October 11th Bug-Fixing Build

As I predicted, there were some bugs in the first release of 1980s Mode. I’ve prepared a new build that fixes around 24 issues. There are still a few more bugs that I need to fix, but it’s late at night and I’m super tired, so I’m going to stop here for today and resume bug-fixing tomorrow.

Want to see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build? Scroll down past this badass-looking illustration of the Phantom Girl by eisenhut-m1s3!

Fixes and Changes

  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause Ryoba to fall through the ground and exit the boundaries of the asylum environment if the player attempted to skip the “climb through window” animation.
  • There was a bug in the tutorial that would cause the game to freeze if the player put away their knife after being instructed to kill Sumire (the tutorial girl). This bug has been fixed.
  • There was a bug in the tutorial that would prevent Sumire’s body from performing any animations if the player tried to move her around after killing her. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to get stuck and be unable to pathfind properly if they walked onstage while the 6th Rival’s soundstage props were present in the school gym.
  • Fixed bug that would exit 1980s Mode and put the player into the main gameplay mode if they used the “Reset Week” command from the Heartbroken screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to transition out of Friday if they paid the Yakuza to abduct a girl earlier in the week.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause Ryoba to never complete her “climb through window” animation when attempting to enter the asylum.
  • Fixed bug that caused the 2022 Headmaster and 2022 Counselor to appear during a memorial service held in 1980s Mode.
  • Being pepper-sprayed by the Journalist now results in an “ARRESTED” game over rather than an “EXPELLED” game over.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the radio texture to glitch out if the player turned it on and off in 1980s Mode.
  • The protagonist’s icon on the map is now Ryoba’s face instead of Ayano’s face when playing in 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Ryoba to start using Ayano’s hairstyle after wearing and removing a raincoat.
  • Fixed bug that would result in the currently-playing Schoolday track being listed as “Schoolday 0.”
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to activate the Miyuki AR game within 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that could result in a 2022 “Schoolday” track playing during 1980s Mode.
  • Changed the line that the Headmaster says after incapacitating Ryoba with a taser.
  • The 7th Rival, Ai, was singing out-of-sync with her band. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused Osana to appear for all rivals’ suicide cutscenes.
  • Kuroko has been removed from the “Pool’s Closed” sign in 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed typo in tutorial instructions for removing bloody clothing.
  • Fixed typo in the cutscene preceeding the 7th rival.
  • Updated the hair texture for Sonoko (final rival).
  • The word “memes” is now “jokes” in 1980s Mode.
  • Updated the game’s credits with the names of some of the people who contributed to 1980s Mode.

Known Issues

  • For some reason, the framerate goes down during Weeks 8, 9, and 10, but only when pointing the camera towards large groups of students. I’m not sure why this doesn’t happen in other weeks. I’ll investigate this.
  • 1980s models are appearing in Yandere-chan’s time period. I’ll fix this within the next few days, but right now, I feel that fixing 1980s Mode bugs are higher priority, since 1980s Mode is the big star attraction right now.

87 thoughts on “October 11th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. When I saw Kuroko and Osana faces/references in the pool signal, art and photography club I was like “you girls haven’t been born yet, how are you here? Are we messing with the timeline?” lmao, I had a great time xd

  2. Thank you. I could not continue week 9 cause I had him kidnap her. Hopefully deleting the build and downloading this build won’t remove my file. I am going to be so mad at myself if I just messed everything up

  3. idk if you would count this as a bug but after I Knocked over the bookshelf I got stuck behind it and couldn’t do anything.

  4. Hey YandereDev
    When I talk to 4th rival about her secret behind the school
    a cooking guy come and give her foods
    after she ate this,
    she runs and goes back to track
    but ryoba still walking to the girl…
    I think you need to fix it
    I’m sorry I forget the time when the cooking guy come
    but it put the letter in locker when 07:16
    the time I set in the letter is 7:15
    hope it helps.

  5. Hey, I downloaded the update like 11:20 pm of this day and I start playing it as the normal yandere, here are some bugs that I found:
    1.Whenever you try to buy something from info-chan the drop doesn’t appear after you buy it.
    2.If you try to look at some of the character information, it only appears the word “text. text. text. text.”
    Those are just some of the bugs that found right now, hopefully u can fix this as soon as possible, I really want to finish the demo :’)

  6. when i tried to befriend all the rivals, the game kept freezing on a bit of dialouge that just said “…” on the fifth rival

  7. here’s another one, when you max out your stats (sports,language,biology etc) you can’t go to class anymore without being blocked on the stat screen,not being able to get out of it,so to get to 1:00 pm,you have to pass the time,and it takes AGES and it’s extremely annoying,yan dev i love the new update but u gatta do something about this!!

  8. i was writing an email to yandere dev to report the first bug yandere dev wrote on the october 11th post then i saw the new post on the blog and the first bug i read was the one i was reporting LOL :)))

  9. Hi, I have a bug, when the school has a memorial for a student that died it uses the guidence counsler and principle from 2022 version with ayano.

  10. This mode is pretty good, but I think you need to make the rivals especially the final one a lot harder to eliminate. The one chick from week 9 was the most challenging to kill, but since she was alone in shower room I did that with no problem

  11. Hey YanDev! So, I found a bug: I killed the first rival directly in 1980s mode, and then was going to start expelling the second, but after I completed the first thing to expel her (I used putting alcohol into her bag and reporting her for that), it just stopped on the camera view of the Counsellor’s office, no text or anything, just that screen. Hopefully you can fix this soon! Love the new build!

  12. Hi yandev, I just saw a bug before and it happened after the counselor talked to the rival, the game frezee. Can you try this bug? if it happens can you pls fix it as soon as possible? thank you, and the 1980’s mode is cool btw.

  13. So the 1980s senpai’s name is Jokichi Yudasei but why isn’t his last name Aishi? When Ryoba and Jokichi get married her name becomes Ryoba Aishi… unless she didn’t take his last name for whatever reason but wouldn’t Ayano at the very least take her father’s last name?

    • Apparently for Ryoba and Ayano’s family line, the dudes take the Aishi last name. Not sure if it’s an ultimatum or stockholm syndrome kicking in, but maybe that’ll be answered in-game somewhere.

    • In Japan, the men take the women’s names, but the male side of the Aishi line also likely forces their partner to take their name . . . . and I don’t think Jokichi has Stockholm’s syndrome, he’s just . . . . playing along.
      To placate her.

    • Just like others said, in Japan the woman usually takes her husband’s family name, but, sometimes, when the wife’s family name is very historical or implies she descends form a samurai, men tend to take her surname instead, it really depends on the surname

  14. Will the rival’s eye shapes be updated to better match their artworks in a future update? Also, will Sumiko and Ristuko’s skintones be fixed?

  15. hello yanderedev! I’m here to say I found a bug. when it’s in the tutorial, when I k4ill a rival, another character appears, and she stays alive. please fix it!.

  16. I think I have found at bug that has made me stuck at school at 6:01 I eliminated the 4th rival using the yakuza and on Friday I used the skip 30 minutes using the library,then when it hit 6 it said My rival confessed to senpia and now the game is still at 6:01

  17. I already said it in the other post but since this is the most updated one, I’ll repeat it here:
    The tutorial takes place on a Saturday, is this a bug?
    When fighting the gang members, for a couple of frames you can see the 2020 delinquents’ names

    • Sometime later today, but Dev mentioned something about twenty-four hours, so in at least an hour from now(from the trailer, I mean).
      For me, it’s about nine minutes until it’s been exactly twenty-four hours since the update was released.

  18. yandere dev, can tou please try ri fix the bug that yandere chan (and ryoba) cant use ani uniform exept the defult one?
    its really anoying in mission mode and the 1989 mode

  19. there’s a sorta “game breaking” bug where after when you complete the gang task to unlock the yakuza, the game freezes and it doesn’t let you exit without closing the actual game

  20. there are a little problem in this version, I can’t return the week, if I want, I should return the game, or maybe I can but I didn’t know, if I can do it please tell me how ( sorry if my English is bad , it is not my first language)

  21. YAN DEV! THERES A MAJOR FLAW! If you join the light music club, and practice the songs, 1. It’ll have yan chan’s time period voice lines and characters and it’ll be yan chan in the game!

  22. In this last video you’re telling the game takes place in 1980’s Japan (so, not a fictionnal “anime country”), so why the in-game money is US Dollar and not Japanese Yen ?

  23. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev <33
    I found 4 issues :'D
    1. Pressing Left Click (Mouse2) cause a little it of glitch in 80s mode.
    2. In town, Amai's still there.
    3. Daichi Suzuki's (Drama Club Leader) bio says he's an Occult club leader.
    4. And vice versa on Gakuto Imamake (occult Club leader)
    Thank you so much <33

  24. I think I found a bug. . .
    For some reason, in the original game I can’t access the debug menu, I can only access the eater egg menu.
    Can someone help me out herE?

  25. Hi YandereDev, there’s a bug that happens when the counselour confronts the rival for contraband. The scene proceeds, but after it ends, it keeps on showing the view of the counselour’s office, and the game won´t respond to any commands, or move on at all. And there’s an issue with the camera, of which i couldn’t take a picture of any angle i wanted, because it automatically changes to a center, high angle. Tried taking pictures higher, lower, didn’t work.

  26. i’ve played almost the whole update and here’s some bugs i found

    in week 8(? i think, it’s the one with the model student rival) on monday if i’m doing the expel elimination, after the guidance counselor confronts the rival it’s stuck on the screen showing the counselors office..

    sometimes when i open up the phone (usually in ryobas room) and go to the student profiles it glitches out and the profile glitches through the whole phone until i close it, and i’m not able to see anything about the student.

    other than that i love the update so far and i’m looking forward to finishing it, thanks yandere dev 🙂

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