Launcher Update and New Debug Functionality

Hello! There are two things that may be worthy of your attention today.

First, the launcher has been updated with a few bug fixes. Second, I’ve added some new debug functionality to Yandere Simulator.

The new debug functionality is the ability to skip directly to a specific week, and to decide a few specifics while you’re doing so, such as how the previous rivals were eliminated, how much reputation you have at school, etc:

This is useful for if your save file gets deleted somehow and you want to return to the week that you were last playing, or if you’re a YouTuber who wants to record footage of a specific rival/week, or if you’re trying to report a bug that only happens on Week 10 but you don’t want to play through 10 weeks just to get there.

To access this menu, highlight a save file on the Title Screen and then press the “R” key (or the “Y” button if you’re playing with a controller). Once you’re at the menu, use the keys/buttons listed at the bottom of the screen to set things up.

I hope this new functionality will be useful to you!

But, of course, that’s not the only thing that is new in the latest build. Click “Continue Reading” for the full changelog!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • You can now jump straight to a specific week in 1980s Mode. At the title screen, highlight a save file and press the “R” key (or the “Y” button on controller) to access a screen that lets you skip straight to any week of your choosing.
  • Devoted fans of Yandere Simulator have developed a mod that translates the game from English into Russian. However, players were unable to use buckets while using this mod, since buckets were programmed to check button prompts for the presence of certain English words in order to operate. I have updated the bucket’s functionality to no longer be dependent on the words in its button prompt, so that foreign fans of the game using translation mods don’t lose access to any of the game’s features.
  • When Ayano talks to Osana to discuss her stalker, she says “I overheard you talking with your friend.” However, this conversation can be initiated before Osana talks to Raibaru about her stalker. So, that line of dialogue is now slightly different if the conversation is initiated before Osana has had an opportunity to talk to Raibaru about her stalker.
  • If the player put a note into a Sleuth’s locker and told the Sleuth to go check their locker, and the rest of the Sleuths began investigating students while the other Sleuth was running towards their locker, the Sleuth who was headed for their locker would change their destination and never check their locker. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player made progress towards making a rival fall in love with a suitor and then reset the week, the game would remember some of the matchmaking progress, making it difficult to perform certain actions (such as impressing the rival with a trait). This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player increased the suitor’s stats and then got a game over (or closed the game) and restarted the day, the game would remember the fact that the suitor’s stats had been increased. This bug has been fixed.
  • Changed the texture for the hedges and bushes around the school. Hedge walls and bushes dominate many parts of the school, so this significantly changes the look-and-feel of the school.
  • Fixed bug that caused a rival’s expectations of a suitor’s courage/intelligence/strength to rise higher if he failed to impress the rival with that trait on a previous day.
  • Fixed bug that caused female Sports Club members to perpetually walk in place in the school gym after they finished running along the 100m sprinting track behind the gym.
  • The boys in the Sports Club (both time periods) now have different levels of musculature when they are in their swimming outfits. (It’s subtle, but it’s there.)
  • From now on, if the player uses the “Sneak Panty Shot” feature while holding an object, they will drop the object before pulling out their phone.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a Sleuth from properly reaching their destination when going to a meeting after receiving a note in their locker.
  • There was a single bucket at school (in the school gym) where any liquid poured inside of it would appear invisible. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a dropped gym uniform in 202X to have the same appearance as a gym uniform from 1989.
  • The boys of the 1989 Sports Club now have different legging textures than the boys of the 202X Sports Club.
  • Fixed bug that could cause two students sent to sleep in the infirmary to choose to sleep in the same bed.
  • Updated Schoolday 9 with a new, revised version of the track composed by CameronF305.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the pause screen’s “Reset Day At Home” feature from working.
  • Fixed bug that messed up the intended appearance of the hair salon cutscene.

111 thoughts on “Launcher Update and New Debug Functionality

  1. Loving the progress on this game! I was unfortunately out the loop since covid happened and was having issues with my studies, and about a few months ago I started watching your videos again and realised “dayum he’s done a lot”. The games been super fun for me, and even though it isn’t 100% complete I’d still regard it as a masterpiece.

  2. no se si es un bug quesolome pasa ami :v pero al momento de matar a los dos estudiantes de deportes que estan alfrente del salon ellos corren al escuchar gritos y mato a uno pero el otro desaparece y al momento que bajamos hacemos la animacion de como si estuvieras peleando con el pero no esta y su cuerpo aparece en la sala de facultad :v

  3. Hello yandere dev, I wanted to tell you that you have not updated the download link and the update that appears to me is dated November 25, I also tried to use the launcher but it seems that it does not work for me, wanting to download the game from the launcher it gives me an error

  4. hello yandere dev i just have seen a video by the youtuber bLood and he made a court sence wirh yandere chan and it was really good so could you maybe at the end of week 10 when magmai is gone put a sence with the head,aster ad the police arrest yandere chan and take her to court i would be so cool

      • Sorry to write about bugs here again, but it’s important. The bug with broken interaction buttons is back! Partly. And it seems only in the 80s mode. What happened: Ryoba can throw an object under the ground if you do it crouching, in first-person mode. As a result, the thrown object repeats the path of the baton for training.

  5. I stopped following Yandere’s progress but I was reminded bc of a YouTube video!! I love this game so far. I have a question though (Sorry if it has been asked before or if you gave the answer) Will you gradually release the next rivals after Osana or just hold off until the full game is released?

  6. Yandere Dev, Ryoba’s alibi for holding a knife in the tutorial doesn’t make any sense. She says that the Knife she took from the cooking club belonged in the Home Economics room, but when you go in the Home Ec. room after the tutorial, you can’t find any knives.

  7. This might be a super random and dumb question but will there ever be more sound fx when people fall over like when someone gets electrocuted they fall over and pretty hard without even a thud.

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