Horror-themed Ayano Shirt available throughout October!

Recently, Crowdmade contacted me and offered to design a horror-themed shirt for me to sell during October. I was interested in seeing what kind of design they would come up with, so I accepted – and I’m glad I did! They came up with a super badass design; check it out!

Chilling and scary, a perfect design for Spooky Month! If you look closely, you’ll notice that there are eyeballs growing out of Ayano’s arms and legs! It suits her perfectly, since it fits right in with the horror-themed easter eggs in Yandere Simulator that feature things like creepy floating eyeballs.

Since it’s a Halloween-themed shirt, it only makes sense to sell it during October specifically. So, this shirt will be going away on November 1st. I think it’s a top-tier design, so I’m really happy to be offering it! Be sure to pick it up if you’re interested!


EDIT: And now a sweater version is available, too!


22 thoughts on “Horror-themed Ayano Shirt available throughout October!

  1. Hi YandereDev! This is out of topic and Idk if this subject has already been discussed before so sorry if you already clarified something about this. I have a suggestion that the bullies would bully students more ‘secretly’. It just seems weird to me how they bully someone even if a lot of student pass near the certain class, especially if a student council member passes by (we can count ayano/the player too). Bullying it’s something they should do in secret so they don’t get in trouble. So I would suggest for example that the bullies would make sure a certain criteia is accomplished in order to bully someone/ or I would suggest that if a student passes by( especially a council member) they would give a reaction and not just ignore what happens. I think it would be more realistic if there would be some changes about this. Thank you for reading

  2. Hi Yanderedev! I love this shirt can you please tell me do you have any Halloween plan this year? Like new mini-game, easter eggs or any Halloween goodies?? Thank u Yanderedev

  3. hey yanderdev can you add a smile on the student face when he turn to see the player IF he was the player’s friend that will be more realistic ❤️😊

  4. Haven’t seen all the features yet, but I actually like the “students look at you” feature! It really does make them feel more alive, I feel.
    Some things I wanna point out though, is that it does feel odd that they stare at you for so long, there should probably be a timer that makes them look away and go back to whatever they’re doing. Maybe even have a system hierarchy of sorts for what they’re looking at? For example if they’re hanging out with friends, they’re facing them and don’t turn to you unless you’re suuper close or you’re doing something suspicious)
    Perhaps add variation as well depending on the character’s personality type, if they’re more weary or something, they’d stare at you longer, something like that haha
    Maybe even have the students just face other students if they’re too close. Just, variation to make it seem more lively and not like they’re judging ayano 24/7
    Still really like the feature though, it’s a step in the right direction for making the game feel more alive 🙂

  5. Hey Yandere-Dev! I have an idea about the conversation Musume has with Osana. What if you could take a picture of Musume talking to Osana and show the picture to Horuda, and the conversation would still go like, “This is the person that caused all that what’s happened to me?…” If you approve, please reply!!

  6. Bug Report. If the main character joins a club and then leaves the club, it is no longer possible to join that club after a reset week. Also, if the main character gives a gift to a rival in a matchmaking and then does a reset week, the item is treated as already given and cannot be given to that rival. Store items are often not fully reset as well. (I used translation software for this text, so I apologize if it is difficult to understand.)

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