April 16th Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! There was a pretty serious bug in the last build, so here’s a new build with some improvements and fixes.

To see a list of everything that was updated in the latest build, scroll down past this hilarious video by creamstew_ekoda:

Oh, yeah, and also, Mikeeey continued his playthrough of Yandere Simulator! Check it out!


  • If two subtitles appear onscreen simultaneously (such as the subtitles for a conversation between Senpai and a rival, and the subtitles for a conversation that the player is trying to have with a student), the “event” subtitles will move out of the way so that the two subtitles onscreen are not overlapping.
  • Previously, if the player toggled the “Censor Blood” option during gameplay, any blood pools that were present at school at the time would not update to become censored/uncensored. From now on, currently-existing blood pools will update whenever the player toggles that option.


  • If the player picked up the bottle of lethal poison in the Science Lab and then reset the week, the poison bottle would be missing, even though the player had returned to a point in time when it should be available. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana and Musume to lock in place if Musume’s “talk with Osana” event began at the same time as Osana was attempting to travel to her locker to check for a note.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Pass Time” minigame from increasing the player’s score for passing the first obstacle.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to softlock if the player attempted to speak with a bully girl about her task.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to take out smartphones in 1989 if they heard the sound of a radio.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Task List screen to display incorrect information for a student’s task.
  • Fixed typo in the Mission Mode “reason why you got a game over” for a security camera game over.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Ayano’s “hair down” hairstyle to turn invisible upon a game over.
  • Fixed problems with the new bento 3D model.

95 thoughts on “April 16th Bug-Fixing Build

    • perhaps we can use the pepper spray to our advantage? Say you get rid of a rival early in the week, and you want to cause a little trouble for those pesky student council members? What if a teacher sees them pepper spray us for “accidently” bumping into them? The teacher would think it only happened once and send us to the nurse and the student council to the guidance councillor to be reprimanded. She would lose her pepper spray for the next week? (since you won’t be at school, you’ll be busy recovering.)

      This should be hard to pull off however, no students can see you bump into the student council member cus they will tell on you, saying “no wait, this student was being weird.” and it will lower your rep. And you might lose rep anyways as people will talk about what happened. Senpai probably won’t know the rumours are about us cus he probably doesn’t care for silly gossip.

      If you do this, it should affect how Megami and the student council will react to you. They’ll kinda have their suspicions confirmed if you go down this route. I think the whole reason why they are so powerful when student councils aren’t IRL is a call-back to an anime trope.

      • It’s actually a good idea to make the members lose their spray, but at the moment it does feel weird that by crashing 5 times, you get a game over, sometimes one gets stuck and passes without meaning to.

  1. Hello Yandere Dev! Have you ever thought of making Yandere Simulator for android? I know it’s not the best idea since i know the game is big but if you simplify it it could be still good to play it or maybe you can ask someone to help? This is just a suggestion since I really like this game

    • Hi,
      If you look at yandere devs video on the success of the crowd campaign (on his main channel) you will be able to see a lot of different features that yandere dev would like to add in to the future, this includes making the game available for android and IOS users! However, this MIGHT be available in the future depending on the success rate if the campaign.
      As for asking someone to help with the games development, it can be quite difficult. There are volunteers who give up their own time to help with the games development, keep in mind it could be one or two days a week or month. If the campaign is a success, yandere dev will be able to hire workers that would be able to work full time to help with the games development ,again, it depends on the success of the campaign.
      Hoped this helped!

      • Thanks for saying this I knew this I just wanted to say even if it would ne simplified it would be a good game and this is just a suggestion

    • YanDev has already made it clear he’s not interested in making a mobile port, it just wouldn’t be worth the time investment. And I’m really sorry but if you’re not old enough to have your own computer, you really shouldn’t be playing a game like Yandere Sim.

    • I apologize I didn’t mean to make you upset, I shouldn’t have been so harsh. I understand that you’d really like to play YanSim on mobile, though it’s most likely not gonna happen. Here’s a link to one of YanDev’s video’s were he talks about the potential mobile port: https://youtu.be/mdM5UpPEPig?t=211
      And to everyone who brought up that not having a computer is always dictated by age, yeah again I’m sorry I should have worded it better. I just feel very strongly about kids not playing YanSim, and since I’ve seen many children in the fandom ask for a mobile port I just assumed Ayano89 was a child which was wrong of me.
      I actually don’t have a PC to play YanSim anymore either because my last one broke down, I’m currently in the process of raising up for one so I really shouldn’t have said that I’m sorry. What I really meant was that you’d be better off waiting until you can get a PC to play YanSim on, or perhaps waiting for a console port if they come out in the future. ❤

      • I know what Yandere Dev thinks about this as I said this was just an suggestion also i’m not a child. Thanks for apologizing but please if you have something to say even if you didn’t mean it at least say it nice. That’s all

  2. I love that even on these small bug fixes you still have new improvements for the game. really shows how hard you’re working, to have new improvements after only a day while also big fixing

  3. hey dev, good work as always and thanks for fixing the bugs.

    if it’s not too annoying on my part, I would like to mention some things that I miss about your pose mode that many people who use it also feel (like me): there are some hairstyles that are not there when we want to change the look of any character in the game , like Ryoba’s, info-chan’s and ayano’s loose hair, and some accessories like club leadership armbands.

    I apologize if my request is silly, but this is really needed when we want to make a fun scene in the game. Anyway, thanks for your attention Dev, have a nice weekend!

    • I see. At this point in time, I don’t want to begin making adjustments to what hairstyles are available on students, because eventually, once the new models are added to the game, I’ll just have to do it all over again. I’d rather only do it once, so I’ll do it later, once the new character models are implemented.

      • I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make a bug report so I’m going to try to do it here instead in hopes you still see it.
        In the latest build I was playing through the 1980’s Mode tutorial when I got to the part where Ryoba is apologizing, Tunesu’s mouth moves while Ryoba is speaking.
        Much love ❤

  4. Hey Yandere Dev, I was wondering where the option for doing your homework assignment went? Don’t you need it to boost your reputation at the end of your game along with taking out the trash?

  5. Hello Yandere Dev, I have a question. Will there be certain benefits to clubs in future weeks after Osana’s? Most of the rivals are a part of a club, and I believe being in the rival’s club during their week could lead to special elimination methods, or simply a boost to certain ones. (Ex: Being a part of the Cooking Club during Amai’s week, Ayano would sabotage the food during her bake sale, causing Amai to lose reputation, and would also be heard by Senpai, being a boost to Gossip and/or Rejection methods.)

  6. Hey yandere dev, is there going to be a chance where the player can help Genta reform the delinquents. It would be cool if you play the game and do a task to help her with reforming the delinquents before the 8 week comes, she can give you special access to information about the so call hidden areas the Basu sisters talk about or things to help eliminate rivals like how Ryoba has the Yakusa to help her out, after she help his brother. also, it would be cool to be able to see the before delinquents designs in the game itself. 😍🔪

  7. Dev I wanted to ask why the male students in 2025 mode cant wear the male uniform design in 1980s mode because it shows the blazer uniform with that style in the senpai creation screen, I’m asking this because I love the designs for the 80s uniforms and I wish I could choose it for 2025 mode, but if it takes up time from the checklist its fine this was just something I was wondering about. Thanks for reading 🙂

  8. I hope this month turns out to be good and productive for you yandere maidens, I look forward to more cool and cool updates that do not touch the opponents in the main mode🥰

  9. The Cstick on controllers constantly holds down-right in the game. I have no idea why. My controller’s Cstick is definitely centered in other applications by default. Only YanSim does this.

    • Using Playstation controller?

      Sorry, the game is not compatible with Playstation controllers right now, attempting to play the game on PS controller will make the camera bug out, so please disconnect your PS controller to play Yandere Sim.

    • What? Who is “white shirt guy”? I can’t think of anyone in the game who matches that description.

      An actual soft lock bug is an extremely important high-priority bug that I must fix immediately, so if this is an actual, legitimate bug, you need to e-mail me about it immediately, but actually provide meaningful information.

      • I can’t replicate it now, but yeah i was talking about the white collar council guys in 1980 mode. trying to record a video for you but sadly its doing the normal expel cutscene now.

  10. yandere dev could you fix a bug? when i use the debug comand camera filters and i want to use my phone to take a photo with the filter, the filter does not work, Basically I can’t use the filter with my phone could you fix?

  11. I believe that with the “Big 1980s Mode Rival Overhaul” update, the game should start to cost money.
    With the Pre-Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist being as short as it is now and the 1980s mode update being the big thing between us and the final goal, I believe that it would be the correct decision to put a price tag on the upcoming major update.
    The price tag will show all the critics that the game is alive and that development continues with tens of bugs getting fixed every week.

    I saw you mention somewhere that you want the price of the game to be around 4.99 (I might be wrong). I believe that’s the wrong price for Yandere Simulator.
    I would like to give 2 game examples:
    1. Ravenfield. It was posted on Steam in 2017, and 6 years later, it’s still in early access without any major updates for almost a year. Yet there is no backlash, their discord remains active, and people still make videos (though they were a bit better a few years ago). The game has an active moding community, with over 10,000 mods in existence. The game costs 15 euros.
    2. The Henry Stickmin Collection. The game started out as a flash game that looked nothing like it does today. In 2020, it returned with the last chapter, and people loved it. The game costs 12 euros.

    I believe that Yandere Simulator should cost at least 10 euros. Having the price lower is an insult to the hard work you’ve put into the game.

  12. there is a glitch that happens if you look at a different body on the frame you pick a body up which makes you pick them both up but one freezes in the air and becomes impossible to dispose of

  13. I think mini-games for tasks should be implemented! As of now doing tasks is mostly boring for those students who don’t have unique tasks, and they definitely feel like a prototype. Something like the minigame that happens when you sneak Osana’s alarm would already make things way more fun, and could bring some anxiety if the player is in a place where it shouldn’t be.

  14. Hi Yandere Dev
    I played the big update to the game, and I have a small suggestion that I hope you will consider. Making friends in the game is very easy and doing tasks such as sewing, drawing, and others is great, but what if the player sacrifices time to make friends, for example if you are going to do the task of drawing, this will take 15 minutes of your time and so on

  15. Hello, yandere Dev! as always, you’ve done a great job
    I wanted to ask if you have any plans to translate the game into other languages? for example, in Russian
    If you are interested in this topic, then I can write to me лорд пупидзе#5501

    • I appreciate your offer, but I’m not ready to ask anyone to translate the game yet. I am still constantly changing words in the game’s English script. If you translate the game right now, your translation will quickly become outdated. I don’t want to constantly update the game’s translation, so nobody should attempt to translate the game at this point in time.

      After the game’s script is final, I will make a post on my blog (or the game’s official website) and ask for translation assistance.

  16. Pembaruan yang luar biasa YanDev! Aku harap game ini akan cepat selesai, saya suka dengan beberapa karakter Yandere Simulator

  17. To make it better for new players, maybe you should add a feature where right before it lets you fight a delinquent it gives you directions on how to successfully accomplish the mini game. Or you could just add it into the tutorial.

  18. I have a question out of the update… Is there a reason why Ayano lives apart from her parents in a small apartment?

  19. so i started a new game playing as ryoba, however there has been a pretty serious bug whenever i would go to class after lunch time (second period), whenever i would pick “go to class” nothing would happen, it would indicate that it is being pressed, however, i wouldnt be able to actually attend, i would be just standng there, to eventually have the “exposed” ending for “weird behavior” as in my rep got too low for senpai to love me, and cuts to students laughing.. even though my rep is fine, but it just keeps doing that and i cannot progress or get rid of it, replayed the day a few times, and each time, i would get the same result

  20. Hello Yandere-Dev,
    I was thinking of an idea for the 1980s mode.
    I was thinking that Ryoba should have her own locker and class seat position, because i think that’s not realistic that Ayano have the same things as her mother.
    Also thanks for updating the game frequently. 🙂

  21. yandere dev yandere dev Check out this mod from the same creator of the high school environment, it turns all visible high school windows transparent including the incinerator wire wall, If I could add this the official game would change everything, I wouldn’t need more students to fill the whole Institute simply change the routine for students so they can look out the windows and monitor much more area than they can for example.
    the students in the corridors do not watch inside the classrooms so you can kill someone in there if this works. You would only have to locate the students inside the classrooms and at the same time they would watch the corridors, they could also watch the first floor and outside the institute from the second story windows and the rooftop from the third story windows.
    Is this planned to be in the future?

  22. Hey Yandere-Dev, you know how when less than 5 (or was it 4?) students see you commit a murder, the police can’t make an arrest (given all other evidence other than the corpse in disposed of) well I noticed that you could get away with murder over and over again even with witnesses with the only repercussion being that: the student won’t talk to you anymore and your reputation is decreased, seems like a “get out of jail free card” maybe you could change it so that Yan-Chan only gets away with it once and then if any other students accuse her of murder after that, she will get arrested.

  23. Also, while playing the game I noticed a pretty big glitch(?) that when a student (including student council) find a corpse and find a teacher and they are all standing above the corpse, if you conceal the corpse you can pick it up to dispose of it no problem, the teachers and students don’t even notice it’s missing. the police will still be called but no corpse will be found.

    • I don’t think that this is true.

      If it *is* true, record a video of yourself doing it on the current build, then upload the video somewhere and send me a link to it.

  24. At this point in time, should players report bugs caused by the current save system (e.g. items like the candle/gas burner and stink bombs teleporting back to their original locations after loading, being able to save and load during a mindslave attack which breaks the AI of both students), or is it better to assume that the save system is currently unfinished and that these are known bugs that will eventually be fixed, but that it´s not currently a high priority?

  25. Hello yanderedev, I’m really a fan since 2015 when i was 11 now I’ve been back to playing Yandere Simulator since 2022 and the truth is I’m a little confused and outdated, when would the next rival come out or only from here would I have to wait? (with all due respect of course, this is my first time commenting on the blog!)

    • Ok, so this year will be spent by making adjustments to the game and fixing bugs. The crowdfunding campaign will happen once all those additions are added and most bugs are fixed. And only after that Yan Dev will start working on the last remaining rivals. If the campaign achieves a bigger success than anticipated, then other stuff might get added to the game such as a female Senpai, male Ayano/rivals and perhaps even voiced lines and more varities of eliminations for the 1980s rivals.

  26. YanDev, maybe there would be a cutscene in the game where after killing the bullies, the next day at school, Kokoro would like Horuda’s forgiveness?

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