Earning Money as a Maid in Yandere Simulator

Did you enjoy the short manga about Nemesis that I posted earlier today? If you haven’t seen it, please check it out!

And, when you’re done, there’s a new video for you to watch!

In order for me to retain all of my focus on Osana’s development, another programmer volunteered to create the maid cafe minigame for me. This feature wouldn’t exist without help from a talented gentleman named Fedora Dev! I’m eternally grateful to him for his assistance!

I’ve uploaded a new build that features the maid minigame, along with several other additions and bug-fixes. Click “Keep Reading” to see a full list of everything that is new in the latest build!

Maid Cafe Part-Time Job

  • Yandere-chan can now access a part-time job from her room – working at a maid cafe! I first expressed my desire to implement this feature in a video that was uploaded in February of 2017!
  • Yandere-chan can use the maid minigame to earn money. The player’s current amount of money will be displayed at the top-right corner of the game, beneath the clock.
  • It is now possible to use Yandere-chan’s home computer to access an online store. Currently, only one item is sold through this store, but more items will become available in the future. (For example, the video camera used to film Musume after kidnapping her, and tools like screwdrivers and box cutters.)
  • The vending machines at school now cost money to use; from now on, you will have to pay $1.00 to obtain a drink or a snack.
  • There are a lot of potential utilities that money may serve in the future. For example, it’s possible that money must be spent to purchase items needed to complete Tasks for certain students. It’s also possible that money will play a role in some rivals’ befriend/betray storylines.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • In the version of the game that contains Osana, debug commands (such as “instantly befriend all students”) will not be available. Thus, when I put Osana into the game, it must be possible to befriend all students through normal gameplay, without use of debug commands. In order to befriend a student, the player must do a “Task” for them. However, implementing a “Task” for every student would be extremely time-consuming, and would delay Osana. So, instead of implementing a unique Task for every student, I have decided to implement one generic Task that applies to every student in the game. In the final game, all students will have a unique Task, but for now, most students will simply use this generic placeholder Task.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to not face the correct direction in the Guidance Counselor’s office if she was sent to the office by a Student Council member who caught the player poisoning someone’s bento.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the guitar in the Light Music Club to spin through the air without being effected by gravity if Miyuji saw it on the ground and returned it to its original location.
  • Fixed bug that would set a teacher’s destination to the weapon box in the faculty room if they sent Yandere-chan to the counselor while they were investigating a dropped weapon.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to switch into their normal school uniform after attending class, even when that school uniform had been splashed with water.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the guidance counselor from speaking the correct lines if the player was sent to the counselor after being witnessed poisoning a bento.
  • Members of the Cooking Club will no longer attempt to give food to any student who is currently waiting to meet someone else as a result of a note in their locker.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the End-Of-Day scene to last forever if the police were called to school to investigate a potential suicide, but no corpse was present.
  • One of Yandere Simulator’s old post-processing effects, “Ambient Occlusion”, has been re-enabled. If you dislike it, you can disable it from the Settings menu.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to push students off the school roof while they were clapping erasers, even if there was a fence up on the school roof.
  • Until now, the shower buildings were using placeholder exteriors. As of now, the shower buildings have finally been updated with better exteriors.
  • Fixed bug that caused delinquents to be surprised by the sight of their own weapons, if they dropped their weapons after losing a fight.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to be surprised by the sight of a box cutter, immediately after removing a box cutter from a box.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the radio from emitting musical notes, like it was supposed to.
  • Removed the white cube that was floating in the Light Music Club.
  • Fixed props in Science Club that were floating in midair.

What’s Next?

Further work on Raibaru, then Osana’s suitor, then Osana’s Befriend/Betray event. I might make a “Development Roadmap” image within the next few days, to communicate what remains to be done and what will be happening in the future.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

67 thoughts on “Earning Money as a Maid in Yandere Simulator

    • YandereDev said in his video that there would not be a city since it would take a long time, that instead there would be a street

      • it would take WAY to long to make a big city that was originally in Yandere Simulator. Glad to decided to go to Yakuza (I believe that is how it’s spelled) and went with only one street. (Yakuza is a ps4 game, it has more streets but I think the way he made it look is kinda like Yakuza).

      • I can’t download it either, not sure why, but I believe ReubenThePig released a video in it so they must have been able to use it.

      • I, as well. Even trying to make the Launcher download the game files in the Program Files folder doesn’t work.

  1. Very cool with the minigame but i hope that will be not time comsuming. And i hope of lot of money in a workout.

  2. Oh man, I don’t know whether to feel excited or bummed out.
    I’m happy that Yandere Dev is getting closer to finishing the Game but the journey was what was giving me the most fun instead of the destination.

    Oh well, as to be expected. I’ll just have to join the photography club and do some detective work

  3. FINALLY NORMAL SHOWER ROOM! YAY! Thank you, YandereDev! So sad, that we’re need to wait until Demo (v-slice) will be ready, to see all stuff with Osana.

  4. Is there a reason that you decided to use American currency instead of Japanese yen like in persona? Love the new build btw♥️

  5. this manga is amazing i can’t believe how good and interesting the twist is i am so excited about the full story

  6. I don’t know what’s better: that we’re so close to that finish line or that Yan-chans waifu points just shot straight through the roof.

    Now if only we had a lingerie version of that thumbnail maid dress *wink**wink*

  7. Speaking of the locker room, can you make it so that each student has their own locker ? It’s not a big deal but it is really weird for me especially with the bullies at lunchtime…

  8. To finish Osana Najimi now he just needs to finish the matchmaking suitor and the befriend/betray sequence? If so, that means that he finished Raibaru, testing any bugs related to Osana and he already confirmed that none of her’ s events got broken, that’s awesome!

  9. I think it’d be cool if you are able to make money by robbing your rivals once you’ve killed them or kidnapped them and no one is looking. I love this game, hang in there Yanderedev(^-^)

    • If you want to be a volunteer then check the volunteer page to see what do you need to work as a volunteer for Yandere Dev

  10. Ooh this is exciting! Keep up the good yandere Dev! It great that someone was able to help a but to get you one step closer to the final build! 😀

  11. The last minute and a half, I was like, “I get it. My novel came out, and then Netflix released a movie with a somewhat-similar story. I was like, ‘If the basis of these stories weren’t a common archetype, I’d be pissed’.”

  12. Hey yandere dev ❤
    I have some questions if you don’t mind
    1- Who is your favorite character in yandere simulator?
    2- Is there going to be handicap or mentally ill students?
    3- What are looking most forward to about the game?
    4- What conclusion have you come to about Kizana and Kokona?
    5- Are you going to add more “movies” or “games” in yandere sim like magical girl pretty miyuki?
    6- Are you going add a “cutscene director” mode?
    7- Can there please be animations when yandere tortures a kidnapped student? (like we can see what Ayano does to her victims)
    8- How can you answer the questions in “Making senpai reject a love confession in yandere simulator” with Raiboru chan?

    • 1. Megami is his favourite rival, but Oka is his cutest so one of those two
      2. I believe not, because they would just give you an easy way to get a slave (i guess)
      3. I don’t know because i’m not YandereDev
      4. I think Kizana and Kokona will stay the same along with Kizana’s quest
      5. I think he will because there are other unknown games (when you boot up the Saikou Station there are games named ????????)
      6. I’m not sure what that is ;-;
      7. I think there won’t be because watching people torture people won’t be funny (the fact that Ayano tortures them is enough for me)
      8. Osana talks to Raibaru after talking to Senpai at the beginning of the day, i believe that’s how we’ll know the answers of the questions

  13. I have a idea for another part time job minigame thing, Ayano (Player/Yandere chan) has to deliver mail in a certain time limit, just like stealing the nurses key or fighting someone you have to press a certain key at the right time, easy will give you 6/5 seconds to push it medium would be 3/2 seconds to press it and hard would be 1 second to press it, everytime will be a different key, Ayano will automatically throw the mail in the boxes.

  14. I’d love for you to put a small town in Yandere Simulator to make it more like an open world game. But I think you should start work on it after the core game is released and and then release the town as DLC rather than take longer to finish the core game. Just my opinion, though — it’s YOUR game and your vision 🙂

  15. Hi YandereDev. Doubt you’ll see this but making that much money in one day is kind of OP. Instead, I believe the game should be slightly tweaked. Ayano should accumulate pay depending on how often she worked part time and get a hefty amount at the end of the week instead. However, she should still make a bit of “pocket change” after every shift. It would be the additional money through tips! And depending on how fast she gets to deliver food to her table, the higher the tip! This makes the player carefully choose what they purchase. I’m not really sure about game design so I don’t know if that’s something difficult to add to the mini game but it would be more challenging and it would make a bit more sense. Sending love!!

    • By the way I know Fedora Dev is responsible for the mini game, I was just hoping if you do happen to read my comment and like the idea, you could pass it along to them (:

  16. A road map would be perfect! Its quicker than a video or a detailed blog post and it can keep all your fans up to date on your progress. I certainly would love that!

    Love from New Zealand

  17. i think the idea of the one street is awesome! and also its good because some players were spamming the vending machine button 🙂

    • Ah i loved doing that. order a drink until the canteen floor is literally covered with cans and your computer lags out.

  18. A single street could be beneficial to the game. Have a few stores that sell specific things that might not be available online (who would buy screwdrivers, knives, and box cutters online?) as well as maybe stalking your rival. Also, is it possible that there might be other options for Yandere-Chan to earn money? Maybe lifting equipment or tutoring students?

  19. For money, I would make access to special discounts and unique items if you are part of a specific club, for example:

    Sports: Any item like bats, balls.
    Teather: Clothes and costumes
    Cooking: Ingredients, ¿recipes? and food
    Art: Paint, ¿paintings? (for quests or presents)
    Science: Robots, pieces, torchs, tools
    Photography : Cameras, paper, ink

  20. Honestly, if Yan-dev didn’t want to make update videos all the time I think people’d be alright about it. I mean, yeah telling us you’re still around is fine cause there have been too many games that go ‘offline’ without any notice, but if it’s starting to be too much then take a break. Hell, if it means that much then just leave us a post saying your still around. Having a town and a freaking maid cafe is awesome enough as it is, a great choice to be sure. Still, the fact that you work so hard on the game means more then enough to us fans. Just a post, doesn’t even need to be detailed, just a simple short form of words every so often saying that your alive and that your working on features for the game that don’t want to be spoiled and we’ll say alright then go look at fan-art or read fanfiction or watch Bijuu Mike Youtube video because shut up reasons. Just take your time on the game.

  21. If you have the time to read this when will you be adding new Easter eggs that Yandere can transform into? Also what you can do for another update is add pets/animals into the game (possibly be used to befriend a student or killing them).

  22. La idea de un pueblo me hace pensar mucho en gta, lo que daría muchas posibilidades, pero el mini game es genial.
    Y sé que no te gusta leer ideas, pero ya que modelaste a yandere kun ¿porque no hacerlo el sempai psicópata y buena onda que le enseña las mecánicas complicadas del juego a su linda kohai (yandere)?

  23. I liked the idea of the small city, really. Just one street seems …reductive. What about more streets you can unlock if you do some things?
    Like: the first street with the made café unlocks just if you see the announce of the café searching for new maids;
    the second is a dark street where you can find bad people and you can unlock it only if you get to know about …criminal life;
    the third is the one that contains the district police…? Things connected to the last rival that you can unlock after finding something.
    Because one street seems really reductive. You shouldn’t abandon your ideas because someone told you they can’t wait anymore.

  24. I know it is a little late to bring this up and all but I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be more logical that Info-chan has a secret website (like the Dark Web) that Yandere-chan can do her “purchases” from then some random online store? I mean Info-chan has a lot of power and means that it wouldn’t be that hard to believe she could send a secret link to the player’s computer to do business, then disappear without leaving a single trace. The police wouldn’t be able to track down purchases this way ether then they would if you buying something from a regular online store.

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