April 15th Bug-Fixing Build and Q&A

Hi! I’ve got two things to share with you today: a new build, and a Q&A!

Recently, the Yandere Simulator Wiki compiled a list of over 100 questions that the community wanted to ask me, and I answered every one of them!

You can read my answers here on this page: https://yandere-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jackboog21/YandereDev_Wiki_Q%26A:_Answers

It was really fun to participate in a fan-organized event; I enjoyed it very much, and I’d love to continue doing things like this with the community in the future!

In addition to that, I’m also releasing a new build today with a lot of bug fixes and a small number of new features. To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this chilling artwork by lukarte99!

Additions, Changes

  • It is now possible to find a “manhole cover tool” in the faculty room. This is an alternative to beating up a delinquent to get a crowbar to open the manhole cover.
  • It is now possible to purchase a box of stink bombs from Info-chan. You can use the stink bombs to make characters flee the immediate area for 10 seconds, then run back. (You can use this to get all of the teachers out of the faculty room!) (The stink bomb box doesn’t have a texture yet, sorry about that.)
  • I learned that chemistry labs in high schools usually have an “emergency shower” for the purpose of cleaning spilled chemicals off of students in the case of an accident involving dangerous substances, so I’ve decided to add one to the Science Lab room! You can only use the shower if you approach it while you covered in blood and holding a clean uniform in your arms. It’s a faster “swap into a clean uniform” process than running to the shower building, so this may become the new optimal method for changing clothing!
  • The “Drive To Murder” box on the Demo Checklist will now be unlocked if the player drives a student to murder Osana, without kidnapping or mind-breaking anyone. (You remember how to do that, right?)
  • Made a handful of aesthetic changes to some characters and props (the Martial Arts club members, the gym teacher, Amai’s mother inside the bakery on the street, some of the bully girls, the infirmary anatomy model, etc).
  • Made adjustment that will improve the framerate slightly at the start of the day, when looking towards the school building from the walkway leading up to school.
  • Made changes to the particle system used by the fountain in the plaza that may improve the framerate for some players when looking towards the plaza.
  • The player can no longer do a task for Raibaru. It was trivializing the entire “befriend Budo to get Raibaru to leave Osana’s side” feature.
  • Replaced the model for Osana’s cat and the stray cat found at school. Instead of store-bought models with a realistic art style, the cats now use an original model with an anime art style!

Fixes, Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to snap out of the “being killed by mind-broken slave” animation and go attend a scripted event, if Horuda attacked her near the beginning of the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Student Council girls to slide across the ground if they noticed Yandere-chan commit murder immediately after saying “Hmm…”
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to run to the location of Osana’s corpse even when she shouldn’t know that location, if Osana was killed at lunchtime.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing a mind-broken slave’s weapon from appearing in their hands when attacking Raibaru.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Report Blood/Corpse” feature from working with the Nurse or Gym Teacher.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Raibaru to get stuck in a static pose after Horuda failed to kill her.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to clip through one of the gym’s walls and go out-of-bounds.
  • Fixed bug that caused the delinquents to react to the weapon bag as if it was a cello case.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Riku to get stuck when trying to pathfind around in the gym.
  • Fixed minor mesh/texture errors in the Science Lab room.

What’s Next?

At the end of my last video, I mentioned that I wanted to make a video discussing how I feel about the fact that Yandere Simulator has been in development for 7 years. I’m currently in the process of writing the script for the video…but, to be honest, I’m having a lot more difficulty than usual. For this video in particular, I feel that it’s especially important to take extra special care with my wording and make sure that nothing I say can be misinterpreted.

There is a lot of information I want to convey, but I also want to keep it brief. I want to be as honest as possible, but I also want to keep it lighthearted and positive. I want to clear up some misinformation, but I also don’t want to sound overly defensive. It’s a difficult video to make, but I also think that it’s an incredibly important video to make, so I’m going to re-write the script as many times as it takes until I get it perfect and find the best way to articulate my thoughts. I’m sorry to keep you waiting!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

72 thoughts on “April 15th Bug-Fixing Build and Q&A

    • Can we just confirm that Umeji is Osoro’s suitor? He has the “????” instead of “none” under the “crush” box, Osoro’s right-hand-man, speaks to nobody except the other delinquents (yan chan sometimes) and doesn’t stalk anyone

  1. Wonderful job as always. I can’t believe you answered 100 questions! That’s some impressive dedication to the community, It’s wonderful that you wish to keep the information about YanSim, Lighthearted and with a positive attitude. I know it’s not easy to do but I’m very supportive of everything you try and continue to achieve.

  2. hello yandere dev I wanted to ask if you can make raibaru react to the death of Osana when you use poison at lunchtime..and I’m sorry for all the negative comments of these years because, you have never missed a new update of any kind…continues so yandere dev!

    • It would be kinda awkward to have Raibaru and Senpai reacting at the same time, so my reasoning is kinda…”Osana’s coughing and choking is too quiet for Raibaru to hear.”

  3. Thats nearly impossible! Yandere dev! The bullies don’t bully anymore! So its impossible to drive a rival to murder!

    • That’s because you have to drive them to bullying specific targets. Lowering their reputation and spreading rumors. The easiest target for this method is Horuda. When she’s at her lowest point you take a picture of Osana talking to Musume and arrange a meeting with Horuda. This is where you place the blame on Osana.

      Hope this helps. ☺️🎶

      • I keep trying to get horuda to get bullied I even lowered it to -152 during Monday and went to class and not even one bully bullied her and when I went to put a letter in her locker talking about bullying she said lame

  4. I don’t know if Yan Dev will see this, but there are moments when I can no longer pose a characters if it has been posed already.
    I am not sure how it happened (though it happened multiple times). I used the debug menu and the demon that make characters disappear/appear. Also, I had costumized some of their appearences, and some of their parts were posed.
    Also, a little suggestion: Scrolling down/up for the animations in pose mode is annoying sometimes, so I think the player could search for certain animations in a searching bar or something.
    Sorry for my bad english. I hope it makes sense what I wrote! 😀

  5. I have a question that wasn’t in the wiki

    can the Delinquents ever be reformed, will this be a part of osoros week

  6. I have an idea

    It may not fit her character but what if kokoro and another bully were left alone and you kill the bully, should she have the spiteful persona as a hint to the player to suggest she doesn’t like the bullies

  7. Hey Yan Dev! Actually I started playing this game 5 months now and I do not know how to the Drive to Murder thing, But I think I have a way thanks to Akwa’s video.

  8. I wish you can keep the same methods like when kokona was a test dummy, such as driving her murder and the more ways we had to kill her. I think also the player shouldn’t be able to just hold E to Osana because it makes it to easy and plain.

    • He did. There are better ways to do that, either you need to look for info so that you can either tell the students using the socialize mechanic (One easier way is to follow her as Raibaru shows her every club in the school) or post one secret she has on the internet.

  9. Yandere Dev nice update I’ve been liking the aesthetic changes u made so far makes the school looks real nice and really happy about you are fixing up alot of room and starting to furnish the empty room. Excited to see the Biology Lab, the English Classroom, and the Workshop. Also how do u plan on making the Biology Lab different from the Science Lab. Also I think the Science Lab should be called the Chemistry Lab since when u go to class u can give points to Bio, Chem, Language/Literature, and Psychology. Just a thought.

  10. Hey Dev! Osana became a bald headed white eyed schoolgirl on her portrait, I dont know where the real Osana Najimi is.

  11. Hey dev great updates, what is your estimate on when the voice lines for the martial artists task will be done I just love the task you can do for people abd having 4 more would be cool.

    • Haha. In the demo, you don’t drive Osana Najimi to murder. The feature does not exist in the game. You can do the steps to get Horuda Umetsu to kill Osana Najimi.

  12. How to eliminate Amai:
    Step 1: tell the cooking club Gordon Rasmsay is in front of the school
    Step 2: shove Amai in the oven and set it to the highest setting
    Step 3: turn the oven on

  13. Yan Dev please delete these stink bombs! Sorry, but I don’t think this is a good idea :<
    It's just fun thing for ABC challenge, not the feature for school-life simulator.

    • In a game about repositioning students in order to move them away from a crime that you want to commit, a stink bomb seems like a totally practical and feasible way to accomplish the goal.

      • Yes, but it seems kinda strange. I mean, it’s kinda unrealistic imagining a school girl throwing a stink bomb at school. Also, isn’t that illegal?

      • imo, using a foul-smelling chemical is a good addition to Yandere-chan’s arsenal, although I think it should be unlocked via the Chemistry stat, which would add more purpose for it’s existence. You’d definitely get into trouble if anyone saw you using one though, and there probably should be consequences for using them too often. Even the “amnesia bomb” would be something that I could see Yandere-chan using, since there are irl chemicals that cause confusion and amnesia, though it would probably require a very high Chemistry stat to unlock. As for the smoke bomb, (unless it was used near the cooking club or science club), would probably cause students to think that there’s a fire, so it wouldn’t be a good addition to the game.

      • Well, yeah. But there is no serious punishment for this action.
        Honestly, if yan dev want to keep these bombs, that’s okay. But i just don’t think it is a nice feature. No offense ❤️

      • What do you mean that there is no serious punishment for that you fricking get killed when you kill another person

  14. yanderedev there’s a bug that every time when i’ll play the game and the ”welcome to yandere simulator” scene appears and the sponsors as well,when the bright come to start the game suddenly the screen gets black and the ”welcome to yandere simulator” scene appears again and i cannot play the game

  15. I have a question. If Osana’s cat has been changed to look like a more anime art style, then should her cat charm on her phone (or not on her phone because you have to do her task) look exactly like the new version of osana’s cat? & another question, will there be police dogs in yandere simulator soon? To sniff down a dead body that has been shoveled underground in the gardens in the gardening club?

  16. I have an idea. Why dont we dispose of poisons too? Like if we poison someone and dont dispose the poison, maybe cop should arrest us. Also this should be a elimination method like framing someone in my opinion.

  17. Hey Dev, u should watch this

    They added some more students placement around Osana’s routine and I think Osana’s week could use some more difficulty!

    • Osana Najimi is meant to be the easiest rival to eliminate. In the future, rivals will have various circumstances preventing them from being killed without effort being brought forward.

  18. Hello, Yanderedev. I had a suggestion. What if there was a gas mask in the science lab? Then Ayano can wear that and throw stink bombs. This would make the experience a lot more realistic.
    Thank you very much for giving us so much joy through Yandere Simulator. Best wishes to you and to your team.

  19. Hi YandereDev, I hope you are having a nice day. I noticed that in the new version, when you removed Osana, on the title screen it appears in a different way, for example, if Senpai rejects her, she appears like suicide, if we matchmake her, she appears dead for a mind-broken slave, and if horuda kill her, she appears like poisoned.

    • I’ve been planning to adjust the routines of students almost exactly like that. First, I’d like to develop a tool/script that makes it super easy to set a student’s routine.

  20. nice yandev! i really like the game so far even though it can be a bit laggy from fps but overall its a good demo! i cant wait for the next update!

  21. Yandere Dev you did a great job as always. Yandere Dev I have questions for you. Will the rooms you upgrade be used by students? Will some empty rooms be deleted? Could you slightly change the routines of all students? Because in this way students can go to class on the rooms you have updated. During class hours for example: Monday class at school at 08:00, After lunch the students in my class and my teacher go to the science lab to work on chemistry. I mean use the routine of all students and teachers. Don’t make them attend class all the time, use all the rooms you have created calligraphy room, home economics room, science lab, audio visual room etc. so they can go to these places. It serves to make this game realistic

  22. Hello Yandere Dev! You might not agree with me, but I have a suggestion regarding the student council:
    What if when all students go to class the student council remains searching the school? It would add a bit more difficulty to the game, meaning you can’t just do whatever you want when all students are in their classrooms. However, I think they should still attend school at some point, maybe around 9:00? It was said a benefit to Ayano Aishi joining the student council is being able to attend class late without consequence since teachers will assume that Ayano was doing work for the student council. Why shouldn’t the same apply to the student council? On the other hand, the routines of the student council should change. I understand that changing routines isn’t easy, so this is simply a suggestion. Akane Toriyosu should not search club rooms because no students are there. What if she checked the places that the student council doesn’t search, such as *inside* the gym, on the pool, (maybe in the locker room?), school plaza, etc. This means you can’t leave bodies hanging around school and dispose of corpses without consequence or obstacles.
    My next suggestion is just very simple. If you killed your teacher, you should be able to pass time in the library, so you don’t have to wait a *super* long time (by passing time) to get to the lunch period.
    Thanks for reading this far! You’re doing amazing with Yandere Simulator, take a small break! Take a walk and drink some water, maybe read a book. Your life matters a lot no matter what others say.

  23. A question and a suggestion:

    1- Is it true that Kiyoko Tatsuhara, the hypothetical student council member, will be added to the game? Do you have any plans to actually put it on?
    2- What if, during classes, there were caretakers cleaning the school corridors? This would make it difficult for Ayano to take bodies in and out of school during classes. I know that the “cleaning schedule” already exists, but the students would just be giving a “second layer” of cleaning.
    (sorry my english, i’m using the translator)

  24. Hey Yandere Dev! I was wondering, when I take a picture of Osana she is bald with white eyes… I don’t know if this is supposed to be like this or if it was a glitch just wanted to let you know.

  25. I wish you good luck on your script, and hopefully this becomes the catalyst for people opening their eyes. I’m gonna keep up with updates like this until the game finally finishes and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

  26. Hi YandereDev. I have something you might have to change. In the photography club, there’s a picture of Oka stalking the Basu sisters and Oka is not in the game yet. So maybe, you can change it to something else.

  27. Hey, YanDev! Good work!
    I have a question, also. In my computer, it doesn’t work (in debug or anywhere else) when I press arrows to increase Ayano’s size of chest… Sorry if this feature is already removed from the game.

  28. WAIT WAIT YANDERE DEV!!!!!! I found a glitch…
    I first placed note in midori’s locker and pushed her off and later… I PUT IT IN MAI WAIFU’S ONE BUT SHE LITTERALLY GOT THE NOTE THROUGH THE OTHER PERSON’S LOCKER OPPOSITE HER OWN ONE!!!!!!!!
    PS I immediately reported this i’m playing right now

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