A “What if…?” video I made for fun to answer a fan’s hypothetical question

One of my Patreon supporters asked me a question, and I thought it was such an interesting question that I decided to make a video to answer it. The creation of the video went by relatively quickly, since I was able to make it entirely using pre-existing footage and copyright-free images (paintings from around 200 years ago).

I feel guilty that I rarely create cool content for my supporters on Patreon, and recently, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of rewards I could offer to the people who are supporting me. However, there are three obstacles in my way:

  1. Whatever I create for the patrons has to be something that doesn’t take too much time away from the game’s development, or else it would be counter-productive.
  2. I can’t offer any physical goods, because manufacturing and shipping physical goods is very expensive. Any rewards for patrons have to be digital rewards.
  3. I want everything that I create to be public, so it’s really difficult for me to consider the possibility of making something that will be exclusive to a small group of people, even if it’s only for a short period of time.

What could I provide that could be made quickly, digitally, and shared with the world, while still being a worthy thank-you gift for patron supporters? Above, you can see one potential idea: A simple video that exists to answer a patron’s question in thorough detail.

It’s too early to promise whether or not I’ll regularly make videos like this for Patreon supporters; it kinda depends on how often I hear especially thought-provoking questions. But, if it would be an enticing reward for joining the Patreon, I’d definitely consider it. “$20 Tier: YandereDev will make a simple video to answer any question or discuss any topic related to Yandere Sim. Video will be at least 5 minutes long.”

Would you join that tier?

21 thoughts on “A “What if…?” video I made for fun to answer a fan’s hypothetical question

  1. Yeah, i would actially join that tier. Have to watch the vid later, but i just found out about your blog yesterday, and i’ve been obsessed with let’s plays of the game. I love seeing your progress, dev, keep up the wonderful work!

  2. I expect someone’s going to make a doujin of that very scenario: Princess Ayano of the Japanese Imperial Family and what happens when she meets Taro Yamada in the “Allegiance Ceremony.” It could make for a great comedy manga…with some dark moments because let’s face it, the Aishis would pass on their assassin skills just to make sure nobody tries to assassinate them!

  3. Im not sure if this is a bug or something but just in case ill say it. When I cleaned up the evidence of 4 bodies I incinerated the bodies and my bloody clothing, but the police still found the 4 bodies and my bloody clothing and then I got arrested even though I incinerated all of it. it was 2 occult club members, a teacher, and the nurse. I murdered them in the Nurse’s Room too.

    • I killed 3 occult club members, a teacher, and the nurse, cleaned up all the evidence, and didn’t encounter any bugs.

      It’s possible that this bug only occurs as a result of some additional step that wasn’t included in your instructions.

      If you can figure out specifically what action causes this bug to happen, please let me know.

      • Maybe I just haven’t updated my game so I am gonna update it and do it again just to make sure It wasn’t just my game being weird because I haven’t updated it yet.

      • Ok I tried it out when my game updated and I didn’t encounter any bugs so maybe it was just my game that wasn’t updated until now. Thanks for checking it out tho!

  4. Honestly an excellent idea for a tier reward! I was kinda waffling on joining your Patreon or not, cause well I do really want to support you and help the development of yandere sim, which is like THE best game, some incentive/reward would be nice

    As for the video, amazing as always, loved it. I wonder what would happen if an Aishi was Aromatic? i’d bet they’d have to find a really strong senpai effect that’s platonic, or something along those lines. I might want to draw something related to this!
    Keep up the excellent work yandev!!

  5. YandereDev! YandereDev! Why doesn’t Raibaru console Osana after we sabotage the events with senpai?? It looks like “well screwed up, your problem”

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