Teaser Images #1, #2, #3

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I was going to start posting daily previews of the 10 Rivals Update until it’s released. My most recent blog posts have all gone up at midnight, but just to let you know, the preview images might not happen right at midnight; they might happen a few hours later, or even during the afternoon. Anyway, here’s the first one!

The protagonist’s room will look completely different in the 10 Rivals Update. I don’t want to give away all the details, so I’m going to blur it heavily; here it is!

Actually, just showing one screenshot feels like it’s not exciting enough. Click “Continue Reading” to see a couple more!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another preview!

98 thoughts on “Teaser Images #1, #2, #3

    • it won’t be Amais room since this update is not about the 10 main rivals, it says it’s the protagonists room (who is not ayano )

      • Protagonist means the leading character. Ayano is the leading character of the game, so it must be Ayano.

      • in this case the protagonist is ayano because you’re going from a different point of view, to the player ayano is the he good guy and the rivals are the bad guys. Yandere dev also says antagonist to represent a rival so protagonist means ayano so this is 98% ayano’s room

      • you can also see the senpai shrine so it is ayano’s room and ayano is described as the protagonist

      • That does not mean anything, i’m not saying it is ayano’s room but it could be you can see a case that looks just like the senpai shrine.

      • Really? “spydersoup” “jaanzie” “tylerlooklikeafly” yall didnt seen what Yan Dev typed on patreon? He said that it will be new mode where you play as other yandere girl not ayano so its not ayano’s room

    • I don’t really think that it is, it said it’s the protagonists room and ayanos the antagonist so I don’t think so about that one

    • Everyone here is hella confused. Yes, protagonist means leading character and yes, the rivals are the bad guys from our perspective, but YanDev said that the 10 rivals update will feature a completely different storyline, with another yandere protagonist, with new 10 rivals. Its basically a parallel to the game. Hope it helps

  1. I think that will be Ayano’s room when she eliminate Amai.Maybe Ayano will learn some of Senpai’s likes, etc to use on the time when she defeated all the rivals.

  2. In the right upper corner the time and the date have different colors. Before they were pink, but now they seems to be dark blue
    Also, in the first screen short we can see the shrine
    And there is no computer in any of the screen shorts, just a TV (but I don’t think we’ll be able to play games)
    There is also a closet in the 1st and 3rd picture. It is either for decoration or it has a purpose (changing the panties/appearence of the protagonist) (it might also be the place where rivals stay if they’re kidnaped, but I doubt that)
    In rest everything is for decoration I believe

  3. Hey, Yanderedev! I’m a big fan! No pressure, but I was wondering if sometime after you finish the 10 rivals update, you could add an “all rivals one week” mode? maybe you unlock it for finishing the game?

  4. Oh wow! The HUD has changed. Hmm, bookshelves, the senpai shrine, and a couple posters. I am living for this new design! Amazing work as always YanDev!

  5. My theory is that the room is viewed by a secret camera recorder. Notice the VHS and curved CRT filter on the corners, and the “blue UI” seems to be the date and video info in gray text VHS players used to display. Also all three images are from the same point, so a rotating camera like the one in-game or just the above to give the feel of an old documented yandere girl tape from the 80s.

    Also, why are there no windows? This room looks like a bunker i hope you have time to add those bc it feels dull and claustrophobic.

    Anyway first time commenting on any of these but i had to because this update is so intriguing!

  6. I can’t log in on my computer when I download this it was a virus but can u add something in the game that makes ppl blind like pepper spray so they don’t see it ?

  7. It is showing three images so im wondering if maybe that means that the game is going to come out sooner, I mean im not really positive but I feel like its a bit strange

  8. I like how the room looks so far! I have a question, will the new character models be included? Or is that something to be added later? I apologize if you’ve already stated this!

  9. This is 100% Ryoba’s room, you can see the dark blue user interface (the same color that was used in the 1980 mod back in 2017/2018), the retro-ish room and the fact that she has no PC.

    Now if you’re gonna say “but yandere dev said protagonist!!!!!!!!!!!!”, Ryoba **is** a protagonist, the protagonist of the 1980’s mode.

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