March 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve prepared a new build with a bunch of bug fixes!

If you’re curious what I’m currently working on and what my next goal is, check out this blog post.

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this adroable artwork of Amai by c-chan2.0!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If a student council member saw the player crouching, she would instantly send the player to the counselor. This was a bit too harsh, so it’s been adjusted. From now on, the student council will only send you to the counselor if they see you crouching at least 5 times. (Crouch-walking around school is still weird and suspicious behavior, though. What would you think if you were at school and you saw someone crouch-walking everywhere?)
  • It was discovered that the “Pass 30 minutes by studying in the library” feature actually breaks a ton of events, but doesn’t break anything that occurs after 3:30 PM. Because this feature was primarily only added to the game so that players wouldn’t have to wait absurd amounts of time for post-Cleaning Time events to begin, this feature now only functions after 3:30 PM.
  • If Osana was drowned at lunchtime and her corpse was left hidden in a closed bathroom stall, a bug would occur after lunchtime where Raibaru would eternally attempt to walk into the bathroom stall containing Osana. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player stabbed a Cooking Club member while the clubmember was feeding someone, the student that was being fed would show no reaction and would freeze in place permanently. This has been fixed.
  • Added hedge walls near the doors at the north end of the school to facilitate sneaky stealth gameplay and also prevent pathfinding problems that would cause characters to get stuck on the doors.
  • Student Council girls will no longer pepper-spray you if you’re holding a weapon that you have “permission” to be holding (such as holding a baseball bat while being in the sports club).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to treat the Alphabet Killer weapon case like the cello case, but only if the player was playing the game with a controller and not a keyboard.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Offer Help” prompt from leaving the rooftop if the player pushed a student from the rooftop while the “Offer Help” option was available.
  • Fixed bug that let the player set the cello case down absolutely anywhere (even if it would clip into the wall), but only if they were playing the game on keyboard.
  • If the player used the woodchipper to turn a student into a bucket of blood, a bug was preventing the blood from appearing in the bucket. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Evidence Warning” window to reference attending class when classes were over and the player was attempting to leave school.
  • Fixed bug that made characters freeze in place / slide across the ground if they were alarmed by Yandere-chan immediately before being splashed with water.
  • Info Points now use a different icon instead of panties, to prevent people from thinking that panty shots are the only way to purchase favors from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Drown Elimination icon from filling in on the Demo Checklist if Osana’s body was disposed of after she was drowned.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to permanently freeze in place if they were splashed with water while running to a toilet to vomit.
  • Fixed bug that would cause NPCs to be alarmed by the sight of Yandere-chan picking up innocuous weapons like scissors or screwdrivers.
  • Fixed bug that made the red paint inside of the Art Clubroom render as a small red oval instead of the proper size/shape.
  • The ID card from the faculty room is now required in order to shut down the security system in the announcement room.
  • Fixed bug that would result in the cops automatically coming to school if Osana was killed with poison at lunchtime.
  • Fixed bug that made Raibaru stop following Osana if Osana waited at the matchmaking tree for over 60 seconds.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to get stuck on a cardboard box while walking down the school corridors.
  • Fixed bug that would make the wrong notification text appear when the player picked up Osana’s cat charm.
  • Students should no longer get stuck on fence doors when trying to pathfind in or out of the incinerator area.
  • Renovated the Headmaster’s office with new props!

107 thoughts on “March 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I’d like to report a bug:
    When you kill Raiburu using the Lethal Poison, and save the game when she is fully killed and load that save, Raiburu will create a blood pool and you can’t pick her up. This is really annoys me, because I am trying to complete the Genocide challenge.

    Also, you can’t kill Hoshiko Mizedori (Green Haired Bully) when she is on the Rooftop. You can kill the others, but not Hoshiko.

    You did not see this comment on the last blog post, so I am re-writing it again.

  2. Possible bugs/critiques when I play the ABC challenge: (1) Ayano turns completely white when I switch out of her concealed mode. This might have to do with the fact that I was in the bathhouses when it happened? I’m not sure. Not a big deal. Just something to note. (2) This only happened once, but there was a point of time where I couldn’t interact with any students on the roof to kill them. I had to use a stink bomb and was only able to interact when they ran downstairs. This only happened once, so. Probably not a big deal. (3) This is more a critique? I feel like if a student runs away and off school grounds, this should result in a challenge failed screen. I dunno, I didn’t even realize one of the occult members saw me and ran off until I was 40 students in, and it was frustrating.

    • 2) I want to fix this bug, but I would need to see a video of the entire ABC process up until the part where you have to try to kill someone on the roof.

      3) It doesn’t currently do that? Whoops…

      • question: are u going to make the school all fancy like now? because u did it to the headmasters office and genka office

  3. Hi YandereDev! There is a bug (?) where u cant get the key to the safe in mission mode because the tree is too close to the wall. It’s out of my reach and I cannot get it.

  4. Yanderedev There’s a bug that happens when you dismbembered Osana and you finish the week. I killed Osana and dismembered her, then Senpai saw it and he did not react the way he does when he sees Osana dead, he just went to tell the teacher. Later, in friday the police come ( because I killed another person) and the game froze when the “Osana wants to confess to senpai” happens

  5. Hey, YanDev, I’ve been trying to get the genocide ending after doing the whole demo checklist and I got an idea for a new feature. It’s optional but can provide such a huge benefit for the player. A janitor cleaning cart! The cleaning cart would be located in one of the storage rooms or even the room under the pool with the pool sign.
    What purpose would the cleaning cart have? It would play a similar role as the chello case but with whole bodies and dismembered limbs that are in garbage bags. I can’t speak for anyone else but when I take out a lot of people, it’s very repetitive and boring to run back and forth so much to dispose of the bodies. Even taking the sports club members from the track strip to the manhole/sewer thing gets old real quick. The cleaning cart would make it so you can put up to three bodies in it and push it to the incinerator or the sewer grate. Making disposing of multiple bodies less of a drag.
    To make it less easy to access, you could lock the door with a lock like the gardening club. To open the lock, you’d either need keys from the teacher’s lounge or the lockpick from info chan. I was thinking about how having more bodies would have the same effect as putting more dumbells in the bucket. If you had 3 bodies in the cart, you’d need your PE stat up. However, my initial idea of the cart would be that it’s on wheels and wouldn’t need as much strength to push.
    And, of course, if you use the cart outside of cleaning time, students will lower your reputation if you are seen using it. Like the bucket.
    I’d totally be down for a feature like this.
    However, I know that even if you consider this idea, that it would probably be the last priority on the development list. This was just an idea.

    • I see. It’s an interesting suggestion, but I feel like the proper solution is to have more corpse disposal methods all over the place. A shredder near the running track, a shredder in the plaza, more manholes all around the school, etc.

  6. When i recently played yandere simulator, i went through the hairstyles and i freaked out seeing the hairstyle of akali from KDA (the popstars skin)
    I woud be thrilled to see an evelynn hairstyle or an evelynn easter egg♡
    And i came across a bug, whenever i teleported during lunchtime or cleaning time, it would show 7:00 am and Lunchtime
    Half of the students would be doing their morning routine half of them would be doing their lunchtime routine..
    And when i teleport during cleaning time to leave, it would show the screen that would show when we are in class to add points…

  7. A question, Yanderedev. If Osana is senpai’s childhood friend… Shouldn’t she call him Taro instead Senpai?

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