Short Nemesis Manga

I’m almost ready to upload a new build and a new video! I just need a few more hours. While you’re waiting, I have something to share with you!

For a very long time, I’ve wanted to create a short manga that provides some information about Nemesis, the mysterious girl who hunts the player in Mission Mode. Recently, a very talented artist named Vanelover from the art group Ditzy Gast volunteered to turn that manga into a reality!

The manga is titled “Retribution”, and although it’s only 7 pages long, it reveals Nemesis’ motivation and identity!

It’s formatted in the style of a traditional Japanese manga, so remember to read the panels from right to left!

English Version:

Greek Version:

Cypriot Version:

Italian Version:

French Version:

Turkish Version:

German Version:

Russian Version:

Chinese Version:

Japanese Version:

Hungarian Version:

Indonesian Version:

Portuguese Version:

Brazilian Portuguese Version:

Spanish Version (Spain):

Spanish Version (Latin America):

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it together with Vanelover!

Thank you very much for your patience while waiting for the next video and build!

140 thoughts on “Short Nemesis Manga

  1. …so that’s why there’s no senpai in mission mode.




  3. HOLY SHIT NEMESIS IS ACTUALLY ALT UNIVERSE HANAKO?? Jfc that’s a twist I wasn’t expecting, but I love it!!!!

      • Mission Mode, i.e. where Nemesis-chan is takes place in an alternate universe. So obviously in Mission Mode’s universe, Ayano never fell in love with Taro and therefore was able to kill him.

      • If you saw the video Yandere Chan Is not a Yandere but a hired killer so she didn’t have a Senpai in the Alt universe

      • its an alternate universe, In one of yandere dev videos, he says that Mission Mode was like an alternate universe, now I’m not sure if Ayano is still and emotionless girl (most likely cause she’s an assassin) but in this universe, she doesn’t go to akademi, she works for Info-Chan, and I guess never met Taro Yamada.

  4. I don’t understand and I have so many questions in mind… It’s not helping us about knowing Nemesis’ identity or… is she from an other timeline ? Is Hanako returning in the past ? Wtf you’ve brainfucked me 😂

    • haha,same bro! but i have a theory:
      in mission mode,there is no senpai,but nemesis is hunting you.this could mean that you are the one who killed taro,and now nemesis is searching you because you are the one who had killed her this actually makes perfect sense!xD i hope that i cleared this up a bit ^^

    • The mission mode is in an alternate universe where Ayano isn’t a Yandere but a Hitmen since there is no Senpai in Mission mode this short manga cleared up what happened to him. And I guess this means that Hanako is Nemesis in this alternate universe. Hope this cleared up some stuff 🙂

  5. My theory is that this is the story
    Maybe when ayano snaps he killed senpai
    and hanako’s sweet persona changed due to her brother’s death

  6. Since this is an AU, is it possible that Nemesis his older sister, and he died before he became a third year or something?

  7. okay so, what I’m getting here, Nemesis is Hanako in Mission Mode. In different universe. Taro isnt available in Mission Mode. There are two universes in Yandere Simulator. But hey, that’s just theory. A GAME THEORY

  8. If you go to inspect element and remove the line max-height: 100vh; from the css, the images will fill the width of the screen instead of the height. I think it’s a lot better that way. You can also remove the max-width if you want to see the images full size.

  9. So… In mission mod, Taro is already dead. so Nemesis is Hanako! (Hanako but without joy and only revenge is on her mind)

  10. i think hanako and nemesis chan are the SAME person, do you guys remember hanako being so dang attached to senpai? if no then wtf are you doin if yes then nemesis chan that taro was evrything to her well well well same with hanako thats the same trait and when senpai died she changed her personality her hair evrything! and she decided to find who did this to her bro and the first target was ayano aishi….welp thats just a theory A GAME THEORY XD

  11. After the Taro’s death, Hanako changed herself. She wants only one thing – kill murderer of her brother. Why Ayano killed her love?!

    • Mission Mode is set in a different universe. Ayano doesn’t love Taro in this, She’s just a hitman for hire

  12. No………no………………….no…………no……………….no way…… no……. no……… no no no…….. no no no no no no………. no……… no……… no…….. no…….. no…….. no…….. no…… no……… no………. no………. no…… is that…. no…… no……… no……is that….no…… no……. no…. is that….. no….. no…….. no…… is that….. is that… is that…. Hanako?……………. no…….. no……..

    (Literally my reaction for minutes……)

    I cannot see Nemesis Chan the same way anymore….. lol

  13. i know many ppl r confused why yan chan killed senpai isnt she obsessed with her
    the answer is mission mode is another storyline so it doesnt have any relation with the main story line which is about yan chan ought to get rid of the rivals to get senpai
    and obviously nemesis chan is hanako cause you can see the who standing in front of the grave has the similar hairstyle with hanako
    so after taro was killed, hanako made determined to take the revenge on the one assassinating her brother, and cutting hair is one of the ways to show determination

  14. my theory:
    in normal gameplay,everything’s alright and ayano is deeply in love with senpai.but as they came together,he realised how insane ayano actually was and decided to break up with her.ayano was so enraged and devastated,so she thought the only fair revenge was to kill him.taro died and left his two sisters:hanako and nemesis-chan.they both cried and cried and their worlds were shattered.however,after one year without leaving the house,hanako decided to go to another school,but nemesis-chan wanted to stay at akademi high.that’s the mission mode.we all know that there is no senpai ,but the one who is in the mode is she promised her brother to find the Killer and punish them.after she was provided with some sensitive information about yan-chan,she finally knew who killed her brother,and decided to hunt her in School.

    well,long story short:mission mode plays one year after taros death,and nemesis is searching for yan-chan because she was provided with information about her.
    just my thoughts.what do you think about this?drop your theories in the comments as well.thank you for reading!:-)

  15. My theory is that Mission Mode takes place after the events in Yandere Simulator in a timeline where Ayano kills Senpai after failing to get his love and being the psychopath she is, she moved on with her life. Now Hanako is a little older and has a vendetta against Ayano.

  16. I think it kinda makes sense since yandere dev said mission mode takes place in an alternate time line and taro is not in mission mode… i think this is way he is not there

  17. Maybe the “mission mode” is like an alternative universe (where Nemesis is alt. version of Hanako), or one of the ends of Yandere Sim, where Ayano “snaps” Senpai for some reason, and then, Nemesis appeard. Anyway, we know that there’s another universe in YanSim (Fun girl’s dimension).

    Alt U. theory -> Nemesis is the alt. version of Hanako
    Alt. end theory -> Nemesis is Taro’s older sister

  18. OK SO…
    My theory is that, The Mission Mode is and alternate Universe of Yandere Simulator where Ayano didn’t have feelings for Senpai and Info-Chan told Ayano to kill only certain stidents. The first one Ayano had to kill was Senpai. Info-Chan and Ayano where doing the murdering for a year until Nemesis came.

    My theory to Nemesis is that:
    Nemesis was like Hanako when Senpai was still alive. Happy and cheerful. But when her brother passed away her whole personality changed.

    But that’s just a theory…. A YANDERE THEORY!

    • I make a translate about a few minutes, because i am boring.

      Info-chan’s messages: Esta es la cara de tu objetivo.

      Nemesis: Estas despierta.

      Ayano: ¿Que es lo qué quieres?.

      Nemesis: Estoy buscando a la persona que asesino a mi hermano.

      Ayano: …

      Nemesis: Mi hermano lo era todo para mi, en el momento de su muerte mi mundo se destrozo en un millon de pedazos.

      Nemesis: Durante todo un año me reuse a salir de mi casa, no queria enfrentar a la vida sin el.

      Nemesis: Luego de unos 12 meses de luto, en el aniversario de su muerte me puse delante de su tumba y le hice una promesa, Jure que iba a encontrar y castigar a la persona que lo asesino.

      Nemesis: ¿Recuerdas el nombre de este chico?.

      Nemesis: Este fue el primer objetivo que se te encargo de asesinar.
      ¿Recuerdas su nombre?.

      Ayano: …

      Nemesis: El era mi hermano.

      Nemesis: Su nombre era Taro Yamada.

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  20. Wooow i completely shocked, is a alternative timeline and i love that! I love your work and i want to support if i can, you should being solding merchandising about yandere simulator, i buy it. Sorry for my english im from Perú.

  21. i think hanako masquerading as two characters taro and nemesis thats why senpai is not in the mission mode omg whhhhhhat!!!!!

  22. To all the people who are like: “but wait taro is alive bla bla bla!” remember that mission mode takes place in an alternative world, where ayano is normal and not emotionless and has no feelings for senpai, in this alternative world she is an assasin, and taro yamada (senpai) was her first target to kill,
    there you go, and dont thank me, xD

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