Answering A Fan’s Questions

Recently, I received an e-mail from someone who asked me several very interesting questions regarding Yandere Simulator. I tried my best to give them the most thorough and informative responses I could muster. I think it’s possible that many people would be interested in hearing my answers to those questions, so I’ve decided to share my answers in a blog post. But, before I do that, I’ll give you a quick update on the game’s development:

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All of the scripting work that needs to be done for the intro cutscene is finished; the only things that remain are the background music and a few animation adjustments. While waiting for those assets to be delivered, I’ve been working on the “Mysterious Obstacle” – a character who is integral to Osana’s week. This character involves a lot of scripted events with Osana, voiced lines, and traits/behaviors that no other character has possessed. It’s very fun to work on this character! Additionally, it feels great to finally be working on Osana again!

Some time ago, I created a checklist naming the features that I felt were necessary before I should shift my focus back to Osana. You’ll notice that “Stable Framerate” and “Save/Load system” haven’t been checked off the list yet, yet I’m working on Osana anyway. Why’s that?

In the case of saving/loading, it’s easy to explain. It’s smarter to implement a save/load system after the game contains all of the data that it’ll need to be saving/loading; in other words, I shouldn’t implement a save/load system until after Osana has already been implemented.

However, in the case of the “Stable Framerate” task, it’s a lot harder to determine exactly when to put a checkmark there. That’s actually one of the things I talked about with the person who e-mailed me. Click “Continue Reading” to hear what they asked, and how I responded:

“Do you still believe your main audience from YouTube consists of adults? Have there been any shifts in YouTube demographics from October 2016 when you suggested that the majority (37%) of your fans were 18-24 years old?”

Here’s what my YouTube analytics page says for my demographics in the year 2019:

Text Link:

The 18~24 age group, 24~34 age group, and 35~44 age group are all larger than the 13~17 age group.

“One only needs to look towards your YouTube’s comment section to understand that your fanbase has a largely young following due to content creators that play[ed] Yandere Simulator.”

You’re right, certain content creators with young audiences have directed a lot of attention towards Yandere Simulator, which has had a noticeable influence on the comment sections of my videos. People in the 13~17 age group are probably over-represented in my comment sections, compared to people in the 18~44 age group. However, I don’t think that this is an accurate way to gauge the age of the fanbase as a whole.

“do you firmly believe Yandere Simulator should not be played/supported by those under the age of 18 due to the nature of the game?”

If Yandere Simulator was rated by the ESRB, it would doubtlessly receive an “M for Mature” rating for Blood/Gore and Intense Violence. It has always bothered me to see children under 18 playing M-rated games. It doesn’t feel right to me. Personally, I feel that Yandere Simulator shouldn’t be played by children.

“Regardless, it’s understandable that even with an age gate, children will still be able get around restrictions and play the game.”

True. It’s a fact of life.

“do you still plan on trying to improve the framerate to the best of your ability before checking it off from the demo checklist?”

This is a complex subject that deserves its own 10-minute video. I want to create an entire video communicating all of this information with motion graphics and character illustrations, but here’s the short version:

  1. There was a point in time, around 5 years ago, when I stated that my intention was to optimize Yandere Simulator so that it was capable of running at 60 FPS on low-end computers. Specifically, I used the word “toaster” as shorthand for “low-end computer”. As the years have passed, it has become increasingly apparent that this goal is incompatible with Yandere Sim’s design. It’s simply not feasible to build a graphically intensive and processor-heavy game that can be played at max settings on a toaster.
  1. You may look at Yandere Simulator and say, “This game doesn’t look graphically intensive at all!” but this judgement would be made in error. A significant number of Yandere Simulator’s aspects are actually very taxing for a graphics card. Creating an exhaustive list of all these aspects would be very time-consuming, so I’m not going to provide a list here, but you should not under-estimate how graphically intensive the game actually is.
  1. You may look at Yandere Simulator and say, “this game doesn’t look processor-heavy at all!” but this conclusion would most likely be born from a lack of awareness of Yandere Simulator’s true complexity. By running the Unity Profiler, I can see what aspects of the game are currently taking up the most processing time; those aspects are pathfinding, physics operations, character animations, updates to the game’s UI, and various checks that each student has to perform on a frequent basis. Despite its outwards appearance, Yandere Simulator is actually a deeply complex game, and is performing thousands of complicated operations on every frame.
  1. I’ve heard from numerous people that Yandere Simulator’s framerate is only “bad” at the very beginning of the day, when 90+ characters are onscreen simultaneously, and the entire school is in view. In that situation, I’m personally getting 30 FPS. When the player actually walks into the school, much less is being rendered, and the framerate improves drastically. For me, the framerate jumps up to around 50~60 FPS when I’m inside of the school. This is an extremely clear indication that rendering characters/environments is one of the most significant factors that is making a dent on the framerate, and that the framerate is actually only “bad” in one hyper-specific scenario (viewing 90 characters and the entire school simultaneously).
  1. If you are playing any game and getting a low framerate, the solution is to lower the graphical settings. This has been an aspect of PC gaming for decades. It’s something I had to do personally when I was a child, and it’s something that the current generation has to do, too.
  1. If someone says that the game has a “low framerate”, my question is – for who? And by whose standard? The framerate definitely isn’t low for all the YouTubers who play it at a smooth, consistent 60 FPS. For me, the framerate is 30 FPS at the absolute lowest (in one hyper-specific scenario) and is 50~60 the majority of the time. Also, my computer isn’t even very good; it’s actually a pretty old and outdated computer. The only times I’ve ever heard someone complain that Yandere Sim has a low framerate, the complaints were coming from a young child who was attempting to play the game on a $200 laptop they got for Christmas. I cannot devote myself to catering towards that demographic.
  1. Yandere Simulator’s reputation as a game with a low framerate was probably earned during 2016, when my average framerate was 12 FPS. The game hasn’t had that low of a framerate in an extremely long time, so the reputation of a low framerate is no longer justified.
  1. Over the past 12 months, I have gradually been making minor optimizations to the game. Saving 1 FPS here, 1 FPS there. These small improvements have built up over time. Although the differences are imperceptible from one build to the next, you should see a significant improvement if you compare the Yandere Sim of 2019 to the Yandere Sim of 2018.
  1. I already know of a few further ways to further optimize the game and improve the framerate, and I am planning to implement those improvements in the near future, before the Osana demo.
  1. In summary: Yandere Simulator’s current framerate is significantly better than it was in the past, it runs fine on a true gaming rig, it currently meets my personal standards on my crappy computer, and I still plan to optimize the game even further. However, if anyone is experiencing a severely low framerate, this is a clear indication that they are playing the game on a toaster that can’t run any modern game with a comparable level of complexity. The solution is to either lower the graphical settings or upgrade the computer, which all PC gamers have had to do for decades.

“Lastly, could you elaborate on the indirect comparison you made between Yandere Simulator being as graphically intensive as a modern game like Far Cry 5.”

I wasn’t stating that Yandere Simulator is directly equivalent to Far Cry 5. I was stating that some games have a level of graphical intensity and complexity that are incompatible with toaster-level computers, and used Far Cry 5 as an example.

“And is it still too early to provide a minimum system requirements list for Yandere Simulator?”

I’m sorry, it’s still too early for that.


Because I wrote my response in a question-and-answer format, it kinda looks like an interview, doesn’t it?

One thing I forgot to mention is that Yandere Simulator’s school isn’t one complete model; it’s actually hundreds of individual models. (Each floor/wall/ceiling/window/door is a separate model.) This is because I’m still re-sizing hallways and re-arranging rooms. One of the reasons why it’s graphically intensive to render the school is because your graphics card is rendering hundreds of models instead of one. Once the school’s layout is complete, it will be converted into one complete model, and then the framerate will improve. So, attempting to judge the game’s framerate at this point in time is actually kind of foolish, since the framerate you’re seeing now is not at all indicative of what the final framerate is going to be like.

This e-mail provided me with an opportunity to put a lot of thoughts into writing; thoughts that I’ve wanted to express for a long time, but never really had an occasion to do so. It’s likely that most of the above text about the game’s framerate is going to make it into a video sometime in the near future, either in July or August. Consider this post to be a sneak-preview of an upcoming video!

On a side note…by pure coincidence, while I was writing this blog post, a Unity developer contacted me and offered me words of advice that could improve the game’s framerate. I took his advice, and sure enough, the game’s framerate went up! Doubtlessly, it won’t be the last optimization I make before the Osana demo is released!

Thanks for your time, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

130 thoughts on “Answering A Fan’s Questions

    • One thing I would find interesting is a mini-game for making Kokona’s tailored uniform; like a maze type thing. Just wanted to lay that out there.

      • That would be an interesting little mini-game – however, I don’t think it would be wise to make a mini-game for that specific instance, since it only happens once during the game, when you complete Kokona’s task.
        A mini-game like the one for the music club makes sense, since you can use that to gain reputation and such as long as you’re in that club. And then there’s the Yanvania thing that you can do for Pippi for a task. That one makes sense since she’s literally asking you to play the video game for her to see if it works past the first boss. I’m totally for more mini-games for the clubs – especially if they can benefit the player (e.g., the music club mini-game adds positive reputation). However, implementing something like the Martial Arts mini-game (the fighting things) could be done much simpler – just having to press certain buttons at correct times (this is also for stealing keys). But I don’t think that’s quite what you’re looking for.
        So, it’s not a bad idea to implement more mini-games, but I think that specific one may not be optimal for the game.
        I’m sorry if it seems like i’m over-explaining things – I don’t mean to.

  1. about the frame rate, I don’t know how much the frame rate improved over the last month or two, but, i had to turn down my graphics settings for the game. i mean like no extra particles, no outlines, like maybe a render distance of 100 or so, and i get like 10 fps at the most. this is on an almost 600$ computer. i love the game, but it’s very hard to play

    • 600 is really cheap in terms if gaming. Check your specs and compare it to what games are compatible. Like how many gbs can it hold? How much ram does it have? Is there also dedicated ram? How many what type of processesors? It’s less about the price and more about those.

      Also he already said theres alot of temporary things that are knowingly affecting the framerate. Once those temporary things go away then it should get better. You can come back then and see if the problem persist?

    • My computer is worth about £150 ($200, I think) and I get about 30fps so I’m not sure what the problem could be

    • My FPS bounces between 10-30. I don’t really get FPS problems on any game that I wanted to stream so far, and I usually don’t bother closing stuff that runs on background. I don’t stream Yansim and usually close some stuff before I open that.
      I’m looking forward to framerate improving.

    • Dude, it’s not just about the price of the computer. You can check out many other gaming computer, you know, the type that is designed significantly to play games 0.0

    • Hello. I would just like to reply to your comment, “CUZ YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE THE FUCKING FRAME SHIT
      OR WAIT UNTIL FINISH THE GAME” by saying: Calm down. Jesus.

  2. sixth? lel. I love it when there is like new updates and stuff but this is very cool too and may put a smile to fans. XD

    • I am too and personnally I think that the game should’nt be played by children under 13. Except for some really violent elimination methods, the game is for me not that dark.

      • I think what Scarlett was trying to explain is that even though you may be able to handle the game other kids your age cannot.
        You see when children are exposed to things like this and are not taught how to receive this information from their parents, they tend to act up and lose the understanding that ‘murder’ or ‘suicide’ isn’t a funny thing. You can enjoy dark jokes but ultimately you should know how serious the subject can be.

        I can personally account for this, you see my current job is to watch kids after school has ended and make sure they complete their homework. The school I work at is basically a home school so you get kids ranging from grade 9’s to grade 5’s to grade 1’s. I dont often get many kids but the ones I do regularly is a grade 6 grade 5’s and a grade 3.
        The grade 6 and 5’s are chill and we often share a dark joke or too, they understand how to handle it and they know what’s appropriate and what is not. The grade 3 is worrying for me though….After a few moments with him you can immediately tell that his parents just let him browse the the web to his full lesure and got him him games that are CLEARLY NOT for someone of his age, it’s actually rather scary to be honest, I’ve been around this school for a long time and I remember when I first met him he was telling the teacher all about GTA 5…this was when he was grade 1!
        He has gotten a lot better now but you can tell how badly he’s been affected by this, he still has full reign over what he watches and plays though.
        I have a soft spot for the kid and it’s honestly really hard when he cracks Nazi jokes and talks about communism or Russian sleeper agents. (I’m really not exaggerating to make a point here, I find this quite alarming)
        If I had to describe him he acts a lot like those cringey youtubers that shout and scream for subs and likes.

        Anyway long rant short, when children see content that they are not able to process or fully understand the severity of it can cause bad mental growth and create a lack of judgment.

        By the way this is coming from someone who played Hitman contracts for hours when I was 12 =3

        (Pretty hectic game for that age I know but my mom was always pretty straight forward with me and I understood a fair amount about the stuff I was seeing. ^^; I always found the second level: Meat King’s party rather gross, not about the gore just the ‘other stuff’ that was happening XD)

    • The problem is that; you shouldn’t be playing.
      probably cause you’re just too young to know what is really good for you,
      or just to try to be a rebel and play adult games to feel more “adult”.
      Other problem is that your parents probably should have to pay attention on what are you playing; and they clearly are not doing so…
      and in the worst case scenario, they just dont care, or don’t take it seriously, neither the game and neither you. That’s the problem.
      more than that, the biggest problem is that you are asking, demonstrating that you probably never paused for a second to think about it or even the purpose of your own question.

      • There is no age for playing because we can’t judge the maturity of the person by their age.

      • What you just said is a bunch of clichés about teenagers. Everyone can have a different reaction to the content of the game. By example, if Yandere Simulator was a film on Netflix, it would probably be rated TV-MA. That does not mean it should’nt be watched by minors, it means that you are warned that there is some violent elements in the movie. That’s how I see the game. If sensible people play it, it should not be the problem of the game, but their’s.

      • I’d just like to say that I am 14 and considered a child, but can handle these subjects in a sensible and mature way, but also enjoy playing games with them in, and I think what should be said is “some children may not know how to handle or feel about these subjects so should not be exposed to it” rather than “children are too young and will be taught that these subjects are funny if exposed”.
        Not trying to be rude, just making a point.

    • Not at the moment. But I can easily see the game being developed to become even darker than it is now. A little blood and murder can be found even in the most basic of FPS games; but this game is going to be very dark in the end.

    • the game no is to kid, tou with 15 years think that is kid or teen, you is better that this sweet, the yandere dev want do an wonderful game of terror and you will always be welcome, this design is your, this design is beutiful.

  3. I think I’m too young to play Yandere Simulator, but what can I do? It’s the best game I played 😁

    • I mean, I’m female and Gasai Yuno, the Queen Yandere, is my fave character in anime. I think it’s the power trip. Being in charge, killing people in your way…. always a fun time.

  4. Hi. 27 and female.

    Maybe yah dev will read this. Maybe not. But if a lot of adults are like me, they read the updates. Like the content, and don’t bother going to comment due to the fact that a) yandev may be getting a slew of comments so, no real point and b) there are some folks and trolls in the comments that no one has time for. No one wants to be around a bunch of children (and adult babies) recycling negativity they heard from other people. (I say this cuz any rationally thinking, mature person would just not bother with content that they don’t like. Unless pandering for attention. Frankly I have no time for that foolishness.)

    Also everyone here under 18. Games not for you. Doesn’t matter what you say. If you venture into a space that isn’t for you since no one can stop you (yet) then prepare to be ignored. And for all those ‘mature’ kids who keep to them selves and don’t interact becuase they know they’re not supposed to be here… well played.

    • hello yubabayan, i’m a 17 years old student and i’ve grown into violent related games since i was 12. While violence did change a thing or two in my mental state, i did learn about the basics of self-protection.

      my guess (based in today’s population), Is that 47% of the entire world doesn’t know how to defend themselves or know the basics of first-aid. The cops won’t always be able to save you, they might arrive late. All teens from 12-17 are already exposed to extreme violence in historical classes or just the every day news, but they aren’t taught how to handle them.

      I keep seeing “edgy” kids from ages of 10-13 that tell they’ll kill someone or hurt someone, because they were influenced. These children might just turn into grown “greedy” bandits or thieves just for “the fun of it”, instead of doing these things because they have to in order to survive.

      My point is, that you can’t simply tell a child they’re not allowed to play a violent game. We need to teach them to use that knowledge for good, not for bad. I was one of those “edgy” kids myself, but i was lucky to somehow learn that by myself. I’m still growing, but aren’t we all?

      • Dude. No.

        Those games aren’t realistic. You can not learn accurate first aid or self defense from a video game, becuase if it were realistic it wouldn’t be fun.

        If you want to learn how to defend your self go to a self defense class. Take a basic first aid class. Talk about real world problems and approach then with real world solutions. There is nothing wrong with that. What you’re saying is trying to put light on a problem that would exist if guardians were more attentive and if vendors were more strict with adhering to their own rating. It doesn’t matter if you’re better than those 10-13 year olds. You should not be in a space meant for 18 and up year olds and that’s it.

        Also to be fair I don’t think anyone who is 17 would even say the things you just said.

      • I’m part of the remaining 53% that knows both how to defend myself and the basics of first aid. This may have come across as bragging but I’m just glad I’ve never needed to use the knowledge. Better to have and need to need and not have.

        On the “edgy” kids statement this is unfortunately true and these same “edgy” kids are part of Generation Snowflake.
        If they ever get pulled over by the police for anything, these kids will be the first to cry.
        They don’t know the real world ramifications of what murder really is. And nobody worth their brain would buy that defence. It’s for those same reasons that games have ratings now. I certainly wouldn’t hand over an M rated game to someone who isn’t old enough to have ID.

    • Hi, 17 yr old here, and I’ve been following YanderSims development for the past few years. On the subject of age and whether or not it can effect a kid negatively, I would have to say that though age is a factor, it’s not the only thing that matters.

      I would say that overall maturity in a person is what really shapes whether ir not they can handle watching something, and though 13 yr olds and younger are usually very immature, I very met a few around that age who do understand what is and isnt okay to say.
      I dont think it’s right to say that kids under 18 shouldn’t play the game just because their under 18, because most of the people at my highschool are very mature and understand the themes in YandereSim that they shouldn’t joke about.

      Long comment short, In my opinion, it depends on each person on whether or not they can handle it, and putting a very broad 18+ restriction on it, isnt fair to the people who want to enjoy the game but cant.

    • Seeing as this is set in Japan, I’d say this will most likely not happen.

      The requirements for a drivers is way different there than in the US, which includes having to be over 18 (yes I know the game states that “everyone is over 18 even when stated otherwise”, but still). Ayano is in 2nd year of highschool, which would make her 16-17 years old. So no, she’s not old enough.

      If you want some more info on Japanese driver’s requirements, check out this article:

    • The legal minimum age for driving in Japan is 18 years, and as Ayano is a high school student it wouldn’t be realistic.
      Disclaimer: I’m not Japanese, but is from a country right next to it (and yeah, with the same legal minimum age for driving.).
      I’ve heard that American teens are able to drive and stuff, but in Japan, Korea, and probably other East Asian countries, it’s weird. It’s just too weird.

      • True though. I’ve even been told by a guy 16yo in America that he has a frickin car -.- yet it might be a lie (I mean, 16th birthday somehow is important in America?) but I guess the new generation there is “thinking out loud” -.-

      • yeah in America we get our learners permit a age 15 1/2 and we have to have family member over the age of 21 to be in the passenger seat, and when we re 16 and you pass the drivers test you get your license and generally when you turn 16 is when you get your car, I got my car almost right after I turned 15 lol so

  5. I like these types of posts, they’re fun and different from the usual schedule and I hope you do more of them. Even if no one sends you questions, you can use your blog to clear a misunderstanding or misconception up or explain something that wouldn’t fit into a progress report or a video.

  6. To be honest, Yandere Simulator hasn’t been able to run for me for about a year now. I haven’t even considered reporting or bitching about it, because I know it’s due to my laptop is a crappy, outdated piece of junk, and because YandereDev still needs to finish everything before he can implement a proper way to lower the graphical settings. I’m sure by the time the game is ready, there will have been enough tweaks for it to run better (and maybe I’ll even have bought a better computer by that time).

    It’s like the people complaining have never had a game be too much for their machines to handle. Seriously, when Sims 3 was released, it WRECKED my PC. It was so bad that couldn’t play it AT ALL until I upgraded my graphics card. And it only stopped being a mess when I upgraded the processor to a dual core as well. That’s just how it works for games sometimes, and sometimes even for games that have already been released (like in the case with Sims 3. It’s still a glitchy mess btw, especially if you also play with expansions). Yandere Simulator is still in development, and YandereDev is aware of the issues AND trying to improve things without making the game a glitching ball of chaos. If it’s not working for you then HAKUNA YOUR TATAS, and either invest in upgrading your system, or wait till the game improves enough.

    • Upgrade HUh? YOU GOT THE MONEY?
      Or you just sitting in chair until finish the game?
      or throw laptop in trashcan

      • Ooh, yeah I remember how bad Sims 3 ran. But Honestly, I swear that game just ran worse as the years went on. I got a brand new macbook a year after Sims 4 came out and I tried playing Sims 3 on it since it was compatible with both PC and Mac but everytime I tried to play it, it froze at the create a character stage.

      • They eventually made a 64bit loader for Sims 3. It froze less often but the loading times were still ass.

      • It still lags for me when Island Paradise expansion is installed. But it did fix the CAS menu for me as it used to crash and freeze every time when I tried to make a sim. If that’s the fix you’re talking about… yeah it surely works. But Island Paradise, it’s a no go 👎🏻

      • Apologies for the triplepost but there isn’t an “Edit” function.
        I may also have been mistaken; it only came out post-Generations IIRC.

      • * Isla Paradiso has always been super laggy.
        Something else you could try is opening TS3W in CFF Explorer.
        Expand the NT headers then in the right pane where it says Click Here, click it and place a Check mark next to “App can handle >2GB address space”. It’s quite possible this is already set but it’s something. Just make a backup of the original exe first.
        The whole TS3 Engine became super bogged down with all the crap they kept throwing onto it. Isla Paradiso was never optimised at all (I actually stopped playing that neighbourhood as a result)

        There’s an fle over on MTS that has every conceivable fix applied.

      • A quick search will direct you to a site called NTCore. That site will tell you everything you need to know about CFF Explorer.

      • After following all the instructions regarding CFF explorer I found out that the 2GB patch was already done on the latest version of Sim 3 (mine is 1.67). I guess for Island Paradise the world is so big and lots of things are loading at the same time considering the open world it just keeps lagging no matter how much RAM or Graphics Card you have got installed. But thanks for the heads up anyways.

  7. I’m sorry. I have to say mehrzad irani needs to leave or go somewhere else and stop posting here. First off, this person obviously doesn’t know how to properly type English. Second, this person’s responses are just too much on the negative side, at least for me anyway. Stupidly revealing that you’re 15 to a fan base that should be 18 or older, insulting the game and developer by saying it is “shit as hell”, not knowing what five means, saying “Who asked you?” to someone who is expected to respond, and calling an intro cutscene “Hen-Tie”. I now feel like Gordon Ramsey when he’s telling someone to “piss off”.

  8. I’m sure there are people who truly have low end computers and it might be the reason why people can’t run Yansim at a consistent 60-30 fps but for those of us who do have gaming computers worth thousands of dollars there is something very wrong with the games optimization.

    Instead of spending a week working on a 10 minute video to explain to a bunch of laymen about why the FPS is poor why not instead use that time,effort, and resources to just fix the issue why do you need a video? what do you need to say that you haven’t already said here?

    this entire post just felt like a shot at your younger audience.

    • You should reread the entire post regarding fixing the fps.

      He already said that once the schools layout is final and the school is converted to one model that the fps should drastically increase. He has to wait for models, prototypes, finish this that and the the other before that’s even done.

      Also if your thousands of dollar worth como can run the game on its lowest settings then something is wrong with you’re comp.

      Ps. There’s not even supposed to be a younger audience.

  9. I’m glad you had this experience. I hope this progression in the development, whether you figure out something good or bad, stays at this steady pace. Good work!

  10. Fps on a gaming PC can be 30-60-97 it’s also funny how the fps improves highly when sent to the guidance counselor. That’s because it is hard to render a bunch of models on the screen at once depending on your graphics card

    For now the rendering could require at least
    8 GB of ram.

  11. I personally have 13 years so I can play without problem for me yandere sim is not violent or at least shocking, the only thing in this game that shocked me is the osana elimination method with the blower on the roof

  12. About optimization, I think LOD system could be useful. For example disable the visual of all small decorative objects when they are too far to really be important.
    Also I wanted to talk about the self-shading of the game, I understand that it was done with a second model visible only from the inside. If so, I think that this method can be optimized and can be scalable. Maybe using a custom shader will be more appropriate (I saw Unity make a video about it).

    Sorry for my English.

  13. guy I like this, this retarded kid want minifastation to change your game to porn, they no like of you, I agree game violence, but your game no is terro, why no is art how shadown of yandere chan attacked people, this just make of player no should can look to the game

  14. I have an all-rounder laptop that is worth $1000 and the game works fine on there for the most part, as long as the graphic settings are lowered and I’ve passed the high framerate part at the start of the day.

  15. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really trust YT’s demographics system. Mostly because you could simply just lie about your age. I know, maybe it’s just me because I’m one of the people that did lie about that way back.

    I know it must be uncomfortable for the dev to see kids play his game, but I don’t know. Kids have always been playing mature games. Although I guess it depends on what you mean by mature. I think people just talk about kids playing games with “unrealistic” violence like the GTA games, FPS’s, etc., but I don’t really hear people talk about them playing games with realistic violence (games that have some sort of torture simulation), highly sexual themes, etc. That, and people always say things like: “Oh, I’ve played GTA when I was a child and nothing happened to me. Didn’t turn me into a killer or something.” But yeah, the feeling is valid. Just it’s complicated to find a definite answer.

  16. You know, I’m sick of the “think of the children!” concern trolling and virtue-signalling crap like I see in some of those questions. Playing violent games does not turn kids into monsters. If there’s any correlation at all, then it’s far more likely that kids who ALREADY have violent tendencies ENJOY violent games! It just drives me nuts that people keep pushing this idea that if kids are exposed to anything violent or sexual that they’ll mutate into some dangerous organism at the drop of a hat. One of the biggest risk factors for a kid turning criminal is being raised by a single parent and there’s considerable evidence and correlation to back that one up. Games are a convenient scapegoat for everyone to avoid the reality that bad parenting and bad environments have much more to do with kids breaking bad than anything else. A very large percentage of youth crime is gang-related but I see more calls to ban video games than to ban gangs! Some kids are going to go bad regardless too! Everyone just chillax and remember that a free society is better than the alternative that we’re lurching toward more and more. Censorship is not the answer, more restrictions on games will not solve the problem, ban guns or knives or whatever but it won’t change the reality either; what is needed is better parents and more healthy outlets for kids to deal with impulses and tendencies that might develop into serious violent or criminal intentions. Just my opinion, ignore me if you think I’m full of it, but I’m just sick and tired of people trying to treat kids like fragile glass. I went through a lot of horrible crap when I was a kid. Two members of my family were murdered, my uncle committed suicide, and I spent years in school being severely bullied and suffering clinical depression. Violent games and fiction helped me to get through that because I could take my anger at the world out on fictional characters. I feel certain that a lot of kids in similar situations like me have done the same. Let kids play YandereSim! There’s a risk of a kid going bad whether you do or you don’t so why not err on the side of freedom? Again, just my opinion. I probably let these things bother me too much.

  17. Hey if you’re thinking about reading the comment, it’s 99% people saying ‘I’m under 18 and I’m mature enough!’ like a child trying to convince the bartender to just let them have a sip of champagne. “I’m 17! I’m mature enough for a drink!” No, it kills your liver kid.
    Yandere Simulator isn’t a drink of rose red. It’s a video game, it won’t turn you into a school shooter (Thank you science and it’s many studies) but as someone who’s siblings were basically allowed to run rampant and play what they want, I have to deal with 13yo’s making suicide jokes and performing the nazi salute, it’s clear to keep kids clear if they’re not emotionally old enough to know not to be a twat. Since it’s hard to tell the emotional maturity of a person, it’s safest if we use actual age.

    If you want to play the game, we can’t stop you, but please understand that your brain has literally not fully developed enough, both physically, and mentally, to properly learn and deal with the topics involved. ‘But it teaches me self defence and first aid!’, try putting that on your resume, it won’t work. A first aid course only takes a day and will teach you much more than a video game. Self defence courses are fun and informative and they teach you how to do it without breaking your wrist.

    I’m sure I’ll get responses of people arguing that ‘I’m 12 and I’m super mature’, but like I said, I can’t stop you from playing, and the fact you’re trying to convince people you’re mature enough says something about your maturity in itself.

    • I’m 15 and I know damn well that I’m not mature enough. The only reasons why I watch his videos is because it’s satisfying to see the game improve. But what you said is right.

  18. Well, I’m not 18 nor 16 yet, but I’ll wait to play the game, probably until I’m 18. For now, let’s just watch Jay from the Kubz Scouts plays it lol 😂 But hey, at least I do understand that killing is unacceptable in real life

  19. That remark about save systems makes no sense, your save system should be able to cope with relevant data being added and removed from it very easily I’m not even sure how you could code one so poorly it’s static

  20. Does anyone know if we’re still getting new character models? He said that a volunteer was working on a new model and it was so cute when he showed a T-Posing preview!

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  22. I remember when I looked forward to this five years ago then stopped following once I heard the news it would take years for you to finish. Totally forgot about this since lol. Seems like it’s taking forever.

    At any rate, many of the people following this(at least the commenters anyway) don’t seem to understand computers very well at all. Why would anyone think the price is related to whether a computer can run games? There are lots of reasons a computer can cost a lot. Being optimized for gaming is one, but it could also cost a lot if it’s optimized for video capture/streaming/editing and pretty much any apple computer, even the low-tier ones, will be expensive regardless of how shitty or good it is lol(fuck apple).

    Do people not know they need to look at their specs? These are the questions those people need to find the answers to:

    1) What graphics card do you have and most importantly, is it a devoted GPU and how much devoted Video RAM do you have ?(anyone without a devoted GPU probably can’t run any decent game)
    2) How many cores + threads does your processor have?
    3) How much RAM?

    I would surmise anyone with 2gb+ devoted graphics RAM, a total of 4 cores+ or 2 cores+ and 2 threads+, and 4 gb+, should easily run your game on the highest of graphics even. If you don’t have those specs, you may want to run it on low graphics or upgrade those three areas. 1 and 2 are the most important as it pertains to gaming. 3 you can get by with less of so long as you have an Operating system that doesn’t require a shit-ton of RAM(Looking at you Windows 10)

  23. Oh, to amend my above comment, not sure if your game is compatible with other operating systems as I’ve not bug-tested it in 4 or 5 years myself, or followed it whatsoever since then, so the third component I mentioned may need to be taken into account if your game can only run on Windows.

    That is a question I’d want to know the answer to is if it’s compatible with Linux(will look around your FAQ and news to see, so if you’ve already answered that, don’t need to again.). Decided to say fuck you to Microsoft about 2 years ago now. Won’t even touch Apple whatsoever.

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