April 7th Bug-Fixing Build

Bug fixes have gradually been piling up, so I’ve decided to release a new build with some issues fixed!

To see a list of everything that was changed or fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this super badass artwork of the Yakuza, drawn by Manya-kun!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause the “zoom in on the map” feature to also cause the camera to zoom in on Yandere-chan as soon as the player left the map screen and returned to gameplay.
  • It is now possible to back out of a socializing/gossiping interaction, and end the interaction without making any statements to the student you’re talking to.
  • Updated the “social interaction / gossip” interface to make it more clear whether the player is currently performing a positive or negative interaction.
  • Fixed bug that could result in students walking up the northwest stairway to notice Osana’s corpse near the rooftop fan where she could be decapitated.
  • Info-chan’s “Wad of Cash” is now $20 instead of $100, since it was way too imbalanced and trivialized the maid cafe minigame when it was $100.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to glitch out during Osana’s Tuesday lunchtime event if Raibaru’s reputation was lowered beneath -33 on Monday.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Sakyu and Inkyu’s subtitles from displaying if Osana and Raibaru were having a conversation at the same time.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru / Senpai to become distracted by Yandere-chan crouching, while they were reacting to Osana’s corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana’s hair to change on Week 2 if she spent Week 1 as a kidnapped prisoner or mind broken slave.
  • Changed Osana’s routine at Cleaning Time so that she should no longer clip into Senpai while he’s cleaning the school fountain.
  • Fixed bug that would make two “Skip” prompts appear onscreen simultaneously during the Sunday cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that caused club leaders’ voiced lines to overlap as the player went through their dialogue.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Miyuji from properly pathfinding to her destination in the Light Music Club.
  • Fixed bug that caused a kidnapping to count as a “Kill” on the title screen.

This build is actually kind of noteworthy for having an above-average number of changes that were made purely for the sake of aesthetic improvement. Here’s a list:

Purely Aesthetic Changes

  • Updated the texture used by the school’s cherry trees to be closer to the look-and-feel of actual real cherry trees and not over-saturated pink blobs.
  • Completely replaced all of the props inside of the Science Lab so that it looks unique, instead of looking like any other classroom.
  • Fixed bug that caused the outlines on some student portraits to be different widths than other students’ outlines.
  • Fixed bug that made Yandere-chan wear the wrong shoes (outdoor instead of indoor) in the intro cutscene.
  • Updated one of the game’s background tracks, “Schoolday 5”, provided by CameronF305!
  • Updated Yandere-chan’s pajama model and “hair down at night” model.
  • Updated the desk and chair models inside of the A/V Room.
  • Completely re-arranged the props of the Home Ec room.
  • Updated the light music club’s hair textures.
  • Updated Horuda’s hair model and portrait.
  • Updated the art club’s hair textures.
  • Updated the bullies’ hair textures.
  • Updated Uekiya’s hair texture.

166 thoughts on “April 7th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. YandereDev, I have two questions / suggestions.

    1- When a teacher sees Ayano fighting a criminal, she immediately arrests her. The correct thing would not be for teachers to separate fights, as well as advisers, instead of attacking Ayano?

    2- Because when we use a slave of the mind to kill someone, the other students, advisors and teachers just look, but if it is Ayano they hold on? I think it would be fun if the teachers and / or counselors tried to hold the slave too.
    (sorry my english, i’m using the translator)

      • Yes, but even when Ayano is completely mad, the counselors arrest her, and I think it is much more frightening one a girl contorted and insane walking in school than a slave.
        But thanks for the clarification.

    • I know im, not yandere dev but in one of his videos, he told that the criminal’s behavior will be tolerated for 9 weeks and the reason the teachers attack Ayano is that the school principal suspects her because Megami knows she is a yandere and she has informed the school principal about this. this is also a reason when you enter the office of the principal he says something along the of ”stay back! I tolerate your presence in this school but not in my office” and for the second question is that the principal has also told the staff members about Ayano being a yandere so when the slave is going to kill someone the teachers get confused or something I don know

    • 1. I’m sorry, I don’t have “teacher breaks up fight” animations or voiced lines.

      2. Maybe the current animation doesn’t convey it well, but a mind-broken slave is absolutely terrifying, and teachers are too scared to attempt to stop the mind-broken slave.

      • Hey YandereDev.. I have a question, When I killed a student the talk button popped up? but they’re dead so how can I talk to them? I can still pick them up or drag them but I’m just questioning why a talk option pops up.

  2. Hello!
    In Japan it is common to greet the teacher when he enters the classroom… It’s just an idea, nya

  3. great update yandere dev! but i was wondering if you could add a hair tie/ hair brush/mirror in yan chan’s room because i prefer her in her ponytail

  4. I was just playin the game and the nurse was dead. Kuroko found the body and told a teacher that she said a STUDENT has been gravely injured

  5. YandereDev will students be able to react to garbage bags with dead bodies? Because I filled a classroom with big garbage bags and everyone had class normally. Since garbage bags are used to transport corpses, maybe when they see one on the floor, they could tell a teacher, then she opens the garbage bag, sees the dead body and calls the police.

    • It’s a reasonable suggestion, honestly, but it would require some significant changes to student AI and new teacher voices lines, so I can’t really promise to commit to this…

  6. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the debugs/easter eggs in the game. I eliminated Osana within the first week, and unlocked the ‘extras’ option. I was told to type in debug into the white bar and it will say cheat enabled (which it did) but then when I start the actual game It doesn’t allow me to use any debugs. I’ve tried starting a new game, I’ve tried loading a previous game, etc. Yet, I still can’t get the debug menu. What am I doing wrong???

  7. If I have the weapon case on and go near the delinquents they say things like “you picked the lamest instrument” and things like that like I have the cello case.

  8. YandereDev, could you put anything for Yandere Chan to take more than one body? I think it’s very annoying to have to take one body at a time, because we have to take one body, hide the body, then take the other body, hide the body and etc …
    Well, this is my suggestion, I hope you see my comment!

      • you could add like a laundry basket to transport multiple objects since you added a laundry machine? just a suggestion!

      • maybe a wagon? it could be in the gardening club and then you can carry up to 3 bodys at a time and then if someone sees you carrying a wagon around school it can lower ur reputation because its not normal to see a highschooler carrying a wagon around

  9. Hey Dev!
    I just wanted to point out that when you’re looking for bug emails you can search bug in the header so you can read them all and skip any unwanted ones. Hope this helps.
    (If you already knew this then wow I look dumb)

  10. Hey Dev!
    I just had a quick question. Now that you realize Yan Sim is more of a platform than an incomplete game, what’s going to change? Will you cover this in your video?

  11. Yanderedev can I make a suggestion? Why not tell the person whose mind we break can we tell the time to kill the victim?

  12. Hey yall! I’m very new to yandere simulator and pc games over all. I’ve only been playing yandere sim for a very short while maybe a couple weeks -anyway that’s not the point. Can somebody please tell me what a bug is so I can properly identify one? Thank you💕

    • A bug is like an error? A mistake in the coding, basically. For example, the bug where the students coming up the stairs closest to the rooftop vent where Osana’s decapitated body would be able to “see” and would react to the body while still halfway up the stairs. That isn’t meant to happen, that’s an “error”, aka bug as the students should only be able to react to the body if they walk behind the vent and stand within view of the body, not react when there’s a wall blocking their view.

    • A bug is a issue that breaks the game example:if you killed a student near a object or wall they will clip through the wall its been fixed now

  13. YandereDev, you said that all the rivals could be eliminated using every method. I was reading the students’s profile and I noticed that there are only eight boys who could be suitors. Are two rivals who can’t be matchmaked in the final game ?
    Another thing that bothers me a little is the portraits of the rivals. Why does they appear in the first place ? The students interface is empty at the begining of the game and the only one that we can see is Osana’s portrait ’cause Info-chan spoke about her lately. The ideal solution is that we could only see the rivals’s shape and when a new girl arrive at school, her portrait would be unlock.
    This is only my opinion….but I love the game and I check the website every day for updates…✌️

  14. Hello Yandere dev!, The next thing I will comment on will be a somewhat ambitious suggestion so that you can decide to pass it up or continue reading, also sorry for my
    bad english…

    Well, I’ve been thinking that the missions to carry out a kidnapping could be much more interesting if a sequence of Ayano is shown picking up the school drawer at night.

    The process will consist in that after sedating the victim and putting her in the music drawer, Ayano will have to steal the keys to the gym from the sports teacher, if she does not do so then it will have its consequences that I will mention later. , when she comes home at night you may have the option of picking up the victim from the school, otherwise the next day the teachers will find the victim before opening the school, but if you choose to go through it, a sequence similar to osana’s stalker. , where Yandere Chan will have to evade and distract the police / night guards of the school and carry the music box to the exit without being discovered, also depending on the school environment this mission could be increasingly difficult for the safety of the school . Now, as I mentioned before, if Yandere Chan forgets to steal the keys to the gym, she will have to force the door to open it and all this through a difficult minigame that if she causes some mistake could get the attention of the guards and if she doesn’t escape from them she would lose the game.

    I know it is somewhat ambitious, but I think it would add a great touch of fun to the game and it would not be necessary to implement a lot of 3D models or so I think because it will be in school as we know it. …

    Another implementation that would make the game a bit more independent of Info chan and realistic in my opinion would be that instead of using Info Chan to activate the elimination missions, I would like Yandere chan, when he meets the school, to have the option to “planing” which would make the game more realistic because the player might get into Yan Chan’s somewhat twisted mind, but how would he do this? Well, you could implement a diary in yan chan’s bedroom that at night the “planning” option is unlocked where the player can choose the different unlockable elimination methods based on the things he has read, learned, or based on the objects or places that you have visited from school, that way the next day you can choose to activate or deactivate the mission and all without having to go to the Info chan offers unless you need a specific product.

    Those were just my suggestions and I hope I haven’t stolen your time in vain, thank you for coming this far, and continuing to do your excellent work!

  15. Are we supposed to be able to pick up the training baton in the martial arts club after the practice/ sparring? Because I can’t pick it up even after joining the club.

  16. YandereDev are you going to put more witnesses at lunch time near Osana? I think when she goes to throw up, there should be more people on the rooftop outside her friend’s vision , on the stairwell, and outside/inside the bathroom. And when she reads the book at Thursday, she’s alone with her friend too. Anyway just my thoughts, but thank you so much for the hard work you’ve put into the game 👏

  17. I REALLY WANT THIS IN YANDERE SIMULATOR, I want to be able to join the bullies that means you can bully your rivel so they wont ever come to school or they will commit suicide.

  18. yandere dev i have a question, is there ever going to be a usage for the empty rooms or are they just going to be there for show?

    • I understand the concept (and I think it’s really cool that Bl00d was able to mod the game in that way) but it feels like an unnecessary extra step that just pads out playtime without adding anything meaningful to the game. A task like “Walk from the school entrance to the gym storage room” is just too simple and straightforward to be fun, and would be tedious if you ever had to do it more than once.

      I like the idea of outside-of-school stealth missions that involve stealth in completely new environments, but not this particular idea.

      • OK ,maybe it’s just an unnecessary extra step for you .But for me ,I need a process to convince myself that why Ayano’s kidnapping always success .Why she never get arrested .And how she sneak into the school at night .All these question need a process to explain .Hope it will add in the game .

  19. Yoho! I’ve been following your game development since I first heard about it since 2016. It’s really amazing to see yourself this determined after all these years. The quality of the game is incredible, but I have a idea!

    Since that certain rivals could have special eliminations, I’d like Amai being all good at cooking, BUT, what if yandere-chan could poison the food she makes for senpai? Each day of the week. By the time she confesses to him, and brings some macaroons, could he reject? by saying: “Amai.. I don’t feel the same way… I’m sorry, but please keep your horrible food to yourself… Goodbye.”

  20. hello yandere dev! i LOVED this update! <33 and i wanna suggest something;; i was doing a delinquent's task (the one that asks for a answer sheet) and i noticed you had to wait for all teachers to go to class to be able to do so, i feel like it isnt much of a problem but i would've liked it so that the player can input/do something to make this happen instead of just waiting silently

    maybe it could be possible that yan chan can tamper/disturb certain club rooms/members and have them ask the teachers for guidance causing one or more to leave the faculty room (example could be: messing up one of the science experiments in the science club causing an explosion/mess and students have to ask for teachers help or poisoning one of the foods in the cooking club and teachers have to investigate or what not) this could also be a new minigame!!

    i feel like this could also allow players to interact with the club room instead of just the people in them (or sometimes not even at all), it could also be that players dont have to worry about doing something in one specific time and are able to do something whenever.

    but this could also be a punishment as maybe it could have some clubs unavailable for the time being (maybe yan chan can have options for how much mess she can make, and the bigger the mess the longer/more teachers will be there but the longer that club could be unavailable) this could also allow players to interact with the cooking club member in the beginning of the day

    just something that i thought of ❤

  21. What about joining the bullies in this concept?

    Gossip to them about Horuda
    Try getting a phone idle persona

    Befriend all bullies

    Dye your hair blonde with some color dye.

    Buy a hoodie

    Buy a custom Phone case

    Talk to Musume about joining the bullies

    • yandere dev said that he hasn’t thought of or see any benefits when joining the bullies so he probably wouldn’t add a feature like that to the game

  22. Hey so if you drop any weapon or the weapon case closest to the ledge (the last row of tiles) on the rooftop, facing the gardening club, where Horuda sits, you’re unable to pick it up again.

  23. Yandev! I was just playing and found a bug! So the music girl in Yanderes class I doused in water and took her phone to info chan (yes I had debug) and I returned it while she looked on her desk and started to levitate in front of the light music club

  24. when i start the game and the sponsors appears suddenly the screen gets black and the ”welcome to yandere simulator” scene repeats,and this happens over and over again

  25. Dear Yandere Dev,

    I have a new concept that you could take into consideration.
    I kind of got this idea from another comment, and I don’t know if it’s already in the game yet, but…

    if you are spreading rumors about someone, their could be the chance of them telling someone telling Senpai, and then he would probably confront you about spreading false rumors about your current rival, like, “Why are you saying all that stuff about Osana?!” What’s wrong with you!” But, you could maybe play a minigame to stop people from spreading these rumors.

    I have to give credit to @The Thing for the comment about spreading rumors! 😁

    Also, I’m so happy how the game is turning out! Keep up the good work!! ❤

  26. YandereDev, are there going to be any new students in Yandere Simulator soon??
    Any updates to the Amai Challenge soon?
    Will you consider people’s kidnapping ideas and actually use them in the game?
    Will you change every single student’s textures?
    And lastly, who is that new doll in the Sewing Club?

    Hope you answer!

  27. YandereDev, I discovered something.
    After you do the Amai challenge, you basically have few days left. So, in the second week, everybody is practically grouped with some of their friends. Wouldn’t that make Musume’s task impossible since, Horuda Puresu is hanging out with Kuu-Dere? Since they don’t have a club, she won’t go to the rooftop anymore or go and eat something. This may become an issue sooner or later.
    Anyway, I was just pointing it out. Keep on working on this game, it’s really great!

  28. since you keep updating all the students hair and eye textures why don’t you update yandere-chan’s hair texture and eye texture beause the hair is kinda like from the yandere simulator older builds

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