Teaser Image #5


These daily teaser images give me an opportunity to tell you about things that aren’t really significant enough to be mentioned in my twice-a-month progress reports, but still might be of interest to some of you. Here’s one example:

The 10 Rivals Update will contain one new minigame! Don’t worry, it didn’t slow down development; it only took half a day to implement. Why was it put into the game? Well, there’s a specific reason why it was kind of necessary, but I can’t tell you the reason without dropping a big spoiler.

If you’re thinking, “This is lame! I don’t want to see minigames! Show me something big!” Then you’ll probably enjoy tomorrow’s teaser a lot more, since it will be a blurry preview of a feature that many people have wanted me to add into the game for years…

64 thoughts on “Teaser Image #5

  1. Hey dev! I really appreciate your effort
    I wanted to know if you have any plans after releasing the upcoming build ?
    Thanks for your time reading this ❤

  2. Tomorrow’s teaser will be a blurry preview of a feature that many people have wanted you to add into the game for years? I just can think in female senpai cause this were into the game from the beggining

  3. You’ve been making incredible progress on the final rivals after working on the game for years. Congratulations on finding a process to accelerate development! I only hope you’re not rushing the game to completion in order to appease your critics.

  4. It looks like a top down shooter, kinda like Space Invaders.
    Get it? GET IT?
    I’m saying this is probably 1980’s mode.

  5. If it only took half a day to make then maybe it is just as simple as it looks? what if its some kind of dot connecting game that you need to do in order to do an elimination method

  6. Looks so cool Im so excited for the new update I can’t wait …I didnt imagine one day in my life I will play games cuz Im not into games really but since I started to know about yandere simulator ..this game change my mind and I start to play games and it becomes the best game in my life Thank u yanderedev for ur hard work in this game 🤩 every player appreciates this hard and genius work 😍😍❤

  7. So, I heard that there was going to be different “outcomes” of this game based on how much money the crowdfunding campaign got. Does this mean that he didn’t get enough money, or is the game going to be updated some more?

  8. Guessing the next feature now.

    It’ll probably be the yakuza, since that was a feature asked since 2014 and after the video got released more people wanted it in the game.

  9. Hello Yandere Dev, today something very strange happened to me when I entered Yandere, well the menu in which the days go by was red and in the room a kind of thing came out when a TV is old and does not work well, well I went to the school and Osana’s hair and the bullies were black, almost everything was red and the students walked strangely and when you spoke to them they trembled with fear when I had not killed anyone, could you please tell me what happened to me? (I am sorry for my bad english)

  10. Maybe we could have the ability to carry a girl alive or asleep to put her in the incinerator or in the fountain to drown her or the rival can forget her bento and we can join the cooking club to give it to her as a secret admirer and be able to poison her or we can ask our rival to join us at the station to make sure that she is crushed by a train or power pushed a student

  11. And yandev I want to tell you that you are my idol, you have spent 7 years to finish the game but I want to tell you that all of us your fans we adore you and happy birthday I wanted to tell you but I was there foreigner

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