February 4th Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! There were some bugs in the previous build that actually prevented some of the elimination methods from working properly. I’m so embarrassed about that! Here’s a new build where those issues should be resolved.

To see a list of everything that was fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork of a sad Osana, drawn by uramui!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that caused the school day to instantly end if Yandere-chan put lethal poison into Osana’s bento and then attempted to attend class.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from acknowledging that Osana had been eliminated, if her corpse was disposed of using the sewer method.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from acknowledging that a bloody weapon had been disposed of, if it was dissolved in a vat of acid.
  • Replaced the disgusting vomit voice with new, less disturbing voices. Both males and females now have distinct voices for vomiting.
  • Improved the dumpster model and texture (it’s another one of the ancient models from 2015 that hasn’t been updated in 6 years).
  • Fixed bug that prevented Senpai from recognizing that Osana was “missing”, not “dead”, if her corpse was thrown down a manhole.
  • Fixed bug that caused a soft-lock if the player dragged a corpse into the Occult Club ritual circle.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Occult Club’s candle from setting gasoline-soaked students on fire.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to shoot flames as the Flame Demon.
  • Updated the credits to include the names of the Student Council voice actresses.

74 thoughts on “February 4th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I love these new updates and I’m happy there’s always something new. I’m not sure but maybe amai’s eyes are in default again during the animated cutscene. Keep up!

  2. Nice. Dev, since you added that metal scrap, why not allow the player to pry the drain cover with it? The end looks sharp and it IS strong metal (since it can still slice human flesh clean open). Why not allow more weapons and objects to open the cover instead of restricting it to just the crowbar? New players can’t suddenly know one specific student carries a crowbar around.

    To add on, why not allow Ayano to pry the drain cover open with her bare hands at maxed PE Stat? That’ll give another benefit of levelling up the PE Stat. Lastly, also about the PE stat – it’s nice how Ayano picks up a body quicker as she gains strength. But it’s jarring to see her swiftly fling a body into her arms, only to run at the speed of nothing. Maybe allow the running animations for corpse carrying to be quicker as the PE Stat is levelled up?

    • ” Ayano to pry the drain cover open with her bare hands at maxed PE Stat?”
      Sounds like something Gonta would do AHEM chapter 1 AHEM

    • I think the crowbar makes sense, there just should be more than one way to get it. Delinquent, One in a storage closet maybe, or info chan?

      As for the PE thing, totally agree! If not faster running in general then a sprint ability that costs stamina and you get more stamina the higher your PE level.

    • True, I’m sort of a new player and I did not really know where to get a crowbar (I checked the hardware store but it is not available yet)
      It would be better if you could use the scrap metal just like AHopelesslyAverageGuy said in their comment considering that it is sharp

  3. If you conceal a corpse in a garbage bag and enter the Headmaster’s room during cleaning time he will give you a game over. Can you fix this?

    • I had that problem too. Maybe it only happens if you kill someone and put them in the sewer then play a song in the music club. I’ll test it out.

  4. hello, the new updates improve the game a lot, but I don’t like one thing, the fact that the manhole opens only with the crowbar, it would be nice to have it open with the rusty iron too. Then it would be nice to be able to bring the iron only with gloves as Ayano touches a rusty iron and a rusty iron gives you tetanus.
    If you notice any grammar errors in this comment it’s because I’m using the translator since I’m not English

  5. Glad you added the student council voice lines in the credits end of demo. I was going to wonder why that was not there. 😅 keep up the great work! 😎✌️

  6. I really couldn’t tell you how this bug activates, but basically 9/10 times I use the sewer to dispose of raibaru’s body after drowning her, the police somehow find her body if they’re called to the school, and they know she was drowned. (Note: I had raibaru in a body bag each time)

  7. Hey I just thought learned something new today:

    So if the kickstarter crowdfunding thing fails, well, you know what other game had a failed kickstarter?

    Five Nights At Freddy’s

    So even if it does fail for some reason, I’m sure the game will do fine! The game is already really well made!

    Also thanks for working on the game even after everything you’ve gone through while developing it. It means a lot to people like me, who really like the game and want it to go far. You’re doing a lot, so make sure you get a break every now and then! You need it!

  8. Love this, Yandev! Thanks for fixing the bugs. I did want to apologize to you, though. during the “Cancel Yandev” times, I talked cruelly to you. I’m sorry about that (even if you never saw me) and want to tell you I’m really impressed with all the updates you’ve made and how much progress you have done! Keep it up, and please forgive me for spreading rumors about you when it wasn’t my place to do so, especially since I do not know you or the context of anything.

  9. Great Work with the updates! There is still a debug command in the game (Even if you didn’t enable them)
    When you press the “S” key when you observe your manga collection in your room at night, it increases the level of seduction, enlightenment, and numbness. I completely forgot about this debug command since it is added a long time ago.

  10. YanDev ! I have a big bug !
    At the morning, I poisoned Osana’s bento with lethal poison and Taro’s bento with emetic poison.
    Then, Taro came to the bathroom to vomit an Osana died by eating her bento. I picked up Osana and disposed of her corpse in the vat of acid. One student saw me and reported me to the teacher who didn’t see any corpse. Then I tried to go to class but the game says that a faculty member discovered a corpse. The police arrives and the cutscene that says which bodies were discovered says “The police discover multiple corpses on the school ground” and then the game crashes.

  11. I appreciate the bug fixes for the elimination methods. I managed to get the poison and burn achievements because of those bug fixes. There seem to be a few more though. Usually, when I eliminate Osana in a certain way, she appears in the menu screen in that way, and I get the achievement linked to the elimination method. However, this has yet to happen for me when it comes to drowning or pushing Osana off the roof. For some reason, the game doesn’t acknowledge her death in those states. I’ve also been unable to get the rejection elimination as the game keeps freezing after the confession. When it comes to her rejection path, I always struggled with the Thursday sabotage minigame, so instead, I killed Raibaru on Monday to keep Osana by herself on Thursday, then on Thursday morning, I put Osana to sleep in the instrument case, and caused the police to come by killing another student during cleaning time and only leaving their pool of blood for the police to find. This method was effective in sabotaging Osana’s Thursday event with Senpai, but I wonder if anything I did caused the game to freeze after the Friday confession.

  12. Hey Yandere dev! I was wondering whether a new response would be included when students/teachers notice the sewer vent open. I think it would be realistic if a student/teacher would be worried that someone may trip or hurt themselves if it was open, so would it make sense for them to a). call a teacher or b). move it back themselves? Or at least have a reaction to seeing it open? Thanks.

  13. Please I’m waiting for a bug to be fixed since the game is a demo, the girls’ uniforms 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 crash and the characters including Ayano are floating hair 😦 and that ruins my mission mode which I can’t change the uniform

  14. Hi yandere dev just want to say can you make a secret ending when the rivals are all dead like ayano not going to senpai realising why she did it and why she dosen’t want to go with him possibility
    1notice how many people love this guy and he could cheat on her
    2if he knew you killed the people who support him he would ran away
    3you actually havent talk to him
    4he was depress from every rival you killed saying am not ready yet
    5when you kill someone infront of him he said “your crazy get away from me”
    Wouldn’t that mean that he dosen’t like you if your a murderer
    6if ayano will keep it a secret wouldn’t senpai be suspicious that she knows everything about you but she has not talk to him before

  15. Hello yandere dev my question is to know when the other rivals will come out and if they will be able to fall in love with the other npc

  16. When I was finishing the Amai challenge, I was about to eliminate the last cooking club member other than her. I lead them to a room and picked up the guitar, yet they suspected me and I failed the challenge even though I was in the music club. Can you fix this? I’ve failed so many times due to that glitch.

  17. Hey Yanderedev, There is a weird bug that happens to me, everytime senpai rejects Osana’s love confession,
    after the cutscene, the game freezes and remains on a black screen, I tried it several times and the same thing always happens.

  18. Can I make a segestion? How about you make closing the manhole a requirement to get away with it? Missing teenager + open manhole = I bet the idiot kid went exploring. Also, I’m a fan of limiting disposal methods. Like stuffing too many bodies in the incinerator, or a more recent example is the acid box that can only realistically fit one body. Many times manholes are buried under grass in yards. After seeing a play through where the body got trapped on the ladder, I thought if there was another ladder at a manhole farther down the line, maybe at a curve in the pipe, bodies could get hug up and cause a back up in the plumbing. Plumbers check, find three dead bodies, school suddenly knows what happened to the missing students, even if there is no evidence towards yandere-chan, triggering the atmosphere. Just a thought ^^ ❤

  19. Hi dev I wanted to inform you that I found a bug, if you join the light music club and start the mini game after you lose( cause i lose so i don’t know if this happens when you beat the mini game) the game load the new method for get rid of the bodies and then the game stuck in that screen. I hope u have understand also sorry for bad eng

    • i want to add that you can still talk to the leader of the light music club while you’re glitched into the sewer, and its both the practice and club activity methods of initiating the minigame

  20. When we want to use Horuda to kill someone (by pushing her to be harassed) it’s impossible because the photos for that bug (they don’t appear after Yan-chan says “please look at this photographe “)

  21. Even MORE fan ideas

    School Bags update

    -will allow the player to steal students belonging (money, phone, and lunches) or Put items that will get them in trouble like smoking.

    -Shiromi will manipulate students to argue and look in there belongings

    -even MORE Inventory

    More ways to kill up date.

    New items= Rope

    new way to frame suicide method

    -get a tranquilizer a rope

    -get a unconscious student and hang them

    -put a note

    Strangle the student with rope.

    Tied someone with rope and attach the other end to a pole and drop them to the sewer to drown. Unconscious due to the tranquilizer.

    Kidnapping update

    -if you don’t feed the student you kidnap they stave to death and now you need to get rid of there dead body.

    -if you keep them down in the basement with good care during the whole game there’s a couple of things that can happen like

    The don’t feel scared of you since you take care of them

    Also towards the end of the game you release them and they either tell the police that you kidnap them or not.


  22. Hey Yandere Dev, I have an idea to make the other “dispose of a body” mechanics stay without being forgotten: First, regarding the black bags you should put that a corpse is equivalent to 5 bags, and reduce the number of bags to 10, which also have a limit that cannot be filled the rest of the days and that you have to ask Info- Chan that if he can give you more, with a cost of at least 25 Info-Coins. Why do I say all of the above? why isn’t the game supposed to be stealth? It should be difficult to get rid of a body, not be easy, because otherwise the players would get bored of the ease of removing a body. Also, could you put more weapons that can open the crowbar, not just the lever, since as you put it, there is a metal that can even go through bodies, because that could not open it? If from what you see it is super heavy to support the weight.
    Well with all that said, I’m off, bye!

  23. Hello YandereDev, I noticed that in the new update there was a bug, when you finish practicing with the music club the game shows the image of the manhole and you cannot play it anymore.
    * if I have mistakes, I’m sorry, I used the google translator because I can’t speak English *

  24. when i did the task for the gaming club leader the bullies still go to the pool on Thursday so can you fix that please

  25. Yanderedev! I found a bug… When I tried to bring daku’s corpse to a locker in the abc challenge, Homu saw me and ran to get a teacher but when they tried go to where hid his body they glitched out and kept running between the door of the gaming club where gema plays on hsi phone… I tried fixing it but it didn’t work they just kept coming back after going to where his him, rimming down the stairs to the gaming club… So now I couldn’t eliminate efude and gema… Or anyone who I have an opportunity to kill there… Also the music is a bit loud so I can barely hear anything… The students sound like they are either mumbling or whispering… And also I finally fought a delinquent and won… I thought the time for the fighting minigame was a bit fast so I couldn’t do it right but I did the last try I did.

      • Hi! I had a suggestion / question for the student council voice likes

        I heard that shiromi randomly giggles have you thought of adding that in ?

  26. Also another bug… For some reason budo sometimes wouldnt notice the dumbell I dropped on the ground and I even tried giggling behind hi when in the club room and at the gardens… He just turnes back around quickly(which was disturbing to me) only the members of his club noticed after I did also sometimes you can’t pick up weapons or students glitch out(for ex: hojiro running slowing after trying to get him to follow ayano… Hr just “ran” to his place on the track and I couldn’t talk to him at all either… I don’t remember if he hear ayano’s giggle btw… Yeah he did but he just went back to running slowly…

  27. hey yandere dev good day!i have a bug report i don’t know if this is a bug or its just my keyboard but every time i wear the raincoat and i click the enter button on my keyboard the menu does not show up….really hope this would be fixed at the next build (sorry for the bad grammar since english is not my native language)

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