November 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

Have an extra-large build for you today! Around 32 fixes/changes/improvements from the previous build.

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous portrait of Ayano by lawlietinblue!

Fixes and Changes

  • A tremendous number of people reported a “bug” that items they purchased in the street were not being brought to school. This is because they were not aware that, in order to bring an item to school, you have to select it from a menu. To resolve this problem, you will now be presented with the “Bring item to school?” menu whenever you try to leave the protagonist’s home and go to school. This makes it impossible to miss the menu.
  • Previously, if the player used the Settings menu to deactivate Rim Lighting and Character Outlines, those two settings would re-activate themselves upon starting a new day. This was intentional, in order to prevent a bug from occuring. However, that bug has been fixed, so now Rim Lighting and Character Outlines will remain disabled if the player disbales them.
  • Previously, if the player crouched while holding a small weapon, the protagonist would automatically conceal the weapon. This is no longer the case. The protagonist will now continue to hold the weapon in their hands while crouching. (However, this does not apply to large weapons; only small ones.)
  • If a rival was kidnapped, turned into a mind-broken slave, and then used for a murder-suicide, the game would count her as “kidnapped” rather than “dead in a murder-suicide.” From now on, the game will track that rival’s death as “suicide” rather than “kidnapped.”
  • Because the ability to send a rival to check her locker for a note is extremely powerful, rivals will now refuse to believe you when you tell them that there’s a note in their locker, unless you’ve befriended them and your reputation is past a certain threshold.
  • Fixed bugs that would occur if a rival attempted to inform Senpai of the presence of a murderer in the school while Senpai was busy performing some activity (turning off a radio, receiving food from a member of the Cooking Club, etc).
  • Previously, if the player put a bloody gym uniform or bloody swimsuit into a washing machine, the machine would spit out a clean school uniform instead of spitting out the appropriate clothing. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a suitor to gain Affection Points with a rival for lacking a trait that the rival was not attracted to (instead of possessing a trait that the rival is attracted to).
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain students to have pure-white textures on their school uniforms if School Atmosphere was low during the week of Sonoko (10th rival of 1980s Mode).
  • A mind-broken slave walking through a metal detector with a metal weapon will now set off the metal detector (but it won’t stop her from continuing towards her destination).
  • Adjusted the bloom settings for the “rival confesses to suitor” cutscene so that the bloom doesn’t obscure the visuals, but the scene still retains a “dreamlike” feeling.
  • If the player was spotted stealing cigarettes and sent to the guidance counselor, there was a bug that would let them keep the stolen cigarettes. This has been fixed.
  • Removed one of the drinking fountains in the school, because its position was interfering with students’ ability to correctly locate the nearest drinking fountain.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s hair to permanently turn invisible if the Cloaking Device was used at any point during the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • Fixed bug that caused the magazine in a suitor’s bookbag to display the incorrect text for describing what a suitor was attracted to.
  • The player is now required to join the Science Club in order to use the vat of acid or emergency shower inside the science clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from recognizing whether or not Raibaru was currently standing in a puddle of electrified water.
  • Fixed bug that would cause male and female delinquents in 1989 to perform their “talking” animations even if they were alone.
  • Miyuji Shan will now eat food during Mission Mode so that it’s possible to complete a mission that involves poisoning her.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to perform a “texting on phone” animation even without a phone in their hands.
  • Re-arranged three characters in the 1980s Mode Alphabet Killer Challenge who were out of alphabetical order.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the 1980s Mode rivals from having the right facial expressions in their portraits.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a rival’s suitor from traveling to his locker to check for a note on Friday.
  • Expanded the size of the “Matchmaking Results” window so that the text isn’t so squished and tiny.
  • Fixed bug that would put Saki’s bra into the player’s inventory if they stole a box of cigarettes.
  • The text that displays during the tutorial has been updated to tell the player how to run.
  • Made an optimization to the beat-em-up minigame that should result in a better framerate.
  • Fixed bug that caused the gym teacher to have a massively oversized phone in 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed a typo in the text for Ryoba’s monologue describing Sumiko, the 4th rival.
  • The particle effect for being sprayed by a metal detector has been updated.
  • Updated the Basu sisters’ hair models.
  • Updated Himari’s hair again.

91 thoughts on “November 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

    • Um yandere dev there is a bug when i play the alphabet killer challenge in 202X mode i use the cheats and when i get to Daku Austu the blood cleaner spins around in circles and i can’t play please fix thus bug

    • I think that he’ll add each rival one by one the following year (2022)
      Amai already has a routine – all she misses is her interactions with Senpai, phone call, Stealth Mission, task(s) etc. so she’ll ve added pretty fast if you ask me (compared to other rivals)

      Also, what I’ve said are just my thoughts – it is nothing official

  1. in the ABC killer mode, some members of the cooking and science club willl try to enter info chans room and you cant fix them with pushing or giggling

  2. yandere dev can you make it so that you can’t dig in the gardening club unless you’re apart of the club (It just makes more sense with the science club update)

    • It makes sense the garden not being locked because you need the club, or theft, or lockpick to access it, otherwise, there’s no point in stealing or using the lockpick in order to access the garden

    • Frankly, I’d go the other way with it, I don’t necessarily see the in-universe logic of needing to join the science club in order to use the vat of acid to destroy a body since you’re definitely not going to discuss it with other students anyway. I assume this is to limit usage and make things a little harder on the player, I just feel like adding a lock you can pick which is removed entirely if you’re a science club member would’ve been better.

    • Not coming at you or anything! Just offering my opinion on why it should stay.

      Actually the blowtorches are a functional method for killing. When you super heat the knife and stab someone not only do they set on fire but they also don’t bleed. Because the wounds are cauterized. People often forget this mechanic.

      Yes, if you want to use the tarps and trash bags? You can. But this is meant to be organic gameplay. Where you ask yourself, “Hm, what if I do—OH MY GOD IT WORKED!” And be pleasantly surprised with the attention to detail.

      That’s why this is my favorite game. Because it gave me pleasant surprises like that. So, not coming at you, just my thoughts on why it should stay.

      Hope I didn’t come off as abrasive. 😅

      • The thing is, you cannot carry a concealed heated knife in your inventory (because it’ll cause a fire). It’d only make sense if you have the heated knife equipped in your hands from the moment you heat it to the moment of its use.

      • Murder, as YanDev stated many times, isn’t supposed to be easy so certain things will be harder to carry out. Don’t you think the game would be too simple if you could get away with you just carrying a hot knife around??

        That’s the point of being an effective killer! You’re supposed to have to think it through, distract/befriend certain people, and learn routines if you want to accomplish it.

        What I did? I learned Osana’s secret, befriended her, did the Raiburu task, told Osana about a note in her locker, and superheated the knife then I had to sneak past people and get to her before the timer wore off. I then stabbed her and set her on fire behind the school where no one would find her. Trash bags on standby at the location. Then I quickly bagged her up and put her in a locker until cleaning time. Then I calmly walked to the incinerator and disposed of my evidence.

        I like to do a bit of RP, I didn’t technically HAVE to wait and put her body in the incinerator, but I did so to go about how I would personally handle it.

        Which is why I love this game. It encourages different styles to play. The flame knife is OP. My only wish? Would be able to get people to meet you inside classrooms, that way I could easily make the room vacant through socializing (the “please go away”) and kill her. Then run her down to the incinerator.

  3. yandere dev the new hair style for ayano is very cute but i think we all agree that we miss the old one maybe you could put a choice that if the player wants ayano to have her new hair style or not, maybe in the debug commands?

    • It already is. Press H to change your hairstyle. You need the debug commands enabled. Hold H and press the left arrow key to go back through the hairstyles.

  4. Hey Dev! Remember back in the day when 6 gardening club girls would walk around the gardening club? Well, one of them didn’t make it to 202X mode or 1980’s mode and I miss her! Can you replace Honaka with that removed gardening girl?

  5. hello yandev! I find your game really great. the plot, the setting and the attention to detail… I can’t wait for the game to be over! sure, it needs refinements and modifications (I hope you can finish it as soon as possible) but the idea is beautiful and I hope you can develop it in the best way. every time i play yandere sim i always discover something new! thank you for your commitment and your hard work! a question: will you add new elimination methods in the future or will there be just those? it doesn’t matter if you can’t answer me, I know you’re very busy.

    ps: if you notice any errors in my english it’s because i’m using google translator haha ​​I’m italian. yes you have fans all over the worlddd 🙂 ilyyy

  6. Hi Dev! I have 2 things to say
    1. I know that you updated the uniform at courtroom, but I’m really interested, did it updated also in school? I’m asking because in school in one of the glass box with uniform it was white too.
    2. I have a custom textures in game. Once you updated Yan-chan’s hair model, it looks strange, like… REALLY strange, and 3 peace’s of hair is just black, without texture. I’ve tried to change the texture (I twisted them and painted a little) and somehow i got what it almost needs to be. If you could us gave a texture for hair, that would be really cool. If anything, thanks for your understanding.

  7. Now it is impossible to connect the debug menu even to the main mode! It’s a pity that now there is no debug menu in 1980s mode, I wanted to use pose mode…

  8. Thanks for everything, YandereDev! There is one thing that concerning me. The outline of students’ portraits has disappeared, is this intentional? Personally, I think it’s better they have outlines.

    • Grab the box cutter and tape in the art club, join the drama club, then go to the incinerator area and there’s a little box opened, but put the gloves first, then go to the box and close it, press 2 in order to get out the box cutter and put in on the box, then grab the box and go to the person you wanna frame, ask them for help and grab the box cutter, kill someone and drop the box cutter, and get rid of the uniform and gloves, (by burning, washing, dropping in the sewer or disolve them) and go tell a teacher or go to class

  9. I wanted to eliminate Beruma by dropping heavy weights but unfortunately she stood a few inches away from the normal spot at the outdoor cafeteria and this happened to the all members of photography club, Yandere dev can you pleasu fix this bug? please.

  10. Hi Dev! I was just wondering whether the vat of acid also will be exclusive to club members for the alphabet killer challenge? The vat of acid is crucial to get rid of bodies in and around the science club room in a quick way and getting rid of it would make the challenge almost impossible to beat without using many “tools” from the student council room.

  11. I love this update. Thank you for your hard work! But how can you now get a new uniform in mode 80s, since the moment the bug on copying the uniform in the washing machine has been fixed? The mechanics of buying uniforms in the city require work, so maybe just let the player take the uniform from the locker room? An emergency shower is useless without the ability to take a spare uniform. Speaking of the Emergency Shower – in the 80s mode, using it (only on the 3rd floor) will not spawn the bloody uniform, аt the end of the day it will be found and Ryoba will be sent to jail. The shower on the 2nd floor works as it should. Yes, I already submitted a bug report about this, sorry.
    UPD. Im realise what ACTUALY happen with 3rd floor shower. It still spawn bloody clothes, but near the 2rd floor shower!
    Also i’m saw new little bug: “restart from home” dosen’t working anymore. Aand Tsuru Karia now wears two outfit at once, sports and teacher’s.

  12. My game for some reason gliched the clothing, for instance if yandere-chan would change into the school bathing suit it would glich out. this happens with royoba in 1980s mode, all of her clothing glichs out other than her pj’s and towel.

  13. Can you add old Megami Saikou and Shiromi Persona to the game!
    I remember that old Megami Saikou Model put his hands in front of his chest
    This Persona Showed Megami very seriously and proud

  14. 1980’s mode, when I went into yandere vision it got really laggy, and I saw it only occurs for me when 1st class is done on monday to throughout the rest of the weeks

  15. Hey YanDev! Found a bug. It’s pretty simple, but the button prompt to poison Raibaru’s bento isn’t showing up during the Monday Lunch event when she’s spying on Osana and Taro. I told Kokona and Saki to go away, so it wasn’t that anyone was watching, it just wasn’t giving me the option.

  16. Dear YandereDev, I found two bugs in the lastest build of Yandere Simulator.
    Those bugs are
    1. It’s more of an exploit. If you start a new game, go to the town and buy panties, then go to the school and next get a game over screen. If you do this and decide to reset the whole week then you will have the ability to wear the panties you bought earlier *and* you will have the $10 returned. It allows the player to buy all the panties without ever going to work.
    2. If you go to the crowd, drop something on the floor then everyone reacts. But if you do it few times with the same item, then everyone starts to ignore it. But when you drop something from the club you belongs to and pick it up then everyone reacts with shock and you start losing reputation. However, when you do both of the steps (in the exact same order I wrote) then characters start to react to the dropped item (after they took away your reputation points). It’s one of the most annoying bugs.
    Of course, I repeated this process few times, so I know it’s not an accident. I hope you’ll find the time to fix those bugs. Also, sorry for the mistakes in this mail.
    I wish you the best with the game.

    I already send you an email about this, but I’m afraid it could go to the spam folder, so I’ll just post it here. Sorry for spaming, if you already seen it.

  17. Hey Yandev, are there any students who talk out loud to themselves? It’s pretty common that there could be 1 autistic person who would be doing that on a highschool. Just a suggestion, not meant to be rude towards autistic people (like myself)

  18. Yandere dev i wanted to know ur thoughts on a theory I have about Shiromi the studsnt council secretary. So ive noticed that when u kidnap a rich girl in 1980s mode sell them to the yakuza and then go to school the next day the rich girl’s eyes are black and wide exactly like Shiromi’s eyes. This leads me to a theory that Shiromi was brutally tortured when she was younger which explains her strange behavior and the way her eyes look

    • Man, you unwittingly led me to understand what kind of flying circles the size of pupils fly near the faces of students! These are eye textures for a low level of sanity! The only problem is that as the distance to the student increases, the distance of these circles from his face increases. Check for yourself: stand behind the student, at a distance of 2 + meters. Walk around it a little so that the edge of the face is visible.

  19. YandereDev, I have a question- have you ever considered changing Yan-chan’s name?

    Her name has been the same for 6-7 years…so, just like you changed her hairstyle, did you consider changing her name? Like you can name her Yua Byōki. Yua means Love or Affection and Byōki means Sick. Combining the names will mean ‘Lovesick’, which is what Yan-chan’s personality is! She is ‘Lovesick’ for Taro. Yua Byōki is much suitable for Yan-chan rather than Ayano Aishi. Not only is the name Yua Byōki more sutaible for Yan-chan, it makes her a better character as well!

    I hope you consider changing her name!

  20. Im having a problem with the 1980 mode when I try to take pictures. So after I join the photography club I should be able to take pictures but instead, I’m getting this weird blue screen. Idk if there’s just something wrong with my settings but I yeah I cant take pictures.

  21. found another bug!
    happened in 1980’s mode, when i hid a body in a locker and was trying to clean up the blood. the professor and student council caught me, but then it froze, and once member is spinning in circles! the other member keeps asking me to quit bothering him.

    • I attempted to trigger the bug that you described, but I could not make it happen.

      I can only fix a bug if I know the exact circumstances that trigger the bug.

      Before you consider reporting a bug, you must first discover the set of steps that cause the bug to happen, and confirm the steps by deliberately triggering the bug multiple times.

      Without information that allows me to experience the bug for myself, there is nothing I can do.

      Please never report a bug unless you’ve confirmed the exact set of steps that will trigger the bug, and can describe the exact circumstances to me.

  22. hey! why can’t we take pictures with no mouse? whenever i click a button with the camera, it just closes the camera. i don’t have a mouse and it’s impossible to do the rejection method 😦

  23. I have a suggestion for the game in terms of meet up spots for notes.

    1.) The ability to meet in classrooms. As that’s a popular thing in anime, maybe at a time you know students would be out??

    2.) What about a 5 key lock being installed on the vat of acid, so you would have to steal the keys off all the science club members? That way if a player doesn’t want to join a club it’s still an option!

    The only reason I would suggest a 5 key lock is the vat of acid is pretty OP, so it should require more to get to.

    Aaaand the last suggestion…

    3.) Penalty for stealing from keys too much. If it goes over a certain threshold it would lead to a bag search before and after school.

    So maybe you have to return the keys and place them in plain sight, like you would with Osana’s phone??

    But I understand it’s your game at the end of the day and you’re free to make your game your own way. Hope you’re having a wonderful day/night wherever you are!

  24. Theres a bug that if you wash a weapon, it still gets with the orange outline, also the characters react if it was a bloody weapon, also it gets the pop up message if you try to go to class

  25. Hey Yandere Dev! I think in the tutourial of the game you should remove the washing macine because someone could put the bloody cloths in there and activate it so game just stuck in there until they skip the tutourial

  26. Dear YandereDevs
    I wish there`s an endless mode once you finished the game 😦 in the future, I mean, once the game is fully implemented, I wish there`s an endless mode where you can enjoy doing stuff like going to school and killing random students xD I hope this doesn`t ruin for what the game is really for 😦 just my suggestion.

  27. Yan dev i don’t know if this is a bug but if u hold a garbage bag dispenser in 1980s mode (it could also possibly be in 2022 mode) you cant talk with anyone while using it

  28. I downloaded the newest build, but I can’t access to the extra menu, even in 202x mode. Is it now required to beat the 1980s mode and Osana?

  29. Hey! can you updated the Yandere Simulator, so you can buy all the item, and even the game that in the game store in 1980s and 2020s

  30. I downloaded the latest build and it made me start from the beginning in 1980s mode! Also, I still had all my panties that I had before the game reset. Can someone please explain this or at least tell me if this has happened to them too?

  31. can you add rain to the full game of yandere simulator, So it rains on some of the days of the weeks to make wearing a raincoat not suspicious?

  32. “The player is now required to join the Science Club in order to use the vat of acid or emergency shower inside the science clubroom”
    I don’t think that’s a great idea since the character has to join other clubs and clean their clothes in the shower since it’s a faster way, maybe replace it so that when you use it, if it’s a body in a bag, the characters of the club will say something along the lines of “hey! What are you trying to dispose of?” And if it’s a weapon, “why are you trying to get rid of the weapon?” Maybe for other students too if they are walking nearby.

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