March 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve prepared a new build with a bunch of bug fixes!

If you’re curious what I’m currently working on and what my next goal is, check out this blog post.

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this adroable artwork of Amai by c-chan2.0!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If a student council member saw the player crouching, she would instantly send the player to the counselor. This was a bit too harsh, so it’s been adjusted. From now on, the student council will only send you to the counselor if they see you crouching at least 5 times. (Crouch-walking around school is still weird and suspicious behavior, though. What would you think if you were at school and you saw someone crouch-walking everywhere?)
  • It was discovered that the “Pass 30 minutes by studying in the library” feature actually breaks a ton of events, but doesn’t break anything that occurs after 3:30 PM. Because this feature was primarily only added to the game so that players wouldn’t have to wait absurd amounts of time for post-Cleaning Time events to begin, this feature now only functions after 3:30 PM.
  • If Osana was drowned at lunchtime and her corpse was left hidden in a closed bathroom stall, a bug would occur after lunchtime where Raibaru would eternally attempt to walk into the bathroom stall containing Osana. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player stabbed a Cooking Club member while the clubmember was feeding someone, the student that was being fed would show no reaction and would freeze in place permanently. This has been fixed.
  • Added hedge walls near the doors at the north end of the school to facilitate sneaky stealth gameplay and also prevent pathfinding problems that would cause characters to get stuck on the doors.
  • Student Council girls will no longer pepper-spray you if you’re holding a weapon that you have “permission” to be holding (such as holding a baseball bat while being in the sports club).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to treat the Alphabet Killer weapon case like the cello case, but only if the player was playing the game with a controller and not a keyboard.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Offer Help” prompt from leaving the rooftop if the player pushed a student from the rooftop while the “Offer Help” option was available.
  • Fixed bug that let the player set the cello case down absolutely anywhere (even if it would clip into the wall), but only if they were playing the game on keyboard.
  • If the player used the woodchipper to turn a student into a bucket of blood, a bug was preventing the blood from appearing in the bucket. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Evidence Warning” window to reference attending class when classes were over and the player was attempting to leave school.
  • Fixed bug that made characters freeze in place / slide across the ground if they were alarmed by Yandere-chan immediately before being splashed with water.
  • Info Points now use a different icon instead of panties, to prevent people from thinking that panty shots are the only way to purchase favors from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Drown Elimination icon from filling in on the Demo Checklist if Osana’s body was disposed of after she was drowned.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to permanently freeze in place if they were splashed with water while running to a toilet to vomit.
  • Fixed bug that would cause NPCs to be alarmed by the sight of Yandere-chan picking up innocuous weapons like scissors or screwdrivers.
  • Fixed bug that made the red paint inside of the Art Clubroom render as a small red oval instead of the proper size/shape.
  • The ID card from the faculty room is now required in order to shut down the security system in the announcement room.
  • Fixed bug that would result in the cops automatically coming to school if Osana was killed with poison at lunchtime.
  • Fixed bug that made Raibaru stop following Osana if Osana waited at the matchmaking tree for over 60 seconds.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to get stuck on a cardboard box while walking down the school corridors.
  • Fixed bug that would make the wrong notification text appear when the player picked up Osana’s cat charm.
  • Students should no longer get stuck on fence doors when trying to pathfind in or out of the incinerator area.
  • Renovated the Headmaster’s office with new props!

107 thoughts on “March 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. YANDEV YOU HAVEN’T FIXED MY BUG! Although keep up the good work! The crowdfunding campaign might come earlier than we expected….

  2. The number of times I’ve walked into a student council member holding a shovel while in the gardening club XD. Amazing work Yandere Dev!

  3. “A wooden training dummy is now present in the martial arts club. Why? You’ll probably learn why in the next build!”(27/2 bug fixing build blog)

  4. Hey yandere dev can you please fix this bug:
    When im going to report a dead body to teacher i cant report but i can talk with them

  5. I feel that the bullying system is a bit incomplete, the abuse is always the same, I think there should be levels of bullying depending on the reputation of the slightest to extreme violence, why commit suicide by bullying in a single day or stop going to school doesn’t make much sense

  6. Hey Dev! I’m not sure this is intentional, but when I customize Senpai’s appearance in the intro cutscenes, his portrait is still the regular Taro Yamada.

  7. Yandere Dev, now there is a new bug. If a student gets splashed with water while they were running to vomit, they run to the locker room, change themselves, wash themselves, and get dressed. The bug occurs when they walk to the shower after getting undressed, and when they walk to get dressed again. At these two moments, they perform the “running to vomit” animation, while walking.

    And, well, it’s not really a bug, but it feels weird that student who is splashed don’t need to vomit anymore. If I was splashed while I run to the bathroom to vomit, I would probably still go vomit and then only after that I’d go to change my clothes.

    Also, with the new hedge you placed near the doors, I got stuck. I was between the hedge and the closed door, at the corner of the hedge and the wall, and a student who was inside opened the door, so I got stuck between the door, the wall and the hedge, unable to close the door.

    Another thing, when I poison Osana’s meal with an emetic on Monday, that I drown her in the bathroom while she is vomiting and that I go to class and let her body get discovered, the “end of day” sequence is bugged. After the message saying “The police do not have enough evidence to perform an arrest. The police investigation ends, and student are free to leave.”, the next animation displays senpai walking normally with the previous message (the police do not have…) being repeated, and then the next animation displaying senpai walking worried with the message “Ayano stalks Senpai until he has returned home, and then returns to her own home.” And the next day, Senpai comes to the school, instead of staying home to mourn Osana’s death.

    Also, maybe I’m mistaken, but in my memories, a student splashed with blood or gasoline had stains on their clothes, which isn’t the case now (anymore).

  8. i have a bug i found when turning into cyborg mode you can suddenly now talk to teachers and make them follow you is this a feature or a bug?

  9. Will you add more new props in the school & outside the school too? Cause that would be cool! Btw in the future of the demo would you change the color of the school? It has been the color white for a long time, can it be a different color?

  10. There is something I found
    I used the fan elimination method to get rid of osana on monday before class, I distracted raibaru with budo’s task and when i attended class and finished raibaru is sitted mid air at the school plaza


  11. yo this isn’t a super game breaking bug, but just kinda annoying to look at, so i went to the bathroom and changed my persona, (the on on the right by the entrance) and the purple bully accepted some food from a cooking club member while i was in the bathroom, and when the purple bully walked away, she was still holding the cake and it was floating above her phone

  12. YandereDev, when Ayano wear towel, her eyebrows are changing and she looks more ‘furious’. Was it intentional or is it just a bug?

  13. Hey, yandere dev there’s a bug where the students notice you carrying a box cutter or scissors as if you are carrying a dangerous weapon. not sure if this is a new feature or a bug. thanks in advance

      • They’re saying that harmless items such as scissors and box cutters are considered suspicious to students as if you were carrying a dangerous weapon. Although, you already fixed that.

  14. Love the update, now I can finally walk around in peace without being tazed, or sent to the Counselor easily.

    I also love the Principle’s office, the pictures they tried to sneak in, but if anyone looks they show the Principle through his various stages of life. Some of when he was younger and slowly aging to today. It’s a nice little touch to life.

    I also like the touch about certain objects, i.e. scissors, and the ilk not being dangerous enough to warrant attention.

    Also, just a suggestion, what if the Gardening Club would also attend the bushes and hedges like they do the flowers. There’s never enough students outside and I think this would be a good way to make it seem lively. I mean how are all of those hedges and bushes so we’ll maintained if no one takes care of them? 🤔

    But I know how hard you work. ☺️ So I don’t care if my suggestion is ever added to the game. You keep doing you! 👍✨

      • I might be able to answer the question about the hedges being well maintained. the Basu Sisters mention in one of their morning discussions that after the school day ends a bunch of maintenance crew enter the school to repair anythin, maybe that includes a gardener.(either that or the hedges are fake)

      • Oh yeah, I remember that too. I just thought it would be a nice touch. So there’s more monitoring outside. Plus they have flower beds around the school. For proper healthy flowers and bushes they shouldn’t be watered so late. So maybe the students should be tending them, at least a little, to keep them healthy enough by the time the maintenance crew rolls in. As they don’t get in until near sun down. The plants wouldn’t be healthy.

  15. Hello YandereDev!
    I found a bug.
    At tuesday, when it’s lunch time, when i laughed behind Osana. I was about to poison her bento but i noticed that her bento was floating.
    I hope you fix this 🙂
    Anyway i liked the old Info points logo more but i like this update!

    • Hi,

      I’m sorry, I need to know more details, or I can’t fix it. *When* did you laugh behind Osana? Immediately at the start of lunchtime? During her event with Senpai? After the event ended?

      It would help to see a video of the bug.

      • It was tuesday when she was eating with Raibaru. I think i was behing tree. Think i have photo but i’m not sure.

  16. I’m so excited to check out this update!

    About the “Fixed bug that prevented the Drown Elimination icon from filling in on the Demo Checklist if Osana’s body was disposed of after she was drowned” though… This has happened to me with the attack elimination aswell. I wrapped her body in a garbage bag and burned her along with the rest of the evidance so the police didn’t arrive and the picture didn’t get filled in. Is that fixed too or is that still present in this build?

  17. Hi! I don’t know if you read them, the the comments on Shinah Hoakin’s video had some cool ideas like random announcements coming over the speakers over the course of the day and someone wrote voice lines for each student council member for each crouching alarm. Just FYI 🙂

    But I have 1 critique and 1 question. I think instead of a black background the info point logo should be red like her hair and glasses in the silhouette and the white outline and i should be black. Make it pop. And the question, did the student council crouching always rack up to 50? Maybe an escalating scale would be better? First time small penalty and escalate from there?

  18. 1. Earlier today I took a picture of all the delinquents faces and when I got to the purple one I took the photo, sent the image to info chan, Then I pressed q, like usual, and I still saw the prompts that appear on the top of the screen in camera mode. It had happened to me before so I didn’t stress it until 3 minutes later when it still hadn’t fixed itself. I could still hear the music and when I tried to move I heard the delinquents pushing me. Eventually I heard the noises that signaled to me that a fight had started. Please try to fix it.

    2. I think one of the 7 wonders of acedemi *cough Toilet Bound Hanako Kun cough* is that punching dummy, if I showed that to my 7 year old sister she would cry and have nightmares.

    3. I think that if you try to give the purple delinquent a bloody knife, he should say something like “Why the hell is this bloody?! I’m not touching that!” and then you fail the task altogether because he wouldn’t trust you anymore

    4. I think that if you read the adult manga the councilor should give you less harsh punishments for flirting. Like if you flirt with her she will send you out of the office with a warning then if you do it again she will send you home and then again she will send you home for 2 days and it would take her one more time to actually expel you.

    8. I don’t think I ever saw the circular saw circling around you when at the ending cutscene when it shows all the weapons in the game (that was a fun sentence)

    6. I feel like on Muja’s model you should see a little bit of the pink shirt that is required for the nurses uniform, I know it would kind of contradict the fact that she is supposed to look really sexullized but I feel like just a little bit of the pink under dress would like nice, it wouldn’t look like if you took her coat off she would be naked

    7. Why can’t we use the teachers ID as a fake ID for the town? I know it is so you can disable cameras but you should also be able to use it at town

    Great work! I am so excited to see the future of Yandere Simulator! I hope you read this and take some of my considerations to heart.

  19. I overall love the game, I just feel that as a prestigious school the walls in the hallway feel kinda bland. Obviously in the future you’d change the look up. Yet overall the game is fun.

  20. The pathfinding for when the students go to clean the toilets in the bathroom is really messed up, they keep getting stuck on the corner and you’re not able to drown them. Just letting you know!

  21. Hello again, YandereDev!
    I’ve found some bugs.

    1) Another bug that stops Raibaru from following Osana.
    She gets stuck (I mean, really stuck, not just usual small stop) when Osana changes in the shower building, but only if it’s 7:30, Monday (I think it’s because it’s a scheduled event time) (this happens regardless of whether Osana was changing before or after taking a shower).
    After that, if the phone call happened anyway, she gets unstuck. However, if the player stole the phone, she’s stuck for much longer.

    2) If Raibaru is alarmed at the very beginning of the day she snaps out of her spying state and slides away.

    3) This one is huge. Save feature severely breaks scheduled events. The worst part is that each event breaks in it’s own way.
    If saved&loaded while Osana walks to have a morning talk with Raibaru (~7:03), Osana gets stuck and Raibaru slides away with spying animation. If saved&loaded during Osana’s morning talk with Raibaru (~7:04), voice, subtitles and Spy prompt disappear, and Osana will be unable to walk after the dialogue. If saved&loaded during Osana’s talk over the bento (~7:12), Raibaru gets teleported and for some reason thinks she’s supposed to be near the lockers.
    If saved&reloaded during Osana’s talk with stalker or any subsequent morning events, then the schedule breaks completely: now the game thinks that it’s 7:15, so Osana goes to talk over the bento again (alone, because Raibaru goes to the lockers), then they both go talk under the tree again, etc.
    This list goes on.

    And no, it’s NOT just monday. As far as I tested, other days are also affected by this bug.
    Example: If saved&loaded on tuesday while Osana starts to sit down and read a book, she goes to Senpai on rooftop and eats with the book flying under her chest.

    4) Also, by repeatedly waiting, saving and loading over events (Basu sisters’ morning talk is a great example) it is possible to make that event go forever as the game doesn’t keep track of the dialogue progress.
    Also, the camera does a weird turnover every time I load a save.

    5) Since you fixed someone’s bug with prompts I decided to share this bug as well even though it’s not too important.
    Simply fill bucket with water and bleach, then pick up a mop and look carefully at the bucket: there are now actually two prompts for dipping, one is for “E” (action activates on tapping) and one is for “R” button (action activates on holding). Accessable from different camera angles.

  22. Yandere Dev “I found a bug” would be: Raibaru starts guarding “the abduction chest” because Osana is inside asleep. I used the method of how to kidnap Osana then I attended the lessons and I followed Raibaru during the lunch hour and he ran to the gym and yes he started to watch “the kidnapping box”

  23. Yandere Dev never thought of the “methods of elimination” of “other places” for example Yandere-Chan is on a school trip with her rival and all her class. Can Yandere-Chan kill her rival on a school trip? After all, school trips exist in Anime

  24. Hello YandereDev!
    I hope you’re okay !

    While playing Yandere Simulator, I thought to myself:

    When a student finds a non-dangerous weapon on the ground (dumbbell, chisel, etc.), he can pick it up without being suspicious, but when Yandere Chan picks up the weapon on the ground, it is directly suspect.

    It is quite frustrating and very long to wait for a student / teacher to store the weapon in order to be able to retrieve it.

    My idea :
    In the Yandere Vision, there is a button on the controller that is not functional,
    why not use it to add a “Fake Reaction on sight of a weapon” option?
    You can add this option to have Yandere Chan say in front of nearby students “I will pick up the weapon and bring it to the teacher’s room”
    So that we can get our gun back without alarming anyone.

    To keep it balanced, this feature couldn’t be used indefinitely and students would become more wary as you used it. 😊

  25. It would be nice if the teacher could react to a bloody student while she had seen blood on the floor… the teachers only react to ayano being bloody, would be nice if others had this feature too

    • You have a point. Its really unfair that the Teachers are only reacting to Yan-Chan but not the other students.

  26. Hey, Yandev! I don’t know why, but whenever I kill a few students then try to kill Horuda, one of three things happen. One, she glitches out and won’t let me talk or kill her. Two, she’ll merge with the wall and I can’t pick her up or conceal her. Three, she’ll merge with the bench and I the options to do anything with her body won’t appear. Can you maybe fix this if you can?

    • I want to fix the bug, but in order to do so, I need to see a video of the complete ABC killer sequence from start up until the moment you try to kill Horuda.

  27. I have been thinking.. what if the cooking club was disbanded? How will that affect the gameplay during Amai’s week?
    Also stop being so self conscious. Just say the date and that you’re not confident about it though

  28. I have heard this game for a long time.Well,when I actually play this game.I fell a little bit disappointted..cuz I realize it’s no more than a game..
    When I want to talk to anyone,I press E and they stand up and wait for my request.That is strange.If you want to talk to someone who u dont familiar to,u should be nervous and to end the conversation.That mean u should collect information before talk to someone.I dont mean take photo to info-chan. I mean u press ctrl and u can pay attention to someone and realize some information about he or she.
    *I hope this “pay attention system”will be someting like VATS in Fallout
    And the conversation should be something like this:
    (player press E)Hey there,(multiple choices to choose)ur student from next class/ur XXX(name)/(notice armbands)ur a club leader?/…
    if u dont pay attention to a student in advance and try to remember his/her name while talking,u will make mistake,and he/she will feel unhappy or never mind.
    if u pay too much attention to other student(pay attention to not senpai or rival consecutively),yan-chan will refuse to do that,cuz NOTHING IS IMPORTANT than GETTING SENPAI.If u insist to do that,ur mood will get down.
    Also I hope I can make more interaction with senpai.If senpai is in ur view u will have a particular tendency to look at him!if u see senpai with ur rival do something intimate,ur mood will turn bad.
    I think this is a good idea to show that yan-chan is making efforts to get senpai and show her personality.I really want to understanding yan-chan’s emotion when I playing the game.I want to understand why and how she is so yandere.I want to see her attitude toward other thing.(she dont care about anything except senpai?)How she will react if someone try to talk to her and keep disturb her?
    Anyway ,I think the biggest different between yandere simulator and other assassin game, is that it should have more detail about school life. NOT just a assassin game happen in school!

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