When Will Yandere Simulator Be Finished? When’s The Crowdfunding Campaign? When’s Amai?

Update: Oops! The new build that I uploaded had the .exe in the wrong place, so the game wouldn’t run. I’ve re-uploaded the build with the .exe in the right place. Please download the latest build to play the game without having to mess with the location of the .exe. Sorry about that!

Out of all the videos I’ll be uploading in December, this is the most important one. This video answers a lot of questions:

  • What’s the criteria for completing a rival?
  • How quickly can new rivals be added to the game?
  • What is missing in order to add more rivals to the game?
  • Why does Yandere Simulator need a crowdfunding campaign?
  • What will be the stretch goals for the crowdfunding campaign?
  • What will happen if the crowdfunding campaign fails?
  • What does YandereDev need to do before launching the crowdfunding campaign?
  • Why doesn’t YandereDev just use his Patreon money to hire a team?
  • How much of the money raised through the Crowdfunding campaign will go to YandereDev?
  • What year will Yandere Simulator be released in?
  • When will YandereDev launch the crowdfunding campaign?
  • When will Amai be finished?
  • Will there be any more “Challenges” like the Amai Challenge?
  • What will YandereDev be focusing on at this point?

This is probably one of the most informative videos I’ve ever made! To be perfectly honest with you…I re-wrote, re-recorded, and re-edited this video 5 times because I was always dissatisfied with it and always wanted to go back and add more information / clarification. I’m finally happy with it, though (for now!) and I really hope that you enjoy it!

Okay, with that out of the way, I have to admit something:

I screwed up really bad yesterday!!!

The “Amai Challenge” was accidentally released with a critical flaw: It was possible to talk to Amai! This was completely unintentional. That was never part of my plan for the Challenge. The player is not meant to be able to talk with Amai while she’s busy operating a bake sale. If you think about it, realistically, a person who is busy selling baked goods is not going to drop everything they’re doing to chat with you. It was always my plan that Amai would simply reply with, “Sorry, I can’t talk right now” if the player tried to talk to her. However, I released the Challenge without this feature, so nobody experienced the Challenge as intended. What a terrible blunder! I feel so bad about it!

In the final game, every rival will, of course, have circumstances that prevent “Befriend her and ask her to follow you someplace private” from being a valid strategy without putting in some work first. Sometimes you’ll have to deal with a group of followers first (like Kizana), sometimes the rival will have overwhelming strength (like Osoro), and sometimes it’ll be something completely different (like Hanako). The player will always have to solve a “puzzle” (like getting rid of Raibaru) before making a rival become vulnerable. The experience will be different for each rival, but it should never be as easy as just talking to her repeatedly, or befriending her and then leading her somewhere within the first few minutes of the game.

If you spoke with Amai in order to complete the Challenge, you didn’t get the intended experience, and I didn’t get any meaningful data from watching you. I’m very sorry! I really hope that you’ll download the new build that I’ve released today and try it again.

On that note, click “Continue Reading” to learn what has changed in the latest build!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • It is no longer possible to talk with Amai during the Amai Challenge; this simulates what it would actually be like to attempt to eliminate her the final game.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the buttons at the bottom of the screen from updating properly when the player exited the Schedule menu.
  • Fixed bug that caused Itachi’s armband to clip into his arm after he changed into his swimming trunks.
  • It is now possible to dispose of bloody weapons and uniforms in the vat of acid in the Science Club.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to open the Schedule screen while inside of Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Updated the flowers that replace blood graphics when the player has chosen to censor blood.
  • Fixed bug at the title screen that prevented the “Extras” menu option from doing anything.
  • Fixed the audio de-synchronization issue with disposing of corpses in the vat of acid.
  • Fixed bug at the title screen that prevented the player from accessing the Credits.
  • Disabled the “Vote for Megami!” props that were accidentally left in the build.

55 thoughts on “When Will Yandere Simulator Be Finished? When’s The Crowdfunding Campaign? When’s Amai?

  1. I like the Amai Challenge but I feel like Amai should spend a lot of time with Senpai cheering him up in the final game, and also I noticed a bug. Osana still talks to Senpai on Monday of Amai’s week.

    • I have a idea for the students and world building. As you walk around the school you hear students talking about rumors and theories about other characters and charecters outside school like the saikou organization and the stories around the schools history and other things like that and this can be a opportunity to show a bit of personality with the characters talking about them as they can share their thoughts on it and also students can talk about public events in the story that students can talk about but anyways hope you like that idea I feel like this can be a improvement upon to know the characters and to give the school a bit more life to it

  2. Do you think you could make a video talking about Japanese cultural differences? As an American, I’m puzzled at many of the ways you’ve depicted this high school. Do Japanese students really take baths instead of showers after gym class? Is the gymnasium typically a separate building on school grounds? Why are all the lockers just inside the front door rather than along the hallways? Why do they change their shoes when they enter school — is that some kind of Japanese culture thing? Why is there no cafeteria — just a small room with a few vending machines? Is the roof of a Japanese school really a social gathering place for students? An occult club??? Seriously??? An occult club?!?!

    • There are answers to your questions already. The changing shoes is, indeed, a real thing that students do in Japan. There is a scripted event in-game where two characters having a conversation actually explain why there is an occult club allowed at school. There is a small cafeteria, it’s outdoors. There are lockers along the hallways. They are used to store bodies. The locker rooms in-game currently contain showers, not baths. But yes, the previous appearance of the locker room (before it was changed to showers) resembles what they look like in real life. I don’t know about the gymnasium part, but I’ve always assumed it was either an artistic choice, or just part of YanDev’s vision for the game.

      (If anyone has any corrections please let me know. I’m answering based on my own knowledge and what I’ve heard from my friend’s experience as an exchange student in Japan)

      • I am Japanese.
        I am not very skilled at English. I am writing this email using Google Translate.

        It is common in Japanese schools that the gymnasium is a separate building. I don’t even take a bath after class (at least I haven’t seen it).
        In reality, many Japanese school rooftops cannot be entered to prevent danger. However, the rooftop is often open in anime. Occult clubs can only be found in anime.
        The enormous power of the Student Organization members is also unique to anime.
        School incinerators are now rarely used for environmental reasons. However, it often remains unremoved.

      • I am Japanese.I am not very skilled at English. I am writing this email using Google Translate.

        It is common in Japanese schools that the gymnasium is a separate building. I can’t even take a bath after class (at least I haven’t seen it).
        In reality, many Japanese school rooftops cannot be entered to prevent danger. However, the rooftop is often open in anime. Occult clubs and student organizations with immense power are also common in anime.
        Incinerators are rarely used today due to environmental concerns, but they are often left unremoved.

    • Hi! I’m a Japanese student so I guess I can answer some of your questions! Please understand that this is going to be off my personal experience and what I feel is the norm for Japanese schools, so there may be cases where it’s different from my experiences.

      1. Gym Class
      No, we usually don’t take baths after gym class (at least, not in any of the schools I’ve been to ). However, there was a small shower station that could allow maybe 1~2 people to shower right next to the pool in my elementary school, so having just a shower station is not implausible, though it definitely wouldn’t be as big or be a separate building. We do take baths very regularly though.

      2. Gymnasium
      The only thing I can say about the location of a gymnasium in a school is that it depends on the school. The school I go to is very small, so the gymnasium is attached to it, but I’ve seen plenty of other schools that have it in a separate building as well. It’s more of a matter of space and how much the school values sports than a cultural thing, I feel.

      3. Lockers
      For this, the game is sort of interesting because it combines the lockers with our shoeboxes, or “下駄箱”(geta-bako) as we call them in Japan. Usually a student is assigned both a locker (which is usually in the hallways of classrooms) and a smaller shoebox where we can store our outside shoes/indoor shoes. The reason we change our shoes is because we don’t want to make the classroom dirty with mud and other things we may have picked up on our way to school. There may be a cultural aspect to this as well, since we usually take our shoes off when we enter houses or apartments. The indoor shoes we wear are called “上履き”(uwa-baki), in case you wanted to know.)

      4. Cafeteria
      This varies the most between schools, since between private and public schools (and maybe even public schools?), lunches in Japan differ greatly. Public schools up to middle school offer school lunches, as they are part of compulsory education, but from high school and onwards it generally depends on the school. Most private and public schools from high school onwards ask students to bring their own bentos, but we mostly eat in the classroom, or any other eating spaces (if available) with our friends. There are schools with no cafeterias, and there are schools with a huge cafeteria with tons of places to eat. I think it’s a matter of space, the amount of people in the school, and the budget the school has.

      5. Rooftop
      The rooftop differs greatly in schools, since there are differences such as 1) whether it’s accessible to students or not, and 2) how big it is, whether it’s just barebones or it’s populated with some stuff. If it’s open all the time, it might attract some students, but the way the students interact with it probably differs greatly depending on the school and the students themselves. I can see it being used like it is in the game though, if that was your question.

      6. Occult club
      Many schools have a great variety of clubs, though it does depend on how strict/loose the teachers are. I’ve personally never encountered one myself, but honestly I wouldn’t be that surprised. I’d be more curious as to how they got enough people to join it. One thing that does intrigue me a little is whether there are teachers that monitor the club’s activities like they do in real schools though.

      Hope I answered some of your questions!

    • The “Fridge Brilliance” section of TV Trope’s Yandere Simulator page has answers to a few other aspects, if you’re curious.

    • Also, schools in Japan generally don’t have cafeterias because they’d eat in their own homeroom.
      And like Erisan said, some schools have their gyms seperate. The school I went to had this 🙂

    • I think the Basu sisters talk about the Occult Club on the first day. They talk about how the Headmaster wants more people to attend his school so he made the dress codes and some rules more flexible and laid-back. “That’s we’re allowed to wear accessories, use makeup, and bring our phones to school. The Headmaster’s new policy is to provide students with as much freedom as reasonably possible…and that’s probably why he authorized the Occult Club.” This explains the Occult Club.

    • I am Canadian. And I can say that from kindergarten to grade 12, the shoe thing was the thing to do. You got you outdoor shoes and your indoor shoes. Don’t Americans change their shoes if they wear boots inside during the winter? During high school I don’t actually remember if we had outdoor and indoor shoes or just regular shoes and gym shoes. That is to say, what we called them in our day-to-day lives in school. Of course if you wore loafers to school they wouldn’t be good at running in gym class. But I do remember before high school there was always outdoor and indoor shoes.

      We take our shoes off when we go inside our houses are other peoples houses including apartments. A lot of people have placemats and/or shelves to put them in.

      Quite frankly why DON’T you do that?! Ugh! I can just imagine all the dirt and dust you track inside! That’s not very fair for the householder if you’re visiting someone, for your parents at your own home nor for the custodians at school who clean the floors. Like I can imagine all the people who’d yell at me for it.
      On TV regardless of country, people do walk in shoes in their homes most of the time which I just realised is quite odd. That’s not to say there aren’t any tv shows where a character DOESN’T wear footwear indoors.

      Now the high school I went to, you walked into the foyer, and like 30 to 40 feet in front of you there is a wall with a Display behind glass you can turn left or right. If you turn left the wall with the display on it comes to an end and the hallway opens up on the right, and vice versa if you turn right. The “hallway” on one side depending on which way you turned are all the lockers. But like they’re not along the wall. I don’t know how to describe it properly but basically there are a series of walls that go horizontally, like for instance if you turn the left of the display and then turn right into the hallway, looking to your right you will see lockers that are essentially on the opposite side of the display, another set of lockers are facing them across from them in the direction down the hallway. Those lockers are part of the wall which has an opposite side with lockers there too. And so on and so forth. However the other schools in my District School board have pretty normal lockers there just attached to the walls in the hallway.

      I have seen a middle school in America in real life, and other types of schools in many many countries with a separate gym building on tv. The local catholic secondary school here has one.

      • Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas, us American’s do change our shoes, but only during winter when we track in snow. We don’t do it if we don’t wear snow boots, we just wear our normal shoes. It’s super annoying because it’s always wet when it was snowing out. but in middle school and high school we use our lockers so we’d have to walk into the school first which is making all of the halls dirty. In elementary school we have “cubbies” where its just like a space with wooden like lockers except open, and we hang our backpacks and change our shoes and put them underneath the cubby. It’s very uncomfortable because it’s so cramped, and kids steal from other’s backpacks without anybody seeing…

      • @//wxfflezoned\\ I see. Well! It’s hard to remember, but, see from kindergarten to grade 3 I was in one school. I know we used cubbies in kindergarten but I’m trying to remember if I used cubbies (yes we know what they are!) for grade 1 and grade 2. I can’t remember. In grade 3 i was in a portable. One of three outside the school. But on school property, you know? Classroom size. Anyways I doubt are used cubbies in grades one and two most likely I use the same as I did in grade 3 which was a roll of hooks with the long shelf on top that we put our stuff on top like footwear and of course our backpacks go on the hooks.

        If I stayed at that school I think I would’ve gone to lockers at that point. Or wait..: did I use lockers in first and second grade?? I forget. From grades 4 to 6 I was transferred to another school for French immersion, and it was hooks and shelves again. I went to a different school for grade 7 to 8. Oh and I must say that this wasn’t a compulsory thing, I switched schools on my own accord for better programs. There are elementary schools which are K to five. But most schools which are called public schools that are K-8 in 1 building. Some schools even have K to 12 and one building but those are not as common. My mom went to a 6-9 or 7-10 building called North Hastings Senior Elementary School but I don’t remember anyway it’s important important, sorry I’m rambling.

        Anyway! So yeah in grade 7 and eight I had regular lockers just like I did in high school. At home and at school we are told to change our shoes not just for snow but for regular old dirt too.

  3. I hope the crowdfunding campaign is a success. Would love to play as a male protagonist & have a female senpai. I would support you & hope YouTubers will help you out as well. To that, I wish you a good luck with my support. 😉👍

  4. I don’t know if you still watch Jay’s videos to see the kind of bugs he encounters, but there was a weird glitch with burying bodies where the body parts would just teleport outside of the garden area when they were set down, same with other items. Also, I don’t remember if this is a thing, but I think it would be helpful to hide evidence in the instrument case aside from just bodies, such as stained clothes or weapons, but I understand if you think that would make things too easy.

  5. Yandere dev I know that you are focusing on the rivals but I have a question
    are you going to show us the past of student council just like the delinquents?

  6. *Incest Osana.* I nearly died laughing!
    And I get where you’re coming from with crowdfunding. I’m working with some other authors to put together a horror anthology, and we’re likely going to need to crowdfund to raise the budget. We’re running through a lot of the same questions you are, just with a book instead of a video game.
    Anyway, good luck, dude. Hope development continues to progress, and Happy Holidays!

  7. I downloaded today’s build, and the MonoBleedingEdge folder is missing. Also, when I try to run the game, I get an error that says there is no YandereSimulator_Data folder, even though there is.

  8. I do have a question and I am so sorry if it has been answered, but I haven’t seen it. Will the other rivals be released one by one like with Osana or are the next nine all going to be released at the same time when the game is complete?

  9. Yandere Dev! I found a bug. If you make senpai bald then eliminate Osana on saturday in the cutscene with Amai Senpai’s head would look glitchy and weird.

  10. Oh god Yanderedev speedrunning videos.
    Who’s gonna stop him?
    Oh god nobody can stop him.

    Oh god oh fuck.

    Yanderedev has been grinding his stat points for the past few years and has now spent them all on speed!

    He’s Unstoppable!

  11. I think you should be able to talk to Amai. Short chats between cashier and customer can happen.
    Maybe you need to buy a cookie, before you can talk to her? 😉 Or only, if she is not currently selling something 🙂

    • Yeah, I thought about that as well. Perhaps instead of saying she can’t talk right now, she asks “Did anything catch your eye?” or “Can I help you?”

  12. *Fixed bug at the title screen that prevented the “Extras” menu option from doing anything.
    Out of all the updates in this build, that’s the best one. I NEEDED IT. I WAS TRYNA USE POSE MODE.

  13. Be interesting to see some kinda sprinklers system implemented to get other students wet/run away from a certain area to avoid it, or be able to set small fires somewhere, and ppl would either run away from the area if there aren’t sprinklers that’d put it out, or like, the ‘braver’ students would get the fire extinguishers and use them on a fire

  14. The one thing that currently makes me uncomfortable with supporting the game are the frame rate / mouse sensitivity control issues I have had on this system with the last version of the demo I played (the original Osana release.) This results in a demo that leaves me uncertain if I would enjoy the final product, strengthened by a general lack of surety that such issues would be addressed — particularly as this system is not as modern as most.

  15. I’ve done bake sales and oh boy theta re boring. Amai would certainly be able to talk to ayano during a bake sale, especially things like gossip etc… She shouldn’t want to talk as she is walking there and should refuse to leave her stand to follow or go away no matter what. Amai shouldn’t be immune to giggles. Instead, if her bake sale buddies are walking with her, they should do a “where is Amai gone?” animation and each check a different nearby room and get very alarmed (rather than suspicious) if they spot ayano bloody while they are looking for amai. If they cannot find her after checking a few rooms they should assume she’s gone to the toilet.

  16. YandereDev, I got a major lag going on. Despite i have good and strong connection, sometimes depending on where i am going and facing in that direction, the fps instantly drops down to a very low framerate to around less than 20 FPS. But when i look around in opposite direction and head there, it went back up to have many FPS I have on my computer. I even lower down the resolution a little, but it still happened. Is it a bug or something? If one of the 2, can it be fix in the next build? I even lower down the resolution a little, but it still happened.

    • Ok, actually, it was lagging depending on where the camera is facing. Cause it’s lagging when I look to the left where Senpai, Osana & Raiberu are having Lunch while i’m on the second floor. Maybe that’s the source of instant FPS dropping extremely low.

  17. This is so exciting! I haven’t played the game in a while or been up to date with the game because of work so its awesome to hear all of these new features and events that will be put into the game. Also, I think waiting to do a crowdfunding campaign for Yandere Simulator is a good idea. So many people are struggling right now because of Covid. The last thing I think anyone is thinking right now is to raise money for a video game to be finished. Don’t get me wrong. Your game is amazing and I love it. I really hope that the crowdfunding campaign is a big success. But, right now is really not a good time for that to happen when so many people are stressed and dealing with a lot of issues going on. One day, things will get better and then you will have your moment to shiny when you have your crowdfunding campaign. I wish you the best of luck Dev! Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe! 🙂

    • I agree with everything you have said!
      And I really hope that when the moment will appear, the crowdfunding campaign will succeed like no one would have expected. This game is so damn good, it has a lot of potentials, and is it truly deserves to be done in the best way possible.
      It also would be great when some people that have been cyberbullying Dev for so long will finally see how wrong they were and how cool this game ended up to be.

      P.S: btw sorry for my poor English

  18. The last build worked but when I installed the new build, I got the glitch/bug where none of the models appear again. What do I do? ;-;

  19. yandere dev! im very impressed with your work! I was here from 2016! and i never left i really want to see the crowdfunding campaign succeed! it is fine if you don’t wanna see this type of stuff in your blog comments but i just wanted to say how much i love your work! It may not seem much to people but guys think about how much coding and time must have been put into creating something THIS big!! he has spent almost 7 years on this game and think about how long that is! that would be alot of time and I love what you’ve done! no matter how close amai is to osana your game will still be awesome!!!

    sorry for my bad english xo

  20. Um, yanderedev, sorry to bother, but I’ve been wondering about Oka Ruto and her “placement” in release. Every rival is supposed to be more difficult than the last, so I’m kinda wondering why Oka is placed after Kizana. And why would Oka be somehow attracted to Taro? Is that to show that Oka has some other “forces” that will help her “acquire” Taro and protect herself from attacks? I can kind of imagine where you’re trying to go with each rival except for Oka. Maybe, if it isn’t spoiler territory, you could explain a little bit of what you have in mind for her? Or if you’ve made a post about this somewhere, maybe you could link it in a reply?

    And I have a small suggestion. Maybe a rival can be more difficult to deal with because of their reasons to love Taro compared to Ayano’s. I’m sorry if you’ve already thought about this, but I just thought I’d suggest it.

    Oh, and another question. How will Hanako’s confession to Taro go, if I may ask?

  21. Hey, I wanted to report a bug in the latest build. I tried the Amai challenge after befriending Osana, and while she did change her hairstyle, she also started the lunchtime event with Senpai after I cleared the challenge.

  22. Anyone else think that a literal *vat of acid* should be.. idk.. locked?
    If that was at a real high school the number of students who got dared to put their hand inside would be too damn high :’)

  23. I’m trying to complete the demo checklist, but for some reason, the images for push, electrocute, betray, and crush didn’t get colored in after I completed them. Some of them also delayed in getting colored in. For example, when I got Osana expelled, it didn’t get colored in until I set her on fire.

  24. Hey Yandere Dev, you probably wont see this but I have an idea how to make yan sim different every week well another idea I guess I could say
    So this is the idea: Some of the students have backstories right? You can use that to your advantage. Like the delinquents were once a normal student who was bullied, so in the first week you can have them a normal student being bullied. Or in other cases you can have students just get to the school, so in the first week some students aren’t there or even some of the clubs aren’t open because they are under construction.
    Just trying to give some ideas 🙂

  25. Hey Yandere Dev, I was wondering, could you make 1 of the student council stay in the student council area/room and maybe add a favor to info-chan’s service that relate to that student council and might unlock a backstory. Like what you did in the Introduction to Student Council. Aoi Ryugoku was rumoured that she was in a fight with Megami and probably was so brutal, she lost an eye. And what I mean by ‘stay in the room’, may be thinking about regretting shouting at Megami for another reason. Welp, I know that this will not be added to the game.

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