June 20th Bug-Fixing Build

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Want to read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build? Scroll down past this tweet by Emmaria!

Whoa! That’s quite a lot of improvement!

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • Fixed bug that would cause the Tag (the red circle that appears around a student in Yandere Vision when using the Tag feature) to float in the center of the screen until the tagged student appeared within your field of vision.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the player to get locked in place permanently if spotted committing murder by the Journalist, but the Journalist was too far away to reach the player before the end of the player’s attack animation.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a blood splatter from appearing on the player’s knife after it had been used to subtly stab Raibaru in the side as she was being attacked by a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a rival’s suitor to attempt to stalk her / spy on her even after she had been expelled, by walking to the last location she was seen at before her expulsion.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to automatically be kicked out of any club during the weekend, even if the player had attended club activities earlier in the week.
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain girls to “glitch out” when made into prisoners in your basement (you would simply see some female legs poking out of cardboard boxes).
  • Fixed bug that caused the “open door” prompt to disappear from certain angles if the player entered the shed in the gardening club and then closed the door behind them.
  • It’s no longer possible to spill a bucket of water in the dirt area of the gardening club, or on stairways. (It could result in puddles floating in midair).
  • Fixed bug that would cause a bag of chips to make a “vending machine dispensing item” sound effect upon pulling the bag of chips out of a bookbag.
  • Chigusa will no longer agree to go talk to her suitor at the matchmaking spot if she is wearing a bikini. It was too weird (and caused bugs).
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to perpetually ignore all giggles if they noticed a weapon on the ground while investigating a giggle.
  • Adjusted the tables/chairs in the 1980s Light Music Clubroom so that student pathfinding will no longer break around those objects.
  • Fixed bug that would cause subtitles to display over the pause menu if the player paused the game while subtitles were on screen.
  • Since Raibaru can’t be poisoned on Tuesday, Info-chan’s “Poison Raibaru” Scheme is now disabled on Tuesday.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Chigusa from performing her “gravure photoshoot” event after Cleaning Time.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to gossip about a rival after she has been expelled from school.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Ryoba from having her “gentle face” while inside of her bedroom at night.
  • Removed the “Debug Load” feature from the Load screen, since it lost its functionality.
  • Fixed texture bugs in the Newspaper Clubroom.

111 thoughts on “June 20th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. There are still a couple of bugs such as…
    1. If a mindslave attacked Raibaru, the player can use a large blunt weapons such as a dumbell and baseball bat to help the mindslave kill her.
    2. There’s a mistake in the text where Ryoba/Ayano gets kicked out of any club. It should say “Ryoba/Ayano has not been participating in their club activities this week. They have been kicked out of the club.”
    3. If a student council noticed a suspicious object, they don’t use their unique animations instead walking like norm students.
    4. Apparently, whenever I kill teachers near their classrooms, they bug out and get stuck in the classroom walls and everyone in the class notices and panics. Then they run away.
    Other than that keep up the great work yandev. You are the best.

    • 1. Fixed in next build.

      2. I don’t see the problem with the current text, or why it should change to your text.

      3. This is fine. If a council girl notices something suspicious on the ground, the last thing on her mind is walking in a specific way as she investigates it.

      4. I’d need to see a video of this to understand it.

      • There’s a typo yandere dev, In the text it says “she been kicked out of the club” instead of “she has been kicked out of the club.”

      • Oh ok for the second one you just need to add the word “had ” in the text.
        For the fourth one I’ll try to show you a video tomorrow morning.

      • for #4: if you use the radio to distract a teacher (it has to be outside of the teacher’s classroom) and you kill her, she will teleport back to the podium she was standing at before she was distracted by the radio

      • hello yandere dev I have an idea that came to me or rather a question the question is: when you start with the fundraising campaign could you make budo masuta have a “prominence”? what I mean is that many yandere Simulator fans love budo and we would like him to know something important or be useful to us for a moment in the development of the story and if it could not be done, it would still be great if he had more dialogues tell us some help or that as something momentary I would love this I don’t know what you think of my idea please read it I love you so much yandere dev❤️

      • An interesting thought.

        If Budo becoming more prominent in the game would increase the chance of the crowdfunding campaign succeeding, I’d do it.

      • I was but someone has already explained the bug in the comment section lol. Yandev just needs to follow the exact steps in order to encounter the bug

      • It’s called being helpful. Clearly there are still bugs in the game that need to be fixed. As for the second one, it’s called a fucking typo. It’s easy to fix is it not?

  2. Lol. I started drawing on IbisPaintX at 2020 and I improved now on 2022. IbisPaintX is a great drawing tool that allows all beginners to professional to make digital art on their phone. If u ask me, you can improve just in one year.

  3. Hey Yandere Dev. Small question. In the future will Yandere Simulator be available on apps like Steam and Utorrent?

  4. I have a bug! I followed Chigusa into the shower building, killed her, bagged her up, incinerated her, and now a bunch of boys are talking to an incinerator.

  5. Yandere dev I have a suggestion, if the player eliminates Komako peacefully she should patrol the classrooms in week 9 and onwards to make it harder for the player to kill in the classrooms.

  6. Yandere Dev, I don’t know if this is a bug or not, or if its fixed or not, but every time I do a club activity that’s not on Friday, the game doesn’t remember it, and after school on Friday the club would kick me out, even if I did a club activity that’s not on Friday once. I apologize for my bad grammar, but I hope you could understand a bit of it.

  7. The bugs in 1980 mode:
    1.Teacher with blonde hair is sitting in the classroom 2-2.
    2.On the map, it says “Gaming Club” instead of Socialing room (or something like that).

  8. Hi YandereDev! In one of your “Osana Progress Report” videos, you said something along the lines of “Osana will only sunbathe if the player steals another girls sunscreen and gives it to Osana because she forgot her own”. Do you plan on adding that feature?

    • I remember that.

      Because Osana is supposed to be the easiest and most straightforward rival, I think that Osana’s events will happen on their own, whereas other rivals’ events will only happen because the player instigated them (by providing some essential item).

    • We want more anime Reference and video game reference to the game. But I think that’s just a waste of time for now dude. Since Yanderedev is busy planning more important updates rather than focusing on other things. Take note, He is planning to go back on YouTube and crowdfunding is still on sight.

    • It’s currently a huge pain to put new uniforms into the game. It might get easier in the future once the new character models are finalized. I can’t give any promises at this point in time.

  9. Hi YandereDev I have a question. Why cant I put a corpse into the incinerator if I’m dragging it?
    It says ‘Must be carrying, not dragging’.

    • Because the animation of putting someone in the incinerator starts with the corpse being picked up.

    • Parody is different from RipOff. Sans, Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, Death Note, Resident Evil: Village, Slendermen,etc. Reference are common in video games. You would be surprised to know that various video games used reference from the other games. Also, The model used in the game is customed and not directly from Resident Evil.

  10. I got 5 questions for your game/updates

    1. When are you gonna start the crowdfunding?
    2. Are you gonna add in-school animation?
    3. When are you gonna add voice actors in the 1980s Mode?
    4. Are you ever gonna make a cutscene to the warehouse AD79?
    5. Are you ever gonna make a book of your game that kinda gives out 15% of the games lore?

      • for #2 it’s like cutscene but in the school
        the #5 I was just like wondering if you ever gonna make a book of your game.

    • You should make books with lores. Scott Cawthon make FNAF series books containing random stories which some concept or information can be connected to the game lore. MatPat (Game Theory) crack the mysteries into it. Maybe you can name it to “Saiko Publishing” series or Yandere simulator the complete guide, or random student story.

      • Good idea I’ll try to make a theory to crack the lore but first lemme get all the ending as possible

    • Wow, someone remembers that!

      I considered mentioning this when I made the “you can now kidnap ten girls” blog post, but…

      The “10 mind-broken slaves in your basement” ending that I was imagining would be a really, *really* dark ending, and I feel like it would cause an unnecessary amount of annoying controversy, so I feel like maybe I should just forget about that plan. I’m not ready to make a definitive “it will be in the game” / “it won’t be in the game” statement at this point in time.

      • But Yandere Simulator it’s an obscure game after all and everyone who watch Gore is used to see this kind of “strong content”. Anyway, if you won’t add it could you tell me what was your original idea for this ending ?

    • I’m not sure. It doesn’t feel like a high priority. I imagined it as a “late 2022” thing, but maybe it’ll turn out to be an “early 2023” thing.

  11. YandereDev! I see that you haven’t fixed the gallery bug in 202x mode. If you take a picture with your phone and save it, it doesn’t show up in the gallery, making the “Horuda-elimination” (driving a student to kill Osana without mind-breaking) impossible, since you can’t show her anything from the gallery and you’re stuck on that screen. Please fix it as soon as possible!

  12. Can you add the ability to pull out an object in your bookbag using yandere vision (like when you press “R” to equip a weapon)?

  13. Hello yandareDev. You can ask a question about the cassettes from the basement (Ayano’s mother’s cassettes). When will you add them all? I would like to listen to them. It’s just that so much time has passed and they haven’t been added yet.

  14. YandereDev! Do the ingridients in the cooking club (flour, sugar, salt, mustard) have a funcionality, or they can be used in a future update only?

  15. Hey yanderedev in the next build is it possible for you to add another Easter egg if so can you make a Himiko Toga from MHA Easter egg she does have the same uniform in the game and I think it would be cool and funny to see her kill Osana or 1980s mode

    • I think about it from time to time. It would be a sensible way to allow the player to replace certain objects like gasoline and the car battery. I’ll continue to put thought into it.

      • I think that buying things like car batteries should only happen at night. When you purchase them and go to sleep, it should have a little cutscene (one like the “Ayano takes her unconscious victim home” cutscene) where Ayano puts the item into its place so that you won’t seem suspicious bringing a car battery to school.

      • In the update video you said that the player will be able to order various items such as a screwdriver.

      • In Theory:

        “If the player destroys a vital item like a screwdriver, they should be able to buy a new one from an online store or a shop in the town!”

        In Reality:

        “The player has to go out of their way to destroy a screwdriver. They could just wash the blood off at a sink if they really want to re-use the screwdriver. Also, the school replenishes any destroyed screwdrivers on a daily basis because they are a well-funded school that has spare supplies and can easily replace anything that goes missing.”

        So, it’s just not worth it to implement the “buy a screwdriver” feature.

        Some other items, maybe. But screwdrivers, for example, nah.

  16. bug: Chigusa when she changes into her bikini she still keeps her school uniform (the uniform and the bikini are intertwined)

  17. Yandere dev, i noticed one of the mysterious tapes, the journalist said that ryoba cried non stop, but in the 1980’s mode she never cried. so, maybe i suggest adding a scene of her crying? so itll be accurate of what the journalist said in the tape

  18. I noticed that when the 1980s club leaders are on a meeting, Jiichiro Takahashi (Newspaper Club Leader), just eavesdrops on them near the door instead of sitting with them. And also when the newspaper club disbands, they hang out outside the sociology room instead if the newspaper club room.

  19. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! Are you planning to add cutscenes for the kidnapping victims when you torture them? You’re most likely already aware but, only the girl in the original first chair has them. The others just have their voice lines over a black screen right now
    – KL

  20. hi, I have two poisons currently: emetic and sedative and I’m trying to poison raibaru with the emetic poison, on Monday, and I have no one watching and got her away from her bento but there’s no option to poison. I tried it on other students and there’s no option for that either

    • Are you playing an old build, or the latest build?

      Try again on the July 1st build that will be released soon, and e-mail me if it still isn’t working properly.

  21. im looking at all these comments of these fans and im like y’all have this man dead 💀💀💀
    stop reporting bugs and asking questions here 😭😭😭

  22. Hello…
    I just wanted to say how happy I am that you’re able to put out so many blogs and stuff, fixing bugs and adding new functions to the game, in such a short amount of time. Other games I follow, I won’t say which, take months at least to put out new bug fixing builds, even though they have a team of workers, and when they do post something, the amount of fixes they made is usually only the most number of fixes you’ve made in one post, such as the Big June Update or another post that has around 40+ changes. That’s pretty insane!

    You’re really great, keep going!!!

  23. Hey yandev i kidnapped midori, osana and kuu dere but Osana had a box over her character model and kuu dere didn’t show upp i also kidnapped all of the rich girls in order but Fuyumi Tachiki had a box over her and Itsumi Yuuki didn’t show upp again so i dont know if i did something specific to cause this.

  24. Hello Yandere Dev, I would like to know if the change of yandere simulator character bodies was still planned for the future of the game. And if so, when would that be?

    • Are you talking about body types? If so, he would need more animations because the ones he currently has only supports two types of body types, male and female. So, right now if he added them it would like really glitchy.

  25. Will Ryoba’s storyline ever go with Ayano’s? Like if her Mom used to The Yakuza a lot, would they be familiar with her if they ever meet?

  26. YandereDev please PLEASE remove the auto shoe change it’s very annoying when i run a cutscene to play as someone and it just bugs out

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