April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Oopsie! The last build had some bugs. I’ve prepared a bug-fixing build.

It’s important to mention that the latest build is currently only available from http://www.mediafire.com/file/viciqzzv01kna3q/YandereSimulator.zip – the other sites will have it shortly, but for now, you have to use the Mediafire link to download it.

To see a list of everything that is new/fixed/different in the latest build, scroll down past this chilling SNAP Mode artwork by JDLG!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • From now on, if Yandere-chan alarms Senpai, she will move backwards to put at least 1 meter of distance between herself and him. This will prevent situations where SNAP Mode begins with Yandere-chan’s face in Senpai’s crotch, or Senpai not performing the right animation at the start of SNAP Mode.
  • If Yandere-chan has alarmed Senpai, the students surrounding her will move backwards until there is at least 1 meter of space between them and Yandere-chan. This will prevent situations where SNAP Mode begins and Yandere-chan immediately attacks a student before the player knows what is going on.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the camera to clip underneath the ground during SNAP Mode if Yandere-chan was above the first floor of the school building.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to perpetually sit during SNAP Mode if they were sitting at the point in time when SNAP Mode was activated.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a Light Music Club member’s music from stopping if SNAP Mode was activated while they were playing an instrument.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Senpai to speak his “What’s wrong with you?!” voiced lines even while being stabbed to death with Yandere-chan.
  • It’s no longer possible to use SNAP Mode to teleport outside of the school or into the boys’ locker room.
  • Fixed bug that caused curtains to turn invisible when looking into a room from outside the school.
  • Fixed nurse’s hat so that it fits properly on her new hair model.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the school gate from closing properly.
  • It’s no longer possible to trigger SNAP Mode past 6:00 PM.

80 thoughts on “April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Nothing like making Snap mode even better! I’m very curious though, how did someone activate Snap mode past 6pm? I thought school is finished by then so you can’t… ya know…. murder. Or do anything to annoy Senpai.

  2. Cuando vas a poner a sepáis, chica, ayano Chico, ayano personalizable con el menú de personalización, cuando ?

  3. Yandev I just wanna say that you’re awesome! I’m seriously genuinely impressed by snap mode! Just remember to take your time with the rest of the game so it turns out as awesome as snap mode when it’s finally finished! (A delayed Osana is eventually good, but a rushed Osana is a baka forever! Right?)

  4. I know, that YandereDev don’t like suggestion, but I can’t help and make one little one.
    If eventual development time and budget allowed it, it would be nice, to add little “epilogue-like” scene, that shows, how “story important characters” that survived your killing spree and murder-suicide with Senpai, do end react to said scene. For example if I killed everyone, but let Osana to live, then showing how she “mentaly breaks” or ends traumatized afterwars would be far more satisfiing to see, than killing her. Of course this just if time and budget allows it. ^_~

  5. I dont know why people are in such a rush for the game to be finished. I’ve been following the development for years, and always look forward to when Yandere Sim updates! I cant imagine time going by without me checking up on its progress, I honestly wish sometimes it would never finish 😅

    • Same, but at the same time I want it to be finished. The Game’s development is such a mixed bag.

      One day I’m like “when will it be complete?”
      In the coming months, I’ll be like “I can’t believe it’s over” 😞

      But it’s for the best

  6. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important, you can put the weapons on the yandere simulator shops because they are used for Yandere Chan to buy the weapons and use them for school in case if first to burned the weapons. Yandere Dev can you add this feature for the next Yandere Simulator update please?

  7. Hey YandereDev
    I was banned at your dc server and i don’t know why
    Can you tell me why?
    Stardust P #8150

  8. Hello. I am really excited to check out the new update!..but I need to ask something. Can you please work on the game that it will not crash? Because I’m afraid that my laptop doesn’t have enough RAM, and other people don’t. I am just asking, though! You don’t need to. Thank you!

  9. I have a few suggestion to make your hammer better also I love snap mode I think u should not make students all walk in the same line.
    Also another idea is that when you have mai Waifu distract someone she distracts them for a longer time because she’s supposedly a distraction for male students

  10. hello sir! I wanted to ask a thing, since as much as I saw on many computers, not only mine, yandere download before playing is really slow and once the game starts is kinda buggy (mostly happens when I look around Yandere-chan), will there be an update of this for making it less buggy and/or less long to start a “round” (So sorry, my English isn’t perfect, still improving). Goodbye ^^

    • Hmm, he did say in a previous post that he might be able to upgrade the game’s engine from Unity 2017.3 to Unity 2019.3 – meaning that there will be: faster loading times, higher FPS (frames per second) and no crash bugs.
      I think that might answer your question – if it doesn’t, my apologies!

  11. Keep up the good work, Yandere-Dev! We’re all so excited for this game. Everyone is so happy whenever a new build comes out. Try not to let the negativity get to you.

  12. Hi Yandere Dev!
    I was just curious if the plans to give the characters new base models ever changed. Don’t get me wrong, the character models right now suit the game pretty well and I enjoy them since I’ve seen them for, like, 5 years now. I was just curious if/when the change would happen 🙂

  13. This doesn’t have anything to do with the new build, but rather with something else. On Wednesday morning, when Osana is out, and she takes a pictutre that Senpai thinks is better than where he usually is, will he sit there instead the by the main fountain?

  14. I think snap mode is pretty cool! The only thing I’ve got to say is, since you can’t run and only teleport it is still harder to move around the school and such. This isn’t a problem, except the time you have before static appears and starts teleporting you to weapons, I feel like there isn’t enough feasible time to get a weapon and kill senpai at that speed before the static teleports you and makes you do it. Other than that snap mode is amazing!

  15. That is rude. It’s clear that she’s already starting to be implemented by Kokona not having any of osanas scripted events in the latest build, and kokona and riku don’t even appear at the school until lunch time. He is one single person, relying on others to give him assets; sometimes things happen especially when it’s in the hands of other people. It’s solely in his control to release osana, no one is keeping him from doing it. He is trying to make her the best he can before we see her, so that way people like you don’t complain when a tiny bug appears or something like that. He’s already said she’s functionally complete and has started working on other major things for the game. Give the man some slack.

  16. Oh I have another question. Will you change the animation for the teachers or students reacting to murder like how you changed the animation for Yandere Chan when she is caught by Senpai?

  17. Yeah the music from the Light Music Club was still playing I was like “WHAT ?”
    And don’t forget the Miyuki music from the gaming club !
    Keep up the good job YanDev !

  18. What if when SNAP mode comes into place for expulsion, what if Yandere-Chan kills the headmaster as well as Genka? When she expels you, she says ‘I’ve spoken to the headmaster, and he has given permission for me to expel you from this institution!’. The headmaster would be mainly responsible for Yandere-Chan’s expulsion, so it makes sense for her to do that.

    And would SNAP mode be available for the ‘??????’ and the ‘Comatose’ endings?
    Not sure for ‘??????’, but if Comatose will have SNAP mode, after Yandere-Chan comes out of her coma and heads back to school to see Senpai dating her rival, she would lose herself and kill her rival. Then the current SNAP mode would come into play.

  19. Hi Yandere dev. Do you have an idea when it’ll be possible to update it on the launcher? It’s just I can’t use winzip so i’d like to know. Keep up le great work YanDev!

      • Ah, I searched this up and this was the result.
        “When rendering shadows, your computer has to render another scene (shadow map) for each and every light source in the moment you are playing. This obviously, will significantly reduce your FPS. So in theory, a game with just one light source will half the amount of FPS”
        Hopefully that answers your question; if it doesn’t, then I suggest you can try to do some research.

    • Hm, using the MediaFire link?
      If so, I think you have to wait until the option is available to update it on the launcher or when the latest zip is available.
      I hope that helps you ;u;

  20. YandereDev YandereDev!
    The sanity meter has a bug! We’re not able to see de cardiograph of YanChan’s Sanity! Sorry for bothering!🙇🏻‍♂️😊

    • This is not a bug, he removed it. I assumed because it serves really no purpose except decorative feature, the percentage is the only thing that people need to look at.

  21. im sorry for all the hate your getting yanderedev,
    no matter what you do people will always complain but i believe in your game! i bought a computer just to play it and i love it and snap mode is super amazing,
    keep up the hard work bro your doing good

  22. bueno yandere dev no se si entiendas este comentario pero me encanto el snap mode es maravilloso todo me encanto sobre el

    lo unico que queria era que cuando ah ayano le hacen bulling que taro la rechaza seria bueno que no perdieras el juego automaticamente sino que ubiera un modo donde se pueda jugar siendo sempai y que con el paso de los dias se sienta mal por haber tratado mal ah ayano y que como ella esta siempre sola los rivales masculinos (yo haciendo aparecer ah mis rivales :D) y budo masuta (budoxayano >:3 weno no) empiezen ah querer ligar con ayano y sempai le de celos y trate de eliminarlos pero su ultimo rival seria budo masuta pero que budo se esmere todas las semanas para acercarse ah ayano y ganarse su amor pero el sempai (taro) tenga que impedirlo

    bueno no se si te guste la idea seria bueno que lo pusieras aunque sea en el mision mode no se pero si te gusta hay tienes esa idea (que tuve un sueño con eso xD) y bueno espero leas mi comentario espero la pases super

  23. well yandere dev I do not know if you understand this comment but I love the snap mode is wonderful everything I love about it

    The only thing I wanted was that when they did bulling, that Taro rejected it, it would be good if you did not lose the game automatically, but instead found a way where you can play as a sempai and that over the days you feel bad for having treated badly. ah ayano and that as she is always alone the male rivals (me making my rivals appear: D) and budo masuta (budoxayano>: 3 weno no) start ah wanting to link with ayano and sempai him with jealousy and try to eliminate them but his Last rival would be budo masuta but that budo strives every week to get closer to ayano and earn his love but the sempai (taro) has to prevent it

    Well, I don’t know if you like the idea, it would be good if you put it in the mission mode, I don’t know, but if you like it, you have that idea (I had a dream about that xD) and well I hope you read my comment, I hope you pass it super (now in English so you understand me)

  24. I’ve been following the development for quite a while now, and i noticed one feature that hasn’t been added yet: in one of your videos you said you can choose your senpai’s gender, have you forgotten about it or have you abandoned the idea completely and senpai’s gender is strictly male? I’m asking because it wasn’t mentioned afterwards.

    • I think this feature will be implemented later on in the game. He has planned the male rivals & the name for the female senpai (Taeko Yamada) but I’m not sure. Maybe it might just forever be a male senpai, or maybe not? Who knows?

  25. Hi again YanDev. I’m just wondering, it says I can update it on the launcher but whenever I try it doesn’t work. Is this meant to happen or is it broken? I’m just wondering because I really want to update it but I can’t.

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