December 21st Bug-Fixing Build

Been working on Osana. A lot of playtesting; a lot of asking myself, “Would a new player get confused and not understand what to do?” “Is this elimination method good or bad game design?” “What can I do to guarantee that the player won’t get frustrated here?” Most of the work I’m going right now won’t be visible until after Osana is released, but numerous little improvements and bug-fixes have been piling up, so I’m releasing a new build!

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this striking and artistic illustration by cinnamonduh!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • From the debug menu, you can now press the “F” key to spawn a “green screen room” near the hedge maze. This is for the benefit of people who would like to place characters against a green screen when making a YouTube thumbnail, or anything else along those lines. You can press the “Z” key to cycle between different colors other than green. (For example, Midori’s hair wouldn’t work well with a green screen.) (Note: The green screen doesn’t work well with ambient occlusion, so occlusion is automatically turned off when you summon the green screen. Remember to go into the Settings menu and turn it on, if you want it back.)
  • If a student is distracted by a giggle, a notification will appear at the top of the screen, so that the player can confirm that their giggle reached its target. (Previously, it was impossible to know if someone on the other side of a wall / door had been affected by a giggle.)
  • Using the “Save” feature in Pose Mode will now cause a little notification to appear onscreen, so that there is no uncertainty over whether or not you successfully saved the pose.
  • Once again, changed some of the environment models in the school plaza to better facilitate stealth gameplay / make it easier to use giggles to attract a student’s attention without being spotted.
  • Characters will no longer check for the presence of Yandere-chan, blood, or corpses if any of those things are more than 4 meters above the character’s current position.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a red “death skull” from appearing over the portrait of a student that died from having weights dropped on their head in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug with Kiba’s hair physics that would cause her hair to twist/rotate at bizarre angles depending on the animation she was using.
  • The gym teacher will no longer turn her attention away from a corpse if she hears the school gate closing.
  • Fixed bug that caused an image to display inside of one of Info-chan’s text messages.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Yakuza’s tattoo to be lit incorrectly.

45 thoughts on “December 21st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Nice YandereDev,but can you please add the option to join the student council? It’s okay if you want to make osana.

    • Look don’t worry, in the final we will have the option to join the student council so don’t ask him to work on it now,beacause you can be assure that from now on until the official demo or the final game we will have this option.

  2. I like how you changed the models for the school plaza! Also if you don’t upload a new blog post on Christmas then I wish you a Merry Christmas!

  3. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Osana, but Yandere Dev keeps fixing bugs to make the game perfect. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

    • The download launcher still doesn’t work properly … I didn’t contact YandereDev for this bug. Still not fixed … I’m sad.

  4. I understand that this may be a difficult question to answer, especially accurately, but is it possible that we can expect to see Osana in a build by the new year? Or if not the new year, sometime in January? I’m eagerly awaiting the release and am excited to see all these years of work come together in a demo.

    It would be really cool to be able to play some sort of build with Osana in it before I go back to college, so that is honestly why I’m asking. I usually silently and patiently follow the game, but lately I’ve had an urge to ask this. Thanks for your time, whether you see/respond to this or not.

    • Seeing that practically Osana is 90-95% complete, probably in the new year, or even at Christmas this Osana. But if there are things that delay it, I would say that in mid-January, Osana may be there, although I see it more or less, and I don’t know if I’m a little right.

      And as always, I’m using the translator, so I’m sorry if I don’t understand very well. Have a good day or night.

    • Hopefully so, since all that’s left is to make sure nothing is too easy or difficult, and play testing any and every scenario he could think of to see if he could find bugs to fix, since he most likely wants this demo to be as professional as possible

  5. The download launcher still doesn’t work properly … I didn’t contact YandereDev for this bug. Still not fixed … I’m sad.

    • Launcher does not work for me either. It becomes unresponsive while “Checking Server Connection”. I think it is best to direct download from the official website. ㅜ.ㅜ

      I replaced the files myself, and it is easy and it works!

  6. i found a bug in the framing method everytime i try to frame someone after i showered people still see me bloody hope you can fix this

  7. it’s actually pretty cool that there is a notification for the giggles cuz then we would have to check if the character is distracted, then they would see yandere-chan and realize it was her and go back to whatever they were doing

  8. someone have problems with download Yandere too? Launcher doesnt work, cant connect to servers, i try download it by another ways, but this isnt work too, i just cant download.

  9. Can’t wait for Osana! Glad you took so long to work on her, shows you really want this game to be fun and the best for everyone c:

  10. if it’s possible could we get an elimination method where she just snaps there neck
    also a hiding method in a broom cupboard or one where we can prop them up on a chair and make it look like they’re asleep
    if any of this is possible that would be great thank you if you read this yandere dev

  11. Happy Christmas everyone,that everybody has a good christmas and a New year’s eve,and I hope we can have a lot of fun when Osana is released.

  12. I’m curious. Will you make it possible to customize Ayano? New hairstyles, hair colors, and accessories? They’ll probably only be for customizable effect and not have any effect on gameplay, but it’d be a nice way to make the game a bit more fun and personal to each player. Ayano would start with the plain school uniform and black ponytail, but the player could buy things to customize her appearance throughout the game.

    • I guess there already is a way to do that, just by pressing H for hair and O for accessories, but like how you can buy blond hair dye and her hair is always blond, something like that with like red or blue would be cool. Buying a red locket or something would be cool as well, and if someone got a crush on you for the black hair, dying it would get them off your back XD good idea though lol

  13. Dev, i really want to know if u gonna put Taeko (female version of Taro, our senpai) in the game, and if u gonna let us to be girls at the same time. And if u gonna let us pick the gender of the rivals, like only female/male or random, some gurls and some bois xD

  14. I don’t know if it’s because my computer is a big old toaster, but the screen stay black in the bedroom, and i can’t see the town (keeps white, etc.), someone’s having the same issue as me?

  15. Great can’t wait to play the new build, I know it’s a little to early to ask this but, could you add a feature to the final game where you could enter a debug mode so we can still play with the easter eggs and other debug stuff in the future. If you’d beat the game with a debug then senpai would reject you at the end of the game or something. Sorry for asking so much of you but it would be great.

  16. cool i cant not wait to play and i new in yandere simulator cuz im watchin other youtuber for playing yandere simulator

    for yandere dev love ya

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