January Progress Report

Happy New Year!

You’re probably curious to know what I’ve been up to since we last spoke, what you can expect in the near future, and when the next update will be dropping. I’m here to answer all of those questions!

To get started, scroll down past this cute and heartwarming picture of young Taro, Osana, and Hanako, drawn by Lady Fan!

Whatcha been doin’?

In December, I uploaded a 7 videos in a row! It took me a long time – about a month – to prepare all of those videos. During that period of time, a lot of people reported bugs and suggested some really clever ways to improve the game – but I chose to postpone all bug-fixes and improvements, because I wanted to focus exclusively on completing the videos. As a result, a lot of bug reports and great suggestions piled up into a really big list. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been going through that list, fixing all of the bugs that were reported, and making numerous Quality-Of-Life improvements to the game. I’m almost finished with that list; only a small handful of things remain, and I only need a few more days to finish going through it.

Latest progress?

In my December 20th video, I mentioned that almost no players bother to dispose of corpses, which should be a priority in a game about getting away with murder. As a solution, I proposed the idea of giving the player numerous harsh penalties for failing to dispose of corpses. However, people in the comment section suggested a much better idea: Determine why people don’t enjoy disposing of corpses, and then make it more fun and interesting to dispose of corpses.

Honestly, that should have occurred to me immediately! So, in-between bug fixes and general improvements, I’ve been implementing some new features that should make it way more fun and convenient to clean up after committing murder. I’ll give you a preview of a few of them:

This isn’t everything that will be appearing in the next update, but it should help you get the idea of what types of things I’m currently working on!

Is that all?

Nope, there’s more! So far, the next build contains 43 differences from the previous build. Some of the ones that I think will be of interest to you are…

  • A few adjustments have been made to elimination methods to make them go by faster (this will be of particular interest to speedrunners)
  • The Senpai+Amai cutscene will have actual animations instead of static poses
  • There is an additional bounty beside Ryuto’s bounty
  • The student council girls will have voices
  • There will be one new easter egg

Also, I’ve done a bit of work outside of the game, as well: I’ve also updated the Characters page with some text for characters that previously had no text.

On another note, completely unrelated to Yandere Simulator…

12 Years of Streaming

On January 17th, 2009, I streamed a video game for the first time. It completely changed my life; once I experienced the thrill of playing video games while interacting with a big audience, I didn’t want to do anything else! For a period of several years, I streamed every day, usually for 12 hours straight!

Every year, during the month of January, I take two days off from work to celebrate the anniversary of the first time I ever streamed a video game by replaying the first two games I ever streamed. On January 17th, I play Resident Evil 4, and on January 19th, I play Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.

If you’d like to join me, you can find me at twitch.tv/yanderedev, starting at 12:00 noon in the PST timezone. Even if you only pop in for a few minutes just to say hello, I would be very happy to see you there!

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