Senpai, It’s Cold Outside

Merry Christmas, everyone!

This year’s yandere-themed Christmas parody is based on the 1944 classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”! I hope you enjoy it!

And with that, my 7-day-long upload streak comes to an end. This was the last video that I wanted to upload before returning 100% of my attention to development. Time to dive back into the game!

I’m happy to say that watching people play the Amai Challenge has provided me with exactly the kind of data I was hoping for! Over the past couple of days, I’ve witnessed players using stealth, caution, and strategy, instead of simply pulling up a Scheme and following every step on a checklist. It’s so satisfying to see players planning things out ahead of time, carefully hiding bodies, and cautiously peeking around corners. That’s exactly what the gameplay was always supposed to be like! It’s been a very hard-hitting reminder of what I was originally envisioning for the game, and where I should be focusing my attention on development.

The experience has also shown me several more bugs, exploits, and game design flaws, which I’ll be addressing as soon as I can. Look forward to a bug-fixing build in the near future!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

P.S. – Please check out this amazing video that Victorialand created, based on last year’s Christmas song!

101 thoughts on “Senpai, It’s Cold Outside

  1. I have a suggestion! If a character calls the cops, and other characters also contact the cops afterwards, then the police will arrive much faster, so the player has to carefully hide bodies and clean up blood if they want to have time to get rid of evidences that link Ayano to a crime (like bloody clothing, bloody weapons, restore sanity, etc).

    • Good idea but the police can’t come faster if they are actually coming
      If they take 5 minutes to come, even if more students call them, they will still be at the same place and can’t just jump to the school because it’s more urgent
      I don’t know if you understand what I mean I’m french so maybe I said it bad lmao

  2. YandereDev, I found a bug. If you hide a corpse in one of the lockers on the first floor, then take the corpse out of the locker and try to dispose of it, it won’t be disposed of properly. Yandere-chan will look like she’s dumping an invisible corpse, and when the disposal method is activated/used, the body just teleports somewhere. If you use the incinerator, it shows up by the area where Osana takes her phone call. If you use the vat of acid in the Science Club, it just floats above the roof. If you use the woodchipper in the Gardening Club, the body ends up in the wall between the counselor’s office and the stairs. Burying a corpse didn’t seem to cause any strange effects though.

    • How strange…I attempted to replicate this bug, but it wouldn’t happen for me.

      Is there an extremely precise set of steps that results in this bug happening? Because “Kill student, put corpse in locker, remove corpse, put corpse in incinerator” didn’t result in a bug…

      • Huh…I started a new game, and now I can’t get it to happen either. If it helps any, the first time it happened, I doused Osana in water, then killed her and hid her in the locker once she had changed to her gym uniform. Also, I went to class my first few attempts with this glitch. Maybe that somehow messed things up? Sorry I can’t be of more help.

        On an unrelated note, I also found that if you complete Info-chan’s bounty, you aren’t able to send her any panty shots afterwards. She just says, “You’ve already completed this bounty.”

  3. just curious you don’t have to answer but after yandere simulator is finished and you’ve moved on to another project will you still call yourself Yandere Dev?

    • It depends. The only two options I see are:

      1. Use the name “YandereDev” forever

      2. After Yandere Sim is finished, abandon the name “YandereDev” and return under a different name, and never let anyone hear my voice or connect my new name to “YandereDev”.

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