2020 Patreon Transparency Report

If you’ve been following me for a long time, you’re probably aware that every year, I write a “transparency report” that describes how I’ve been spending my Patreon income. I usually also throw in a few words about the future of the project. This year’s report is a whopping 2,886 words long – the longest I’ve ever written.


It’s probably one of the most depressing things I’ve ever had to write, but the purpose of a Transparency Report is to be as honest as possible, so honesty is what you get.

On a more cheerful note, I’ll be back later today with a new video.

26 thoughts on “2020 Patreon Transparency Report

  1. I’m very sorry for what is still happening to you, it’s very frustrating…I can’t understand why they have to be so cruel after all your answers for all these misunderstandings…I just hope that you can feel better and take some rest when you need it. It doesn’t matter what they all say, they’re all children who complain in everything because they don’t feel satisfied enough, and when they do, they still continue to, no matter what…Just be safe and healthy. Don’t listen to them. 💚

  2. It feels so bad to see everything you’ve been through. Even if the accusations were true (which, as you said, is trivially easy to prove they’re NOT), I can’t understand how anybody will feel fine while attacking anyone the way they attack you.
    I encourage anyone reading this who has the possibility to make videos, even if you believe that YanDev is not such a good person, I know you CANNOT believe that what he is going through is fair, make a video defending him. It’s not an easy task and harassment might be present, but that might be the solution. Everyone has stayed silent this 7 years, leaving YanDev defending himself, and silence feeds bullies.
    Just an idea, hope you can help.

  3. Sorry for what you have been through, I can’t possibly imagine how it must feel. But remember that there are still a lot of fans still here to support you and Yandere Simulator. Just make sure to take care of yourself and stay strong. I’ve been following since 2015, and I plan to see this to the very end!

  4. I’m very sorry for those things that are happening to you, it makes me so sad and angry, always bad things happens to nice people, that is just unfair, but there still people that loves you don’t worry, i believe on you

  5. i think the video is abt new models BECAUSE if you go on pose mode there’s a new hairstyle after amai’s and you can change the colour of it

  6. Hey YandereDev! I’ve been a fan of Yandere Simulator for the past 6 years! I just wanna say thank you for all the memories and hype that Yandere Simulator has given me. I genuinely believe that despite everything that has happened, Yandere Simulator’s fanbase is still moderately healthy (your videos average at 500k views, which is still a good amount of people!). There will definitely be many supporters (including me!) of the crowdfunding campaign! Things may feel hopeless now, and I can’t really say much of anything that might cheer you up, but all I wanna say is that, there is still hope for this game!

  7. I’m really sorry for all of what happened to you this year. I think 2020 was a cursed year for everyone, but it must have been really terrible for you…
    I’ll always support you and your game, and I convinced some of my friends to support it too. I really hope that 22021 will be a better year and that everyone will let you work on this wonderful game !

    I wish you the best

  8. It’s a real shame you have to get dragged down by these types. it’s virtually impossible to work on something when you have idiots like this on your case. I do large jigsaw puzzles (9000 pieces or larger) so in the sense of spending a lot of time on something to finally accomplish that something our situations are quite similar. Having such people on your case while trying to do what you’re doing is like if I were working on these jigsaw puzzles and for every minute of the time i’m on them I have some idiot standing in the corner of the room saying “you’ll never do this”, “why you even try can’t you see it’s pointless” “why do you even want to finish it, it’s crap any way” it just absolutely kills your motivation to put even 10 pieces in and makes it much harder to concentrate so your pace is killed as well.
    The difference is that I can smash the guy’s head in/tell him to shut up to eliminate the problem (make them stop by force because i’ve had enough) but you can’t.

    They exist everywhere, i’m pretty sure they’re the ones saying the corona virus is a lie and hating on all the nurses trying to get rid of it. again regards the puzzles if I were to start up a company that completed people’s jigsaw puzzles for them for a fee and I had these idiots saying the reason why their puzzles aren’t finished is that I just threw it on a chair and sat twiddling my thumbs then nobody would trust me and therefore i wouldn’t be able to make any money. It’s pretty unfortunate but it takes only the tiniest bit of doubt when money is involved and nobody trusts you. Also people seem way more likely to believe pure distilled crap about you. I’m very sorry for your situation.

    These guys are the people that complain there’s no original game concepts out there any more and then do everything they physically can to kill one when it comes along. You might truly be better off with trying to get it privately funded (lots of money from a few people) rather than crowdfunding (comparatively small amounts of money from a lot of people).

  9. Hello. I am extremely sorry for everything you have been through. It must be very rough, receiving so much hate everyday. I’ve tried to hard to convince people to stop, but nothing is working. Of course, I never expected to change people’s ways in the first place, but after seeing how much you have suffered, I just wanted to help. I really wish people could just accept the truth and leave you alone. I know that trying to ignore these people is hard, and doesn’t do much, but please, take breaks if you need to! I will wait for as long as I need to for the game to be released, and I am sure that many others will as well. I’m sorry for this really depressing comment but I just really feel like I need to do something to try to cheer you up, even if I don’t know you in person. Take care of yourself! Don’t let anyone stop you from doing your best! Someday, your game will be finished and you will prove all those haters wrong!

  10. I am extremely sorry for what you experienced, I totally understand. And I promise you that with your potential, you will go far, I am sure.
    Thanks for everything again, Yandere Simulator is a great test but also a super good game haha

  11. I’m so sorry about everything you’ve been trough. I know that there are lots of people who think negative things about you and yan sim, but despite that I know that what’s being said is not true. I believe in you and hope you can overcome your haters and get to show the world your amazing work. I know you can do it and I’ll be looking forward to see your success. I hope you have a nice day.

  12. I’m so sorry about everything you went through Dev. I can’t believe there are people so cruel out there that they would do these kind of things to another human being. Their disgusting and deserve to go to hell!!! You are very strong to be able to go through all of this chaos and still work on a project that you dedicated your life to. Your amazing Alex and so is your game! The work and time you put into the game despite everything, shows how much dedication and determination you have to make this game better than it was in the past. I’m so proud of you for coming this far from a sandbox game in 2015 to an official demo of the game in 2020. That’s a really big accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself for it. I know there are still going to be haters out there towards you and the game even when the final version comes out, but always know this, your fans, “your true fans”, will always be supporting you and cheering you on all the way because we know the real you. Your a sweet, honest guy that is very passionate about what he’s doing with his life and that’s creating this awesome video game. We’ll be supporting you 100% when you do your crowdfunding campaign and really make Yandere Simulator the best game ever! Your going great Dev. I love the new updates to the game. Especially the new voice actors for the Student Council members. They really fit their personalities. I’m wishing you the best of luck with the development of the game. Have a great day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. These types of games are quite rare in Japan, so even Japanese people are looking forward to it from the other side of the sea.

  14. Hold on, Yandere Dev! You’ve been doing great, and I’ve always enjoyed seeing the progress you’ve made on Yandere Simulator! What you’re going through is terrible, and you don’t deserve to be treated this way, whether or not the rumors are true. And your most supportive fans will stick by you, thick and thin. We won’t really be your fans if we abandoned you mid-project now, will we? Even though I can’t support you on Patreon, I do love your work, and I hope that you’ll develop many more games after Yandere Simulator. You’ve created quite an ambitious game, for someone who’s developing their first video game. The amount of thought you’re putting into everything in the game is truly amazing! Keep up the great work, and take care of yourself, and live your life. ❤❤💕

  15. I’d never believe in something purely based on rumors and what people say without looking into it to see if it’s true or not. It’s sad that a lot of people actually take what they hear as the truth without looking into it or where it’s even coming from. I do admire you, you’re someone I can relate to, not the false claims part, more that I’m inspired to create many projects, including one major passion project which has the most inspirations behind it which I’m hoping will succeed to be a fan favorite, just like you.

    • Also for the fact that my passion project kinda has a lot in common with your game, including a title I came up with and been using which I feel the need to change it because I feel that people might end up drawing away from it because of the name, along with the title I came up with being a long mouthful, the fact that I used to name some of my characters after Google Translate results, new exciting projects would come out which would give me ideas, along with giving me notes about what to do or not do for my project like recently. And I would also been coming up with ideas for it, including ones I’ve had for a long time and even those I scrapped or even forgotten about. So, it seems that you and I have something in common, but the only major difference is I’m not employed yet, I still live with my parents and I won’t be able to leave them and go on my own journey for a while, but I’m hoping to do so someday.

      • Hello! I know you might not respond to this because I commented this so late after you did, but you mentioned a “passion project”. Does that mean you are in GATE? I’m sorry this is so random but I was just curious as I am in GATE and my school made us do a passion project. c:

      • I don’t know that GATE is, and no, it was an idea I have for quite a long time, I was still in primary school when I came up with it, but it was quite more like it’s original inspirations back then.

  16. I honestly feel so horrible for you yandere dev, I’ve been following your development since about 2015 and I’ve always adored your work. Words cannot describe how incredibly proud I am of you that you still manage to get by everyday. Ever since the first drama that smeared your reputation, I’ve always ignored it. I continue to hope that you push through everyday. I know it must be so stressful for you for people to be pressuring you into finishing the game as quickly as possible, while all at the same time slandering your name. It genuinely upsets me that people tell you that your game is bad and buggy, all the while there are people out there rushing you. Always stay true to yourself and always remember that there are people out there who support you.

  17. I totally feel you dev. Been following you for a while and I totally understand what you are going through. I have had teachers at school that kept labeling me as a naughty student, when I was quiet as a mouse. I can’t take it after a few days and started to reject what she says, effectively becoming a ‘bad’ student, what she is labeling me to be, as an act of defence. This quickly snowballed and soon all teachers trusted her (cause she has ‘prove’ now) , and thought I am a good for nothing student that only trolls on lessons. Soon the whole class knows and treats me like crap. They won’t look at me square in the eye, maybe for fear that will bring punishment from the teachers on them and some started to bully me. I was effectively isolated, punished for things that I never did a lot of the times. I had to write apologetic letters every single day to her. I saw people, one after another, turn away from me, no longer believing in anything I say. My parents won’t help either. They think its my fault and my sister had to go to the same school, and they don’t want her to be treated the same way. All the while I can’t do anything but do ‘naughty’ stuff. Because I want to defend myself and sometimes because I forgot things due to the stress, to the point where my parents felt that i have ADHD and took me to the phycologist. I had to go to sessions for months on end, although they aren’t helping me at all. The torture lasted 5 total years. And even to this day, 5 years later, I still see her in my nightmares, all I want to do is run away from her, get away as fast as I can from her, and forget her but cannot. I had felt that exact same dispair, that hopelessness, and I know the pain will never end. But you can get over it, over time, just like I did.

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