My Love Is Stronger Than You

In 2017, shortly after the release of “Even Yanderes Need To Love“, Michaela Laws recorded the vocals for a yandere-themed parody of the Steven Universe song “Stronger Than You“. I wanted to turn it into a music video and release it, but I was worried that people would complain that I should be working on Osana instead, so I decided to postpone the release of the video until after Osana was finished.

After Osana was finally released, I was busy fixing bugs and making improvements to the demo for a few months, so I didn’t have an opportunity to make a music video for this song until November. But then I felt worried that it would be really weird if my first video on YouTube after a long absence was a silly music video, so I decided that I should release a few videos about game development before posting this.

Now, the time has finally come! I’ve finished Osana and I’ve released 5 “game development” videos, so I feel that I am finally justified in releasing a silly “just for fun” video.

I hope you think it’s cute and funny!

20 thoughts on “My Love Is Stronger Than You

    • Probably not, In a game with as many options as yandere simulator, It’d be very difficult to remove all bugs.

      However, I’m pretty sure that most have been fixed now.

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