Short Nemesis Manga

I’m almost ready to upload a new build and a new video! I just need a few more hours. While you’re waiting, I have something to share with you!

For a very long time, I’ve wanted to create a short manga that provides some information about Nemesis, the mysterious girl who hunts the player in Mission Mode. Recently, a very talented artist named Vanelover from the art group Ditzy Gast volunteered to turn that manga into a reality!

The manga is titled “Retribution”, and although it’s only 7 pages long, it reveals Nemesis’ motivation and identity!

It’s formatted in the style of a traditional Japanese manga, so remember to read the panels from right to left!

English Version:

Arabic Version:

Greek Version:

Cypriot Version:

Italian Version:

French Version:

Turkish Version:

German Version:

Russian Version:

Chinese Version:

Japanese Version:

Hungarian Version:

Indonesian Version:

Portuguese Version:

Brazilian Portuguese Version:

Spanish Version (Spain):

Spanish Version (Latin America):

Serbian Version:

Urdu Version:

Hebrew Version:

Romanian Version:

Vietnamese Version:

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it together with Vanelover!

Thank you very much for your patience while waiting for the next video and build!

193 thoughts on “Short Nemesis Manga

  1. Holy Mother Of Ennard!! My theory is that in That AU Ayano is a assassin working for Info-Chan and she was hired to kill Senpai. Since it’s an AU Ayano doesn’t fall in love with Taro since she kills him and 1 year later Hanako is now nemesis looking for revenge on for her brother. But then again it’s just a theory a GAME THEORY.

    • I think your theory is totally right strawberri33 if you think about it (or read about it) Taro is not in the Mission Mode timeline, that’s because Ayano was hired by Info-Chan to kill Taro, Hanako is OBSESSED with her older brother so it makes sense that she would be crushed when he dies, it also makes sense that she would seek revenge on the person who killed her brother. (also I’m glad to see so many people who love and understand the game and I think it makes yanderedev happy to see that his hard work to the game is going to pay off when the game is finished)

    • So what your saying is that Hanako goes back in time to stop Ayano from killing Taro Yamada but little does she know she is in another timeline, where Ayano falls in love with Taro Yamada and Hanako just doesn’t know it yet?? I mean thats what it sounds like right?

    • Satanic bucket of erotic butters I think you’re right bro ya like you’re saying AU ayano doesn’t fall in love with ze wild senpai, so she stabs him and sister cry and tries to kill ayano.

  2. I personally think the that Hanako not can be Nemesis after all she below his on year BUT am asking discern that in the most game its be should not after all we and in debug and Mision mod play only on the first weeks and Hanako-Chan there is tolko on 9 weeks and then question:yandere-dev game not completed but why already 9 rival on the first weeks Mision mod!?

  3. When I read it I got sooo many questions. I want yandere Dev to answer this questions.
    1. Why would ayano kill taro, who is her senpai or lover like what was the reason?
    2. How and what is the relationship between nemesis and taro and why is nemesis calling taro his brother?
    I still didn’t get it, why would yan-chan kill her lover(senpai)

  4. so, this is what i understood:

    Mission mode takes place in an alternative timeline, where Ayano doesn’t fall in love with Senpai. Info-Chan hires Ayano to kill him. After one year of his death, Senpai’s sister, Hanako, decides to take revenge by murdering Ayano, that explains why Nemesis (hanako) is hunting you. Am i right? (sorry if this comment sounds kinda obvious, its the first time i read the manga)

  5. How come there’s only one page? It ends at “His name is Taro Yamada” and there’s no option to move to the next page.

  6. entonces el modo misión en realidad estamos jugando en una línea de tiempo alternativa (supongo que por eso Taro no aprecia en la escuela) en la cual ayano nunca conoció a taro, y es una mercenaria.

  7. So its Basically the nemesis chan is hanako their just in another timeline where ayano doesnt fall in love with taro and kill him . I remembered hanako had short hair and hanako lost her happiness after her brothers death.

  8. i guess in the mission mode info-chan told ayano that she is going to tell the police abt her cuz she was the enemy all the time and so she is the daughter of the Journalist and she wants to get her revenge for her father so she tells ayano that there is a mission for her and its abt killing taro ‘ this is supposed to be the first mission ‘ and she did kill him and thats why hanako gets mad so she turns into nemesis and kidnap ayano lol

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  10. yanderedev!, yanderedev! is the final game gonna have those same languages to translate it or is the game gonna be english only?

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