November 18th Bug-Fixing Build

I fixed so many bugs in the previous build that I thought the game would be nearly bug-free at this point…but I made so many dozens of changes to the game in the previous build that I actually created a couple of new bugs! Darn! Well, time for another bug-fixing build…

To see a list of everything that is fixed or different in the latest build, scroll down past this hilarious video by Akwa:

Damn, it must have taken dozens of hours to do all of that video editing! That’s impressive!

By the way, you did see my blog post about the fan-made Yandere Simulator comic, right? Check it out!

Fixes and Changes

  • If Raibaru noticed a dropped weapon while sunbathing, she would return the weapon to its proper location, but if Osana had been killed while Raibaru was away, Raibaru would not resume sunbathing properly. This bug has been fixed.
  • Bugs would occur if the player detonated the explosive device while it was inside of a bookbag, so it is no longer possible to detonate the explosive device while it is inside of a bookbag.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Ryoba gets arrested” cutscene and the “memorial for a student’s death” cutscene to play simultaneously if the player eliminated the 10th rival on a Friday.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana to teleport out of the pool and back to her pool chair after being drowned in the pool.
  • Fixed bug that caused debug commands to perpetually remain active, after the player had activated them one time.
  • The “Mysterious Keys” will no longer appear in 1980s Mode, since they are for an 202X-exclusive easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to summon the map screen during the “Ryoba gets arrested” cutscene.
  • It is no longer possible for Ryoba to kill her future husband by pushing a bookcase on him.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ryoba’s clothing to be pure white during the courtroom scene.
  • Fixed bug that caused any corpse inside of a garbage bag to leak blood.
  • Added a “Skip” button to the “Ryoba gets arrested” cutscene.

102 thoughts on “November 18th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hey, I wonder if 1980s Mode could have an exclusive alternate ending for if the player were to use the Yakuza to eliminate all 10 rivals. I remember you mentioned when you first talked about the idea for the Yakuza, you mentioned that if the player’s most used elimination method is the Yakuza, it would lead to an interesting ending. While it sucks that the Yakuza never made it to the main game, but the reasons why is understandable. Since he’s only in 1980s Mode, I wonder if you could make a compromise about this by providing an alternate ending in 1980s Mode for if the player were to eliminate all 10 rivals using the Yakuza. Even though this isn’t the offical canon ending, it would be more like a “What if?” ending, one that is although not canon, still interesting regardless.

  2. “It is no longer possible for Ryoba to kill her future husband by pushing a bookcase on him.”

  3. It is so easy to kill them while they are in their classroom with no witnesses there.

    We can even have on week 3 for example the people who used to talk about Magical Pretty Myiuki (the red head and yellow head) or on 7th the Student kun A and B or Idk for nostalgia vibes👀

  4. why not give the possibility to the player to kill senpai?
    the goal of the game is not to kill him, but the fact that he dies could trigger a game over.

      • I’m very curious as to why you don’t like the idea.
        The fact that a game over appears after killing senpai allows the player to be more careful.
        it’s also more interesting than making it indestructible.
        I respect your choice, after all it’s your game. 😊😊

      • I like to imagine that it’s because the main character of both modes are actually very careful when it comes to killing people, that they fully make sure their Senpai doesn’t accidently get killed by this trap they’ve set up. If the player was allowed to accidently kill the Senpai and get a game over from it, it would defiantly seem out of place and out of character for Ryoba and Ayano to be that careless about killing people.

    • i’m sorry (i’m actually not) but literally what would the point of that be when you can’t even go near him… let’s use our brains here

      • The fact that senpai can be killed allows the player to:
        -Do not use a bomb anywhere
        -Avoid Senpaii electrocuting in a water fountain (this happened to me before yanderedev fixed it)
        These are only examples.
        There could be other things that could kill the senpai by mistake, such as avoiding making a mistake by putting deadly poison in place of the poisoned rat. haha!

        Senpai would become more “human” and less robotic. 🙂

  5. Hi YandereDev!
    I don’t want to bother you with any unnecesarry stuff, but I have a little idea for the game. It came for one of the new builds, when Ayano’s hair got updated. I had the idea that the player could have the opportunity to change Yan-Chan’s hair at the beginning of the day, like a mirror in her room or something like that. I’ve seen a lot of YouTubers making OCs and change the appearance of Ayano, and I actually think a lot of players would like to choose the look of Yandere-Chan.
    If you are not interested at this, you can ignore my comment, I honestly don’t want you to waste your time with such people like me.

  6. If I don’t update it right after the update, it won’t update to the most recent build… That’s not a bug it’s just me being irresponsible.

  7. it really turned out good…but changing the subject i wanted to know if that project where modems get senpai’s things will be finished…?

  8. If you give Raibaru a bag of chips in mission mode she’ll stand still and won’t do anything, and she’ll be back to being Invincible Raibaru

  9. I actually noticed something in the photography room in 1980s mode. The pictures show people in 202X like the student council and osana

  10. Hello YandereDev, how are you? There was a bug in 1980 mode.
    Ryoba kills Sumire, then cleanses the blood and removes the evidence that blames her. The mistake is that, Ryoba goes home and says that he forgot to clean a small blood stain when he was clean and there was no evidence of anything.
    I don’t know if it’s a bug or if the game is like this, I need to know if it’s part of the game or a bug.

  11. I would love a game over screen/snap if someone is somehow able to kill their “senpai”. It could be as dark as you want it. From hanging to taking out a knife to flinging yourself off the roof.

    It’s just something I thought of. Sorry if it’s not something that could happen. Just thought it would be a good idea~! Take care of yourself YanDev! ☺️👍🏻

  12. I have a few minor suggestions for 1980s mode which all happen to be based around the student profile/information page:
    1. The suitors should all have ‘???’ as their crush until ryoba finds out who their crush is. Then it says whichever rival they have a crush on until said rival stops attending academi for whatever reason – in which case it changes to ‘none’
    2. After reading about a rivals likes and dislikes in her diary, Ryoba could actually learn this information instead of forcing the player to remember it, which can get annoying. (as long as it doesn’t make things too easy)
    3. Isn’t it odd how Ryoba already has a profile for all of her rivals? Wouldn’t it make more sense to learn about the latest one after every Saturday, adding a sense of anticipation and mystery for those who went into the game without knowing who the rivals are?

    I don’t know if all of these suggestions will be possible but I hope you at least consider them yandev. 1980s mode has been a blast for me so far and I hope the game only gets better from here!

    • No, I don’t agree about that. I think the rival’s should have a profile so we can prepare for the suitor’s gift to rival.

      • You’d still be able to prepare, since the rival’s profile would be unlocked after their introduction cutscene on Saturday. You could then buy the gifts from the town on Sunday. (it’s fine if you don’t agree with any of these suggestions they’re mostly just to make the game seem more logical)

    • I agree to your suggestion. I think you said on Monday new rival profiles unlocked. Sorry… I’m not reading properly

  13. YandereDev! YandereDev! I think I maybe found a bug!!! Whenever I look at the fountain on the 202x mode it is really laggy, I have a good computer with a nvdia graphics card!! :C

  14. YandereDev! I have an idea regarding mission mode in the 1980s mode: the player could eliminate people that others have requested the yakuza to eliminate!

  15. I feel like the 1980s mode is a bit unbalanced… And tidious. I noticed my friend dislikes using the map because “It looks ugly”. I had to literally guide her through the whole school because she felt lost, and didn’t know what to do most of the time. It was her first time playing though. About the tidious part, the rejection seems a lot like “do this, then do that”. I feel like it should be more randomized. Maybe you could do like 10 or 20 different things, and make the game randomly choose the event. Same goes for expel. For the unbalanced thing, the first rival feels hard to S+ mostly because it takes a lot of time just to eliminate her. Meanwhile the second one is trivially easy to do! I feel like she could’ve convinced the boys to follow her and do this with her, so you have some witnesses. Third one is also too easy, Seduction is overpowered. Remove the option to just say “yo, GTFO of here”, or make it so you need to make an excuse yourself. And I think like a small minigame to push the bookshelf would be good too. And make it so if the bookshelf DOES fall, and doesn’t kill the rival, she’ll scream and run to a teacher to report this, and she’ll go around with causion around there (for example, she’ll stay there for shorter amount of time, and will run in and out instead of walking.). 4th rival is actually pretty easy to eliminate. I feel like you should remove the option to poison her when she already did the bento. 5th one is TRIVIALLY easy, just do sedative, place the sign, tell the 2 guys to distract someone, and gzs. I feel like the sports guys won’t distract, nor follow you on the pool, so you need to deal with them slightly in advance. On a sidnote: my friend didn’t really understand the guidance counselor, she got catched in the infirmary trying to lockpick hey way into the sedative cabinet. I even tried to explain it, and she still felt confused. Maybe the serial killer would sell info for the guidance counselor?

  16. I feel like as the atmosphere drops, there should be a “Safety Circle”. When the atmosphere hits 70%, 2 students will make a safety circle, where they will go around asking people if they feel safe or not, and if the student witnessed a blood puddle or worse, a corpse. If they tell them that. The students will then try to protect them, and will check on them in a while. The safety circle will expand by 1 student and won’t decrease every 5% (65% = 3 students, 60% = 4 students etc.)

  17. Yandere dev i found a bug. When u kill a student using a circular saw , dismember them and then wrap their limbs in garbage bags then if u put them in the chello case and remove them they dont come out. Also theres no ability to dissolve a tarp bag in the vat of acid.

  18. Everyone, does anyone remembers that YandereDev wanted to change benefits you get when you’ll go to the Gardering Club, because they are too week? I think I found a great benefit.
    It’s wheelbarrow! When you got into the club, you’ll get an access to the club’s wheelbarrow which allows you to transport two big items at once (two bodies, two big weapons etc.). However, you can only use it outside the school and ground floor. Moreover, if someone catch you at using it outside the club’s “room” you’ll get your reputation points taken away.
    It may sound not too useful, but it is. Especially when you’re going for an ending that includes killing lots of people. It also makes a process of disposing the corpses less tidious and repetitive, which was YandereDev’s concern.
    If you still think it’s useless then it’s fine. But it’s *still* more useful than current benefits.

  19. Hi YandereDev. Could you make it so that whenever I turn off Character Rim Lighting, it stays off even if I restart the day? Thank you in advance!

  20. I love 1984 mode. There’s one thing, however, that feels a bit off. I think the journalist needs to have different dialogue-attitude depending on how his apprentice was eliminated. It’s not the same if she got befriended, “gone missing”, or gruesomely dismembered in full display without body disposal.

    Since those 2 have an special relationship, I feel like horribly murdering the apprentice should have some reaction. Some sort of “price” for being able to eliminate the most secure, paranoid and armed rival by force.

    Also, befriending her and making her testify against his mentor would probably be sad to him.

    It just feels weird that he’s indifferent to the final elimination, regardless, specially if a body is found.

    “She “randomly” burned to death!?”


    “So she just ate poison casually?”

    “Some people saw her being kidnapped by a van. What a (voice shaking with anger) coincidence….”

    “She suicided days later just like that?”

    Things like that!

    Regardless, keep the good work, dev!

      But I don’t think Yan Dev would add that. I think that The Journalist’s voiced lines are fully finished (unless he’ll be back in the main mode)

  21. Help it’s so laggy I can’t play

    Day 2 of no Yandere Simulator
    I’m starting to feel a deep sense of loss
    I cannot feel my legs, they’ve gone numb.
    My fingers are twitching, as I cannot play like I normally do.
    Please help me.

  22. Hi YanDev, could you change Taro Yamada’s hair as his hair color is similar to that of the aishi family, or change his hairstyle as well, because he looks younger, he looks about 17 years old and his eyes he has to change the color because his eye color seems to be that of a loner who likes to be alone who wants to be the rest of his life without anyone, that’s my suggestion.

  23. Yan-Dev, there’s a bug in the build where the reputation bar can’t go higher using the debug menu, there’s another one with trying to pose students, then another one with trying to interact with students also.

  24. I have an idea! You have talked about how you want senpai’s sanity to have an effect on the final game. What if, if senpai saw too many of the rivals die, disappear, commit suicide, etc. He would commit suicide too, or something?

    Anyways, great work on the game. Yeah, I was kinda wondering why I still had the knife and cleaning supplies on the rooftop, glad that’s fixed!

  25. Hey Yandere dev I think I found a bug? I electrocuted raibaru and concealed her using a garbage bag, then while I was carrying her body.. she was standing up in her idle animation? I dont know how it worked but I’ll explain what I did before this bug happened.

    First I asked info chan to provide rival’s secrets, I put a letter to Osana’s locker and asked for her to meet me at 7:15 AM on the school rooftop.

    Next I electorcuted Raibaru and concealed her, I bought another salty snack for Kokona so she could leave the scene.

    I decapitated Osana.. I took a shower and changed clothes but her suitor found her body.. I had to clean the blood and also conceal Osana. The police was informed so I delayed the police then that’s when I tried to dispose everything and went for Raibaru’s corpse first. Then thats how it happened.

    It is fine if its the type of bug that happens once in a while!

    Here is a photo.

    • I’m sorry, I’m missing too many details.

      You electrocuted Raibaru while Osana was waiting on the school rooftop? Or at some other point in time? I really need every detail to understand the situation.

      *Only* report a bug if you know the exact steps to make the bug happen 100% of the time.

      If you know how to make the bug occur, record a video of it happening.

      • Hmm, well I tried the bug in the new build but it doesn’t seem to be happening again. I think its hard to find another way of this bug happening so I don’t think there is anything to worry anymore.

  26. hey dev, so, i noticed a bug. I was in the tutorial (i was about to delete sumire saitozaki). After I eliminated her, her body wasn’t there. But something was weirder. Yui Rio appeared for no reason, she just popped up. I don’t have any evidence, sorry. I hope you can fix it.

  27. Hey Yandev! I found a bug.

    I was attempting to do the genocide ending. Where you kill all the students and teachers, then kidnap Senpai.
    I killed all the students and teachers, but it didn’t trigger the cutscene.
    So, I tried to clear up the evidence.
    When I was doing this it was 5 o’clock. Senpai usually leaves school around this time.
    He found a corpse and then ran out of school.
    I just left the school.
    The police arrested me because they found evidence.
    In the options list, there was an option to snap.
    I clicked it. Then, Ayano was standing inside the “Go home” ring. I couldn’t make her move. It was the normal snap mode, but I couldn’t do anything.

    • i think you can’t triggered the cutscene because you used the “Save & Load” system. You need to kill everyone without Save Load system because it will broke the game. You think you killed everyone but the others students that you killed before you save the game are not included with Save Load system.

  28. Day 3 of no Yandere Simulator.
    I cannot function properly.
    I slept for 15 hours, sleeping the day away due to boredom.
    I cannot handle much longer, I need my Yandere Simulator back.

  29. Hi! I’m Brazilian, I would like to report a bug I found in the game. Before I couldn’t see the character, it looked like a bug, none of the clothes showed her, after the latest updates it looks like it was fixed and now I can see it, but when I went to try to kill a rival by throwing weights on her, I realized that the basin didn’t it fit. plus the weights inside but the bright rays come out, like the bleach we use to clean the blood, hope this bug gets fixed, good luck and bye!

    I used the translator, sorry if I didn’t understand: The mistake is that the weights do not enter the basin and the basin is shining with nothing inside and it is not possible to put weights inside it.

  30. Hi Dev! I have 2 things to say
    1. I know that you updated the uniform at courtroom, but I’m really interested, did it updated also in school? I’m asking because in school in one of the glass box with uniform it was white too.
    2. I have a custom textures in game. Once you updated Yan-chan’s hair model, it looks strange, like… REALLY strange, and 3 peace’s of hair is just black, without texture. I’ve tried to change the texture (I twisted them and painted a little) and somehow i got what it almost needs to be. If you could us gave a texture for hair, that would be really cool. If anything, thanks for your understanding.

  31. hey! why can’t we take pictures with no mouse? whenever i click a button with the camera, it just closes the camera. i don’t have a mouse and it’s impossible to do the rejection method 😦

  32. “Fixed bug that caused debug commands to perpetually remain active, after the player had activated them one time.“

    What does that mean?

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