October 15th Bug-Fixing Build

Got a biiiiig list of bug-fixes for you today! Half are from 1980s Mode, half are for the main story mode. There are also some commonly-requested quality-of-life improvements in this build, too.

And, on a completely related note, I’d also like to share some videos with you that were created by fans of Yandere Simulator!

To see a list of everything that was changed or fixed in the latest build – and to see the videos I’d like to share with you – scroll down past this super-cute artwork by TrainerAsh and Red35!

Fixes and Changes

  • As of now, you no longer have to watch the outcome of a sabotaged Rival/Senpai event in order for the game to track it as a sabotaged event. After performing the act of sabotage, you can just go straight home, and your progress towards the Rejection elimination method will be updated accordingly.
  • Previously, Senpai did not eat lunch during Chigusa’s week, making it impossible to sabotage Chigusa’s “feed a bento to Senpai” event. From now on, Senpai will eat lunch during Chigusa’s week, allowing the sabotage method to apply to her.
  • Previously, Sonoko did not eat lunch during her week, making it impossible to kill her with a poisoned bento. From now on, Sonoko will eat lunch during her week, allowing the poison method to apply to her.
  • If the player entered the delinquent beat-em-up scene with motion blur active, a bizarre blurry visual effect would cover up the enemy delinquents. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some of Ryoba’s animation layers to not properly play their animations after returning from the delinquent beat-em-up minigame.
  • Fixed bug that caused 1980s models to appear in the modern-day gameplay mode and prevented some of the modern-day clubroom props from appearing properly.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Hair Salon clerk from saying any dialogue if the player attempted to purchase an item without having enough money.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Student Council boys to freeze in place when attempting to pick up a weapon that had been dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “stopped by Journalist before confession” cutscene to be obscured by unintentional amounts of bloom.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Headmaster’s textures to be all messed up if he had to appear in the End-of-Day credits sequence.
  • Fixed bug that caused rivals to slowly slide across the ground in a shocked pose if they discovered a corpse.
  • Attempted to fix bug that was causing some players to get stuck with a draw distance limit of 10 meters.
  • Fixed bug that allowed a landline telephone to appear in the faculty room in the modern-day story mode.
  • Corrected typo in “True Ending” timeline sequence; changed the spelling of Ichiro’s name to Ichirou.
  • Fixed bug that caused Nemesis to have a bunch of weird effects active during Mission Mode.
  • Fixed typo in newspaper article that referred to one of the rivals by the incorrect name.
  • Fixed bug that prevented student profiles from displaying properly outside of 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused rivals to freeze in place permanently if they witnessed murder.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to get stuck inside of bathtubs in the insane asylum.
  • Changed the text describing what the Chemistry stat does, since it was inaccurate.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to complete student Tasks outside of 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that made Riku Soma behave as if he were Osana’s suitor.
  • Fixed typo in one of Info-chan’s Scheme descriptions.
  • Tweaked Hose’s student profile a bit.

Recent Fan-Made Videos

Recently, fans of Yandere Simulator have been creating some really cool stuff. Please check out the following videos!

The music that you heared in the 1980s Mode Announcement Video was an original track called “Deadly Dangerous Love” which was created just for the announcement. A fan has created a cover of the song using NEUTRINO, a vocal synthesizer program (similar to Vocaloid, the program that creates Hatsune Miku’s vocals). Here it is:

The credits theme of Yandere Simulator is “Star Crossed Lovers”, and a Brazilian fan of the game recently created a Portugese cover of the song:

And another fan has created a completely original song inspired by Yandere Simulator, which features some pretty creative lyrics!

It fills me with joy to see Yandere Simulator inspire people to create things like this! I hope that I’ll see many more of these creations in the future!

166 thoughts on “October 15th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I had an issue during Chigusa’s week where the schools atmosphere suddenly dropped to zero even though I hadn’t committed any murders. When atmosphere was at zero all students hair including chigusa’s turned solid black, which made it infinitely harder to identify her suitor.

  2. Hey YanDev! Found a bug/Visual glitch.
    So, after the first upgrade, the chemistry, language, and biology stats no longer increase in the stats menu you can find on the notepad/phone. Also, no text prompts appear after upgrading them in class, which I believe has something to do with it. I had all my stats maxed out and chemisty, language, and biology still only appear as level one in the stats menu. Didn’t have this problem with Psychology, Physical Ed, Seduction, or Numbness tho.
    Nice update btw! Thanks for the hard work! ^^

  3. Hey, I cant see far with this update. I see some but it blokcs out the school with background trees. I wish I could post a pic but I think YandereDe would know the background so its looks like a little forest i think with trees. It like blocks out the front view but I have a gaming laptop so I know its not my computer.

  4. Hey Dev, it’s been a while since I’ve played so I tested 1980’s mode and it really makes me hyped for the main mode. I’ve always loaded you with lots and lots of questions on the subreddit so as usual, here are some, if you have time and if it doesnt bother you, of course. Thank you!

    1. Don’t you think that the Distract/Get Away mechanic are kinda overpowered, along with the manga, which allows us to do these interactions without even needing to do the tasks? I know they’re important and even give us use for the friendship mechanic, but I think they should be more limited, since it’s a stealth game. I also think that it’s kinda unnatural to just say “hey everyone, can you all get out? except you.”

    2. In the future, will people get suspicious of you if you follow them the entire day? I know not everything should be realistic but I guess it would make the game more stalk…y?

    3. Are there plans for changing how the Pass Time mechanic works, with exception of the mentioned minigame? I feel like it’s too slow.

    4. What is something you really would like to change but currently can’t because it would be too much work or need too many assets?

    That’s it, I guess. Thank you again!

    • 1. Yes, the ability to tell a student to go away is powerful. So, what’s the solution? Remove it from the game? Make the student go away for only 10 seconds? Make it much harder to unlock that ability? I’m open to suggestions.

      2. This was originally planned, but it would be kinda hard for a character to “track” whether or not they are being followed.

      3. Can’t make it go much faster without causing physics and framerate problems.

      4. Character models.

      • In the future, when all of the students have unique tasks (at least I think that’s the plan) maybe the player will be more deserving of this tool BUT they still could just negate it by using the mangas… That’s what I did and you could just remove everyone from a place because you could seduce them. Imagine if you could do the same on Hitman, for example.
        I can think of some tweaks like limiting the Go Away a single use per day for each student and it lasting less. Not 10 seconds tho, I guess. Maybe people would also find it weird if you told too many people to leave.
        I don’t know about the mangas, since they’re very powerful. You wouldn’t need to do tasks anymore after reading them, right? But I also can’t think about any other purposes they could have…

      • I personally think that in the first week, the characters will go away for a longer time, and as the week prgresses, the characters will return earlier

      • Didn’t asking students to leave lower your reputation? If it doesn’t, it could do it, since no matter the context or how they tell you, it isn’t nice to be kicked out of a place without explanations. Even since tasks are trivial things like returning an object or doing a homework, some students may take it so badly that you throw them out that you could even lose their friendship if you ask them to leave two or three times, having to do the same task as before to make them listen to you again.
        By the way, students are still your friends after seeing you doing something suspicious? Is losing a friendship even a game mechanic? Maybe if you lose and win the friendship of a person several times, they will stop respecting you and will start to spread rumors about you just like those who see you murdering, so you should be more careful with your friends so that doesn’t happen.

  5. I wonder why you made the Ryoba confession cutscene unskippable for a reason, would be nice to skip it.

    • Really? Damn…that’s messed up…

      I’m not really sure what the solution is, honestly…

      So, when you go into the Settings screen and try to adjust draw distance up or down, it just stays at 10, no matter what?

      Tried pressing “Reset to default” at the Settings screen?

      • When you’re at the main menu you can set the draw distance to 350m however once you go to school it’s stuck at 10m even if you press “Reset to default” it is still stuck at 10m. Hope this helps :>

      • Even the most recent version of the game? That should be absolutely impossible.

        I’m beginning to wonder if the launcher version simply isn’t updating to the latest build of the game…

        What is the number at the bottom of your screen? If it’s not today’s date, it’s not the latest build.

  6. Hello, I’m having a problem where Info-chan’s drops aren’t working. You can buy the drop but it just wont be dropped.

  7. Maybe this has been asked/addressed before but I haven’t seen it yet. I’m trying to do things canonical but I can’t seem to find emetic poison, has anyone else had this problem or just me?

      • Oh, thank you! I probably should have known this lol. Anyways I’m already having alot of fun with 1980s mode, I super appreciate you working so hard on this game for us! It’s one of my favorite games ever 🙂

      • Or when you start a new file and look for it when your in Ryoba’s room, it will be there, I did it several times but you can’t get it when you reset the week, so you need to make a new file in order to obtain the item from her bedroom.

  8. I think with knowledge that maid caffees were not introduced into the early 2000’s, it would be great to introduce games styled in the atari or NES type of job for Ryoba to fill.

    This job could be almost like a bargoning game where you have to use skills in psychology and language to convince store buyers to be convinced to purchase mangas (which as research shows was very big in japan during the late 80’s) at a higher than listed price that they would likewise purchase for either less money, or just even pass by them.

    Another Idea could be to do a 2d side-scroller where similar to the current maid café game you need to restock bookstore manga’s and other merchandise on shelves, and especially order enough stock for maybe even mangas you could hear other students speak about being popular in random conversations.

    I just imagine it being in the following phases:

    – start night shift
    – customers come in, and you have to refill shelves reporting to a clerk counter or storage room for more mangas to fill up shelves with
    – at the end of your shift you can decide whether that days funds go to certain genres of manga that you notice to be more popular that week
    – during the day, listen to conversations on trends

    I hope this suggestion helps 🙂

  9. I want to ask, does this happen to anyone else? Whenever I create a save file in the 1980’s mode, and go back to the main story mode the save file from 1980’s mode appears in the save files for the main story mode. And, trying to play the save file it takes me to the 1980’s mode😅 Is it a bug or is it a feature you implemented? Thanks anyways!

  10. Some bugs, since october 15th patch, after saving and quitting the game (go back to desktop), 1980s mode will load Ayano’s time, I’m on week 2 and now instead of loading Ryoba and all characters from 1980, it loads Ayano’s model (witch will glitch and change between hers and her mothers’ hair every few minutes) and all characters from 2022 even Amai (witch for some reason she’s cleaning grass with a towel but oh well). Even after loading another save I’m still stuck in Ayano’s timeline, and I noticed my saved game in 1980s mode is now displaying Amai as the 2nd rival. Also, when you study for 30 minutes, you have a chance for your character to freeze, only thing left to do is alt+f4, unless this is a feature, because Ryoba studied to much…(all stats lvl 2 Tuesday of 2nd week). Please tell me I won’t have to restart a 3rd time (and not close the game at all and do some voodoo ritual and hope my character doesn’t freeze after studying) 😦

  11. I found a bug that makes a previous save file from before this update become unplayable. When I launched my game after installing the new update, my save file started launching me into the 2022 mode and then crashing the game. I have already competed 1980s mode, so I don’t mind that much. I was testing to see if what others were saying was true. My only recreation steps are to have an old save file from the update before this one and launch it.

  12. Really enjoying the game. It’s super aesthetic and somewhat calming. I can just eliminate everyone peacefully. Although the word “itchy” lives in my head rent free now with all the asylum missions I have done. 😂🤣

  13. Currently encountering the same Draw Distance glitch others are; working off a completely fresh install. Draw Distance refuses to set as anything other than 10m or 0m during gameplay. On the main menu it can be reset just fine using “Reset to default”, but once I go to the school in-game, it snaps back to 10m, and the settings during that time refuse to change; this remains true whether loading a file or starting a new game, in both modern and 1980s. I’ve tried fooling around with different launch options (eg Low quality vs Max quality, fullscreen vs windowed) to no avail, sadly, same with changing different individual settings around. If I could get a successful load into the school without it I might have been able to pin down what caused it, but as of current… not a clue. Sorry.

  14. Yandere Dev, when I did the placeholder favor, and it was the next day, it bugged and it became an undid task and when I checked the task list, their name was listed, but their task wasn’t done when I speak to them, please fix this!

  15. volevo chiedere sempre se è possibile a YandereDev se la modalità anni 80 la snpa si attiva o per un bug una volta selezionata pur essendo attiva non sia visibile poi volevo chiederti ( se in futuro sarà possibile anche poter personalizzare i comandi di gioco per quanto riguarda l’uso tastiera ) poi ho notato qualche altro bug quando sposti la visuale da qualche altra parte o parli con altri studenti si vede il modello blu o rosa degli studenti che fa vedere quale è la traiettoria che devono fare all’interno o all’esterno della scuola poi penso che ci sia un altro bug che riguardi il carica partita e un altro che riguarda il negozio di video game non si riescono a comprare pur avendo più di 49.99 $ poi vedi tu YandereDev grazie

    I always wanted to ask if it is possible to YandereDev if the 80s mode snpa is activated or due to a bug once selected even if it is active it is not visible then I wanted to ask you ( if in the future it will also be possible to customize the game controls as regards the ‘use keyboard ) then I noticed some other bugs when you move the camera somewhere else or talk to other students you see the blue or pink model of the students that shows what is the trajectory they have to do inside or outside the school then I think there is another bug that concerns the game load and another that concerns the video game store you can’t buy even if you have more than $ 49.99 then you see YandereDev thanks

  16. Hello!
    This is my first time playing the game and I encountered a few issues. When I started the game, the menu screens worked fine, but when entering gameplay the camera would spin on its own, and opening the menu in 1980’s mode then closing it would cause Ryoba to walk on her own and the camera unable to be moved side-to-side, but it could be moved up and down. I don’t know what caused this, so I’m not sure what could be done to fix it, but upon re-installing the game in an attempt to fix the problem it seemed to save my data from both the normal mode and 1980’s mode. When I opened a 1980’s mode game file for some reason it started with the cutscene after you eliminate Osana in the normal game mode, which I did not do. After the cutscene, I was playing as Ayano but in the 1980’s uniform which I didn’t select. When I exited the bedroom and went to the school I had the same camera spinning problem, but Osana was very much alive, despite the game saying I killed her. The draw distance was also very low despite having the game on max settings.

  17. Hey! I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I’m having trouble accessing the 1980’s mode. do you have to download the mod? I’m really confused. it looks really interesting… I wanted to try it out. 😦

    too bad that yt gave me spoilers before figuring this out… TvT

  18. hi..my draw distance is still stuck at 10m and resetting to default doesn’t work.. don’t really know what else to do :/

  19. I have a few questions about the 1980s build.
    Firstly, though, I love it, the music is good, the gameplay is good, and I like that it is a complete story of sorts, with a full ten rivals to do away with or betray or etc. It’s also interesting to see the similarities and differences between the 1980s Akademi and the current day Akademi. Obviously, a key thing would be that there is a detective actively investigating Akademi in the 1980s and that seems to up the risk factor when trying to eliminate rivals in a murder-y way. I have played the original version of yandere simulator many times over and over and so I can notice all the little details and things you have changed to make the 1980s mode unique. The music still has that same sort of anime shojo vibe as the original version, but still adheres to the time period suggested. I love it

    But I have questions about the various schemes you can perform as Ryoba. So far, in the 1980s mode, the elimination methods I am physically able to use are murder, bullying, suicide, and matchup. At least as far as I can tell.

    But I am unable to do the expel one, because I can’t get a fake i.d. in-game, or at least if I can I have no idea how to do so. A couple items on the list of things you can put in your rival’s bag to get her expelled can only be obtained(as far as I can tell) by using a fake i.d. IS there a way to get a fake i.d. and I just haven’t figured it out yet? I will never claim to be a video game genius so that is entirely possible. lol.

    Also, when I do the stage sabotage for that rival that likes to sing, there are always people that see her die, so do I just kind of let the police come and not hide her body or dispose of it? Will I get caught if I do it like that? Because I can’t touch her once she dies, or else everyone sees and I would get caught and stuff.

    Also, Also, where do you get sedatives in the 1980s mode? Like the sedative poison to put in the rival’s bento to make her miss out on the movie with senpai. Is that available in this build yet or is it something getting added later, or am I just not good at finding things? Lol. Please let me know.

  20. hi ! i’m at the week 7 and it keep freezing at the counselor thing :// (when the counselor is confronting the rival) btw its super cool!

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