Happy 1980s Mode Anniversary!

Hello! Today is the one-year anniversary of the release of 1980s Mode – the day that Yandere Simulator got 10 rivals and a complete story with a proper beginning, middle, and end! Over the past 12 months, 1980s Mode has been updated with a bunch of new features, dozens of improvements, and literally hundreds of bug fixes. It’s come a long way since its initial release, and I hope that you’ve been enjoying the journey!

The one-year anniversary of 1980s Mode might seem like the perfect time to write up a long blog post documenting all of the ways that the mode has changed and improved over the past year. However, I’m not ready to do that just yet – I’m still planning to make several very significant changes, additions, and improvements to 1980s Mode in the near future. Because some of the biggest and most important changes will be happening over the next few weeks, I would prefer not to do a retrospective at this point in time; if I did, it would quickly become very outdated!

When I finally resume uploading videos to my main YouTube channel, the first thing I’m going to upload will be a giant (I’m predicting over 30 minutes) video discussing all of the ways that the game changed and improved over the past year, specifically because of user feedback. So, you will eventually get a giant 1980s Mode retrospective…it just won’t be happening today, that’s all.

However, with that said – I don’t want to leave you empty-handed on the anniversary of 1980s Mode! So, I’ll give you a small sneak preview of something that will be added to the game in the near future. Take a look!

To preserve a sense of surprise, I’m not tell you the precise nature of exactly what you’re looking at, so that you can speculate about what kind of addition it’s going to be. Have fun guessing!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

40 thoughts on “Happy 1980s Mode Anniversary!

  1. hey, unrelated to this post but a bug i’ve noticed lately-
    when the martial arts club witnesses osana being pushed off of the roof, the boys faces turn black and the girls faces get a… weird texture lol idk how to describe it!!
    it might just be my game or something i did, im not sure, but i thought i should mention it just in case 🙂

      • Oh yes, so true, I only care about the dots on the noses🥱🥱 No, I don’t care about anything else other than that🙄You’ve read my mind entirely🤩

    • Hey friend we’re not really about that negative and sarcastic vibe around here. I’m sure the person who responded to you was just trying to hype you up about the positives of the picture.

      Plus I think people with freckles are cute. Possibly from the charming idea I heard as a child that they were angel kisses. Which I think is adorable.

      But we don’t all have to agree but I am sorry if you felt attacked earlier. We’re not like that on here. ☺️ Haven’t seen you in the blog posts before but welcome and enjoy!

      • Oh yes I know that, I see the blog quite frequently actually=)) I’m surprised you don’t see my comments because I believe I even replied to one of yours once at the beginning of the year or when lmao

        The comment about the dots on the noses wasn’t a hate comment at all, I was just pointing it out bc I thought it was funny. The person that replied seemed to be pretty serious about my comment, so I replied in a sarcastic way mainly to show them that I was having some fun – nothing serious – but now that I look at it it does seem mean. Sorry if I offended you, the user or anyone else.

        Also, I must say that I love your positive vibes!! Not just now, but all of your comments are so supportive! =D

      • Ah, thanks, it’s so hard to keep track since I just LOVE following indie games. But it’s nice to, well, remeet you. ☺️ Always happy to talk to people on here.

        And yeah, sorry if it seemed like I was offended or anything, never intend to come off that way. My vibe is generally open minded and sprinkling positive vibes wherever I can. You never know when someone needs a little mood booster in their day, ya know?

        And I love your positive vibes too friendo! (⁠つ⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)⁠つ

  2. BTW, I think that there is a bug with the Head Hunter achievement. I’ve tried three times in different ways, so unless you aren’t supposed to dispose of the corpses for the achievement, which I haven’t tried, I think something is wrong.

  3. Happy 1980s Mode Anniversary! thanks for making such an awesome game Yandere Dev! I’m really looking forward to see your video about the updates! also about the picture… I feel like it might be a cut-scene of Ryoba finding out about Sumire’s crush on Senpai.

  4. Happy birthday (one day late), I’m very happy to follow the whole development story of this wonderful game, and of course, I already have my speculations through the image posted hihi…

  5. Sometimes I feel guilty for spending so much time playing video games like yandere simulator, but then I see that ‘Thank you for following the development of yandere simulator!’ n’ I know its all worth it 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary for 1980s Mode!
    And my best guess (like others) would be an intro, similar to Ayano’s, or possibly a short intro to who the next rival is, like with Amai interacting with Taro, where Ryoba discovers who her next big target is, as she stalks her future husband.

  7. I still remember the day when this mode came out, and I was shocked by the amount of new content. It was a really great update. Great job, Dev! Happy anniversary to everyone!

  8. Okay I am gonna list my theories.

    1.) This is rival introduction so you can see not only more of Ryoba’s personality as she describes how she’s going to kill them but see how each warmed their way into Jokichi’s heart/met him.

    2.) This could be meaning it’s adding more rival centric interactions with Jokichi in order to make each one feel unique.

    In this interaction they seem to be studying together or going over a book they both enjoy. Looks kinda flirty as well. So maybe we’ll see more romance? 🤔

  9. Bug report. You mentioned in a previous build that you fixed it so that the bullies eat during lunch break while in mission mode, but even in the current build they can’t be poisoned because they just sleep on the bench and don’t eat.

    • That’s not a bug
      If you want them to eat during lunch, then you gotta do something to make them eat there instead of bathing
      I don’t want to give you the solution, but I’ll give you a clue: look for something around the pool that’ll keep them away from it
      Good luck=)

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