The “New Hair” Build

Usually, I will refer to an update as either a “Bug-Fixing” build, or a “Quality-of-Life Improvement” build. The latest update contains 7 bug fixes and 10 QoL improvements, but more importantly than that, this build changes something that hasn’t changed in over seven years: the protagonist’s appearance!

From now on, Yandere-chan will use a new hairstyle. Check it out:

Why is it changing? Three main reasons:

  1. I think the new model looks a lot better.
  2. Her previous hair model was purchased from a game asset store. Because she was using a hair model that absolutely anyone could purchase and use, Ayano always felt like a “retextured store asset” instead of feeling like a unique character. Having an original hair model helps her feel like a character with distinct identity, rather than giving the impression of a model plucked from a store one day.
  3. The majority of the official artwork that has been created for Yandere Simulator over the past few years has depicted Ayano’s hair with a very specific length and shape that was subtly – yet significantly – different from the design of her in-game model. With this update, her in-game hair model is now consistent with the way that most of the game’s official artwork is drawn, which helps the character feel like she has one cohesive design, instead of separate 3D and 2D designs.
  4. I’ve been staring at the same model for over seven years, and I need to see something change or else I’m going to go insane.

At first, it was a little difficult to adjust to seeing the new model in-game – it was almost surreal to see the main character’s appearance change after seven years of remaining the same – but I became accustomed to it very quickly. After letting it “sink in” for a bit, it has started to feel “right” – even more right than the previous hair – and now I distinctly feel that I prefer it this way.

As mentioned above, Ayano’s hair isn’t the only thing that changed in the latest build. Click “Continue Reading” to learn what else has changed, and also see a cool render of New Ayano!

Fixes and Changes

  • Yandere-chan will now drop whatever she is holding in her hands before performing the “add poison to bento” animation (because it’s weird to do that animation with something already in her hands).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to lose the ability to interact with the garbage bag box in the tutorial if it was dropped and landed upside-down.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Main Menu” option from working on the game over screen if the player got a game over in the stalker’s house or the asylum.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to glitch out if the player activated a radio next to a teacher that was teaching class, and then attended class.
  • Adjusted the “drug addict in asylum” voice lines to all be the same length, instead of having drastically different lengths.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player’s cursor from being locked to the game window while inside of the protagonist’s home.
  • Fixed bug that caused a club leader’s armband to remain visible after their corpse had been hidden with a garbage bag.
  • Edited the pamphlets around the school that featured smartphones, since they wouldn’t have applied in 1989.
  • Fixed bug that caused bullying graffiti to be visible on a student’s desk during the 1980s Mode tutorial.
  • “Hair down, no ponytail” is now one of Ayano’s hair options when debug commands are enabled.
  • The microphone in the Light Music Club in 1989 now looks different than it does in 202X.
  • Fixed typo in the 1989 VHS Filter settings menu (“Aberration” was misspelled).
  • The gym uniforms in 1980s Mode now look dfiferent from the ones in 202X.
  • Updated the hairstyle of Himari (202X gardening club girl).
  • Updated Ayano’s appearance for the first time in 7 years.
  • Added many more stocking options to the Pose Mode menu.
  • Updated Witness-chan’s hair. She’s very pretty now!

I hope that you like Ayano’s new hairstyle! To mark the occasion, here’s a render of her new hair, re-creating the pose from the very first piece of promotional artwork for Yandere Simulator that was ever created!

132 thoughts on “The “New Hair” Build

  1. Yandere Dev I Found a bug where if you Toggle Character Rim Lighting Off It Will Say It Is Still Off And You Have To Change Your Draw Distance To Make It Show It Is Off Also Another Bug If You Carry Osana’s Body she will randomly just stand up and instead of laying down shes just standing To Fix It You Need To Laugh

  2. Nice update to Yandere Simulator! Amazing! By the way, I feel like you should also change Kokona’s hair to her Town one, as her town one is very pretty which will suit Kokona the best!

  3. hey yandere dev! i would like to report a bug i don’t know if you have fixed it yet but this is the bug: When i kill someone infront of a cooking club member that was holding a plate sometimes they are in shock and just keep the plate in their hands and go give the mini meals to the students like nothing happened the only thing that says that they saw the body is that they walk fast and their eyes are shocked if you didn’t fixed it already please do

  4. ayano’s new hair sucks pls change it back!
    but if you really want to change it…
    what about putting the old hair in the debug commands/debug menu?

  5. I found a little bug. I was in 202X mode and it turned to Monday and I accidently pressed “F” and it showed the stats for 1980s mode. (Police have been to Akademi 0 times, Ryoba’s Reputation is 0, 0 students think Ryoba is a murderer)

  6. I wanted to talk about some bugs that I don’t know if it was fixed

    1-when the characters from the kitchen club will give to the councilor, they will start to rotate…

    2-1980-case incriminates rival for vandalism and we kill a victim if we get rid of the clues and go to class gets buggy in the counselor’s room camera

    3-I don’t know if it’s a bug but when we went into ayano mode and we put debug it’s in 1980 too I don’t know if it was because I’ve already done the ending more and that’s it…. thanks for the amazing update ayano was really beautiful!!!!

  7. After 7 years the hair finally changed. For me, she doesn’t really look like a robot that desperately kills for the love of Senpai. Her character finally has some personality to me

    • bro- people are just putting out their opinions, that’s all. I dont think people stating their opinions makes them an edgelord, if YandereDev wants to change the models he can, no need to attack others, its just an opinion, but if you like the new hair model, great! But please dont expect others to like it aswell

    • He “should” nothing. Sempai have lots of hair models already. There no reason add more. Someday yanderedev will find someone who can make new models for all students and then perhaps all or most of the hairstyle models will be unsuitable. And it’s not just that they may have a different head shape, they may simply not fit the general style. If you just imagine the amount of work to be done… Damn. Animations, clothes, even a model of the bag in which the body is packed. And a thousand other things that you don’t even expect to be broken. Nevertheless, I am extremely interested in what they will be.

  8. I love the new hairstyle!! I think it will just take some getting used to since we were all used to the old one. Loving the changes, keep it up! ❤

  9. Hey Yandev! I noticed a bug while I was playing today. I left a note in Osana’s locker on Monday, but I set the time to 7:45 in the morning. She went to the meeting spot at the proper time, but since she was walking around school with Raibaru beforehand, it bugged out and wouldn’t let me talk to her behind the school. She stood there for about two second before running back upstairs to talk to Raibaru again.

    This is unrelated to the bug, but I think you should rename “akane persona” to “polite persona”. I think it would make more sense because the persona is also around in the 1980s mode, and Akane didn’t exist back then. And I think it would just be cute!

  10. I love the new hair! Its way better than the old one, which has looked “meh” for a while now. The new render is also so cute!

  11. It won’t let me access the Extras to do debugs even though I finished the game by eliminating Osana, am I doing something wrong?

  12. As much as I want to voice a character in the game I can’t do so yet since im not old enough but I do like the knew hairstyle although it did look weird at first. I can’t play the game due to my computer being mean but I can always watch and see what’s knew, also if ayano’s hair is longer with the knew hair model I think that ayano’s hair should be longer otherwise people will think that she is wearing extensions whenever she goes to school.

  13. Yanderedev i Really like the new update Ayano is fully have a unique looks and the other bug fix but in the first version that i actually played the 1980’s mod in the tutorial i found some few bugs on it like when i was trying to kill the sumire saitozaki after the cutscene its just bug either a dead sumire it became yui rio i see tis kind of bug every time i played the tutorial i hope its already fixed 🙂 i like ur game keep doing this….

  14. (I’m using the translator, but if I speak badly .. hehe ..) hi yanderedev … I wanted to make a suggestion ..
    well, we all know that with the H key we can change Ayano’s hair, with the O key the accessories …
    Could you add a letter to change the eye color please? 😀 …
    (I know it’s not easy .. but I would like there to be a key for that)

    thanks for reading this =)

    • I’m not sure what you mean. I attacked Osana, and she died normally. Is there some special set of circumstances that causes her to spin instead? I need to know everything about the situation. A video would help. (The video must begin BEFORE the bug happens.)

  15. Hi YandereDev! I’d like some help. How did Ayano come in for the new hair and he didn’t tell me that an update had come out and I didn’t have the new update. And I want to ask me to reload the whole game? Thanks in advance for your reply. The game is very good so far.

  16. hey, Alex. new hair of Ayano is cute, but how the old version of Ayano’s hair? you deleted it?

    I love you, Alex.

    Mr. Muhammad Oki

  17. new hair style is more better, Alex. good job! I’m playing The Street King, a racing game on Android, just like a new car is konung reborn. can i use them for I’m developing a new game like you?

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