Saving, Loading, and Genocide

May 6th 8:40 PM Update: Whoops! There was a bug that made dead bodies pop out of lockers in the Alphabet Killer Challenge, if the player loaded a save file during the challenge. I’ve released a new build where this bug is fixed. Now the save/load feature can actually help during the Alphabet Killer Challenge.

To discover the meaning behind the ominous title of this blog post, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous illustration by Kenishman!

He’s got a few other beautiful drawings in his gallery, so be sure to check them out!

This is an especially lengthy blog post with some pretty big news; click Continue Reading to see the whole thing!

Partial Saving/Loading Functionality

When playing the Hitman games, I rely heavily on the ability to save and load in the middle of gameplay – a core gameplay mechanic that Yandere Simulator has been missing this entire time. In December of 2018, a very rudimentary saving/loading system was put into the game as a test. It was pretty broken, but implementing it was a worthwhile experience, because it taught me what I would have to consider when ultimately designing the game’s final saving/loading system.

If I say, “The problem is figuring out a way to serialize and deserialize an array of references at runtime,” and you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, I don’t blame you. Fortunately, there are people who do understand exactly what that means – and they also how to help me find a solution, too! Thanks to the tools and assistance provided to me by the incredible Abcight, I’ve been able to make some outstanding progress towards implementing a proper saving/loading system over the past few days!

It is now possible to save and load in the middle of school gameplay, and expect the game to create a fairly accurate reproduction of the school scene at the time that you saved. First of all, you’ve got the basics:

  • Time of day
  • Student locations
  • Yandere-chan’s sanity, bloodiness, inventory
  • Yandere-chan’s weapons (concealable weapons only)
  • Your current progress in the Alphabet Killer Challenge
  • Who is alive, who is dead, and where their corpses are at
  • Whether Yandere-chan is wearing her uniform or club attire
  • Whether or not the police are currently en route to the school
  • Whether or not the player has already disposed of a student’s corpse
  • The locations of a few objects (such as the puzzle cube, blood-cleaning robot, and weapon case)

But that’s not all; there’s also a lot of other miscellaneous data that is being tracked…but the feature isn’t 100% finished yet, so you might see some strange things happen when saving/loading. For example, the game isn’t tracking the existence of blood pools or bloody footprints, so loading a save will cause all blood in the school to disappear. That’s a pretty significant exploit! I’m sure that some players will take advantage of it, before I fix it!

I tested Saving/Loading in dozens of scenarios and fixed every game-breaking bug I could find, but there are still some scenarios that I haven’t tested yet. For example, I haven’t tested what happens if you save and load while holding a large, non-concealable weapon like a baseball bat. Maybe it results in Yandere-chan getting permanently stuck in a state where she is holding an invisible weapon that she can’t put away or attack with. I honestly don’t know! If you encounter strange bugs while trying to use the Save/Load feature, consider only saving with Yandere-chan in the most “basic” state possible, to reduce the chances that something will go wrong.

Even though the saving/loading feature is only partially functional right now, I gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge while hooking up the things described above. As a result of this progress, it’s very likely that the Osana demo will ship with a mostly-functional save/load feature! Exciting stuff!!

Genocide Ending


Are you familiar with Far Cry 4? At the beginning of the game, the villain captures you and takes you to his mansion. He asks you to sit at a table and eat some food, then leaves the room. As soon as he is gone, you are able to escape, thus beginning your adventure…but, if you actually obey his orders and remain at the table for 15 minutes, you get a secret ending!

That’s the sort of thing that I want to include in my games; features that make the player say, “Whoa, the developer actually thought of that? Wow! I didn’t think there would actually be an outcome for that decision!” For a long time, I’ve wanted to include something special in Yandere Simulator: an option to rush the story to a conclusion if the player successfully completes a very difficult task at the start of the game. The first time I ever mentioned it was around 5 years ago…and, as of today, it is now possible to trigger an “ending” by accomplishing a very specific goal!

So, what exactly is the criteria for this “ending”? I’ll give you a few clues:

1. Senpai must remain inside of the school.
2. The task must be completed over the course of a single day – the first day of gameplay.
3. It will not trigger if easter eggs are activated, or if the “Z” debug command is used.
4. It’s called the “Genocide Ending” for a reason.

Upon completing the task, the game will fade to black. Here is where I’d like to put a cutscene, but for now, it’s just a black screen with voice acting. When the characters are done speaking, you’ll get to see a brief cutscene revealing the outcome of your actions.

In case you think it sounds tedious and frustrating, keep in mind that it’s WAY easier when you utilize the new Saving/Loading feature to record/restore your progress. Good luck, but save often and keep multiple saves so that you can revert back to an earlier save if the game glitches out!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

If you are experiencing a low framerate, you have the option of entering the Settings menu and using the “Disable Distant Animations” feature to instruct characters to stop animating when they are a certain distance away from the camera. Disabling animations will cause the game to do less calculations, which should improve the performance of the game. If you are seeing characters slide across the ground without animation, and you don’t understand why, it’s because you enabled the “Disable Distant Animations” feature. If you don’t want to see characters slide around anymore, enter the Settings menu and disable that feature.

On a side note, if you experience a low framerate when looking in the direction of the school plaza, I suggest entering the Settings menu and disabling “Transparent Windows”.

  • The “Disable Distant Animations” feature had a side-effect that would cause the Basu sisters to spin in circles during their morning conversations. As of the latest build, this will no longer occur.
  • At some point in time in the past, I tried to put flowers on the “mythical tree hill”. The flowers hurt the framerate, so they were removed. Now, I have attempted to restore flowers to the hill, using a more optimized shader that shouldn’t harm the FPS. The size/shape/movement of the flowers will most likely change in the near future.
  • Attempted to fix issue that would cause the maid minigame to display “$55.55” for all tips at the results screen if the game was being played in a region that uses commas for decimal points instead of periods.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to incorrectly set clubs as “closed” if the player killed club leaders and then triggered the “over half of school’s population is dead” game over.
  • During the “End of Day” sequence, you can press the ESC key to load the most recent save, in case you want to immediately retry instead of being sent home.
  • Fixed bug that would cause two of the Occult club students to get stuck while investigating the piano in one of the storage rooms.
  • Fixed bug that caused blunt weapons to make Yandere-chan bloody, even though the victim wasn’t supposed to be spilling blood.
  • The Heartbroken screen now has 5 options; “Reset Day” “Reset Week” “Load Most Recent Save” “Main Menu” and “SNAP”.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent subtitles from displaying during the two science boys’ conversation about Yanvania.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Sakyu from playing a voiced line when she catches you trying to steal her ring.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Snap Mode to be triggered after getting the “school shuts down” game over.
  • Attempted to fix issue that would cause students to get stuck on props in the Photography clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Student Council members to run away after pepper-spraying Yandere-chan.
  • It is now possible to trade Info-chan panty shots for money (ten panty shots for $100).
  • It is no longer possible to close a door while a student is walking through that door.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to cyber-stalk a student who had been arrested.

89 thoughts on “Saving, Loading, and Genocide

  1. good job on the development but you could have enter snap at the new heart broken screen (I tried to do it)

  2. There is one thing that has been bothering me for a while now – the Pasifist Route of the game. I feel like it would be way too easy, for me at least. This route doesn’t include trying as hard as getting away with murdering someone. Those are my thoughts anyway, I don’t want to put pressure on you YandereDev, I’m just pointing out this.

    • Which pacifist route do you mean as there are multiple. Sabotage, Expel, Matchmaking, Befriending

    • I think that the pacifist eliminations require more effort to pull off. like if it takes you one day to electrocute osana, it takes you 5 days to make senpai hate her. Also in Pacifist, you can’t kill any students so there always gonna be people around that could catch you do illegal stuff like poison a bento (and you can’t kill them to get rid of them). So i think in the end it balances out.

      • That is true, but for me the pacifist route of the game is matchmaking and befriending. Because to me, the rejection method is most likely to make a rival depressed (ex. Osana, Amai, Oka.) And the point of that route is to not hurt the rival in any way, including making them depressed by having their confession rejected. The befriending and matchmaking however, do not hurt them or their feelings. The befriending is just asking them to let Ayano have her Senpai, which doesn’t make them feel negative emotions because they still have other people they can hang out with. And the matchmaking method is self-explanatory, they get their love and no one is harmed. So yeah, that’s just my interperation, yours is yours.

      • I didn’t include this in my comment but I needed to, and that is some rivals however may feel anger or spite for having their hard worked confession spewed out. Like Kizana for example. And maybe Osoro but that’s unlikely, since I think Osoro has mixed feelings about our Senpai, or even Hanako where Taro/Taeko rejects her to not have a partner.

    • In a video or blog post a while back, YanDev mentioned that if you do only one elimination method all the time, it won’t work. I think the example he gave was that if you do Matchmaking for every rival, Senpai will feel as if he is unloveable and move schools.
      And I doubt befriending would work on some characters, like Osoro (not likely to be Yan-chan’s friend), Hanako (not likely to leave her own brother for a mere friend), the Muja Kona and Mida Rana (who probably wouldn’t befriend a student), and Megami (she knows what Yan-Chan is up to.)

      • see, I think it would be better to go with the befriend route for Hanako, because if you look at taro’s sanity, killing his sister would have terrible consequences.

    • Take note that all the pacifist options have a not so nice route to them, it’s called “lovesick” for a reason. The befriend route has you kidnap and threaten someone, if based on Kokona’s, if not I’m sure it’ll be something similarly disturbing. Pretty sure finding someone else for Osana to love will have some disturbing routes as well, if not it’ll be very hard, you have to snoop out her tastes and you can’t just drag her around school like Kokona, you have to get presents for Osana which will not be as easy as giving her a rose, most likely you’ll have to work hard for each, not to mention have time to teach the suitor whatever Osana wants, etc. Also I doubt *feelings* are accounted for, pacifist is pacifist as long as you do not kill anyone to obtain what you want, example the kidnapping in the befriend/betrayal option.

    • i think thatit wouldn’t be easy, because, like yandev said in an old video, using too much the pacifist elimination methods would ruin Senpai’s sanity, so you should consider this too. There is lot of work to do yet, so we can’t judge I think.

  3. Hey Yandere Dev,
    That’s awesome! I appreciate you working so hard on this game! I wonder if the save/load feature missing could have caused the glitch in the alphabet killer challenge. If not, I bet it will be handy for if a character does glitch out. I just kill another character and resume the challenge again after my previous save. I’ll have to test out your build when I get the chance. It’s finals week for my online school. So, we shall see if I can play this build before your next update. I am so excited for your game! And us fans like to see you happy!

  4. As an “aggressive” Undertale fan, when I saw genocide ending, I was like : CHARA GET OUT OF AYANO’S BODY RIGHT NOW !!!
    I’m sure of what to do to trigger the ending, and I’m sure to try it out right now. I’m really excited !

  5. The trading panty shots for money is definitely a better way to do one of the delinquents tasks. Good job, Yan Dev!

  6. I feel as though if the saving feature takes away the aspect of this game to be cautious at all times since you can literally just reset what you just do with no cost. Maybe set a maximum amount of times you can save and reload each week? Or only let you save when you go to class?

  7. I cant wait to see what the genocide task is! Imma start searching now and then watch a youtube video if i cant find it when Bijui Mike or Kub scouts post it xD

  8. List of things YandereDev completed
    Happiness check
    Something to do check
    A favourite game check

    Thank you!

  9. So yandere dev since you have gotten everything and now you just have a few tiny bugs that won’t take long to do is it possible that Osana could be released in the next update or the update after

    • I think that she will realeses or this month ir the next one. There are little chances that she will be realesed In July though. Anyway,it doesn’t matter how long does it take to add Osana,as long as she will work properly. Plus we all should be grateful that he keeps making blogs and videos so we won’t get bored!😀

  10. Yandev: Implements Genoside ending
    Me: Gets undertale flashbacks

    Wow this game finally has an ending. I can’t wait for THAT DUDE to make an episode abaut it

  11. Splendid! ^^
    I’m lost for words since I am quite amazed actually; I can never find anything to say!

      • Ah yes, apologies for that.
        I’ve been quite busy lately with a lot happening. I’m trying my best to communicate! I will be replying to comments again soon ^^

  12. That’s so awesome! Is this the only ending we’ll have access to in the demo version? Or, I suppose the cutscene introducing Rival #2 is technically the demo ending. I’ve been wondering about that; does that scene change after you eliminate Osana? I mean, if you kill her, shouldn’t the scene be really different from that if you just match-make her with someone else or befriend her? I’m interested in the pacifist route to the game when it’s complete, so that’s something I’ve always wondered about. YandereDev has mentioned different endings to the game based on Senpai’s sanity, so it only makes sense that these scenes would have to be different based on the elimination methods you use. I hope we get a taste of that in the demo when it’s ready!

    • I’m betting around October or November cuz all good things always have some bugs on them. Still, I’m liking the progress yandere dev made so far ^_^

  13. In this build I wanted to match make Kokona or see if that was available and just messing around. I used the cheat that befriends Kokona and Riku but then it. Let’s just it does something that helps an elimination method.

  14. I don’t know how feasible it is with YandereSim but if you’re still looking to optimize things, you should look into timeslice animations and shadows. These are options that exist in at least one game I’m aware of, Divinity II. The way they work is that the game will only update one animation and shadow per frame. (Other than vital ones such as the player model to my knowledge.) Something like timeslice animations might serve a similar purpose to the distance animations option without looking as odd.

  15. The Game’s first ever ending. The first of many that are yet to come.
    Good Job to both you and your volunteers Yandere Dev.

    I’ll See this undertale inspired ending and express how much I like it.

    By the way, is this the only ending we’ll be getting for the Demo? Or will there be more? The pacifist ending for example

    • The demo will only cover the first week of gameplay, so the player won’t be able to achieve a “real” ending in the demo. The “Genocide Ending” is an “alternate” ending; kind of a little reward for the player for doing something really extreme on Day 1.

  16. Hey, ummm…I’m playing the game now and uh, i can hear ppl being killed when im not killing ppl. Is this a new thing? or is this a bug..?

  17. I’m unsure If teleportation affects the secret ending from debug menu it would be a lot easier To hinder all npc going to class.

    I’m just asking this because yandere dev mentioned kill everyone without using Z from debug menu

    That’s why I’m worried and asking you if this affects teleportation from debug menu to??? or everything in debug menu

      • Just watch bijumike’s new video n he encounters lots of bugs that made him unable to eliminate all of the targets for the alternative ending. So maybe some debug comment can cause a bug or two

  18. Uhhhh I (accidentally) entered the boys locker room and then I simultaneously got pushed IN the boys bathroom unable to get out is this a bug ? (Also this happened while doing the alphabet killer challenge)

  19. Yandere dev about yandere chan why don’t you put on an apron when Yan-chan enters the Cooking-club, it would be very nice

  20. Ok, hasn’t anyone noticed that the cooking club gets stuck in the lockers? LOL. Oh and testing the new feature of Saving/ Loading I have found a bug/ glitch idk how to name it. If you join a club after the last time you have saved your progress and then get apprehended, when you restart in the most recent save Yandere is already in the club even if you haven’t joined it after saving.

  21. I cannot change controls anymore but only Fullscreen/resolution and graphic quality, what i am supposed to do ? I use a french keyboard

  22. I know how I said it would be cool if there would be an option in kidnapping Senpai in snap mode.. But, this is much better, thank you. And also I’d like to see more of Yandere and Senpai interact in this situation, like the after math. If a player beats the game early and get the ending where they kidnapped Senpai, they could still play, but you’ll be playing with Senpai. 😉

  23. It’s only been a month since I discovered the game and I’m addicted right now. it definitely has a more robust fiction and functioning than other games of this type. Fascinated! I’ll be follow the updates. Thanks a lot yanderedev!

  24. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important, didn’t you say that Yandere Chan can join the student council? Yandere Dev can you add this function for the next update of yandere simulator please? Answer me?

    • She will be able to join in the future. But I highly doubt she will be able to join by next build. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  25. Now that’s you’re at the stage of finishing up the save and load screen, how far are you into making the demo? Last time you said you were extremely close, with only the save and load screen needing to be made, but now since it’s practically complete, does this mean that you have an estimate for when Osana comes out? It’s ok if you don’t know yet, just curious…

  26. Umm hello Yanderedev i just wanted to say that i must have done something wrong on the discord and i want to say that i am sorry from the bottom of my heart and this is the best way i could say sorry

    • i will accept the ban graciously and shall not make a scene and shall continue supporting Yandere simulators development

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