Teaser Image #4

Hello! Here is today’s teaser image!

The 10 Rivals Update will contain 10 new manga for the player to collect! Each new manga has GORGEOUS super high-resolution cover artwork, and I’m very eager to show it off – but if you want to see the artwork in all its beautiful glory, you’ll have to play the game!

Many people tend to forget that Yandere Simulator contains manga books you can collect and read in order to get stat bonuses. It’s easy to forget about them, since the first week of gameplay is so easy that you don’t really need to rely on big stat boosts.

However, since the later rivals are really tough, the advantages granted by these manga become really useful once you reach the later weeks. For example, if you try to eliminate one of the later rivals using Matchmaking, you will REALLY want to have the benefits granted to you by romance manga, or else you’re going to have a tough time!

35 thoughts on “Teaser Image #4

    • I’m not Yandere Dev, but I think it will be possible, just harder
      Mangas are supposed to make things easier (not too easy though, but enough)

      • Idk. They might be around the school or they could be bouught from the town ( if the town will still be available)
        If the mangas are around the school, they might be in the hedge maze, on the rooftop, in the library etc. These aren’t facts though just my theory

  1. So there is the romance series of manga that, I believe, will also give bonus points in socializing besides bonus points in matchmaking,
    The 2nd manga I think it is to leave less bloddy footprints, less puddles of blood, people will notice harder the protagonist’s weird behaviour etc. (improve everything more yandere)
    Just my thoughts.
    I don’t think that there is another collection of manga besides the ones currently shown

    • That’s not how it really works-
      In the game, there is 10 manga you can collect/buy and read to boost your stats. New one’s arent added because of a new rival.

      • Yeah, it’s like how in Persona 4 and 5, right after you complete the big mission with a deadline, new books come into the stores and you go buy them and read them to get extra skills, boosts to the stuff you do and Social Stats, and most of them don’t really have anything to do with the previous big mission or the next one.

    • It’s manga, not the new rivals. But I understand the confusion. This blog post is talking about new manga with status boosts that will also be coming in the 10 rivals update. 👍🏻✨

  2. so i know you’ve mentioned the full game costing money, but will it cost money after the 10 rivals update is out or when the full game (with the original rivals) are out?

  3. Hey Yanderedev! i lost my message and i can’t seem to find it lol but is it true that this is the 1980’s mode? please reply many people are raiding me on discord theorizing that its the 1980’s one..i love the updates though! cant wait to see tomorrow’s update 😀

  4. Will it ever be possible to read manga during the day at the expense of either being late to school or possibly completely skipping it? This could possibly give players something to do for the rest of the week if they eliminate their rivals early. As I was writing this comment, another idea came to mind. What if you could bring manga from home into school and read it in the library to pass time and gain the benefits from the book, like how you are currently able to study in the library to pass time and earn study points? I imagine the manga might take longer than 30 minutes to read, so maybe you would have to do it multiple times in order to get the benefit of the book. That might mean you would have to implement a system to track your progress on a manga which might overcomplicate the feature, and I imagine you wouldn’t be allowed to bring manga that requires an ID to school unless you were able to read it in a more hidden place. But once this idea popped into my head I just had to share it. What do you think?

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