April 27th Bug-Fixing Build

This isn’t a super-major update, but there were some bugs I really wanted to address, so here’s a new build with my latest progress.

To view a list of everything that is fixed/changed, scroll down past this beautiful illustration by RosalineTeaCat!

Changes, Fixes, Additions

  • If you join a club, then commit murder in front of a clubmember, there will be consequences on the following day; that clubmember will tell the club leader what they saw you doing, and you will be kicked out of the club the next time you speak to the club leader. After that, speaking to the club leader will cause them to say a line of dialogue about how they can’t allow you to re-join the club. There was a bug that was preventing club leaders from speaking this line of dialogue! This bug has been fixed, so you should now be able to actually hear these lines of dialogue from all club leaders.
  • Added “Discord Rich Presence” to the game, thanks to assistance from PiranchDev ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCliNGvGQBccuuKjZXgQuTQA )! This means that, if you play Yandere Simulator while logged into Discord, your Discord status will update to “Playing Yandere Simulator” – with additional text describing exactly what you’re currently doing in-game!
  • After witnessing murder, Social Butterflies will now run to the largest group of students at school, instead of always running to the plaza. (Sometimes, the largest group will be in the plaza, though.) This feature may currently be buggy, and might require some adjustment in the future.
  • From now on, you will see a “Red String of Fate” connecting Senpai to the current rival, when Yandere Vision is active. Because there is no rival in the game right now, you will see the Red String connecting Senpai to the “Indestructible Rival” in the school plaza.
  • Fixed bug that would cause sparring Martial Arts clubmembers to continue performing their attack animations (or freeze like statues) if one of them was distracted by a radio.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the game to get stuck in Yandere Vision if it was active while the player initiated the Kokona-Riku matchmaking minigame.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to become unresponsive if Yandere-chan was being chased / pepper-sprayed by a student council member.
  • Fixed bug that caused Phone Addicts to pose as though they were holding invisible phones if they were alarmed while sunbathing.
  • Fixed bug that caused delinquents to say the wrong lines when witnessing a dropped weapon / blood pool / limb on the ground.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to continue holding objects in her hands even while she was being unmasked by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that caused Nemesis’ location to be revealed when the player opened the school map during Mission Mode.
  • Added short fences in the Japanese gardens to prevent the player from being able to walk on top of water.
  • Yandere-chan is now allowed to equip a weapon while a pursuer is charging towards her to apprehend her.
  • Fixed graphical bug that caused some of the tree leaves in the Japanese garden areas to appear grey.
  • Students will no longer be willing to follow Yandere-chan if they are currently wearing a swimsuit.
  • Added one new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.

70 thoughts on “April 27th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hi yanDev, will you ever add something special to the fragile persona, so there are differences between that persona and loner persona?
    So it isn’t only used for an elimination method?

    • I dont think YanDev is going to do anything to the fragile persona because firstly it is a bit different than other personas and the only student with the fragile persona is Horuda Puresu. On the Yandere sim fandom , it says that the amount of students with this persona will possibly stay the same in the final although Horuda might be removed from the game . Sooooooo idk.

    • You need to send a bug report, Yandere Dev doesn’t have the time to read all these comments, let alone hunt down a twitter. I know that sounds harsh but it’s the bug reporters job to find the proper means to report said bug.

  2. “Yandere-chan is no longer allowed to run away while being chased by a Teacher/Hero/Senpai; it created too many exploits and holes in the game design. Instead, if a character is running at Yandere-chan, she will stare down her pursuer and face them head-on.”

    I’m not so sure about this change. I get the reason behind it but the feeling no being ale to escape might be a bit….. frustrating and jany to a lot of people. Now fixing the “exploits” otherwise might add time to development so maybe adding it back after the crowdfunding might be the best option.

    That concern aside *whistle* Woho! Almost there babay! My wallet’s been itching for that crowdfunding! Go, Yandere Dev! Gooooo!!!!!!


    • I agree, brought this up last time too. Yandere Dev’s already added a location to hide,so I don’t understand why it’s being ignored and the option just removed. I understand instant game over with senpai, but there’s something malicious about a hero/teacher witnessing you committing a crime, you getting rid of evidence, and the teacher/hero looking like they’re just trying to upset this poor innocent girl- oh wait, that’s literally what Yandere Chans mum did.

  3. I don’t think it is a bug, but if you will make a sport club member wet while he wears a swimsuit, he will change to gym suit and will swim in gym suit.

  4. Now we this wait for snap…. *waits for snap* Also, I find this kinda funny, in one of your (or his) Osana Update video’s (I beleive) you (he) said Osana would be in the game soon, that video was made 2 years ago. Lol

  5. One really annoying glitch I have is if I enter the student info page where all the students pictures are, if its to put a note in a locker or from the distract menu, it ALWAYS crashes my game, even if I entered that page for a second!

    • osananajimi (幼なじみ) is japanese for “childhood friend”, and osana najimi is senpai’s childhood friend. boom

    • Osana Najimi not a name , Osana Najimi in English means Childhood Friend… Her name is Osana Najimi (Childhood Friend) because, She is Taro Yamada’s (Senpai’s) Childhood Friend… İf you watch Yandere Dev’s video about Osana Najimi, He explains He says ” Hello Everyone, Some Yandere Simulator Fans asked to me ”Why Osana Najimi’s name Osana Najimi” Today İm going to explain This. I named her Osana Najimi because Osana Najimi means Childhood Friend,

  6. *reads comments* “Snap mode! “Snap Mode!” “Snap Mode!”
    *Silently nods head in agreement.*
    I have many visions for what this will look like xD

  7. I have AnOthEr idea, (I hope I don’t turn into Midori) but I think students who call the police should also try and run out of school, so that it isn’t too easy to kill them. I thought it was weird that the call animation isn’t runnin but the texting one is. Great work Yanderedev!

  8. Yandere Dev, I’ve been wondering why the students do not have backpacks when they go to the institute and they’re already in the desks

    • Yan-dev said it in “Let’s examine persona” video, that it’d look weird with yandere-chan always carrying a bookbag or backpack. However, he put this feature in “optional” list(so it still can be added).

  9. im trying to Befriend Kokona, but i can’t because when i want to ask her about her problem after doing her task and evasdropping her phone call and her conversation whit Saki only appears the option to push her of the roof, and when i push after all that… she glitches and dont fall… please fix this

    • Yeah i agree you i press Ç and after G i teleporting rooftop with Kokona but I cant say ”Offer help”

  10. BUG +
    the website yanderesimulator home dont work for the contact and the character onglet
    I dont no if it where fixing but
    if you go to the mission mode
    whit nemesis cosplay of student condition

  11. I have a suggestion of a new method of elimination for the teacher Mida Rana, that we can kidnap her by putting tranquilizers in her food, then take her to our basement and afterwards to lower her health and then to commit suicide in front of the whole class…
    if you did not understand look at the suicide of the teacher in the anime another :3

  12. I wonder what would happen if you kill your rivals suitor before realizing you have the option to match make. I guess that’s why you gotta stalk your rival before doing anything crazy

  13. Even in the worst quality to play the game, it always crashes. I would enter the game normally BUT when it gets to Yan-chan’s room… Everything goes darker in every second!!! Surprised! It crashes my lap real harddd that I can’t even exit because when I click the “esc” button, it won’t work for the next 15 minutes!!! Can you fix this? I posted it on your Twitter but it seems like you didn’t even notice/online so I deleted the post. PLS READ THIS 😕

  14. Hi YandereDev! I wanted to ask you for some additions/changes to the game. So, do you remember that when you removed matches, tripping etc. from the game? Well, can you bring it back? It will make more complex. Or, a minigame during the club activity. You could interact with students, join their conversations to fake Ayano’s reputation, and when the cafe will be added, you could buy not only the needed things, but the ‘more life things’, like phone cases, or presents for someone’s birthday to fake her reputaton again. Of course, these would be some big additions to gain reputation, but the bigger chance for being a person with a certain personality. If someone wants to be evil, then Ayano could join the bullies, buy the case, things to make you look “better” etc. I hope you see this and you’ll consider my options.

  15. I know you said you didn’t want questions, suggestions, or request but I found out that people who are in love will have their heart rate mimic that of which they love so this should be a feature to affect animations regardless of yandere-chan’s current sanity.

  16. just saying if you are going to translate this game to greek please don’t use google translate because it will look just…ridiculous and nice!

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