May 1st Update

Hi! I’m very sorry, but there won’t be a video today. Recently, I’ve just felt like working on the game way more than working on videos.

In January, I explained that Osana became functionally complete in December of 2019, and that I planned to release her after fixing bugs, polishing up the rough-looking parts of the game, and basically just making sure that the demo represents my vision of what the game is supposed to be like. Making the demo “represent my vision” is a somewhat broad category; sometimes it involves implementing the last remaining core gameplay functionality, and sometimes it involves implementing something that is unrelated to gameplay, yet still very important to me nonetheless, because it that makes the demo true to my vision.

In terms of “last remaining core gameplay functionality”, the only thing that is still missing is a Save/Load feature. Over the past 2 weeks, I spent some time trying to reach that goal, but ran into a lot of obstacles. It started to look like the sort of thing that would eat up way too much time, so I decided to request help from other programmers. The feature isn’t 100% ready yet, but some promising progress has been made.

In terms of “making the demo true to my vision”, there are only two or three more things that the demo needs to have before I feel like, “Yes! My vision is complete! Time to release Osana!” These things are actually related to the game’s backstory/lore and potential consequences of the player’s actions.

I didn’t want to release another update unless I was finished implementing Saving/Loading, or finished implementing a long-planned surprise related to the game’s lore. However, I didn’t want you to spend too much time without a new build, so in honor of my “1st and 15th day of every month” tradition, I’m releasing a new update today!

The latest build has a huge number of changes from the previous build – almost 40! One of them is something I’ve been planning since 2014 – and I have a screenshot to prove it! To read about everything that is new, fixed, or different in the latest build, scroll down past this amazing Yandere-chan cosplay video by snowthesaltqueen!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist, here’s another video from snowthesaltqueen!

Oh, did you think I was done? Here’s another!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • From now on, committing at least 50 murders over the course of gameplay will cause Akademi to shut down, resulting in a game over. (This is to discourage players from trying to make it trivially easy to eliminate all rivals by simply murdering all potential witnesses instead of using stealth, manipulation, and distraction.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause multiple characters in the same situation to all say the same line simultaneously or within a short span of time. (No more listening to 6 teachers simultaneously tell you that you’re trespassing, or hearing “Screw this, I’m outta here!” from 5 delinquents simultaneously.)
  • Previously, I didn’t have a “male dying from poisoned food” voice recording, so male students were using female voices while dying from poison. I received male voice recording for this circumstance, so male students now use a male voice when dying from poison.
  • The two science club boys who have conversations about Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki now have another conversation about another fictional franchise that exists in Yandere Sim’s world, after Cleaning Time on Monday.
  • Fixed bug that caused Student Council Members to fail to execute their code properly if they were distracted by the sound of Yandere-chan running while noticing a dropped weapon on the ground.
  • Fixed bug that caused the police countdown timer to freeze if Yandere-chan was sent to the counselor while the police were coming to school, but all corpses had already been disposed of.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to become unable to interact with a student if a stink bomb was used on that student while they were noticing Yandere-chan do something alarming.
  • When leaving a note in a student’s locker, the list of potential topics you can leave notes about has changed slightly; it’s related to one of Osana’s elimination methods.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to crash if the player attempted to start the Alphabet Killer Challenge while some students had already been killed on a previous day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student’s circular “countdown timer” to remain above their head permanently if they entered a stink bomb cloud while following Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to get stuck between a door and a wall if she was standing between a door and a wall when a student opened the door.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Student Council members to have a long delay before entering their pepper-spraying animations, under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the camera from working properly in SNAP Mode if it was activated after Senpai ripped a mask off of Yandere-chan’s face.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to stop investigating giggles if they located a dropped weapon while investigating a giggle earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to kill students out-of-order in the Alphabet Killer Challenge if the student was killed in a struggle.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that would prevent the player from being able to interact with objects / students during the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • When leaving Yandere-chan’s room, the number of options that you are presented with is different. This is related to one of Osana’s events.
  • Added some props to the Calligraphy room. (Still unfinished.) (The Calligraphy room will be relevant during one of the rivals’ events.)
  • The storage rooms all looked really awful, so they have been re-designed with new appearances. (The “Meme Closet” is still the same.)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from putting a body into a locker if she was dragging the corpse instead of carrying it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Student Council members to snap out of their pepper-spraying animations under specific circumstances.
  • To make non-concealable weapons functionally different from concealable weapons, blunt weapons no longer leave blood pools.
  • Made further attempts to fix a bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from automatically attacking students at low sanity.
  • Fixed some students that were not in alphabetical order or not included in the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • Fixed bug that prevented amnesia bombs from properly affecting delinquents who were chasing the player.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s eyes to turn solid white when being attacked by Nemesis.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from reacting to Yandere-chan aiming a camera at their faces.
  • Fixed bug that made Mission Mode text blurry and unreadable at low quality settings.
  • Added 3 new hairstyles for Yandere-chan. (That brings the total to 200…whoa!)
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to put a bucket inside of a trash can.
  • Fixed error in Supana Churu’s portrait.
  • Replaced Mai Waifu’s hair model.

Basu Sister Update

This one is really exciting to talk about!

5 years ago, I announced that I had a plan for the Basu sisters; I said that I wanted them to have daily conversations that allow the player to learn more about the school and its lore.

About 10 days ago, I finally implemented those conversations!

  • Every day, Sakyu and Inkyu sit on a bench and have a conversation with each other.
  • These conversations are private; if they know that you are eavesdropping on them, they will stop talking.
  • There are meant to be 50 conversations over the course of the game. Because the Osana demo is only 5 days long, there will only be 5 conversations in the demo.
  • If the police visited school on the previous day, the sisters will skip their daily conversation and talk about the police investigation, instead. (This means that if you want to hear all 50 conversations, you will have to avoid ever letting the police visit the school over the course of the game.)
  • If one of the sisters has witnessed Yandere-chan commit murder, they will have a completely different type of conversation, and will never have a “lore” conversation again.
  • The sisters now have a new routine at school – instead of just heading to the rooftop and spending all day talking there, they now walk around to various locations, as if they are…searching for something…
  • Sakyu now has a voiced line if she catches Yandere-chan trying to steal her ring at lunchtime.

What’s Next?

You might be wondering if the above list represents everything I worked on over the past 2 weeks. Not at all! The Basu sister stuff went into the game super fast, and I’m relying on someone else’s help with the Save/Load feature, so I spent the rest of my time working on preparing Osana for release. Not “Gameplay functionality that is needed before Osana can be added”, not “Stuff that is necessary for the demo to be true to my vision,” but straight-up working directly on Osana.

Specifically, I’m currently in the process of adding the last remaining bits of polish to her Befriend/Betray event. Just like with SNAP Mode, it has been extremely gratifying to work on, because the way it looks/feels is exactly what I always imagined. It feels like magic when something goes into the game precisely the way I always saw it in my mind!

I have a text file on my desktop listing the last remaining things that need to happen before Osana is released; “directly on Osana” things, not “true to my vision” things. That list is now down to less than 10 items, and the majority of them are about fixing bugs related to Osana, testing edge-case scenarios in Osana events, or requesting missing lines from voice actresses. It’s an incredible feeling! I’m getting this, “Whoa, it’s really happening, I’m actually doing it!” sensation, and it feels amazing!

Thank you for your patience during this final stretch, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

216 thoughts on “May 1st Update

  1. Hey Yandere Dev,
    I just sent you a list of bugs. It deals with items and characters still glitching out in the Alphabet Killer Challenge. I also have two new theories that might be helpful for it in the PowerPoint. I did it in PowerPoint format because all the pictures wouldn’t send in one email. I totally love your work though! And take as much time as you need to develop this game! I am seeing a huge improvement overall though!

  2. Yandev, you’ve worked so much. You should rest for a while after the demo! Your game is just perfect!

    But I think demo should contain the new models. Because demo is a mini version for the final game, isnt it?

    • No, it wouldn’t. He should not take any more vacations until the demo is released and a week after so he can fix any bugs the demo has.

  3. Yandere dev I was wondering if you will add the option to join the student council. No need to answer I was just curious.

  4. yanderedev I still have the model bugs because of Unity 2019…(if anyone knows how to fix this bug please tell me that!)

  5. Recently avast is making me impossible to open the game. I intall it with the launcher, then i open it and Avast pops up telling me it’s a Virus ( IDP.Generic) I can’t even make an exception. Can someone help me deal with this?

    • try adding “YandereSimulatorLauncher2.exe” and “YandereSimulator.exe” to your Avast exceptions list

    • I had issues with this sometimes when i did the launcher, so i always just downloaded the actual game file he’d post. It wont automatically update, but it might work

      • Sorry for not mentioning it, i already did it but when i try to open the zip file, it is corrupted.

    • It’s because he hasn’t started paying HUNDREDS of dollars for it to be labeled as not a virus. (i think its an agreement)

  6. I’m glad that everything is working out, I’m sure the demo will be amazing!
    Well, I was wondering if in the game demo the option of having a girl senpai will be available

    • I believed he said the Yan-kun(male ayano) and female senpai will only be available if a stretch goal is reached whenever he begins the crowdfunding campaign.

    • Yea,we can’t do anything,it’s the same train that goes continuously with the same “explanation”. I argued half a hour with a kid but useless,they are gonna complain forever,geez when I was a kid I didn’t act like that.

  7. ..This is getting annoying. Not the devolopment speed, it’s okay. But I’m getting sick of the people who are being impatient enough to attack YandereDev with mal intent and not just for jokes. I’m a big fan of Yandere Simulator, and when I comment that I am under these videos, people try to harass me and cyberbully me into joining their cause… I can take it, but it’s very annoying how some people are willing to stoop so low.

      • Yeah some people don’t understand. The emails is a huge problem and it can take time to sort out. Yandere Dev is doing the best he can. I remember at school I had to a project about my idol, I picked Yandere Dev so me being the naive girl I was, emailed him and got a response and it felt like it was put together with love and care.Yandere Dev cares even though he may not shown it

      • I totally agree with you Emily. Yandere Dev is so kind-hearted even if he does not show it. Yours is a great example. I emailed him one time about a bug, and I would always keep. putting “Bug” in the subject because I legit thought that’s what he wanted. I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass. I just take things too literally. I’m glad I got a positive response back. Tbh, I was a little starstruck. Excuse my language, but when he emailed me back, I was expecting him to tell me to go fuck off even though I know I didn’t do anything wrong. Now, I’m surprised he didn’t tell me to go fuck off when I accidentally sent an email thinking Mai’s eyes were glitched because they were changing colors, especially when she is just a corpse. I was just tired and I could be dyslexic. It’s possible. Now, I saw some fans call him by his real name. I’m surprised I didn’t see him to just call him Yandere Dev until I asked a while ago in a blog comment. I get it if people addressed him by his real name for the first time and they are not told to call him that. That is just a learning moment. Now, any old fans who call Yandere Dev by his real name I feel that they are just disrespectful towards him in a way, especially since he doesn’t know them personally. There are some friends I bet he has that might comment on his blog from time to time. There is a fine line between friends and fans and I feel people just don’t know the difference. Just because you care for an idol doesn’t make you their friend. I care for Taylor Swift, but you know what? I know I’ll never be on her Squad and I am okay with that. And if Yandere Dev is reading this, thanks for putting up with all the haters and the shannigans by all of us.

      • I’m glad to read that, feels like I’m not the only one shocked by these videos.

      • I can think of a few. I watched a few of those videos, just a few, there’s so much stupidity that my mind can take.

        In one of the videos, where one of them were talking about Yansim will never be finished and here’s why, I was sitting there quietly and listening, at Least this Guy wasn’t memeing or drinking.

        The Guy talked about Yandere Dev having a 4chan account as if that’s something inheritably Bad.
        Sure, it’s filled with posts that can be considered uncomfortable for the average person but that’s where some Really Interesting stuff can be found. If Yandere Dev didn’t have One, we wouldn’t be getting Yandere Simulator at All, or even SNAP mode.
        Then the Guy strawmans Yandere Dev with saying he moved to “8 Chan”. Bullcrap. Why haven’t I ever heard of 8 Chan? Because it doesn’t exist.
        2 Chan is the thread page for Japanese thread posters and 4 Chan is for English speakers. Making strawmans in your debate makes a person distrust Worthy.
        All the great ideas in Yandere Simulator came from 4 Chan so if that didn’t exist neither would this Game. I also go looking for Horror stories in 4 Chan because it’s good Writing material.

        Later in the video, the Guy talked about the models of Yansim and compared with the change of models of Persona 4.
        Yandere Dev, is an indie developer. The Creators of Persona 4 are funded by a company. Changing models isn’t cheap, especially if there are over 90+ character models in the Game.

        Then he later drones off into a “behind the scenes Horror Story of a volunteer”.
        Who’s this volunteer you keep speaking of?
        I still See many of the volunteers that have been with Yandere Dev active in the Fandom Wiki Page till this day. At Least 35. (Most of them VAs, animators, artists and modellers).
        He then started fabricating a Story about Yandere Dev paying a volunteer (whom he never mentioned who) to do something he can’t speak about. It’s hard for me to take you seriously if you don’t make your point clear and leave me to my “childish imagination” to fill in the blanks. But I got the hint. Nonsense that was debunked 2 years ago in the debunk Page.

        8 minutes into the video and I’m like “okay, but why isn’t the Game going to be finished?”. He was just talking about Yandere Dev being a Bad person which had nothing to do with the Game at All.

        Please, just Kill Me already. I wasted 15 minutes of my Life listening to cow’s manure.

        Wait, it gets worse. When someone is approaching a debate with a statement, You have to be neutral about the subject matter if you’re an outsider. This includes:
        No strawmanning
        No bias
        No personal attacks unless it’s relevant to the narrative.

        He did the above the three.
        To end his video, he sent some people to Go harass the Man on his Discord with pictures of his face.
        Well done. You’re an absolutely trustworthy News reporter.

        I watched one of these videos so that you guys don’t have to. It’s better for your mental health. I nearly suffered a stroke from listening to him yap.

      • Ikr,those are talking trash about the developer,the game and the fans. And if you are going in the comment section and type “Yandere Simulator is going to be finished” they are gonna say “Admit it,is never going to be finished because YanDev is a incompetent,blah,blah”,if you argue with them they are gonna harass you. For example: one of them said to me to get my a*s back,”I don’t have time to teach you sh*t,you’re a dumbass lol.” The only idiots are they because they are arguing continuously and they are being rude and calling you “dumbass,hypocrite,idiot lol”.

    • The same thing happened to me I wrote a comment to defend yandere dev and everyone was calling me stupid. They said some really disgusting things about yandere dev, but of course I didn’t believe them! I’ve been following this game for 2 years and I got really attached to it even though I can’t play it. And I can’t find a good end for this comment so oof. You go yandere dev!

    • Wow well that’s not nice. When I do, they ignore me or answer with their own arguments, but they don’t harrass me… I hope they stop, it’s not normal that Dev AND his fans get hate and shame. I’m with you dude

    • Wow. For a bunch of people that advocate for “eXpOsInG yAnDeRE dEv aS bAd pEsOrN” or stemming their ideology of “I don’t like a bad person” they just shot themselves in the foot for their bad attitude towards the fans. Hypocrisy at finest.
      Pretty much what you expect from these people who disguise themselves as “critics.”

    • The worst part is that the arguments they use to attack make 0 sense since they never even tried the game. For example the FPS, they all say that the game runs super slow meanwhile for me, it runs at 80FPS with shadows on. Or when they say that YanDev is a “bad person” for adding “explicit” things to the game knowing that kids play it, but they won’t attack rockstar games for also having explicit content while kids play their game, for example.

      Another thing that people say is that he is a paedo bear, this is disgusting a horrible accusation, and where I live it can may you pay a big amount of money. Calling someone such a thing meanwhile he bans kids from streams and his discord (not something bad of course), makes 0 sense.

      • “Or when they say that YanDev is a “bad person” for adding “explicit” things to the game knowing that kids play it, but they won’t attack rockstar games for also having explicit content while kids play their game”

        Especially since when you first open the game, it says “This game is not appropriate for children”. Like, he literally puts a warning in the game saying that if your a kid you shouldnt play this yet people still talk crap about him for it TwT

    • Whenever I feel sad and scared that I’m the only one on Yandev’s side, I read this comment and all the replies!
      It feels so nice to finally find some people who also dont like all the mean stuff people say about Yanderedev ❤
      I also wanna say thanks to Baron Samedi for watchin that video for us, must've been hard for you! XD

  8. I think I might have encountered a bug in the current version.

    I was trying to frame Musume for murder, joined drama club for gloves, got Musume’s fingerprints on a boxcutter, murdered Horuda, cleaned up the blood, dropped the boxcutter, bathed and changed into gym uniform, and then left to get bring someone to the body so they could call the police. Only problem was that everyone reacted to me like I was still covered in blood. I tried to undress and bathe again, but it wouldn’t let me.

    I reset the week and tried again, this time killing Uekiya, and tried to change into a new uniform after having bathed, but I got the same reaction. This time, I also dumped a bucket of Uekiya’s blood onto Musume, and decided to just end the day, but when the cutscene showing the police investigation happened, the game froze when they got to the murder weapon.

    I’ve also encountered a bug where after playing the Maid Cafe minigame, when at the end it shows your score, it shows a lot of 55,55 for the summarization, and then I don’t get any money from completing the game; so far I’ve encountered this bug 3 out of the 4 times I’ve played it

    I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I’m playing on low quality graphics, if that could somehow explain some of these bugs; I know literally nothing about coding so I don’t know if it does

    • If you use a country that uses decimal commas (,) instead of points (.) that might be the reason, at least for the maid cafe minigame

  9. Keep up the good work Yandere Dev! No matter what the haters says to you, I always supporting and patiently waiting for you until the very end! Love you so much!!

  10. I would like to suggest a little future about the teachers’ info. When you take a picture of a teacher and send it to info-chan she says No additional information available at this time. I think that it would fit info-chan more if she said for example: Sorry Ayano, I couldn’t find any available information about (characters name). Something like that…

  11. Because I don’t care about those “kids” who hate on YandereDev,they say about you that you’re rude but one of them said to me that they don’t have time to teach me “sh÷t” sooo…they made me a “kid” because I had my opinion. I’m 17 years old and I love this game,if I didn’t,I wouldn’t watch the game’s development. I don’t care about the critics and I’m not gonna change my mind about this game and the developer. Because of this game I’m not depressed,because I play this game when I’m sad and I know that I can’t take it. I’m very excited for the demo,I don’t care what they say,I’m gonna play this game and support the developer even if those “kids” harass me. 🙄

    • I’m trying to reply to Burner Account but I don’t see their comment at all. So, I’m responding under you.
      Well, Burner, define old fan. Like since the beginning of the game or how many years back? I consider myself old (I’m 23) and I always say “when I was your age” a lot. Lol.
      Regardless if I qualify as an old fan or not, I find tearing other people down an unattractive quality. People who make negative videos about Yandere Dev are hypocrites. So, he said something about how an anime girl (12 ish?) has big boobs. He was clearly just making fun of the situation in how anime portrays characters sometimes. Let’s say if I saw the same thing and it was a 12 year old anime boy but he looked like the guy in 50 Shades of Grey. I probably be like “damn, looking fine. I probably sleep with you” but I would be turned off after knowing the age. Would I have said it after knowing the age? Maybe but I would phrase it in a different way. But I also feel I wouldn’t be called a pedophile because I’m female and they would just think it was okay for me to think that way. I actually did test this with a few people and they felt the same way. Sexism for both men and women exist.

      I recall there was a message sent to him about how a person wanted him to go talk to a fan thinking about committing suicide. I wouldn’t say how he reacted was proper but I feel some people fake being suicidal to talk to their idols sometimes. I’m not saying this person wasn’t suicidal but I feel like if you are suicidal, you shouldn’t be talking about it online as if gloating about it. It reminded me about how some people would fake being assaulted in the “me too” movement going around social media. Maybe this person was getting some help from a therapist but I kind of assumed not. I’m not saying posting you are suicidal on social media is bad but I have seen it mostly used for attention. I’ve been down that dark road too and I regretted not getting help.

      We all need to have unconditional love for each other. That doesn’t mean we have to like each other but it means to be nice to each other. And if you are a fan, your unconditional love for all of this is to support Yandere Dev no matter what. There will always be nasty rumors about others. And all of us have learning moments. It is 2020. Anything Yandere Dev that would have seen immatured I’m sure he has grown past it. In other words, he is still developing as a person as we all are. Can people just grow the fuck up (excuse my language) by starting to show unconditional love to one another? I know it can be hard to show unconditional love to someone you don’t like because of grudges in the past. My mother taught me to forgive but never forget. Also, that holding a grudge against someone means that person owns you because you can’t live your life fully. I was holding grudges constantly and I was so unsatisfied with life. I learned to let go of my grudges and I felt happier. Yandere Dev, if you’re reading this, congrats for getting this far in the comments section. But, your true fans are supporting you with unconditional love.

  12. Because those videos dont have any proffe that yandere dev is a bad guy. Their argumentation is bad as fuck.

    • Most of these screenshots are taken out of context or from years and years ago when he was just a teen…Really invalid. Everyone has said things they wouldn’t say now when they were younger. I’m glad you don’t hate him, but the points aren’t really valid if theyre all out of context or extremely outdated.

  13. Aaah it feels so nice to feel so close to an official demo!! I’m so grateful and proud of all the work you’ve done dev, and im so excited to see everything once its released! Don’t stress and keep up the good work!

  14. uuuh can you stop being a child? he already said that he is almost done with Osana and that the demo will be eather this month or in June. Can’t you wait some weeks? No? Okay

  15. If you don’t like the game go away! Nobody wants your rude opinion! Geez those kids…🤦🏼‍♀️
    You don’t have anything to do with your life? If you don’t like the game ignore it and don’t cause drama! The only garbage here is you! Go and do something else instead of hating the game!

  16. i always waitting for osana and Rival chan can at the school , I just everyday waitting for update….. it that difference because osana dead in game early ???? pls tell me why ?????

  17. Yandere Dev I’m not sure how to get a new build because I’m kinda new to Yandere simulator because I really want the new build

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