Fixing Flaws and Replacing Tedious Mechanics in Yandere Simulator

New build, new video! Check it out:

The change log for this new build is pretty huge! Click “Continue Reading” to see.

Student Council Voices

On May 15th, 2020, I announced that I would be giving voices to the Student Council girls. It took me much longer than expected, but I have finally implemented the voice-acting for their unique lines of dialogue! The Student Council girls now speak in the following situations:

  • Reacting to Yandere-chan running through the halls or walking behind them. (This is what causes them to say “Hmm…”)
  • Shoving Yandere-chan for being too close.
  • Sending Yandere-chan to the Guidence Counselor’s office.
  • Breaking up a fight between Yandere-chan and the delinquents.
  • Finding a corpse.
  • Running to a teacher to report a corpse.
  • Telling a teacher about a corpse on school grounds.
  • Reacting to the mysterious disappearance of a corpse that was present a few moments ago.
  • Realizing that Yandere-chan is a murderer.
  • Pepper-spraying Yandere-chan.

New Features

  • From now on, you no longer need to increase your Strength stat to Level 1 in order to carry corpses;
    you can carry corpses right from the start of the game, without changing any of your stats. The
    Strength stat now determines how quickly you perform the “lifting corpse” animation. A maxed-out
    Strength stat will make the animation go by 2x as fast as normal.
  • There is now a roll of tarp in the first-floor storage room. You can put this tarp underneath a
    corpse before you dismember it. The blood will get on the tarp instead of getting on the ground, and
    Yandere-chan will automatically ball up the tarp afterwards. This means that you can dismember a
    corpse without worrying about mopping up blood afterwards.
  • It is now possible to obtain a box of garbage bags from a storage room (the same room that has the
    wrench.) With a box of garbage bags in your hands, you can conceal a corpse in a garbage bag in
    order to transport it without alarming anyone. Carrying around a garbage bag will be considered
    “suspicious behavior” anytime outside of Cleaning Time.
  • There is now a washing machine in the Home Economics room. You can use this to turn bloody clothing
    into clean clothing. (Note: Any clothing put inside of the washing machine will pop out as a school
    uniform, no matter what type of clothing it was before it was put into the machine. Except for
    gloves, and the raincoat!)
  • It is now possible to trick students into disposing of dismembered limbs for you. Approach a
    dismembered limb while holding a garbage bag box, and you can wrap the limb in a garbage bag. During
    Cleaning Time, students will automatically pick up the trash and dump it into the incinerator for
  • There is now a raincoat in one of the storage rooms. While wearing the raincoat, no blood splatters
    will get on your school uniform. To remove the raincoat, hold down the “1” key, or hold “down” on
    your controller’s D-pad. (The same controls as removing a pair of gloves.)
  • It is now possible to purchase a box of “Bang Snaps” from Info-chan. You can throw these to create a
    distraction a short distance away from you. (There is currently no animation for it, nor any way to
    fine-tune your aim to put the distraction exactly where you want it.)
  • There is now a remote control next to the radio in the Audio-Visual Room. You can use this remote to
    activate the radio from a distance, instead of having to turn on the radio while standing right in
    front of it.
  • It is now possible to unlock the full list of a student’s likes and dislikes using Info-chan’s
    Services menu. (It was previously only possible to unlock Osana’s likes and dislikes.)
  • There is now a new Bounty available. Ryuto’s Bounty is the “Monday Bounty”. After Monday, another
    Student becomes the bounty target.
  • The “Senpai meets Amai” cutscene is now fully animated.


  • Previously, to drown Osana in the school pool on Thursday, it was necessary to complete Gema’s Task
    on Wednesday. This was bad design, because the player would not be able to become aware that it was
    possible to drown Osana until Thursday. This led to situations where players were forced to restart
    the entire week just to perform Gema’s Task on Wednesday. So, from now on, Gema will change his
    appearance immediately after his Task has been completed. This means that you can complete his Task
    on Thursday morning so that the bullies will be distracted at lunchtime of the same day.
  • If you have sabotaged one of Osana’s events, you no longer have to watch the event fail in order for
    it to “count” towards Osana’s rejection. In short, you can simply skip ahead in time using the pink
    portal at Yandere-chan’s desk, or even go straight home, and your act of sabotage will still
    contribute to Osana’s rejection.
  • If you want to eliminate Osana with matchmaking, but don’t want to stick around and watch the
    matchmaking cutscene, you can now simply go straight home as soon as you’ve raised the matchmaking
    bar to 100%, and Osana will count as “eliminated”.
  • Yandere Simulator now takes place in 2022 instead of 2021. The phase of the moon visible in the sky
    during the Stalker mission has been updated according to the actual phase that the moon will be in
    during the first week of April in 2022.
  • This isn’t a new addition to the game, but I just wanted to mention that if the police are on their
    way to school and you don’t want to wait for them to arrive, you can attend class in order to skip
    ahead in time to the police’s arrival.
  • The bullies fear Raibaru, so from now on, they will only bully Osana if Raibaru is not present. (The
    obvious way to accomplish this is to kill Raibaru, but it can also be accomplished by giving Raibaru
    a reputation below -33).
  • From now on, when Raibaru is trying to find Osana, she will travel to the last place where she saw
    Osana, instead of traveling to the place where the player disposed of Osana’s corpse.
  • If you poison Osana’s bento and then skip past lunchtime, she will automatically die of poison. (You
    no longer have to watch her eat poison in order for her death to occur.)
  • Finally added text on the Characters page of the official website for the Bullies, the Science Club,
    the Delinquents, and the Student Council.
  • From now on, the “Reset Week” button will no longer change the school uniforms that you’ve picked
    out for male and female students.
  • Previously, it was impossible to use the Pass Time command while a corpse was on school grounds.
    This is no longer the case.
  • Touched up the appearance of some of the clothing models that are used by the NPCs walking around on
    the street.
  • It is no longer possible to use the “Send Home” command on someone who is wearing a towel and taking
    a shower.
  • The game’s file size should be a bit lower now, and the game’s loading times should be a bit shorter
  • The “fake reaction” feature will no longer be suspicious to someone who is currently guarding a
  • Students now refuse to do tasks for the player if the School Atmosphere is 50 or lower.
  • It is now possible to skip the “Thanks For Playing!” sequence after beating the demo.
  • From now on, if Kokoro stops being a bully, she stops wearing a short skirt.
  • Put some additional props into the gym to prevent pathfinding problems.
  • Updated Kokona’s hair model.
  • Added a new easter egg, Garbage Mode. (Chill out, it took less than 5 minutes to add this one!
    You’ll understand why when you see it.) (It’s activated by the F11 key, so make sure it’s not a
    hotkey for something important before you press it.)

Bug Fixes

  • If you offer food to a student and that student declines your food, you’ll have to wait 10 seconds
    before being able to offer them food again. This is to prevent an exploit where you simply keep a
    student in one spot by repeatedly offering them food.
  • Fixed bug that would make Osana perform her “Talking to Senpai in the morning” event at the same
    time as her “putting bentos on desk” event if the player saved and reloaded during the bento event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a corpse to disappear if the player attempted to dispose of a corpse with
    the incinerator while dragging it, after the corpse had been hidden inside of a locker.
  • Fixed bug that caused the school to hold a memorial for all students who died on a given day, even
    if only one corpse was discovered that day, and all other corpses had been disposed of.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a student from going to a locker room to change their clothing if they were
    splashed with water after being told to “Go Away”.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from acknowledging that the player had failed the Amai Challenge
    if a corpse was discovered during the challenge.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to use the “speed up time” command to make Yandere-chan gaze at a
    photograph of Senpai while crouching or crawling.
  • Fixed bug that caused Osana’s “walking to school with Senpai” cutscene to play even if the player
    had eliminated Osana via ruining her reputation.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from acknowledging successful sneak panty shots if the
    player’s previous photograph had been a bounty shot.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in Yandere-chan becoming permanently suspicious if she was sent to the
    guidance counselor for taking a Sneak Panty Shot.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to freeze permanently if the player reported Osana to the counselor,
    then caused the police to come to school.
  • Fixed bug that would occur if the player stood under the confession tree until 6:00 PM in order to
    block Osana from confessing to her suitor.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Hint Available” pop-up from leaving the screen if it was onscreen
    while the player was spotted by a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to skip Osana’s week by getting suspended twice and then skipping
    to Saturday from the Calendar screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Kokoro from appearing correctly in your basement if she was kidnapped after
    the other 5 bullies had been killed.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to control Yandere-chan at the Heartbroken screen if she was
    spotted by Senpai while in Six Mode.
  • Attemped to fix bug that would make students’ mouths and busts deform in strange ways when the
    quality settings were set to “Low”.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to drown Osana on the rooftop on Thursday if you attempted to
    sabotage her phone alarm and failed.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible for teachers / student council members to see corpses through
    bathroom walls with x-ray vision.
  • Fixed bugs that prevented the correct Demo Checklist icons from being unlocked when eliminating
    Osana with certain methods.
  • Fixed bug that caused trash cans to think that there was an item in Yandere-chan’s hands even when
    her hands were empty.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to use the “Skip Day” feature from the Calendar screen from
    Thursday onwards.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to “Sneak Panty Shot” or “Fake Reaction” while holding/dragging a
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to use the “Send Home” feature on a mind-broken slave, or a rival
  • Fixed bug that made the pool’s water not display when looking through Yandere-chan’s phone camera.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the ABC Challenge from ending if the player was caught by a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that made Nemesis get stuck when attempting to climb the stairs in the gym.
  • Fixed bug that caused SNAP Mode to freeze if the player stood still for a long time.
  • Fixed bug that made the incinerator not work properly after reloading a save.
  • Fixed bug that could make clothing become permanently stuck in trash cans.
  • Moved light switches that were accidentally placed on top of windows.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Empty Demon” from being summoned.
  • Fixed bug that made the credits not able to display properly.

Quick Shout-Out

This is the bucket that has been in Yandere Simulator for almost 7 years, first added to the game in 2014:

As you can see, it actually had no texture; it was simply using a solid color and the default Unity shader. But, now…

It has an actual texture! Observe the lighting around the rim and the improved shading, not to mention the fact that the water is no longer a solid color, either!

In the latest build, you’ll notice a bunch of little aesthetic improvements like that. There are now some hedge arches to the walkway leading up to school, and many of the game’s oldest models – such as the mop, the bucket, and the lockers – have new textures.

These changes wouldn’t have been possible without help from a volunteer named David_00! In fact, David_00 also modeled the roll of tarp, the washing machine, and the remote control! I’m so thankful for David_00’s contributions, and I hope that they will continue to touch up old models and bring them from 2014 into 2021! Thank you so much for your help, David_00!!

What’s Next?

To be perfectly honest, I’m in an unusual spot right now.

Every year, I have always had extremely clear goals to work toward. My first goal was “Implement all elimination methods.” When that was done, my goal became “Implement all pre-Osana checklist items.” After that, my goal became “Implement Osana.” Each of these goals were comprised of a series of smaller sub-goals…but that was never a problem. I always knew exactly what needed to be done to complete my current objective, and I always moved straight from one goal to the next.

However, my next goal is nebulous; it’s vague, it’s hazy, and it’s difficult to define the exact criteria for it. It’s “Prepare to launch the crowdfunding campaign,” and I can tell you exactly why it’s unlike any of my previous objectives.

As usual, I have a series of sub-goals to accomplish: Design the page, decide the rewards, create the announcement video, etc. Each of these are relatively simple tasks that won’t give me very much trouble. However, the most critical sub-goal is “Determine the right time to launch the campaign.” In other words, “Launch the campaign once you feel that it’s likely to succeed,” and that’s a tremendously difficult task for several reasons:

For one thing, it’s not reasonable to expect people to fund a video game in the middle of a global health crisis that has left millions of people in financially unstable positions. “Just wait until the pandemic is over” is the obvious advice, but what if it it lasts for another year? Several years? What if it never ends, and this is the new normal? Maybe I shouldn’t bother to wait for it to end.

Aside from that, there is something else to consider. When the crowdfunding campaign launches, people will download the demo to judge whether or not Yandere Simulator is a game worth supporting. If the demo is in an unsatisfactory state at that point in time, then few people will be interested in funding the game. So, perhaps I should spend some more time polishing and refining the demo – but for how long, exactly? I could probably keep making various improvements for several more months, but at what point do I say “Okay, it’s good enough” and stop making changes?

Even with all that said, I haven’t even mentioned the most important factor of all. It’s the elephant-in-the-room that I almost never acknowledge…the fact that my reputation has been smeared by clickbait drama YouTubers who have made countless career-ending false accusations about me. There are actually people in the world who genuinely believe that Yandere Sim is made of stolen assets, or that I spend all day reading e-mails, or that I want to abolish the age of consent, or that I fired a tinyBuild programmer, or that I “threatened suicide” when someone started developing a similar game. None of these statements are remotely true, and I’ve spoken out against the false accusations numerous times, but nobody ever cares what I have to say in my defense. If the truth is boring, nobody will listen. But if a fictitious narrative is entertaining, everyone will adopt it.

As long as literally millions of people have been tricked into believing that I’m a scam artist pedophile, the crowdfunding campaign’s chance of success is probably zero. As a result, “Debunk all misinformation and restore my reputation” might be a mandatory requirement before launching the crowdfunding campaign. But, I really don’t want to spend my time creating hour-long videos where I go point-by-point down the list of every single accusation and narrative, explaining why each one is false. I don’t want to spend my time discrediting clickbait drama YouTubers; I just want to develop a video game. But, there’s no point in developing a game that nobody is going to support because they’ve all been tricked into believing false things about the developer. So, I may not have a choice in the matter.

The worst part is, it’s entirely possible that I could upload hours’ worth of video footage debunking every single false accusation, and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. If you enjoy thinking of someone as a villain, then you’re going to keep doing so, even if everything you believe about them is objectively wrong. The Anti-YandereDev narrative allows people to feel justified in various forms of harassment. If those people ever acknowledge that they were tricked by clickbait YouTubers, then they would lose their justification to abuse me and mistreat me. They would lose one of their punching bags, and that wouldn’t be any fun for them. There is literally no benefit to acknowledging that everything they believe about me is fictional. So, they won’t ever face the truth; they will continue believing in whatever they need to believe in, in order to feel justified in treating me the way they enjoy treating me.

It’s a crappy situation to be in, and it’s hard to find the motivation to keep pushing forward. It’s difficult to say what I’ll work on next, what the next update will be about, or when to expect the crowdfunding campaign. For a little while, I’m probably just going to focus on fixing bugs and improving the user experience. I can tell you that I’m going to unveil something cool on February 5th, but it’s hard to see much further into the future past that point.

All I can say is that I’m grateful that you’ve stuck with me thus far, and that I’m happy you’re still following the development of Yandere Simulator.

118 thoughts on “Fixing Flaws and Replacing Tedious Mechanics in Yandere Simulator

  1. Why do you even bother bringing up drama… again, Dev? As you said, haters will hate, loyalists will remain loyal. And people who are on the fence and out of touch are probably better off without drama being brought to their attention to begin with. Like, c’mon this is paranoia at this point.

    • I think it his fear of having his game fail not because he lacked skill but because some jackasses want to spread rumors, imagine being so close to reaching your dream and it possibly ruined by your haters

    • EXACTLY. Bringing up Drama doesn’t helped at all. Everyone came to this Blogpost to see updates on Yandere Simulator. Nobody came to see yet another chunk of text from the debunk page. He had literally no reason to bring it up, but he did.

      • Not fair to say he didn’t have a reason to bring it up. It’s a reasonable concern when thinking about the stuff that needs to be done before a crowd funding campaign can be launched. Its sad he has to continuously mention it just in case, but I do think at this point people won’t change their minds or opinions. If they care enough, they’ll look for the debunk thread which is pretty easy to find. Be nice though, put yourself in his shoes.

  2. If a teacher is told there’s a corpse and sees trash bags where the body supposedly was, wouldn’t it make sense for her to open the bags to check? It would add an incentive to prepare for disposing of evidence before killing anyone, and it would balance the trash bag feature a little bit

  3. I’m glad you’re acknowledging that it’s pointless to try and convince people you’re not the person all of this drama makes you out to be. Giving them any more attention will just feed the flames more, just like every other time you had to address it. Despite the large amount of hate others hold towards you, yandere simulator itself is a popular game, and you still have many supporters. It has lost a lot of hype that it once had, but thousands of people play it still. I’m sure many people will donate money, and the game’s future is looking promising to me. It’s okay to lose motivation and hope sometimes, and we all know you deserve a break. Just don’t give up, and good luck!

  4. Hey Yandere Dev. I am happy to see that you are updating the game and improving it, there’s some minor things that I’m curious about.
    1.) So in the student profile why does Kokona not have a crush on Riku like he does for her. I know she is no longer a rival but I always thought they could have a nice relationship. Is there a lore reason?
    2.) Speaking of relationships, do you plan on giving the other student relationships (not rivals and suitors) like possibly best friends (Kokona and Saki) or have crushes/boyfriend and girlfriend (Pippi and Ryuto).
    3.) Also on the discussion before with the student profiles, will you give the teachers and the nurse additional information like the rest of the characters cause I noticed they are the only ones to not have any info.
    4.) I thought of a nice little idea/detail why not give everyone in the gaming club a different colored phones like Ryuto can have a red one, Pippi and Mai can have a pink one, and Gema can have an orange phone. Since they are the only other characters having the phone addict persona like the bullies.
    5.) Do you plan on furnishing up all the rooms in the school since that are empty (Home Economics, Workshop, English Classroom and the Biology Lab) before the crowdfunding begins? Also is there any rooms you want to update?

    • 1) It will be one-sided at first, until you start the matchmaking process, and cause Kokona to gradually develop feelings for him.

      2) Most likely in the future, yes.

      3) Oh, I forgot about them…sure, in the future, I probably will.

      4) Details like this aren’t a high priority right now.

      5) Depends on if I can find people to assist me.

  5. I have an idea for a new feature? What if when the rival is matched with a suitor, it brings the atmosphere back up 5-10%?

  6. i was trying to burn osana with the candle and the bucket of gasoline but the candle wasn’t burning her
    can you please fix this?

  7. Also I can’t complete the direct kill for some reason I tried killing her in the plaza with no else there when she was reading the book senpai gave her to read, I did the neck snapping and I tried to kill her on the rooftop but it won’t let me choose the stalkers and blackmail option its just questions for that one and I did the phone call like 10 times and I didn’t complete it at all… Is it supposed to be like that?

  8. Just got out of school and read this! I updating my game right now! So excited for the update! You’ve come so far YandereDev! Have a nice day/night! Bye! (I used a lot of exclamation marks. I just can’t help it! I so excited! :D)

  9. The Bang Snaps seem kind of silly to me. I think it would be easier if Yandere-chan gets a program on her phone to hack the PA system remotely. The only way to turn it off is to go to the broadcasting room or to switch off the nearest speaker manually. Perhaps students would be required to turn off a speaker or go to the broadcasting room if they realize the PA system is being messed with. That would probably be easier for Yandere-chan. The moment she turns on a speaker, everyone’s attention goes away from her and to the PA system.
    But that’s just my two cents. Feel free to ignore it if you want.
    Good luck, Yandere Dev. Looking forward to the announcement on the 5th.

  10. I think that you should improve the game a little bit then do the crowdfunding campaign but you don’t really need to fix it up because the game is amazing and I know other people think so

  11. I have an idea for Amai one of the ways to eliminate her is like the Osana house elimination but for Amai her parents are loosing their bakery and amai needs help…… that’s all I got for now

  12. you really should release a full response video. i understand that you have already done a few responses on your blog/website, but people tend to ignore writing.
    i’m reminded of the pyrocynical situation a few months back. when he released a reddit post explaining the situation it worked at first, until another youtuber made a video about him with false allegations. it didn’t matter that his points were already debunked, people tend to trust videos over written formats.
    when pyro made his video response, he pretty much regurgitated what his reddit post said but everyone accepted it. i really think your best bet is making a video debunking all the claims you can, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your development too much.
    keep up the good work!

  13. What if you changed the “change persona” feature in the game to make it have more of a reason to exist? I don’t remember the last time I saw a youtuber use that feature, if at all.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t even give that much of a benefit. Maybe if it were 5 reputation points for complimenting in a different persona?

    • Yeah, I honestly forgot it was a feature. I think it’d be interesting for certain personas to be needed in order to interact with certain characters. Some sort of pros/cons for each would be cool.

  14. An idea for the Music Club since the members practice while they’re spread around the school. Ayano can use the keyboard to record herself practicing music and take it with her to cover the sound of her victim screaming and the sound of the electric saw. I think each club should give you a unique way to kill someone, dispose of the body or cover it up, and cause a distraction. (The Music Club can give you access to the keyboard, an old broken speaker we could use to hide a body before it’s thrown out, guitar string for garroting victim, and the radio – let’s face it who else would have one.) Even when a club is disbanded some of the items can be put in storage and having been a member of the club at one point would give us the knowledge to use them. Dragging a corpse faster is possible if you have Ayano with her back to the corpse and drag the body by both of its legs. She could even drag the corpse in the tarp. The bang snaps do seem a bit silly so maybe, since we can plant hidden microphones, maybe mini hidden speaker from Info chan?

    • I don’t want to give the science club any more benefits but it’d be cool to have a remote control mini speaker that can move to any location and make noise has to be in range to the character obviously. Like an RC car that makes a jingle.

  15. Hey, Yandere Dev, I got my game working but I’ve come to another bunch of bugs. They all have to do with the flame demon. I know that isn’t exactly one of your highest priorities. While you can get the flame demon, I’ve found these bugs; You can’t shoot fire from hands, if you giggle you giggle forever on loop, when you hit shift to move faster your character bugs out when moving, if you equip knife and put it away your hand looks as if you’re still holding it, and finally, when you pick up a body you can’t put it down. I did this during the Amai challenge.

  16. What makes logical sense is that Gema does not change immediately after you complete his task. Instead he changes when you leave the room or something.

  17. For the song hello I honestly can think of animations that are already in the game to be shown as a montage as the song is playing. You can see the lyrics are a teensy bit weird and almost sudden when you think about it. But the creepy factor is obscured by this ever catchy tune!

  18. hi yanderedev, i wanted to tell you that in the latest build 1/28/2021 the flame demon easter egg every time you press ctrl you laugh instead of thowing flames and the pain demon ritual does not work when you put 10 arms in the circle.

  19. “Updated Kokona’s hair model.”??? Kokona had the same hairstyle since 2016 and that one was said to be permanent. I don’t get it!

    • He’s talking about Kokona’s hair at the street where you see her in causal clothes and going on a date with an older man.

  20. I think honestly, while of course the pandemic is still going on and for who knows how long, people are in a way better position now financially than before, and with tax season coming up(and maybe some stock market influence), I think a lot of people will be willing to spare some money on a now. It might be better to post sooner than later, since the later you wait the more people who get impatient and lose interest.

    Also, I feel like there’s not much else you can say about the gross people sending threats and harassment and believing false narratives. The majority just wants to be mean. Thats all there is to it. I think the best you can do is continue to link/share the explanation post for the misconceptions and hope unsure people will take a second to read through(unless clickbait drama youtubers want to apologize and clear up the misunderstandings which is probably a big no.) I do think there’s probably a lot more people than you think who are willing to donate to the campaign as well. I have a lot of hope for the future of the game!! I know you can do it!

  21. Hey yandere dev,i was see you add the washing machine,that is good but if you add art clothing in the washing machine,he was get you school uniform,so new ver can flx to all clothing can wash and get is original costume

  22. Believe it or not, the tiny improvements are things I’ve been wanting for two years XD
    Like how the Reset Week doesn’t reset uniforms anymore.
    I can’t wait to download the new build !!
    Also, I don’t think you should worry too much about the people who ruined your reputation
    I know they’re not easy to ignore but it’s just going to pull you down the drain even more and we don’t want you to suffer.
    soooooooooo yeah I think you should rely more on totally newcomers, who just like the game and will play the game itself, without caring what people say about you

  23. 🤔 hmm…. very interesting changes, fixes, and additions! I’ve honestly been following the development of Yandere simulator since the beginning, and I’m very interested in seeing what comes next for the game. I don’t have a computer to play the game, and I can’t play it because my sight isn’t good enough. However, I really enjoy watching YouTubers play the game. Keep up the great work!

  24. Dear Yandere Dev,
    this new build is a really creative improvement on annoying things, but I still think there are many little things that hold the demo back.
    For example Ayano is way to depended on Info-Chan, for many things you need her help, I think it would be more fun to get a the items in another way, having a type of assistant or partner that can help you is not a bad idea, I just think needing her for many elimination methods gets boring if you just do the same thing over and over.
    And that’s not all, the way schemes work is also boring. If you don’t know how the eliminations work, then you’re almost required to use schemes, because the eliminations are so detailed they’re basically impossible to be found out on your own. And it’s no fun getting the way how to do anything spoiled. You would just follow a tutorial.
    I think the solution to this problem is giving the player more time to examine the school, if I remember there was the idea of an orientation day, I think that should be implemented before the crowd funding campaign starts, along with making the schemes not too detailed. I don’t even think it has to be too elaborate, just implementing it before the crowd founding campaign is necessary, so no one gets bored because of repetitive game play.
    But anyway I still enjoyed the new build, keep doing your best.

  25. I posted about this on the YouTube video, but I’ll point out something I do in the USA that could be strange enough to use in the game as a distraction technique. My dad and I shoot Pop-Its, (these are much smaller and more portable then Snap-Bangs – so you’re less likely to hurt yourself with them), and shoot them at stop signs every 4th of July using sport sling-shots to celebrate the holiday.

    Sure, Snap-Bangs could work at a short distance, but what if you want to distract someone to a farther location (like to another hallway)? Well, Sports Club could even double as an Archery Club, so you’d have a sports sling-shot and Pop-Its to practice with and it wouldn’t even seem weird.

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