April 6th Bug-Fixing Build

Nothing important to announce; just wanted to get in a few bug fixes (and some improvements to the Alphabet Killer Challenge).

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down beneath this absolutely incredible illustration by Ralunix!

Alphabet Killer Changes

  • You can now find a “Puzzle Cube” in the Student Council room. If you hand this puzzle cube to a student, they will stop moving for 30 seconds and try to solve it.
  • There is now a robot in the Student Council room. If you pick it up and drop it, it will follow you around and clean up any blood that spills. However, it comes with a limitation: it will follow you forever, but if it has spent a total of 100 seconds cleaning up blood, it will stop. (If it gets stuck somewhere, clean up that blood manually to get it un-stuck.)
  • The most annoying part of the challenge is waiting for students to enter the school at the beginning of the day, so the challenge now starts with Yandere-chan and all students already inside the school.
  • Additionally, the day now begins with all club leaders already in their clubs so that you can immediately join whatever club you want to join without waiting for them to arrive at their clubrooms.
  • The turtle is now disabled during the Alphabet Killer Challenge. No cheating! (Join the art club and wear an apron if you don’t want bloody clothing to be a problem.)

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Alphabet Killer” lockers and smoke bombs to become available during normal gameplay if the player played the Light Music Club minigame.
  • Fixed bug that would leave the “Remove Bucket” prompt on a door even if the bucket had already fallen off of that door.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to talk to other students after putting a corpse into a locker.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a door from being interactive if it had been used as a bucket trap earlier in the day.
  • Fixed issue where two students were out of alphabetical order in the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • It is no longer possible to walk around inside of the counselor’s office during SNAP Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause delinquents to raise your reputation after being complimented.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a decapitated student to come back to life during SNAP Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to equip panties she didn’t actually own.
  • Restored missing bushes to the school plaza.

56 thoughts on “April 6th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Nice work YandereDev! I look forward to more development and the release of Osana. I hope more features and student interactions would be implemented too!
    PS: I think it’s great to add those advantages into the official game, but I think that robot in the Student Council room is almost identical to the one in the Science Club, so maybe you can review the club benefits?

  2. In my opinion the lockers around the school are an excellent addition to the original game, they are very useful to hide a body momentarily

    • True but like….it’s horrible to see lockers around school without no use just to hide bodies i think it would be better to hide the body in someones locker and it could be used as a framing elemination method

      • Another option is to just download a archive of an old build that never had see-through windows, but you wouldn’t have the features available in the newer builds. (E.g. Snap mode)

  3. Hey YandereDev, I know it isn’t a big problem since you can download the game by other links, but the launcher stopped working for me since last update. Thought you should know about this, maybe there’s a problem with it.

  4. Like I mentioned in the previous post, these updates are seriously flying in! They all have great bug fixes and surprising features – which are awesome!
    I am so excited to see what will be in the next build, keep up your motivation YandereDev – you’ve definitely made an intense amount of progress!! ^u^

  5. Hi yandere dev, I noticed that I could use the ‘Z’ button to kill all students which lead to an immediate win for the challenge. I though I should let you know!

  6. To all the people who say he put the wrong date on the post, time travel has been invented and he did it in February!

  7. I have a question to anyone who has run into this problem. I have a Windows 8 and 10 computer. Both have a lot of RAM space but Windows 8 has more storage space since I barely use it.
    So, my dilemmas:
    1. I tried to save my game. Well, I decided to quit and come back to it later. I came back, my data said the correct place of where I was last time such as the day and what club I was I’m, but I pressed “e” and it just had me start over. It didn’t go to the intro but the game just acted like I just finished watching the intro and now I get to start Monday. It’s also been a problem when saving the data inside the game when you go to save data on the phone. When I go load the data from the phone, all it does is bring me to the place of where I last saved but it doesn’t remember what I completed (wrong uniform, all tasks I’ve completed read as if I haven’t done the, etc.) I had to save the data within the game because my computers kept crashing (not so much on some settings). I did report these things to Yandere Dev, but maybe I should have asked on here if anyone has experienced this before. Plus I was confused if the data not saving correctly both on the menu and on the phone menu screen could be a launcher problem or even a bug. I have redownloaded the game from Mega, Media Fire, and Mad and still ended up with the same results.
    My questions:
    1. How much RAM space should I have for this game so it doesn’t crash so often? If you don’t know, just say you guess or recommend what you think it is.
    2. If you have a Windows 8 or 10, please comment which one you have and tell me the screen resolution and graphics quality you have it set on because I might just be doing the wrong combination. I’ve tried even graphic low 1/8 and the lowest screen resolution and most times, I don’t crash until about 1 hour in, which had been longer most of the times than the other settings. But sometimes, it’ll be within 30 minutes of playing. I also need to know what launcher link you are using too.

    If anyone has been able to conquer these problems, let me know! If the game isn’t saving for anyone, I’m glad I’m not the only one then!

    • I’m very sorry, the save feature isn’t functioning properly yet. I plan to get it working properly after upgrading to Unity 2019 (which should happen on April 10th if everything goes according to schedule).

      1. I believe that Yandere Sim requires 4 GB of RAM at the minimum, but I recommend at least 8 GB just to absolutely guarantee you have enough. Also, people who encounter crashes have better luck when they close all other applications (no internet browsers, no Discord, etc) when running Yandere Sim.

      2. I’ve never tried the game on any version of Windows above 7 – I’m sorry!

      • Thanks Yandere Dev! I don’t even have discord nor anything but the game open when I’m playing. I haven’t read all the updates completely. All I did was skim and you may have mentioned it in an update. So, it was just frustrating when the game wouldn’t save after almost murdering the whole school. Hehe. But I’ll check my RAM. Also, thank you for all your hard work! This is the only horror/stealth game I ever play. So I don’t mind the waiting nor when it’ll be fixed. I’m just glad to see the game making progress even though I started playing in about 2018. But I see your videos and I’m not complaining. Stay safe!
        Just a note to anyone, I thought I could login to my Facebook on here but that option didn’t come up. So apparently I forgot that when I attended SUU, I created a website for the username you see because I was the social media chair at the time. I got to work with all types of animals. The scariest one I’ve worked with was a carpenter snake named Chokey. I’m glad there was a person in the room to help get Chokey off of me. Anyways, that website didn’t work out and I used another website. So, please don’t contact the school I graduated from. In the future, I’ll try to login with a different account to sort this out. I’m just confused why my Facebook didn’t pop up like it used too. Perhaps because I’m on my phone?

      • Unity 2019 on April 10th?! Dang, Dev! You’ve been on it for the 6 Years! Hopefully Unity 2019 will stop the crashing i’ve been experiencing!

      • How come that there is only one way in snap, would you have to kill Senpai and yourself? Or could there be a snap where yan-chan kidnaps Senpai and she forces him to love her? Oh and thanks for never giving up, your awesome.

    • Here we go. This is my actual identity. I had to go on the computer to login as me. Why it didn’t let me do it on the phone? No idea.

  8. Ngl I miss being able to leave the locker room sans towel. I went on a killing spree like that and it was so cool.

  9. I wanted to update my yandere simulator game but I couldn’t and when I tried to go into the old version of the game it says go download the newest version and I did (this was couple weeks ago). But I still couldn’t able to update it when I try to play it It’s stays to the March 1st build. Does anyone have a solution to this?

    • I mainly download the newest version from MediaFire or Mega.
      I strongly suggest downloading the latest.zip file from MediaFire if you can’t update your game to the newest build. If MediaFire doesn’t work, then you can use Mega. Here’s a link to a variety of options on downloading the latest file: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/
      I hope that helps you!

  10. We always get to learn something from someone and I am getting very inspired from this post and I hope you will continue to write more posts like this, I also write a blog, make a website, put posts in them My post may not be like yours but still I try hard to make them better so that my comments and my blog can be given a place in my website. Please do

  11. I don’t know where to say that so I’ll do it here, if it’s the rong place, tell me and i go somewhere else. I have just been banished from the discord but I don’t understand why, I didn’t had an explanation and never broke any rule. It has been a week since I was on the server and that nothing had been reproached me, I would like to be able to return to the server please … Sorry for the inconvenience if there is not possible return …
    Have a good day

  12. Finally doing some great work! But i really think that the game needs some more focus on the principal mechanics, the extras need to come after the principals!

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