s entrance video, when she’s sitting at the window, shouldn’t she be without shoes? I understand that the Japanese leave their shoes at the entrance and go barefoot or in socks in the house

  9. Hi YandereDev… i’ve been thinking about the school bags that appear at the entrance and I think that is kinda weird that only Ayano’s bags are there… and also they are kinda op in the early game.
    On the other hand, is also strange that only Ayano, the bullys and delinquents wear bags at school, cause it should be every student.

    So i thought that it could be better if Ayano can buy those bags online or in the Town, so in this way you can add a new use to Nozama, i think is called, and also nerf a little those objects.

    Also once you have a bag (or both) you should be able to bring them to school and spawn with them so it doesnt seems weird just stuck in a wall.

    • That’s a great idea. I think it would also be cool if you had to befriend each delinquent to get a weapon bag since they are the only ones that use them. (for 1980s ig you could just pick befriending the boy or girl delinquents.)

  10. if you’re freaking out over an aspect of a drawing that makes up less than 1% of the entire piece, I question if you’re even mature to be playing this game

  11. Hey, I had some ideas.
    One, for the student portraits, what if you made the background have grass and a sky? The neon pink clashes with the softness of the character and Sakura tree.
    Two, since you figured out how to have non-glitchy long skirts with the female delinquents in 1980s- do you think Horuda can get hers back? It fits Horuda to be more covered up, and it actually makes the game a tiny bit harder because you can’t panty shot her. Whether it’s the original knee length or full on maxi skirt like the female delinquents have, it would be cool imo.

  12. Hi Yandere Dev, will you ever update students appearance specifically their hair, so that they would look more like their artworks? Because I’ve noticed that when you changed Megami’s hairstyle it looks more.. minimal?? Compared to the old one and more light.. ish. Overall better. And also to Amai’s new hairstyle, it looks so much cuter on her. Will it be used in the future because in her new portrait you didn’t use it. Also their faces, they all use the deafult one except the Basu sisters so only the 2 of them look distinct-ish. Why is it that only 7 students wear make up in Akademi High?. Anyway, I hope you can reply to my question, and what if you add an easter egg where it adds all the rivals but as regular students without any particular events, like the Amai challenge except it isn’t a challenge.

  13. thank you for the update, i wanted to mention a few bugs that happen when you activate “debug”, including the fact that once you change your skin, all the new skins you pick get stacked on top of each other and you cannot undo them, aside from that, people around you get desensitized of what is happening, you just lose reputation points and even when a student sees what happened and calls the police, the police never show up.
    also, when you cut students up with the “blade hair”, all students would suddenly have the default uniform on while being cut up, even if they were wearing a different one before, and even if they were the students counsil, and even teachers.
    all in all, it feels that activating debug is a gateway into breaking the game

  14. Hi yandev! i just wanted to say that one of the 1980’s teacher’s head has a pink texture sometimes!
    Also, i know you probably will refuse this but i really wanted to see sticky note implemented! like on-screen sticky notes where i can write something down on! i always have plans like; join club, buy rat poison NOT manga! etc so it would help a lot! you probably won’t do this, it was just a suggestion! have a nice day!

  15. Ah, sorry friendo. It’s an adult game with adult themes. I am saying this and I was born in a female body. So no need to worry if you think people are offended by this art.

    I am also asexual so if that also speaks of anything it should let ya know. Also Ayano’s character is canonically a legal adult.

    So if you’re worried about that then rest assured everything is fine here. Same with all the YanSim characters actually. You should read the lore its very interesting.

    In other words, without being rude or anything, we can’t be gasping and clutching at our pearls over this. I mean we play as a serial killer who murders her fellow classmates, stalks an innocent guy, drives people to suicide, and so much more.

    So I really feel that it’s not like we didn’t know what kind of game or fandom we’re in. I mean panty shots exist in the game my dude.

    Not angry or anything. You can completely disregard me. We are internet strangers after all. So no biggie.

  16. hey yandev, just a thought what if you put in something like a ghost mode, like a debug, for example if you kill osana, the next day she will be a ghost following you around, if you hold in yanvision, btw love the game. thank you

      • You should do it!! It would be so creepy and cool, and perhaps you can have the ghosts of the other 1980’s mode rivals in the places they died as well. 😀

      • thank you for replying, i really love the game and thought something like that would be cool.

    • Hey, i have a question do you one day post your to do list beflre amai developpement so People can finally say “oh ok he need to do that before amai developpement 🙂 ” because a lot of fan disapear because lf the non-communication about amai developpement (sorry if i do faults or my explenation are strange its because im learning english 🙂 , have a good day)

  17. Hello YandereDev, I have some questions about the game
    Which is the sickness that Amai has in the first week of the game?
    Which is the bone or bones that Kizana has broken the first two weeks of the game?
    If the rivals were lesbians, who would be their suitors?
    Sorry if my english is not good, english is not my first language

    • 1. Probably not something seriously, just the flu or something along those lines.

      2. Her right leg. It’s ironic, because “Break a leg” is an English phrased used in the context of theatre or other performing arts to wish a performer “good luck”. “Break a leg” is commonly said to actors and musicians before they go on stage to perform or before an audition.

      3. I’m not sure; I haven’t ever thought about it before.

  18. hi- im back… so basically i was lost in thought and i realized something that we do that doesn’t really make sense. Burning our school uniforms. They cost quite a lot, as all uniforms do, about 100-200 yen! so that would be a waste of money! so, perhaps we would have to buy a school uniform before the next day, like at night or morning; or, perhaps, we could get Hazu to be our friend, and would make them for us, OR, we could avoid burning it altogether! the washing machine, perhaps? anyway, these were just my thoughts. have a nice day!

  19. What if in the final game and the crowdfunding goes well, when you spill blood in the cherry-tree bit, it becomes the red flowers that are under the cherry tree almost immediately (since blood cant spill there in lore) and later the gardening club members could look at it like “where in hell did these flowers come from” the next day

  20. I have seen a handful of people complaining that the current set up around Akademi is unbelievable, at the same time, these same people complain if Akademi was an actual highschool (because of the Nurse and the Teacher). At this point, wouldn’t it be best to just make Akademi a prestine college? Everyone would be considered adults and we wouldn’t need to reach for the excuse of Akademi being a simulated highschool.

    • Akademi is a college prepatory. According to lore they only wear high school uniforms for a do over of their high school experiences for those who had trauma in their high school lives.

      You can find this out on the official website and in the Headmaster’s Tapes, oh! And it’s also mentioned a bit by the Basu Sisters.

      Everyone in the game, students included, are 18+.

      So I hope that helps! I see people have that misconception a lot. But once we get the newer models those things should die down.

  21. Hmm, I hope this could be answered, YanDev have you considered maybe making it obvious that the students are older or the reason to the dress code?

    A suggestion would be to make use of those trophies and the case with the 1980’s uniform you see in the main hallway. Like pressing a button to observe it you would have info like, why the school was built, the reason they have sailor uniforms, etc.

    It would help avoid the confusion people have.

    • I guess so. But that information is already on the Characters page of the official website.

      “Load Characters page and read the explanation” and “Walk up to object in-game and press button to read the explanation” seem like equal amounts of effort.

      Anyway, the School Newspaper in-game already conveys that information…

      • I think having the explanation in the game like they said will be awesome. Lots of games does that and I think it’ll be cool if the game tells you about the objects while playing the game.

      • Ah sorry. I just thought of a more “in your face” example since people don’t seem to still understand the situation around the character’s true ages or the school.

        I know plenty of people who wouldn’t go to the site (for reasons that escape me) or never look at the Newspaper. Its kinda why I suggested an “in your face” style of expositioning. Since the Newspaper Club wouldn’t be present in 202X mode it could be a great replacement.

        And tbh its also for players who stare at an obvious gaming answer and still go like, “I wonder what this means?” There are those everywhere you go. 😑

  22. Sorry but are you going to update today as usual, because you said that you post an upsate every 1st and 15th of each month at 12 AM. I’m not persuading you to do smthing you can’t or not planning to do, I’m just asking because I’m interested…

  23. Hey I thought about small detail you could add to the game. So basically when there is 8:30 AM all Doors of the classrooms close (maybe except ayanos class when she isn’t in class) so it would be more realistic
    And also i think there is a bug because on Taros Yamada default portrait taro has a little bit Red eye
    Sorry if my english is bad

  24. I was watching Mikeey other videos and noticed the police said there was no weapon when the dumbbells and bucket were still next to the body. I think this should be fixed as it is possible to find Ayano’s fingerprints on the bucket and dumbbell. Increases difficulty too as she has to find a way to steal/get/buy gloves.

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