I’ve been interviewed by Verge! (Again!)


Long-time readers may remember the fact that I was interviewed by “Verge Magazine” back in 2018. That was a while ago! Well, Verge reached out to me again recently to ask if they could interview me about 1980s Mode – and I was delighted to participate!

You can check out the interview here:

28 thoughts on “I’ve been interviewed by Verge! (Again!)

  1. It’s nice to read the magazine interview! I learned so much from it YandereDev!

    I didn’t know that you actually pick their design before actually designing their personality!

    That is a great job Man! I aso love 1980 mode. This is very different from what we saw in 202X mode. Ryoba,Jokichi and many interesting characters play a huge role to enlarge to lore and theory of the game and they are quite likeable for me. Although In my Opinion,Ayano still a perfect oc because I can define her way. Just like how I define if Frisk is a pacifist or not. Meanwhile,Ryoba is already set in stone.

    Moreover,I love that you had more plans to incorporate in the future update(s). I am looking forward to see them. Thank you very much YandereDev!

  2. You deserve that interview after making an amazing sequel that is finished with a story mode. You put in all your hard work into it and it payed off congratulations!!

  3. yanderedev one thing I’ve noticed recently is the fact that many fans are creating mods for yanderedev simulaitor my question is why don’t you ask these people for help to create your game I know they would be very happy to help you in the modeling part program characters in the game? and i’m sorry if i spelled it wrong i’m brazilian

    • He actually has had fans help him out, some YanSim YouTubers have helped him with certain models and he is always taking volunteers.

      It’s probably because he always gets accused of stealing assets and not paying people even though it’s not true. So he isn’t the most vocal about it.

      You can check credits at the end of game to see people who are involved with the game and check the official YanSim wiki for more details beyond that.

  4. Wow! I’ll make sure to check it out. I didn’t know about the previous one. Happy your hard work is getting recognized! 😊✨

  5. I really wanted to create an anime school game without the murder part so I don’t know how to program does anyone know a person who knows

    • There are plenty of guides and tutorials online, whether you buy an official how to guide, or just watch YouTube tutorials I am sure you can do it.

      Hiring people to model not only the map but the buildings, the nature, the props, the models, and animations is expensive so I hope you save up if you want to go down that route.

      Anyway I hope you’re successful in pursuing your dream! 🤗

  6. Yandere Dev I found an exploit. If you send Raibaru once to visit the martial arts club you can send her again if you eleminate osana during that time.

  7. Hi dev! When you bump into the student council too many times, do you think you could make it so they send you to the counsellor instead of getting a game over?

    • That’s a valid suggestion, and if I had heard that suggestion sooner, I probably would have implemented it. However, at this point in time, I can’t implement that suggestion, since all of the student council members’ voiced lines have already been recorded.

  8. when i open a day, it pulls up the magazine and the choice where you can put Poison in the bento and it won’t let be exit it

  9. A very good interview. I hope this boosts downloads. I will shower that one theorist with praise if they still exist by the time YanSim comes out. Also, sad that you can’t use google to post anymore. Had to get a new facebook acc.

  10. You mentioning there’s a ‘big twist’ for YanSim (and that only one person, to date, has apparently mentioned it in a fan theory) makes me think of that it’ll be “Sempai is also a yandere. It’s just that he hasn’t found his ‘key’ yet.” And, what, I dunno, he’ll end up murdering Ayano to get away from her, so he can be with his one true beloved that brought color to his world.

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