Everything About 1980s Mode

Here it is! The massive 31-minute-long video that I spent so much time working on!

This video covers nearly every detail about 1980s Mode, and provides a lot of insight into the development process and my reasoning for including certain things in the game.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

72 thoughts on “Everything About 1980s Mode

  1. Lol yess, I was so confused logging on yesturday.
    Also Yandere dev, when will you make it where you can change the gender of senpai. I’d love to date a female senpai.

  2. Wow! I’m so happy for you YanDev!
    Congrats on getting a complete game out, even if it’s a prequel with no voice acting! 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll make plenty of buckazoids from the finished main game that you’ll eventually be able to add voice acting to the prequel…

    Oh, and I wouldn’t worry too much about making the rivals progressively harder.

    I’ve played plenty of games where I found later bosses easier than earlier bosses, even though I could tell the later boss was supposed to be harder. Different things are easier and harder for different people, so you can’t make the rivals progressively harder for all players. And it doesn’t make logical sense that each rival would be harder than the one before if this was real life. Also, having an easier rival right after a particularly hard one might even make the game more enjoyable and less stressful for a lot of people.

  3. Yandev i found a bug! If you put alcohol is the fifth rivals bag and go to the counsellor cutscene it will just freeze and you will not be able to do anything

  4. You were saying in the video about how you want any feedback that would make 1980s mode more authentic. How about the hair colors for the characters? People in the 80s didn’t due their hair nearly as much as they do today, and because the school was more strict, maybe the students would have limited colors to choose from. Also, since this is before the school was becoming more open to things that the students wanted to make it a more likeable place, maybe you should replace the occult club with another club that could get replaced by 2022? The school wouldn’t be ok with an occult club at the beginning of the game. Maybe the more you kill more rivals, the more intense the game gets, but also the school will change where one club is changed to the occult club, because people are leaving? These are just a few things that stand out to me, but you don’t have to implement them if you don’t like them. Thank you!

    • Yes, these are true but there is also the fact this is an anime style video game. Even retro 80’s anime had characters with crazy and colorful hair. And this, while set in the 80’s, is arguably on brand.

      There are even people in real life who have been born with blue or pink hair. It’s rare but it happens. So it’s pretty fine for it to stay on brand in that aspect. Plus you have to think of it from a GAMEPLAY perspective. If everyone is running around with a mixture of the same hair color and eye color then it would be easier to mistakenly kill someone who wasn’t a rival. Plus it would be a little dull after a while if they all shared too many aspects.

      Although, you also forgot a crucial thing. The “satanic panic” of the 80’s. It stretched not only through America but other countries as well. Plus they had those in retro anime as well. It’s supposed to still feel like an anime school. But with enough realism mixed in that it’s still perceivable as reality.

      Like how sports anime follow JUST enough of our real world logic to make it believable but they still are able to pull off insane moves that would be impossible to imitate in real life.

      When you view it this way it’s good to have the game this way when you remember it’s still an anime type world. Though we both have to agree, in real life, no matter the time period… No school would logically allow an Occult Club or delinquents with big obvious weapons to loiter about in their school. But this is anime logic so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just shrug it off. 😂 Plus I get to see guys with giant pompadours. So my life is complete.

      • The whole occult club thing would make sense though to come in at a later time. If I remember correctly, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the “succubus” sisters spoke about the Occult club opening up due to the school losing students. Something along those lines.

  5. You mentioned wanting feedback on making 1980s Mode more authentic to the time period. One minor aesthetic thing I noticed (and it’s so minor that I totally get it if you don’t wanna bother, I’m just letting you know the option exists) is the periodic table of elements in the science club room: it’s current to 2021. For example, Oganesson (118) is on there with its symbol Og, but until 2016, it was called Ununoctium and had the symbol Uuo.

    I did some minor poking around (so minor I don’t feel right even calling it research), and it seems the elements from Darmstadtium onward (so, atomic number 110 onward) weren’t even discovered in 1989. I remember when I was little (I’m a 90s baby), a lot of those elements had placeholder names: Ununnilum, Unununium, Ununbium, etc. Again, not a huge deal–most people probably won’t even notice, but if you want to and if you make time for it, I would suggest that.

  6. So Excited For This Vid. Also, I’m Pretty Convinced That Ryoba’s Male Counterpart/Ayato Aishi’s Father Name Should Be Ryota, Idk Why But Just Putting Down That Thought Lol-

    • I’m sure Ryoba won’t have a male counterpart, if the option of play as a male protagonist is added to the game this won’t affect what already happened in 1980s mode. In that case, Ryoba will still be a women and Ayato Aishi will be the first male yandere in the family. Hope this can help you. Greetings 👋

  7. theres a few bugs I have encountered the guidance counselor seems to break after submitting contraband by freezing up after the rival bar goes down, and after completing the game, loading the same file seems to load in regular mode as well. other than that I am very impressed by this mode, In fact I seem to enjoy 80s mode because it really made me stop and carefully plan out eliminations more than just cheesing murders and leaving bodies. especially at the end!! cant wait for the full game!

  8. whenever i try to report anyone for something like condoms in her bag it works but then just stays frozen after the councler is done giving out

  9. Thank you for all your hard work Yandere dev. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we’re witnessing video game history being made. Not on the scale of something like Pokemon and Mario but still notable for future generations to come. It’s like watching an anime sports team finally win the regionals and now we wait for the national championship arc. Oh, the excitement!

    I know there’s still work to be done but for the moment, enjoy that view outside of that tunnel Yandere Dev. Take it in. Cruise for a while. Savour it. You’ve earned it. That’s just a taste of what you could experience when you finally get to the end and I believe that you’ll stick the landing crowdfunding or not.

    We believe in you

    And thank you for developing Yandere Simulator

  10. I feel like matchmaking is OP. As a non-violent elimination method that makes it very easy to get an S rank, it should be a bit harder to eliminate rivals with. I managed to max out my matchmaking in the second week by reading all mangas, using the right panties, and maxing psychology. I could even know which student would be the next suitor based on the student list order (2nd column top to bottom starting from the 5th row). I managed to eliminate all rivals by Tuesday doing exactly the same process.

    Suggestions would be to:
    -Don’t allow knowing who the next suitor is going to be based on the student list (And make it a bit harder to find who it is, maybe in later weeks they go to the rival less frequently).
    -Increasing the overall points required to eliminate all rivals (I never needed to use gifts).
    -Separating when you get information of what the girl likes (e.g. On Monday you find in her diary that she likes boys with dark hair), or not giving it and let players discover through trial and error.

    • You can improve your strength at the sports club career. Courage at the picture in the art club. Intelligence in the library at the table.
      I think that should be them. 🙂

  11. Yanderedev, thank you very much for the 1980s mode 😀.
    I just had a question. Where are Ryoba’s parents during these 11 weeks? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.
    Best wishes to you and to your team.🤗

  12. Hiya, I love this new mode, but in my game it ruined my entire thing, in the 2022 mode the info club is still the newspaper club and none of the clubs are the same, and I was trying to play on pose mode but it didnt work because the easter egg menu wasent working but love the mode

  13. Hi YandereDev, I’m really enjoying the 1980’s mode, just a slight problem, I got to the model student rival, and when the student council cutsene plays, my game freezes there, I think it’s a bug, it would be really great if you could fix it! Thanks

  14. Hey, so, I keep trying to get to the download page since I had to remove the game from my PC for a while… (I was having trouble updating,) and the page to download won’t load. I’m not sure what’s going on, it’s just endlessly loading or it gives me a webpage error. I was wondering if you have any clue what’s up?

    The update looks really great, though. Ryoba is very cool, I’ve wanted to learn more about her for some time.

  15. Hey Yandere Dev. I know this is kind of unrelated to this, but I really wanted to ask, but do you ever go onto old builds of the game to kinda reminisce on the older Yandere Simulator days? Just asking out of curiosity.

  16. The art of the rivals is beautiful, but when you see them in the game they are not that impressive. You have to do something about the models as soon as possible Dev 😦

  17. This is a very minor thing, but it would be nice to be able to give Senpai more gifts. Being able to leave a present for him every day would feel more like building some kind of relationship (even though it’s still a twisted one) rather than just stalking him.

  18. Yanderedev, i dont know if this just happens to me, but, the yandere sim page, isn’t working, I accidentally deleted the game files, and had to install it again, I tried to enter the page, but it tells me that the page does not work, can someone tell me if this happens to anyone?

  19. I may have found a small plot hole. Wasn’t dyed hair not allowed in Akademi before the reputation tanked? The rainbow kids hair technically breaks school rules.

    • I believe that one of the newspaper articles explains it, it mentions that the top performing students in their classes can modify their uniforms.

  20. Does anyone know if the character models becoming basically like spikes with only the panties and hair actually loading right is a known issue? It freaks me out everytime I load the game up

  21. Now that the 10-week system is implemented, can you implement a mechanic that lets us backtrack our save to a certain week? It would bring you back to the Monday or Sunday of that week, when the game autosaves. For example, I killed the third rival with a bookshelf before knowing that even though it looks like an accident, the police cannot come to school to get the S+ rank. But I’m already on week 4 and don’t want to do the first two rivals over again. I’d like to be able to go back to week 3 so I can kill her the right way and dispose of the body. This feature would be especially useful if you realized you needed to do something different in say, week 8. It would be incredibly tedious to do 6 or 7 rivals all over again just because you messed up week 8 and went on to week 9.

  22. Does anyone know who voices The Journalist in the 1980s build? The dude sounds very much like Markiplier but I’m not sure!

  23. Hey YandereDev. So there’s some bugs in the ayano timeline. Like, the science and gaming club are still looking like 1980 version and i can’t finish any of the placehorder tasks. I hope it’ll be fixed in the next few days

      • In the video, it was said that Ayano is a yandere but has a less cute side.
        Ayano is a vessel of the sky, so choosing peaceful friendly options will increase her cute side, and choosing violent and dangerous options for many people will increase her scary side.
        How about adding such a game element to the main story? (I like her scary side).

  24. Do we need to witness the post-sabotage cutscene for the game to recognize it with the first rival? I’ve done 3 things, with differing success:
    1. Emetic poison in Senpai’s bento, saw that he got sick – no effect on feelings toward rival
    2. Stole the book and had it at the end of the day – also no effect
    3. Put alcohol in the gift to Senpai – rival was successfully effected, though I missed the opportunity to see him react.

    I try to follow Senpai and the rival around to see if any cutscene triggers or the like, but they always end up nowhere near each other, and stay frozen until the day ends. Not really sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if this is a major bug.

  25. Impressive, I hope to see how our 10 rivals’s love develops in the future… That will be good story >.< Not only copy Osana like now xD

    • This’s why I always choose to kill all my rivals bc their feelings aren’t romantic enough for me not to kill them :))

      • Actually YandereDev does a very good job of building character’s own personality even though their events are SAME but the way they care, love senpai is DIFFERENT and very interesting when u read through the passages dialogue, u may not see bc the way u play is to kill them so u won’t be able to experience that !!! I recommend playing the way “Rejecting” @@ This’s the best way for u to see the greatness of each character’s personality so I’ll give u an example:
        + Kaguya: “I made a bento formy sis, but she left without it” (Tsun ~~)
        + Moeko: “My scatterbrained sis accidentally made an extra bento” (Tomboy saids xD)
        + Honami: “Senpai… I… thought… bento” (Shy girl)
        + Sumiko: “I still determined to convince u that healthy food” (Like ur sister :)) )
        + Ritsuko: “My foolish chef made an extra meal, what a blunder” (Hime type)
        … and 2 type girl I love so much
        + Komako: “I was thinking of u this morning, I wanna do something nice for u” (Oh my ~~ marry me pls >.<)
        + Chigusa: "Hehe… Hey senpaaaaai~ Hey ~ how do u feeeeel~ if I told u…" (SO cute… If she gets a voiceover, I'll probably lose once just to see her happy with senpai LMAO)

    • But “Rejection” is the hardest way to win, can find on youtube people can play kill all, or matchmaking all but no one can play refuse all… There’re 2 main reasons:
      + It takes a lot of work, u have to do it all week and if u miss one you lose (High risk, high return… So no problem -especially the future with the final rejection scene @@ )
      + There’s 1 rival u definitely can’t play “Rejection” that if u just play normally… The 9th rival Chigusa (Monday, u have to poison the lunch box Chigusa made for senpai when senpai left it at his class but… Senpai won’t leave his lunch box in class bc he follows her like “her dog” LMAO) this’s reasons I almost give up play rejection way ~~
      But bc i love her, I don’t play normally anymore… Use this bug if u want to continue playing to discover her:
      + Tuesday, do event rejection normal, before go home save ur game (1/5 rejection)
      + Go home and sleep into wednesday, load ur game u have saved
      + Reset day that save (Tuesday) and do event rejection again u will have (2/5 rejection)
      + Continue play as normal rejection way
      Hope in the future Chigusa will have her own event for us to play as normal, no need use bug >.<

  26. hey, whenever I buy something like cigarettes or condoms in town, they are not shown to me and I cannot use them either

  27. Excuse me YandereDev, there’s 1 thing very interesting that makes me curious… Are u planning to add more supernatural characters to the game besides ghosts? Vampire, werewolf, demon, etc

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