The “Alphabet Killer Challenge” Build

Well, well, well – it’s an update that isn’t a bug-fixing build, for once! So, what’s new in this update? To find out, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork by Sinnymonrolls:

A few years back, someone came up with an interesting challenge – “Kill every student in Yandere Simulator in alphabetical order.” It’s an interesting idea…but in practice, it’s actually quite frustrating, because of the limited methods for hiding / disposing of corpses, the tedium of cleaning up copious amounts of blood, and the frustration of not having more options for hiding your actions from witnesses.

As it turns out, the challenge is more than just a fun idea for a YouTube video – it’s a “stress test” that reveals which aspects of Yandere Simulator can cause frustration to the player. Even though it wasn’t an official feature of the game,  I found myself wondering what kind of tools could make this challenge more feasible.

For a long time, I’ve been toying with the idea of making adjustments to Yandere Simulator’s general gameplay to accommodate the challenge, but it was always very low on my priority list. Now that SNAP Mode is finished, I feel like I’ve earned the right to spend a brief amount of time implementing a small “just for fun” feature. Which leads us to…

The Alphabet Killer Challenge

While inside of Yandere-chan’s room, type “abcdefg” to begin the “Alphabet Killer Challenge”. The objective of the challenge is to murder 77 students in alphabetical order. Upon activating the challenge, the school scene will load, with several things different:

  1. 90 lockers will appear in the hallways of the school. Dead bodies can be hidden inside of these lockers so that you don’t have to worry too much about hiding bodies while trying to complete the challenge.
  2. A box of smoke bombs will appear inside of the Student Council room. The smoke bombs are infinite, but you can only carry one smoke bomb at a time. You can drop a smoke bomb by clicking the left stick (or pressing the “T” key on the keyboard). A smoke bomb lasts for 15 seconds. Any character inside a smoke cloud becomes blind until the smoke clears, or until they walk outside of the smoke cloud. Be warned – the smoke bomb is a double-edged sword, because it severely reduces your ability to see your surroundings clearly.
  3. An arrow will appear at the top of the screen. This arrow will point to your current target.
  4. A text box will appear at the bottom-right corner of the screen, displaying your current progress in the challenge, and naming your next target.
  5. The day will automatically restart if the police are called, or if you kill any student other than your current target.
  6. Your Physical Education stat will be set to “5” for this challenge so that you will have the ability to carry corpses.
  7. If you successfully complete the challenge, you will get a simple reward – something that I was originally planning to release as an April Fool’s joke.

Advice: If you get a stealth kill using a blunt weapon (like a baseball bat), your victim won’t bleed. It is strongly advised to only use blunt weapons and stealth kills when trying to complete the challenge. Using a sharp weapon for the Alphabet Killer Challenge is not advised.

If the challenge is still too difficult to be feasible for most players, even with the addition of the lockers and smoke bombs, I’ll happily take suggestions for additional tools that would help to make the task more feasible.

On that note…if the additions of lockers and smoke bombs feels like a massive improvement to overall gameplay, I can consider making them into official features that exist outside of the Alphabet Killer Challenge. (Maybe joining the science club would grant you access to chemicals that would let you make one smoke bomb per day?”


Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would allow student council members to get distracted by dropped weapons while in the middle of pepper-spraying Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that could result in Yandere-chan being pepper-sprayed and sent to the guidance counselor’s office, simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that would cause SNAP Mode to get glitched out if Yandere-chan walked through a metal detector while in SNAP Mode.
  • From now on, Yandere-chan starts the game with only one pair of panties available. The rest have to be unlocked.
  • There is now a lingerie store in town. You can use this store to purchase panties for Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed problem with Inkyu Basu’s portrait.

73 thoughts on “The “Alphabet Killer Challenge” Build

    • whoa whoa whoa wasn’t it a kubz scouts vid that it was suggested in? YANDERE DEV YANDERE DEV DO U WATCH KUBZ SCOUTS!
      yes….nailed that midori impression

  1. Woohoo! That was so unexpected and I’m really excited to see how the YouTubers react! Thank you for making my day – I’m always so happy when I get an email notif that you have updated your blog 😀

      • Yes in America but in Japan I belive it is more common for people to be addressed by there last name unless you are close to said person so I can get why they would ask this question

  2. The “hiding bodies in the lockers” thing seems like a really cool idea to put in the actual game outside the challenge

    • Makes me wonder what it would take for Ayano to be capable of sticking students in lockers, presumably so they can’t interfere with/observe Ayano’s plans…

      If this feature gets added, I’d advise against filling the locker with garbage first. That’s a good way to end up with maggots in your eyes or flies in your lungs.

  3. That’s really great! With the additional students and their routines, the challenge seems impossible, even if you can use the debug menu, there’s a chance that the whole challenge can fail. So adding these would decrease someone’s frustration at trying to complete the challenge.

    Here’s an example at how the challenge seems impossible: there are way too many students roaming around when you get to your first target, even with Yandere Vision there can be people who would automatically try to apprehend you, like the Sports Club members for example. And the two others that after the first A are Student Council members, and they are capable of giving you an instant fail if you mess up. And they require you to use giggles and a radio to kill them, and if you make one mistake you have start all over again.

    These additions you added, the lockers and the smoke bombs can decrease the chances of starting all over again. So great job!

  4. kubz scouts: im never doing the alphabet killer challenge again
    yandere dev: uploads a alphabet killer challenge build

  5. Wow! This looks amazing – it’s quite understandable how you have to buy panties now; but it isn’t a big deal either!
    I am amazed by how fast updates are flying in too! You’re definitely working hard YanDev! I’m excited for the next astonishing update!
    I love the implementation of the Alphabet Killer Challenge: how you can hide bodies in lockers, the smoke bombs – instead of working extremely hard figuring out who’s next or disposing the bodies! The development of Yandere Simulator sure is going well!
    Keep up the great work!!! ヽ(^◇^*)/

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  7. Now every YouTuber is officially the Yansim Zodiac Killer.

    This is Super cool Yandere Dev.

    I can’t wait to check out the new shop

    • The Alphabetical Killer game? Or just the whole game in general.
      If it’s the Alphabetical Killer game – it might be that your launcher hasn’t updated the game yet as only Mediafire and Mega have the latest build.
      If it is the game in general – I have no idea why.

  8. this challenge is going to so difficult but fun at the same time. also am i the only one who has noticed the download section displaying 4nd instead of 4th?

  9. i’m sorry but i don’t ike the idea of having to unlock panties… i’m all for the stores and such, but it will seriously slow down gameplay if we need to get a bunch of money to even unlock things for us to actually play the game, especially since if you work as a mai, it takes you to the next day and doesn’t even give you the option to buy anything, i’m sorry but I think it will just slow down gaemplay and make it more frustrating…

    • I can see what your saying but I feel from a story standpoint it does make alot of sense since what purpose would Yan-Chan have for more than one type of panty unless it was to get with her senpai

  10. as a maid* and with having other stores around to spend your money on that, the game will just become making money and buying things, and having to wait until nightime to do so, serving no purpose for the school really either

    • I dont think so because you can complete the game without buying anything.And if you want to eliminate a rival in a way that you have to buy something from one of the stores just buy what you need, you dont need to buy all products of the all stores to complete the game

      • Also, if you *really* want the stuff from Info-chan, you can unlock panties pretty fast with microphones. It’s even easier to get panties fast than money really, since you don’t have to do a mini game for this.

  11. Does the hide bodys in lockers only available in the abc killer challange? (Sorry for bad writeing…)

  12. Yan Dev i just want to suggest an idea for the stores in the town : i think if you put a little silouhette or an image next to the object that you’re gonna buy it will make it easier for the player to identify the product … if it takes so much of your time i can help with some drawings , i’m actually a medium artist

  13. Hmm, in your video of January 1st, 2020, you said “I am working on two very significant things right now.” Will the other thing come in the April 15th Update? This game has gotten very interesting lately….

  14. I think the lockers are an interesting idea, and should probably be implemented into the main game. I also have a couple of ideas for the lockers:

    – You can also hide weapons and certain items in a locker.
    – You can hide 2 small weapons in a locker (like knives or the circular saw) as well as 3 items from Info-Chan. Anything roughly the size of the directional mic, or matches.
    – If a locker has 2 small weapons and 3 small items from Info-Chan in a locker, you can’t put anything else in there.
    – If a body or a big weapon (a baseball bat or magical girl wand) is in a locker, you can’t put anything else in there.

    I’ve also been looking at videos online, and I think that some clubs and elimination methods may need a little more balancing. For example, right now it’s a little too easy to get rid of Kokona by gossiping, if you simply join the Light Music Club and restore your reputation if it’s really low. If it’s easy to eliminate Kokona in this method, it might be easy to eliminate Osana this way, because Raibaru’s karate won’t do much against an opinion. Maybe you need to have a reputation above -33% to join the Light Music Club, and if you keep your reputation high, you’ll be able to stay in the Light Music Club. If your reputaiton reaches -33% or lower, you’ll be kicked out. It won’t be that much harder, but I feel like it’ll be fairly important in the long run.
    The point is, I feel that some of the non-lethal elimination methods are not very balanced. You might want to have one last look over the non-lethal elimination methods, and make sure they’re properly balanced.

    • Sorry but I have to disagree the lockers don’t look good all over the hallways it looks better the way it is now but if u mean keeping the lockers where they are and stuffing them in the front of the school we’re the lockers are that’s ok but not all spread out in the hallways

  15. Yander dev, the game does not want to update and when I install it again it still reports me a bug. What is wrong?

  16. Yandere Dev,Yandere Dev. If you gosip about Osana, shoudn’t the text be something like,, that’s hilarious”(bad english) cuz’ she’s just creating a manga, or something (i dunno for sure)

  17. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important, you can add weapons in the yandere simulator shop because they are used for Yandere Chan to buy weapons and use them for school in case if you first burned the weapons. Yandere Dev can you add this feature for the next Yandere Simulator update please?

  18. I like this, and hope that what is here may be implemented into the actual game. But perhaps because smoke bombs aren’t normal things in a school, Ayano would need to be in the science club for people to not consider her suspicious for using smoke bombs. And she’d need to have Chemistry lvl 3 or higher to be able to construct a workable smoke bomb.
    I also hope you work on the school subjects for Yandere Simulator. Those have not been updated for a while.

  19. Interesting update. Also Yandere dev for some reason the loading time is taking longer than it did before. Also I talked to some other people about saki’s new hairstyle and there not a fan of it but it’s ur decision ^_^. keep being a good game developer I can’t wait for osana! I hope she comes out this month.

  20. Also In The alaphabet killer challenge the names aren’t in order after beshi it goes to enpi tsu not borupen just a heads up

  21. Yandere Dev I can’t download the update off of Mediafire or Mega. My launcher says the site the update is downloaded off of is limiting my account. Is there any way to fix this?

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