April 15th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I want to tell you what’s new in the latest build! But…how should I do it? Well, I suppose I have two options: I could describe it in a blog post, or I could make a video about it. But…both methods have their drawbacks. Writing blog posts is tedious. Making videos is very time-consuming, and a lot of hard work.

But…what if there was a middle-ground? A way to create short and informative videos that feature animated visuals, without spending many hours recording and editing footage?

Let’s give this a try:

If this type of video is fun to watch, I can do it more often in the future.

Anyway! For a full list of everything that changed in the latest build, click Continue Reading:

Changes and Additions

  • The headmaster now has 17 voiced lines in the 80s. 5 for when you enter his office and stand far away, 5 for when you enter his office and stand really close to him, 5 for when you walk around inside his office with a cardboard box over your body, 1 for when he is delivering a eulogy at a dead student’s memorial, and 1 for when he is shooting you with a tazer.
  • If the Light Music Club closes down, the 5 musicians of 1980s Mode lose access to their instruments. This resulted in a bug where the musicians stood on stage during Ai’s week without instruments. This bug has now been fixed; they won’t perform on stage if their club has been shut down.
  • Added a portable bunsen burner to the game. This is to allow the player to set students on fire even if the Occult Club has been shut down and the player has lost access to the candle. The portable bunsen burner is found in the Chemistry classroom.
  • The “Use Photo of Senpai to Restore Sanity” feature now deletes the photo from Ayano’s phone, to explain why it cannot be “Used” again and why she loses access to the “Gaze at photo of Senpai to speed up time” feature.
  • From now on, if the player runs into a student soaked in gasoline while holding an open flame (such as a candle or portable bunsen burner) other characters will recognize this as a deliberate murder attempt.
  • The boys who follow Chigusa around school in 1980s Mode will now stand further away from her when she is meeting with someone, such as when she’s talking with Ryoba on the school rooftop.
  • Type the letters “M E D I B A N G” while at school to change Yandere-chan’s outfit to the outfit designed by the winner of the Medibang Art contest!
  • The training dummy in the martial arts club was not broken until 202X, so it will no longer be depicted in a broken state in 1980s Mode.
  • The protagonist’s footstep sound effects are now “bare feet” sound effects when the protagonist is wearing the martial arts club attire.
  • Removed the “Change Shoes” button, since it became non-functional after shoe-changing began to happen automatically.
  • The act of picking up a collectible in the asylum no longer makes a loud clunking noise.
  • All teachers now have different bust sizes instead of each having identical bodies.
  • Improved the appearance of the planters on the school rooftop.
  • Updated the textures for Mai Waifu, Midori, Pippie, and Ryuto.
  • Updated the clothing that Ryoba wears in the street scene.
  • Updated the character models used by the 202X teachers.
  • Updated Himedere’s hair model.
  • Updated Kiba’s hair model.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused a student to become unable to enter certain states (such as sitting and eating food) if they heard a giggle, then spoke to the protagonist while on their way to investigate the giggle, then tried to enter another state.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from acknowledging that the player had sabotaged an interaction between a rival and Senpai if the day ended because the clock reached 6:00 PM instead of because the player left school and went home.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from realizing that Osana had been eliminated if she had been defeated using the gossip elimination method, but the last blow to her reputation had been dealt with overnight internet gossip.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from accurately remembering which items the player could/could not bring to school if the player destroyed a bring-to-school item and then used the Reset Week feature.
  • Fixed bug that prevented characters from reacting properly to notes in their lockers (such as Sleuth characters, which are supposed to be able to react positively to 5 different types of notes).
  • Fixed bug that caused a character to perform their running animation while moving at walking speed if they were distracted by a dropped weapon by performing a running animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze after the guidance-counselor-talks-to-rival sequence if the sequence was triggered between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to forget whether or not the wooden training dummy in the Martial Arts club was fixed or broken when loading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the 9th 1980s Mode rival, Chigusa, from having an outline around her bodies in Yandere Vision while she was wearing a swimsuit.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to falsely register a rival as “eliminated” if the player was arrested on the same day that the rival was arrested.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to forget how much blood shuld be on Ayano’s shoes if she walked from indoors to outdoors, or outdoors to indoors.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to become permanently stuck if a student council member broke up a fight between Ryoba and a female delinquent.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Science Club students from having outlines around their bodies in Yandere Vision while they were wearing lab coats.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to freeze if a student council member was electrocuted while running towards the protagonist to pepper spray her.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ayano’s hair to not be properly aligned with her head during the “hallway full of corpses” part of the intro cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to fail to be able to pick up weapons that had been dropped on the ground in very specific places.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from resetting the status of completed/uncompleted Tasks when using the Reset Week feature.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the weapon bag of the Alphabet Killer Challenge from supporting the “Equip/Conceal Weapon” feature.
  • Fixed bug that caused the protagonist’s face to change into the female base model’s default shape when wearing a raincoat.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Headmaster’s 5th “You’re standing too close to me” voice line from playing in 202X mode.
  • Fixed problem with Kuroko’s hair that made the lighting/shading change drastically depending on the camera angle.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the 202X delinquents from saying their voiced lines when the player approached them.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to throw a box of stink bombs when attempting to throw a single stink bomb.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to pick up the remote control if it fell face-down.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the garbage bag box from updating its position/rotation when loading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Uekiya’s keys from appearing on her hip as they were supposed to.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to put a burning candle inside of a bookbag.
  • Fixed rendering errors with Koharu’s hair model.

118 thoughts on “April 15th Bug-Fixing Build

    • I think it’s a test on motion captured animations that he would do to make cutscenes for the game, or at least, place holder cutscenes.

    • If it’s easier to make a video like that then I say go for it. I personally don’t get people’s problems with VTubers since it hurts no one. I think we should be supportive! 😊👍🏻✨

      • We don’t have to be supportive of something if it’s bad. I don’t see any problem with this, though

      • ??? I don’t understand what is bad about VTubers. I would never encourage supporting something bad but I’m talking about this in particular. I.. am really confused. Not coming at you or anything. Just confused.

      • Don’t worry, i wasn’t talking about Vtubers. I was bothered by something someone had said to me earlier in that day, therefore it still was fresh in my mind.

      • I don’t judge the fact that you come out in defense of Yandere Dev in every comment, but you have to let others give their opinions, even if their opinions don’t support Dev’s decisions. I’ve seen that you are very kind and polite every time that you say something, but it’s really annoying to see how you answer to everyone for disagreeing. We don’t have to support things that we don’t like, and we have the right to say so, as long as we don’t attack anyone. I’m sorry about what I’m going to say, but all your comments look suspicious.

      • I don’t understand what you mean by “suspicious”. I am just someone with ADHD and too much time on their hands. Lolz. I am sorry if it ever comes off like I am trying to tell anyone what to do. I have always said in my opinions we don’t all have to agree on everything. We are all our own person. I think that’s amazing. My only goal is to spread positivity. With everything going on in the world we should really try to support one another. Especially with as rampant as cancel culture and hate sites are growing on the internet. We even see bots dedicated to spreading hate comments all over videos on YouTube.

        So I just try to be positive wherever I can. Sorry if it ever seemed rude or anything. Truly never meant it that way. Not coming at you either. Hope you’re having a wonderful day/night wherever you are though. Stay safe! Wash your hands! 🤗🤗

      • But don’t get me wrong! Healthy/constructive criticism is good. For example if I had to say anything constructive then I would say…

        The formatting feels off for the subject you want to discuss. Maybe just walk around in the game like normal and show off the features? Have a couple before and afters for some bug fixes (not all).

        Or maybe if he wants to continue this method of videos? The model isn’t the best, but I understand budget isn’t all there yet and this is just a test to see if it’ll be well received. Maybe liven it up with better animations to broadcast more emotions when the money is there for it? I think it could improve the videos if this is the format you’re going to use from now on.

        But that’s about all I could say about it. Maybe combine the two, if he ever gets a green screen, so we can see his Vtuber model explain what he’s showing us in a video? That would be great.

        Again, I am really really sorry if it ever seemed like I was telling people they can’t criticize something. I usually say it’s fine if we don’t agree on something but I guess I forgot to this time. Been really tired from work lately. So my bad. 😅

  1. I was just playing the game when I noticed an update before the blog post! I decided to wait it out but I guess I didn’t have to wait long! But thanks! I was just about to put the game down for now!

  2. Hey, yandere-dev, in mission mode when you take a picture of someone and send it to info-chan; it’s just a pink phone screen, no information

      • YandereDev. I remember you saying replacing the school with a new model would be quite difficult.. Yet, if what you are trying to do as of now is to give a new feeling to the game, i’d suggest you can at least attempt changing the floor type? After i’ve seen the persona games, i have to say it seems quite important for something to be changed in the atmosphere..

      • @yxunknown Each floor could have a different look, the first would be the same as the current but with just tiles on the floor instead of tiles and wood (tiles are easier to clean than wood, and there’d be a lot of dirt around doors), the second would have the current look, maybe with different wall textures to make it more distinctive from the first floor, and the third (and fourth, maybe whole staircases?) would have the dark wood look used in the headmaster’s room or the science lab, it’d make each floor unique (like, it’d be easier to figure out where something is based on the floor and wall textures) and would refresh the look of the school, or just the interior of it, without major changes

      • Hello YandereDev 😀 I think there’s another bug? I don’t know if it came in the new build, but I’ve started to play the 1980’s mode, and I’m trying to get the true ending. I’m currently on the first day of the 9th week, I believe everyone is supposed to follow your rival, but no one seems to when I play it?

  3. I don’t know about crowdfunding but i want to support Yandere Simulator if your can put on steam as early access with promise full game release date 202x including female senpai and full voice acting,

    • He will use the crowdfunding money to add these things Female senpai/Male Protagonist will be added only depending of how much money goes into it. I sure do hope it gets added ..

  4. Talking about the headmaster, in the room he is in, the middle window is yellow, while the two sides are brown (I’m not talking about the glass, but the partitions) I think the intention was that they were all brown, since the whole room is brown.

  5. Thank you. Not only for the new build, but for not stopping no matter what, for remaining a good person. I, we really appreciate it.

  6. Hi YandereDev, I found two bugs, when a student with some animation of idle, walk, run, change clothes loses all animations, even the face animation, which appears by default with eyes wide open, and when Ryoba takes rat poison and puts the poison in Senpai’s bento, she can then put it in any other student’s bento.

  7. I know not to expect this immediately or anytime soon. But do you think there is a possibility of Ryoba joining the delinquents and student council at some point in the future? If she would be able to join the delinquents would the method change since there are ten members instead of five?

  8. I really wish there were achievements in the game. I guess the content checklist is very similar, but it would be great if there were more, such as Yandere-chan joining the delinquents or successfully killing all student council members. Would definitely enjoy completing every challenge!

      • Many games fail to be engaging whenever there are no long-running objectives. Achievements (along with rewards, at times, too) are a great way to keep your public going for a long time.

    • Definitely seconding the Achievements – I must admit when I look to buy games on Steam, Achievements are a key factor for me

  9. Hi YandereDev I loved the Vtuber one. Thank u for always updating this game…

    You raised me as a kid.

    More than that,I hope your health is doing well. It must be unhealthy to stare at your computer everyday,and looking into codes day by day.

    • How do you make a lockpick in 1980’s mode if the drama club closed? How do you make a tripwire of the art club is closed? How do you complete Shima’s task if the martial arts club is closed?

      • True, YandereDev should really do something about this issue.
        Maybe the hairpins should be located behind the school’s stage (where the balloons are located), masking tape should be in the art room instead of the club and a kerosene can should be located near the incinerator. Not sure what to do about Shima’s task tho

      • for you last question we are only really befriending them because we want budo’s task to get rid of raibaru. if the marital arts club disband there are no classes that budo needs help teaching so, why would you disband the club if you need to get rid of raibaru?

      • Honestly I think these are features. If you wanna go around killing everyone then you should be punished for it, dunno what to say, don’t kill club members bud.

  10. Great job Yandere Dev as usual. Yandere Dev I have an idea, it will be possible to electrify the students swimming in the pool using the car battery. What do you think about this Yandere Dev idea?

      • But we can make giant puddles throughout the school and electrocute everyone. So I don’t really see why the pool one would be so bad.

        Instead, I think if you do something like that, in a way where you can retrieve your battery there should be some form of punishment.

        Such as the car battery not being somewhere students could access easily, taken as police evidence, or under lock and key in the Teacher’s Lounge.

        The pool area could be completely closed off with a gate. Therefore, losing access to the Bullies sunbathing and the Osana Pool Elimination.

  11. Ohhhh finally, Kuroko’s hair has been bothering me for ages.
    But Yanderedev, Yanderedev! Whenever Yandere-chan is standing in a certain spot, and a student council member goes up to that same spot and stops there, she/he will push the player even though the player was there first. May you please fix this? It’s very annoying when they keep shoving me while standing there and I get a game over.

  12. I have a idea yandere dev!
    Instead of ayano’s shoes just *BLOb* change in 1 second, it would be cool to have a cutscene that ayano walks to her locker, and changed her shoes. Just like the rest of the students! It would be pretty cool.

    • It is also strange to me to see that Yandere changes shoes every time she leaves the school building. It will be more appropriate if the change of shoes will take place according to the schedule. The first visit to the locker area is a change to school shoes. And the second event is the exit through the main entrance after the 2nd class time.
      And by the way! People have been asking for a long time to hide the weapon case in the locker, you can tie it to the “shoe change” interaction point. A book bag should be with Yandere every time she comes to school.

  13. it’s it me or why does ryoba’s new town dress make her look like she’s already married? I like her old dress more, it fits her as it makes look like a schoolgirl while the new dress doesn’t fit as 1980s mode takes place before she and jokichi even started dating

  14. hello yandere dev! I wanted to ask you if you can implement the feature that when you kill a club member that you are a part of the club they do not disband as ayano or ryoba are members.

  15. I’m sure that Yandere dev is making sure I the game fun and bug free. I have something that Yandere dev should change which is: when we make a fight with the delinquents in front of a teacher they apperhand the player while they should send the player to guidance counselor. I hope this gets changed in the next build.

  16. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a mode where you have one day to eliminate all 10 rivals?
    In this mode, the player wouldn’t be able to talk/distract the rivals, just like in the Amai challenge.
    The player would also have to eliminate the rivals in the right order.
    The rivals routine could be the one during their week (Ai would perform on stage, Chigusa would be photographed etc.)
    The story behind it could be like “All my rivals decided to share Senpai” or Idk💀💀

  17. Hey dev, when you attack somebody with the magical girl wand and put it into the long case beside the bookbag, it appears bloody.

  18. there’s a few bugs i’ve noticed in 1980s. Teachers’ clothes and body textures are white, and that goes with every clothing (i checked it with pose mode, they’re always white), and when you enter the school wearing custom textures, for a moment uniform becomes default.

  19. FNF is staying free so it’s still open source, Hopefully you don’t mind me asking but will the same be for YandereSimulator?

  20. Hi YandereDev, I found two bug, when a student with some animation of idle, walk, run, change clothes loses all animations, even the face animation, which appears by default with eyes wide open, and when you put rat poison in the senpai bento later you can put it in another student’s bento.

  21. good job yandere dev but how long do you think you can finish the game? it’s not that I don’t like the game but I’ve known it since 2014 but almost 8 years have passed and it’s not ready yet (+ unimportant question🌝 … who is your favorite rival or rivals? Mine are Osoro shidesu and Megamo saikou) and you will do something with Ayato? (the male version of Ayano)

  22. hey! i found a bug. i forgot her name but the green and blue haired music club members hair and stocking textures change when shes kidnapped in your basement. her hair goes white and her stockings go to purple and white.

  23. Please do make more videos like this! In my opinion, having you talk about updates is much nicer than reading about them, since your voice is very soothing.

  24. The hand movements were awkward to watch. If you do this again I’d take a away hand movements. And instead of animations maybe an occasional screen shot of what you’re talking about to make it easier to understand without taking too much time.

  25. If the Art Club closes, the access to the box cutter and therefore the framing mechanic is removed. I thought that was intentional game design but if the occult club candle wasn’t, maybe it’s not.

    • I only added the bunsen burner because it was a logical suggestion for how the player should be able to carry around an open flame that could be placed anywhere.

      I’d add a new “object that can get stuck in a box” if anyone can suggest a good one.

      • Absolutely this, let us break into locked clubrooms, if someone sees you in the closed down clubroom you will get reputation loss and if an authority figure sees you, you will be sent to the guidance office.

      • I think that opening closed clubs is a great benefit from joining the student council. It’s definitely better than just copying the benefits of joining delinquents.

      • For gasoline, maybe add some kind of canister in the incinerator area. The delinquents get up to bad stuff, so it makes sense they have some kind of canister in their general area. You can pour the canister into a bucket.

    • You can still frame by having the rival pick up a dropped weapon, which is how I like to do it.
      I like to use the Magical Girl wand. It’s blunt, so it keeps blood off clothes, and it’s not suspicious if you’re in the drama club, which you get the gloves from.

  26. hey dev, I found two bugs
    info chan doesn’t have her new hair model on her profile and the “fire student council” icon uses Kuroko’s old hair model
    on a side note, I found a few nice models on deviant art for Osana, they are from noice and from the person that made Maka’s and Efude’s hairmodels, maybe you should use one of them

  27. hey dev, i found a bug
    actually, when you would put a headache poison in Raibaru’s food on Monday at lunchtime, she will run to the infirimary. If you’d kill her, while killing her animation wouldn’t change and she would be still running.

  28. Hi YanDev. I don’t know if it’s my files or if anyone else has mentioned this, but when the day ends the screen will fade to black but won’t continue on to the rest of the game. I tried Uninstalling and reinstalling the game but that didn’t work either. I also updated the game, too.

  29. hi YanDev! thanks for the new build, and great work, as always!
    I’ve been playing these builds with the new “automatic shoe changing feature,” and personally, I really don’t care for it. I actually have a few problems with it.
    1) it just looks kind of janky and weird, to be perfectly honest, just like how it did in the game it’s referencing.
    2) changing your shoes/taking them off is a big deal in Japan, and I’ve always thought the player should have to change Ayano/Ryoba’s shoes at the start and end of the day to avoid consequences. I’m not sure what those consequences would be, but I think it’d be much better for the player to have to do it instead of it just magically happening.
    3) the protagonists shoes are changed every single time they enter/leave the school building. this isn’t how it works with the students, and I don’t think the protagonist should change to their outdoor shoes when they’re, say, going into the plaza. I think they should change into their indoor shoes at the beginning of the day, keep them on all day, and change to the outdoor shoes when they leave. I suspect this would be difficult to program, and implementing a cutscene for it as I saw suggested in another comment would take up needless development time, so I think this is another reason to change the feature back to the way it was.
    that’s all I have, and these are just my personal thoughts about it! and again, thanks for the new build, and the hard work! ^^

  30. Yandere dev, you know when you walk inside the school and your shoes turn into inside shoes? well, can you remove that? and change it to the old one? i made an oc with pose mod and when i walk inside the school, my pink stockings become ayano’s black stockings 😦 can you please remove it?

  31. Yandere dev, why is there no “Stalk” in 1980 mode? And in this mode, buying drinks is absolutely useless.

  32. hey yandere dev once your finished with most of the games mechanics and etc will you ever add any voices for the 1980 rivals or keep them with dialouge either decission is fine with me

  33. Hi yanderedev could you add some collider boxes to some bushes near the entrance because Ajano can pass through them, thanks

  34. You know, with the new bunsen burner added to the chem room? I have a bit of an opinion about it. The candle is easy to access, since you can just grab it. The bunsen burner is the same. I think that if you cause enough causualities for the shutdown of the Occult Club, there should be some sort of hurdle (minor, not annoying, but enough to show that excessive killing has consequences) to make lighting people on fire a bit harder. Maybe have the bunsen burner locked in a cabinet that has a key in the faculty room, or can be opened via a lockpick? This is a minor suggestion, but I hope you at least consider it. I’m not particularly a fan of this game, but I do really like to follow development processes.

  35. What if startinf Week 5 or 6 or something, all characters would run towards distractions (just like Raibaru does)

  36. Hi YandereDev. There’s a bug in the Yandere Simulator’s Portraits Folder, both 202x and 1980 mode, because “Stundet_0” doesn’t show the original background, it shows Senpai.
    And, if u look the portrait of Info-Chan, her hair is her old one.
    Another thing is about Ayano’s portrait, it’s kind of bug (she is more “above” than the other students), and she doesn’t use her photo on her computer.

  37. Hey, I ran into a bug when one of the board members took me to a counselor after leaving the room, I was sent back to a counselor multiple times. only stopped when I was sent home

  38. I don’t know why when I saw the Vtuber Model I thought that now the characters will have original character model LMAO

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