June 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! The previous build had a couple of annoying bugs, so I’ve prepared a new build where those issues (and several more) are fixed.

I’ve prepared a list of everything that was changed in the latest build…but first, check out this Yandere Simulator song created by Endigo and Bijuu Mike!

Fixes, Changes

  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to see the “Offer Help” prompt and offer help to a student when meeting them at the fountain/rooftop/cafeteria/behind the school.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the photograph of Senpai in Yandere-chan’s room from having the same glasses that the player gave him in the Senpai Creation Screen.
  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong textures to appear during Berserk Mode if the easter egg was activated with the anti-panty censor shadow active.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to perform the wrong animation during the “eyewitnesses speak to police” scene in the End of Day sequence.
  • Fixed bug that caused a student with a headache to freeze in place if they heard a giggle while on their way to the school nurse.
  • Fixed bug that caused green stockings to appear on Yandere-chan when the anti-panty censor shadow was activated.
  • Fixed bug that caused a student to walk with a headache animation even if their headache had been cured.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to attack characters through walls when at lowest sanity.
  • Delinquents and Spiteful students will no longer offer eyewitness reports to the police.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s clothing to be invisible during Punished Mode.

107 thoughts on “June 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. People have been saying the Mysterious Obstacle would be the thing implemented before July, but I’m curious about who thinks its the elimination in Osana’s house. It’s been forgotten!

    • It’s a definite possibility! I’ve actually completely forgotten about it! – But yeah…totally!

    • I think it’s the mysterious obstacle. After all, you can’t have Osana’s elimination without Osana.

      • I suppose that is true as the obstacle is something that is supposed to be pretty connected with Osana… we’ll just have to wait for whatever it is!

      • Isn’t Osana an only child? Dev stated that sometime last year. Dev also stated that most likely every rival will have a sibling and that he still isn’t sure, but it could be a possibility. We’ll have to wait and see!

      • Osana’s house plan has been shown and it clearly says “targets sisters room”


        Remember the talk about a “mysterious obstacle” in Yanderedev’s videos? Meet “Student 34”!

        Student 34 (real name currently unknown) – female, class 3-1. Since she doesn’t have a character model yet she appears as a shadow-black image of Yandere-chan with red eyes (this will obviously change once Yanderedev gets the model).

        Student 34 is a friend of Osana and in their free time they chat in the inner plaza. Student 34 has the “protective” persona. She is a year older than Osana so she may be seeing her as a younger sister or something. Anyway, she follows Osana everywhere. It’s actually kinda creepy because she follows Osana even when she takes her phone call on Monday 7:30 and also when she eats lunch with Senpai. If that’s not enough, Student 34 is the strongest kid in school – her strength is “invincible”, which means if you mess with Osana next to here you’re a goner (Osana herself is also slightly capable or self defense but is very weak). That creppy following everywhere will probably be changed at some point but the basic concept of a super-strong friend who’s nearly always next to your rival is the “mysterious obstacle”.

        Right now the only way to catch Osana alone is to have someone distract Student 34 (or have Info-chan send her home) as soon as possible and then get Osana when she takes her phone call. If you don’t want to use debugs it means that you’ll have to complete Saki’s or Kokona’s task before 7:30.

  2. yandere dev!!! when will the full intro cutscene be out??? i love the preview so much and i’m not trying to rush you it’s just AMAZING!!!!

  3. YanderDev, YandereDev!
    Since YanChan now wears a towel instead of being naked when she wants to shower, now the nude textures do not work. Could you put a towel template in StreamingAssets to customize it?

  4. Fixed bug that caused students to perform the wrong animation during the “eyewitnesses speak to police” scene in the End of Day sequence.
    What animations did they mistakenly play? Were they hilariously inappropriate for the gravitas of a crime scene, or just weird?

  5. I love this game Yan Dev! I’ve been playing/watching others play for a while! I hope to send you a cool picture of a school pool party…BUT MY COMPUTER SUCKS….but I love this progress! Keep up the good work~

  6. “Fixed bug that caused green stockings to appear on Yandere-chan when the anti-panty censor shadow was activated.” Aww now Midori and I can’t be twinsies anymore lol, Keep up the great work, you’re doing amazing:)

    • If you came here just to say this leave because no one (absolutely no one) wants to see your comments, why don’t you try and make a game complex as Yandere Simulator from a scratch and let us see how that turns out ok?

    • (Ik this dude a troll but whatever)

      Don’t be rude to people and stop swearing.
      She is just saying its her birthday… Don’t be rude cause’ your dad didn’t buy you a toy…

    • He’s a troll but whatever.

      I’d love to see you try to make a popular game from scratch.
      @Strangesaurus I honestly agree with you… This dude just needs to stop… I mean try working on a game 12 hours a day because your that dedicated, like Yandere Dev.

      • Once YandereDev starts the crowdfunding, I’m sure his arse will be banned from whatever service YandereDev uses.
        Complaints are valid but this guy just attacks the YanDev’s personality like a troll of the highest order. He doesn’t care about anything but what he wants. Most of us here want this game to be a success story.
        Once he does get banned, he’ll probably go crying to people who tell him that he brought on himself being being such an unmannerly, loutish, rude, obnoxious, trollish and heartless person of limited intelligence.
        If this guy has any real life friends, if they see his posting they’d probably leave him on the spot. Then again, dirtbags only have dirtbags as friends.

  7. So I wonder what will happen after half a month later?
    Will we get the intro cutscene then or something else?

  8. Uhm I downloaded the game yesterday and there was no senpai creatinf screen?
    I also have something to point out. The mouse sensivity is high… How could I fix that?

    • Hiya Akami!
      Just wondering, did you check the game’s options for the mouse sensitivity? I think I saw an option about that, but I am not really sure if that was another game or not.

    • You should use the “new game/load game” option to create your senpai not the “debug quick start”

  9. I think requiring 5 students to report Yandere-chan is too much. One would assume that, realistically, even if the police were hesitant to convict anyone without very clear evidence, 3 or more students would be enough to raise alarm. At least lowering it to 4 seems better, in my opinion!

    • But also I think because of the 1989 scandal they had it be that many so that they won’t arrest an “innocent” person like Ryoba but I came to this conclusion because of the information from the characters page

  10. Yandere-Dev I found a little error on the panties yandere-Chan when I choose my friends panties and sadisi to school and run you can see the white panties on and who are the others

  11. Yandere-Dev I found a little error on the panties yandere-Chan when I choose my panties and go to school and run you can see the white panties on and which are the wearing other wearing panties panties

      • Do you realise that you are a boring 10 year old that doesn’t have patience and just wants to ruin other people’s work mehrzad? No one wants you here and go somewhere else with your ugly personality… You have the whole internet so i guess you f off

    • Go play roblox you little kid. Your mom is so stupid she didn’t teach you respect… Parenting these days!!

      • What a special little snowflake he is. Expects things to be handed to him when he wants them. He’s going to go into full laughable troll mode once YandereDev implements Osana as that’s the point when he’ll start crowdfunding IIRC.

  12. Anyone else having trouble downloading the updates? Every time I try it stops after like 10 mins and says invalid permissions? I’m not really sure what to do.

    • I use the launcher to update the game. But then again, I did need to allow it through my firewall.

      • Yea I use the launcher but my launcher I guess isn’t working? Like the most I’ve been able to get was like 90% and then it stopped because of invalid permissions and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I even tried to troubleshoot compatibility and run as administrator

  13. Developers have to spend time and effort into these things,
    It’s summer he needs to take a break he deserves it
    Plz for yan dev

      • You’re in the wrong place to complain, mehrzad.
        You should go over the Star Citizen and vent your frustrations there.
        They’ll also tell you to fuck off and go back to school.
        If you truly believe the current result is “dick” you haven’t been following it for very long at all.
        And he HASN’T been on break for five years, asshat. Also, who taught you English? First you call Yandev a “he” and then use “her”? Yandev is most definitely male. Please use the appropriate pronouns.

  14. *over to the Star Citizen forums
    Error of omission, sorry.
    That game began development in 2011. And THEIR result is practically nothing worth showing even though they raised about $250 million and almost always asking for more money.

  15. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but whenever I’m in the Light Music Club and I hold the guitar, students will get suspicious.

    Why would a band member holding an instrument be suspicious?

  16. Wow Endigo and Bijuu Mike, good job!You too YanDev!Can’t wait for the cutscene to be implemented!

  17. It is possible for YanDev to start displaying users’ IP addresses if he wants. I wouldn’t mind as I have nothing to hide.

  18. Hello, Yandere-dev! I am your fan from Russia. I have a question that for some reason really worries me. Character added on January 3, 2018 – Horuda Puresu, why do you want to remove it from the game?

    • According to YanDev she is a temporary placeholder character. She was added because when YanDev added the bullies, he changed Musume’s placing in the JSON files which created a bug where there was an unknown student who had Musume’s appearance in the student profiles. Because the mysterious obstacle still isn’t released yet YanDev added Horuda to correct the bug. Once The Mysterious Obstacle has been released Horuda sadly will no longer be needed. However, she may appear in the 1980’s mode as a student there

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