Intro Cutscene Preview and Bug-Fixing Build

The intro cutscene is almost finished! After some final adjustments to the music and animations, I’ll put it into the game. I’ve been working on other features, too, but I’m not ready to show them to you just yet. I didn’t want to let a month pass without showing signs of progress, so I’ve decided to give you a short preview of the intro cutscene. I hope it makes you excited to see the final version!

Additionally, I’ve prepared a new build with some bug fixes and minor additions. Click “Continue Reading” if you’re interested!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • From now on, the End-of-Day sequence will include a new segment: eyewitnesses who saw Yandere-chan commit murder will report her to the police. If at least 5 students accuse Yandere-chan of murder, she will be arrested. If less than 5 students accuse her, the police will not have enough justification to arrest her. (Cowardly students will not report the player to the police.)
  • Fixed bug that would make teachers attempt to pathfind to an unreachable location if they were attempting to reach an object that was placed very near the edge of the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would enable the “Apologize” option and allow Yandere-chan to apologize to students, even if they hadn’t actually witnessed her doing anything worth apologizing for.
  • Accessories that were programmed to change color when the player pressed the spacebar will now change color when the player presses the Left Alt key, instead.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to freeze in place during the Struggle minigame if the minigame was initiated while Yandere-chan’s sanity was below 33%.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Yandere-chan to be apprehended by a group of students, even after she had already gotten a game over.
  • Fixed baseball bat animations that would cause students to pop up into the air and flail around after being killed.
  • Attempted to fix exploit that would allow the player to kill Nemesis from extreme distances.
  • Fixed bug that would allow students to be distracted by a scream while vomiting.
  • Minor aesthetic changes (some male characters were using female face textures).
  • Added cool post-processing effects to the Mission Mode menu.
  • Added one new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Added a new easter egg.

What’s Next?

Anime Expo is happening in July! I’d like to hold a fan meet-up, like I did in previous years – but I would be awfully embarrassed to show my face in public unless I had been making lots of impressive progress. So, I’m going to try my best to accomplish a very important objective by the end of June; it’s something that is directly connected to Osana. I hope that I won’t let you down!

66 thoughts on “Intro Cutscene Preview and Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Finally first 😛
    I hope the Osana-related thing is the Mysterious Obstacle (what else is related to Osana that isn’t in the game anyways :P)

    • And btw the intro is AWESOME!!! I like that you included Ayano’s parents. This intro is honestly really really awesome, can’t wait to see it fully in the game!!!

    • Rumour has IT Osana’s mysterious obstacle is rival chan, i heard that from a friend of mine on Roblox. She said the name of the personen that round it out was… Yan… Yandere…. Yandere Pig of something? Did she mean ReubenThePig? Hmm, it’s mysterious. That’s for sure because i couldn’t find two didly sh*ts When i looked it up. Alexia on Roblox. I know your reading this right now. And don’t ask how i know because i’m the person which name you shortened to “YT” . And i Just gotta say… How in the world did you vind that video? Like, are you a God of something? Idk

      • i have a lot of questions to ask you bout your mental health problems
        and yea yandere dev is a God

  2. Omg I just watched it me and my friend fan girl over it when we are in school all day chatting about taro and Ayano and all of the rivals we love your game so much

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Awesome! Can’t wait to see what the Osana-related feature will be!!
    I think that it’ll probably be the Mysterious Obstacle or the Mysterious Person in Osana’s phone call…

  4. Hi yanderedev,
    I just wanted to know if you’d ever consider changing the art/animation style of yandere simulator (since you’ve made so much progress in the game)

  5. Me when I see no update for the fast 24352345234523 days: ughhh__ Me when I see a new update: OMG YESYESYESYES



  6. This looks so good and I feel like this is the same music you used for the Yandere Chan’s childhood video? Can’t wait!

  7. I’ll wait for next video which has your voice over or at least I hope so. Sometimes I just miss hearing your voice so I turn on the old vids 😂Good work Dev, keep going but remember to take care of yourself 👍🏻

  8. portuguese- quando terá liberando pra temos A Senpai?,quero fazer YURI!.obs: agradeço quem leu isso.

  9. when you put the schedules to the students, it is assumed that they should all go equally to gymnastics and swimming classes, also to others, because it is stupid that in all the school only those places are used by the clubs

  10. There is no reason you should be embarassed to go to the anime expo! We know that you work so hard and put so much energy onto this project it’s barely even human! I personally really admire you for your incredible dedication to this game!

  11. I am so so so excited to see what comes next:) But I will restrain myself and wait politely:)

  12. Great job with the trailer YandereDev!

    One thing I would change (and its only minor) is making the blood splatters non-symmetrical when it shows her hands. It’d make it a tad more believable.

  13. Are any of these other features being worked on in yansim yet? I mean like, disabled so no one can see it but still technically in-game? I wonder if I could find anything browsing the assets & dll files.

  14. I really hope the Intro cutscene stays without dialogues!
    It adds to the atmosphere and makes you pay attention to what is happening and what Yan-chan must be feeling

  15. “So, I’m going to try my best to accomplish a very important objective by the end of June; it’s something that is directly connected to Osana. I hope that I won’t let you down!”


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