April 25th Bug-Fixing Build

This is a relatively minor update, compared to yesterday’s build, but it contains some fixes that I’d like to release sooner rather than later. It does contains a couple of significant adjustments to game design / general gameplay, though, so it’s a good idea to read the changelog and see how things are going to be different from here on out.

To read a list of everything that is changed in this build, scroll down past this super-pretty illustration of Ayano by AlpakaArt!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Yandere-chan is no longer allowed to run away while being chased by a Teacher/Hero/Senpai; it created too many exploits and holes in the game design. Instead, if a character is running at Yandere-chan, she will stare down her pursuer and face them head-on.
  • The act of crouch-walking or crawling around on the ground will now be considered suspicious, and will result in the same reaction as maniacal laughter or low sanity.
  • If students see you covered in blood and carrying a weapon while School Atmosphere is low, they will automatically assume that you’re a murderer and react accordingly.
  • Fixed bug that caused outlines to appear on the nurse’s body and Shiromi’s scarf even if the player had disabled outlines from the Settings menu.
  • Made a slight adjustment to the static that appears when the player tries to make Yandere-chan leave school before Senpai leaves.
  • Fixed bug that caused Cooking Club members to return to their “hand out food” routine after witnessing and reporting a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that caused some clubrooms to enable the wrong conversation topics, or not enable some conversation topics at all.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to acquire all fifteen conversation topics.
  • Fixed bug that caused one of Yandere-chan’s new hair models to change the game’s camera angle.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Yandere-chan to take off her mask before Senpai could unmask her.
  • Updated the appearance of Yandere-chan’s Sailor Moon-inspired hair model.

64 thoughts on “April 25th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. “The act of crouch-walking or crawling around on the ground will now be considered suspicious, and will result in the same reaction as maniacal laughter or low sanity.”

    Aww, man. No more crouch-walking for me. It was only a matter of time.

  2. Can someone answer this? I was updating the game and then something popped up saying “Try moving launcher to ‘C:\ProgramFiles’. Also check if firewall doesn’t block access to the internet”. Please could someone fix or having the same problem, let me know. T^T

  3. Aw I liked testing if I could make myself look innocent before a teacher caught me 😦 Was fun outrunning them. I suppose there’s no need for the hide mechanic then?

  4. Glad that crouching/crawling are now finally considered suspicious behaviours!
    Like, imagine if a girl at school just suddenly dropped to her knees and started crawling down the halls 😂

    But I think maybe the simple act of crouching should be less suspicious as opposed to crouch-sneaking, or even crouching vs crawling. After all people come up with their own explanations for actions of others (tying shoes, dropped something)

  5. love this update! great job yandere dev! you put a lot of hard work into this game that everyone likes! 😀

  6. Yandere Dev thank you for making bug fixes now you can read my comments I wrote on your blog called April 24th Now-Is-Later. Yandere Dev I know you’re good you can do me this favor please?

  7. Yo dev I just came up with an idea, could you set up a tutorial level where all skills (eg. killing things, mopping blood…) are taught by the mother of yandara chan and in a scenario of memories and the tasks are performed by the player, that may be rather noob friendly when it is published.

  8. For me it would be better that Senpai will take off your mask only if he see you killing someone he likes or care about (like Osana and other rivals). It would match his personality more for me, but it’s your decision. (Sorry for grammar or other mistakes)

    • then there will be no correspondence, when you kill someone outside the door, the students will notice this immediately and then it will be very difficult to do something

  9. There is a bug when the students report a bloody object/body part to the teacher, the teacher will sit down and grade papers.

  10. You need to fix the saving. The game has the problem . If you return to the main menu while playing and when you enter again later. The days will move forward. And Also when we load a save, it should be in the scene where we saved not just forward a day. The game has very bad saving.

  11. hi dev! i feel not natural with student council they nothing Negotiation just pepper spay and pepper spray just walk nearby student council they just pepper spray i want they have the Negotiation like the counselor please
    can you use my think to update your game

  12. Hmm…i personally don’t like the change in which you’re not allowed to run away anymore, i knew that you’re were going to be catched sooner or later but it was fun and realistic because if you were chased, the normal thing to do was try run away

  13. i have a problem. when i open student info the game crashes, so i can gossip use mindslaves or leave a note! i somewhy also cant end the day. it will just crash. i love the game but please fix it

  14. J’ai trouvé un bug quand tu tue l’élève qui accompagne la prof sur le lieu d’un meurtre le matin la prof tp alors une chaise et du papier pour travailler a l’endroit où elle se trouvent

  15. I found an error in the game when on the morning you kill the student who lead a teacher on a murder place the teacher will teleports a seats and paper to work on the place where she is

  16. Honestly so excited that pretty much everything for Osana except for the mysterious obstacle is implemented bcuz I’ve been excited about obstacle-chan for so lon

  17. i HATE the “You cant run from teachers anymore” “Fix” it added fun to the game, please remove this!

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