November 25th Bug-Fixing Build

Happy Thanksgiving!

I updated the Characters page of the official website recently. The character artwork for the Student Council girls has been updated. Perceptive visitors will also notice that a new character has been appeared on the page, as well…

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this pretty artwork of Osana by ö! Yes, the artist goes by the name ” ö “, apparently!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Modern-day competition swimsuits are skintight leggings, so the 202X Sports Club boys have been given leggings instead of trunks. (To see all of them in their new swimwear, you’ll have to play Week 2, since two of the boys do not swim on Week 1.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause an endless cascade of notifications to appear if the player picked up a weapon, dropped it, picked it up again, inserted it into a bag, then stood in the crop area of the gardening club.
  • The player’s Language stat will now increase the effectiveness of the articles they write for the school newspaper. (At maximum level, the Language stat will double the effectiveness of your articles.)
  • Fixed bug that caused the clock at the top-right corner of the screen to cover up part of the interface when the player was viewing certain parts of the the pause menu inside of the protagonist’s home.
  • When the player saved their game at school, certain objects would not update their positions correctly. Those objects should now be updating their positions properly.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the game from lowering a rival’s reputation after the player wrote a nasty article about her in the school newspaper.
  • Fixed bug that made the 1989 school newspaper bulletin board appear in 202X after the player played the Light Music Club minigame.
  • Fixed bug that caused female students’ bodies to deform when performing a “combining chemicals” animation in the Science Club.
  • Fixed bug that caused the gym teacher to wear a track suit and a teacher’s attire simultaneously.
  • When opening up the Stats screen from the Calendar screen, the transition is now 5x as fast.
  • Updated the models and textures of the armbands that the club leaders wear.
  • Fixed bug that caused Himari’s eyes to be colorless in her student portrait.
  • The headmaster’s office is now locked during the 1980s Mode tutorial.
  • Updated Shiromi’s hair model.
  • Updated Kaga’s hair model.

68 thoughts on “November 25th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. This is an amazing build. I have a suggestion, if that would be OK? Do you think it would be possible to make it so you can steal money from a student’s locker after soaking them? Maybe $50 or @25? This feature has been on my mind for a while, and I thought it would make a nice improvement to the money mechanic.

      • What if there’d be a minigame in the Photography club as the practice option where a random character would ask the protagonist to take a photo of them while they’re doing a certain pose and if the player succeeds, then they’d get money.
        There could also be random NPCs walking in front of the camera + a timer (maximum one minute/30 seconds) + the character posing would keep changing its poses

        The player would lose if: • there are characters in front of the camera
        • the player takes the picture when the character is not posing corectly
        • the time runs out

        Also, the harder the level is (shorter time, more characters walking in fron of camera etc.), the higher amount of money gets

        No need for bonus animation/voice acting, perhaps only for artwork of shilouttes displaying a poses

  2. Hello YanDev! Found two bugs.
    I reported this one last time, but noticed it wasn’t fixed, so I’ll just put it here again. It’s pretty simple, but the button prompt to poison Raibaru’s bento (lethal poison) isn’t showing up during the Monday Lunch event when she’s spying on Osana and Taro. I told Kokona and Saki to go away, so it wasn’t that anyone was watching, it just wasn’t giving me the option.
    The second bug is very specific, but also annoying. So, I chose Senpai’s 13th hair (color of it doesn’t matter), and in almost every cutscene (and his photo in the Senpai shrine) he appeared bald. I played through multiple playthroughs, and it happened every time. In the “Thanks for Playing” scene, I found out that his hair was just…really far above his head for some reason.

  3. the bug in 1980s mode making it so you can’t sabotage a rival and do a club activity in the same day still exists… yandev pls the game is unplayable T-T

    • He is actively improving upon both, but he is only one guy, so it takes longer than someone with a coding team at their disposal, but I believe he has video on his channel about this.

      ☺️👍🏻✨ Hope it helps!!

  4. the cooking club members get stuck when they try to give food to the girls that play drums in the hallway on the third floor

  5. I dont know if this is only a bug im having but everytime i play mission mode i load in with the sailor uniform instead of the black blazer.

  6. For some reason the screwdriver isn’t in the science club. I’ve tried bringing a screwdriver to school but it doesn’t show up in my inventory or weapon hot bar.

  7. yanderedev even though you aren’t making the 202X rivals can you keep Mida and Muja in the school after their weeks (Muja could get training from Nasu and Mida could be the headmaster’s assistant and stay in his room at lunch so it would be harder to get in)

  8. Here’s an odd bug that is more interesting that annoying:
    On the stairs right beside the library, if Ryoba’s shoulder is slipping into the wall as she runs past, you get the weirdest clip.
    For a very brief second, you appear to be in the corresponding corner of the courtyard, though sometimes people are staring dead at you(brown hair and buns, I think . . . .), and once I even had a guy kinda floating in the air while doing the Basu sisters Inspect animation.
    Oddest thing.

    It doesn’t appear to take away from the gameplay, as I didn’t notice any lag(though I was a little busy trying to figure out what and where I was seeing).
    I haven’t tested this with Ayano(Osana aggravated me one too many times tonight), and apologies for that.

  9. I don’t know why, but when I play the 1980s mode and about Thursday (or Friday) from week 1 onward, I pick up a random thing, I can’t interact with it (such as hide or drop it). The first time is when I use the radio on Thursday, the second time I pour gasoline to burn Meoko, both I can’t put it down, and the third time I can’t hide the needle in the medical room. Also, I can’t talk to others after 5:30, (before that, I use the book in the library to pass 30 minute). Is that a bug?

  10. I’m sorry for asking but when are you going to launch the mode Driving your rivals to murder in Yandere’s simulator and sorry for my english I’m brazilian

  11. Hello, Yandere Dev! I’ve encountered two bugs, so I’m here to report them.
    1. If a student from 202X is wearing a book bag, they will have the 1980s one. Also, the bullies will have the 1980s book bag but with the 202X texture (since they are the only students who have custom textures for their book bags).
    2. When a member of a club dies or dissappears, the club will not shut down.

  12. I found a bug. When I accept the pompadour delinquent’s task and finish beating up the bad guys, the game crashes. It doesn’t let me do anything and I can’t move, I can just see the delinquent changing pose.

  13. Hey Yandere Dev ! I found this weird bug. When I enter 1980’s mode and I click right-click, this blue screen appears on the screen instead of the game have to changing to Ryoba’s perspective (video link: /view?usp=sharing ) even when I tried to redownload the game but it’s still the same and at the same time this blue screen only shows up if you turn on the VHS filter and if you turn it off, the screen just freezes at the moment click but the FPS box is still active and Ryoba’s footsteps still appear. This bug will appear with some computers so it may be difficult for you to activate it

  14. Hola quisiera hacer unas preguntas sobre Amai, cuando va a terminarla o cuando vas a implementar un nuevo metodo de eliminacion como “Accidente en la cocina” o la eliminacio “best friends” no estoy tratando de acelerar las cosas pero ¿Porque sacar una precuela sin terminar el proyecto original? no quiero ser grosero ni nada solo que quisiera ver un nuevo metodo de eliminacio nada mas que decir. Si leiste esto Yandere Dev gracias por tu tiempo.

  15. Yandere dev I came to report a mini error, I was very good playing yandere simulator until I decided to remove the evidence from me and I went to the emergency shower to wash myself, but after that I realized that the gym uniform was put on the texture of the gym uniform from the 80s, just in case it was in the 202X mod, the truth is not an error that affects the game much because after washing it it returns to normal, but you do not decide what to do with that error, here is an image

  16. Hello dev theres a bug with ryobas “camera” ?? dunno how to call it but just right click on mouse like when opening the camera in 202X mode

    when the delinquents beat you up in 1980s mode and you go into camera mode you can’t see anything also if you go to the infirmary to rest ryoba gets ayanos idle and walk animation

  17. I can’t expelle the girl on the 7th week because I can’t steal the ring and I tried so many times to do it . Its vary annoying and this also happens in the 202x too . 👌

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