August 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

There was a really bad bug in the previous build! It feels wrong to upload a new build with only one fix, so I quickly fixed nine other minor issues to justify uploading a new build.

To read about the 10 differences between this build and the previous build, scroll down past this summer-inspired fan art by KODOKU-HANA!

Changes, Fixes, Additions

  • The player is no longer able to receive a Placeholder Task from a delinquent, or from Gema. (These characters have special circumstances, and shouldn’t be given generic placeholder Tasks.)
  • The text “(PLACEHOLDER TASK – WILL BE REPLACED AFTER DEMO)” will now appear during a Placeholder Task.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the money label from changing color when in Mission Mode or Lovesick Mode.
  • Fixed bug that made it difficult to change your persona at the mirror in the girls’ locker room.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to see the sun through the ceiling of the girls’ locker room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to softlock if certain students were asked for a Task.
  • Fixed bug that caused the frosted glass windows of the locker rooms to flicker.
  • Minor changes to the UI of the online store.
  • Minor fixes to paintings in the Art Club.
  • Updated sponsors screen.

50 thoughts on “August 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hey yandere dev ❤
    I have some questions if you don’t mind
    1- Who is your favorite character in yandere simulator?
    2- Is there going to be handicap or mentally ill students?
    3- What are looking most forward to about the game?
    4- What conclusion have you come to about Kizana and Kokona?
    5- Are you going to add more “movies” or “games” in yandere sim like magical girl pretty miyuki?
    6- Are you going add a “cutscene director” mode?
    7- Can there please be animations when yandere tortures a kidnapped student? (like we can see what Ayano does to her victims)
    8- How can you answer the questions in “Making senpai reject a love confession in yandere simulator” with Raiboru chan?

    • These would probably be answered in time and many of these have been answered please in the future don’t ask him questions respect the fact he doesn’t have time to answer questions and if you have a question go to his website and his answers to many questions are there

    • I already answered your questions… (I mean i’m not YandereDev but i think those would probably the answers)

    • 2- I don’t think so, if it did, they would probably be already implemented, well, there could be on a future if Senpai has to see every friend of his die, and if he sees Hanako die or disappear.
      4- I think he will leave them both as we already saw, and you’ll have to do a task with Kizana so Kokona changes her hair.
      5- In the games section, there are 4 other unknown games, so I think he’ll add more, about the mangas, he said that if we liked that method to know the elimination methods, he’d add more, not sure if he’ll add more mangas or not.
      6-What do you mean by that?
      7- I think he said something about doing that, but I’m not certainly sure.
      8- What do you mean by that?

    • For #2 – Not sure if these counts, but Sakura from the gardening club has a terminal disease. The faculty is also under the impression that Info-chan has severe social anxiety (according to the headmaster tapes). And with all the intense lore, I’m sure some characters will have PTSD or trauma (Senpai if you keep murdering rivals, for example).

    • Out of all those questions, that are most likely already asked, I can answer seven for you. It would be cool to see what she does to her victims but most likely the animations for it would have to wait till later in time when YandereDev feels like it is needed there. I’m sure he is following a certain schedule in which if he were to do that it could make the schedule fall behind. But who knows to be exact. I may know the reason behind why he doesn’t do animations for it because YandereDev wants us to use our imagination to what we think Ayano(Yandere-Chan) is doing to her victims. Everyone has a different take on to how she does it, some may say threats, some may say violence, etc. But that’s all I got to say. Have a nice day!

  2. Yeah, but some models still lacks of their inside textures. :’)
    But anyway, great job Dev and another programmer who did that minigame! 😀
    I was thinking that minigame would released later. 😛

    Oh, and can you made psychology functional? I think that with psychology ayano would lose “less” sanity while killing, she would regain sanity “faster”, and would be able to break kidnapped victim’s mind “faster”, and also she would gain “more” reputation points, because she talks “differently”. 😀

    • Thats over powered and the occult club already lowers sanity loss by 50% and more reputation points can be achieved through personas

    • I think only the “Break kidnapped victim’s mind faster” option is the best for psychology because just as Rainbow Lizard said, that would make psychology overpowered

    • Well, that’s why I putted such a words like more etc. in quotes, ’cause I meant that it’d be small progress, like with highest of psychology Ayano would lose 17.5% of sanity while killing someone, and when you break a victim’s mind for 18 hours she would lose 50% of her sanity. :v

  3. Yandere dev I have some questions to ask:  1) If Osoro and Raibaru are fighting who wins?
    2) If you give the raimbow six girl and boy will you change the routine of Saki, Kokona and Riku?
    3) And also I have two suggestions:
    3a) In your video “Let’s examine persona 5 – part 2” you said he could have students with headphones so he will not be able to hear the sounds like Yandere-chan’s cries or laughter. I imagine Toga or Kyuji with a headphones.
    3b) In the normal or 1980 mod when you will hand over the raimbow six I think of a potential routine for them in groups of 2-3 he could go to the restroom from time to time or go get some soda to drink. Of course the boy stays between and even things for the girls.
    I’m french so sorry if I made mistakes .

    • Umm bruh this is just a waste of his time if you go to his website he answered any reasonable questions there and it clearly states don’t waste his time with questions especially ones like this he has no time he’s on a tight schedule

    • People can ask questions, it is true that they don’t get answered by YandereDev anymore because people answer them

      Now the questions
      1. I think Raibaru would win because of her martial arts skill
      2. I don’t think he would change their routines if the Rainbow 12 are back as a whole (they would have their usual places (besides Saki, Kokona and Riku) but they will be placed in a way that won’t make them look like they are talking to ghosts)
      3a. I feel like only Gema would wear headphones (because he does wear headphones in the game)
      3b. I don’t really understand this, but i think that you will be able to manipulate the students into going to the bathrooms (for example maybe there will be a vending machine with water bottles that would work the same as chips, but instead of going to drink water they would go to the bathroom and you can drown the student)

  4. Keep up the good work yandere dev love the game your making i’ve literally learned about it 5 days ago and i’m obsessed with it i already know almost everything there is to know about it lol

  5. I have Yandere dev can you make the choice for not going in school and you sit home and read all 5 make if you do not go to school

  6. this is muscle with curve(female), the nemesis is very my type, this photo are the better, she’re hot and wonderful

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