Yandere Simulator’s 5-Year Anniversary!

On March 31st, 2014, I began developing Yandere Simulator. Today marks the 5th anniversary of the game’s development! That’s quite a milestone! Check out this incredibly detailed artwork that Mulberry created to celebrate the occasion:

If you’d like to zoom in and see all the little details, click here!

I’ve also uploaded a new build! You can find a changelog at the bottom of this blog post. Additionally, I’ll be uploading a new video tomorrow; I hope you’ll look forward to it!

Last year, I wrote a short “anniversary speech” in commemoration of the game’s 4th birthday. This year, I’ve written a much longer one. In case you’re interested in knowing what kind of thoughts go through a person’s mind after they’ve been working on a video game for 5 years, click “Continue Reading”.

Before I launch into a speech, I’d like to share some more artwork that was drawn to celebrate Yandere Simulator’s birthday/anniversary. First, check out this adorable piece by Budokas!

And next, take a look at this super-cute artwork by Lincoln Sherlocks!

Last, this artwork was sent to me by an artist who didn’t provide a username that I could credit them by, but I want to share their work with you, anyway!

Anniversary Thoughts

Usually, an anniversary is an event to celebrate. A birthday is a joyous occasion, right? However, it’s rare for a video game to remain in development for 5 years. That’s an indication that there are some serious obstacles slowing down the game’s production. In an ideal world, there would not be a 5th anniversary blog post, or even a 4th anniversary blog post. So, what happened? What’s taking so long?

To get to the bottom of this, let’s start at the beginning.

The game was born on 4chan in 2014. I proposed the idea of a “yandere simulator” and asked people to describe what kind of game mechanics it might have. A lot of people responded to the thread with various ideas:

“You should get blood on your clothing and leave behind bloody footprints!”
“The protagonist’s animations should change as she loses sanity!”
“There should be a button dedicated to sadistic laughter!”

I loved these suggestions, and began building a prototype that incorporated all of the ideas people were posting:




Every two weeks, I would make a new thread, show off my progress, and collect new suggestions. After several months of posting development updates, I started hearing a new type of suggestion:

“You should make a Patreon!”

I only had a faint idea of what Patreon was, and didn’t put much thought into it. But, it was consistently mentioned in every thread I made, so eventually, I decided to research it.

Basically, Patreon is like a tip jar. If you like what someone is doing, you can give them some money to show your appreciation. These donations occur on a monthly basis.

At this point in time (2014) I was searching for freelance programming jobs, and Yandere Simulator was only a hobby that I occasionally worked on. I wasn’t even thinking of trying to turn Yandere Sim into a source of income. But, eventually, because so many people were asking for it, I decided to make a Patreon.

I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to take it seriously, and I didn’t know what kind of goal to set, so without putting much thought into it, I simply said, “If I can make $1,000 a month on Patreon, Yandere Simulator will become my full-time job.” For a few months, my Patreon income was very small – I was only making about $100 per month. But, about 1 year after development had begun, Yandere Simulator began to attract a lot of attention, and skyrocketed in popularity.



After this point in time, my Patreon grew in size rapidly. Once I hit my goal of making $1,000 per month on Patreon, I started working on Yandere Simulator in a full-time capacity; 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.

When I started earning $1,500 per month through Patreon, I decided that I should spend more hours working, in order to justify the increased income. So, I started working 6 days a week. When the Patreon income increased to $2,000, I started working 7 days a week.

When the Patreon income increased to $2,500, I started working 9 hours a day instead of 8. The Patreon continued to grow; $3,000…$4,000…eventually, it reached $5,000. I convinced myself that I had to be working 13 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to deserve the money I was earning. I wanted to avoid disappointing the people who were supporting me on Patreon, at all costs.

This is where things started to get out of control. I completely sacrificed everything else in my life so that I could focus exclusively on developing Yandere Simulator. I dropped my hobbies, I abandoned my friends, I grew distant from my family, I stopped making time for exercise, and I reduced the hours that I was sleeping. I dedicated myself entirely and completely to developing Yandere Sim.

For a while, this lifestyle enabled me to release major updates multiple times per month. But, after several years of this insane work schedule, I became completely burned out. I was exhausted mentally and physically, and I became a miserable, depressed person. My productivity plummeted. Even if I was sitting at my workstation with Yandere Simulator on my screen and my fingers on the keyboard, I simply wasn’t making much progress.

On February 16th, 2017, I explained my situation in a YouTube video:



After I released that video, I received hundreds of supportive messages urging me to work shorter hours and take better care of myself. i decided to take the advice I was given, and I changed my work schedule to make room for playing video games.

However, by that point in time, working for 13 hours a day had become a habit, and it was difficult to change the lifestyle that I had become accustomed to. I equated “working less” with “being lazy”, so I refused to reduce the number of hours that I was working. Despite what I said in this video, I continued to work 13 hours a day. I was only able to make room for video games because I had reduced the number of hours that I was sleeping every night. My mental and physical health continued to decline, my productivity stayed low, and the pace of development continued to slow down.

Eventually, people began to theorize that I was intentionally working as slowly as possible in order to stretch out the game’s development and keep receiving monthly payments on Patreon for as long as possible. This narrative spread very far, and was widely accepted as truth. As a result, I started to receive abusive messages and harassment on a daily basis, and a lot of people withdrew their support from Patreon.

The slower development became, the more miserable I felt. The more miserable I was, the less productive I could be. Less productivity resulted in more ridicule. More ridicule meant less support, and less support made development slower. Each of these problems compounded the other problems. It was a vicious cycle; a downward spiral that made itself worse the longer it went on.

It’s hard to remain enthusiastic about a project when you’ve been working on it for multiple years. It’s hard to be productive when you’re mentally and physically exhausted. It’s hard to feel motivated when you see people withdrawing their support. It’s hard to stay focused when you are being subjected to harassment. And it’s hard to do anything at all, when you feel like you’ve made such huge mistakes that you can never recover.

These are the factors that slowed down Yandere Simulator’s development. However, it’s important to acknowledge that a game like Yandere Sim was never going to have a speedy development cycle in the first place.

Some game genres can be developed quickly by small teams (visual novels, shoot-em-ups) and other game genres take multiple years to be developed by large companies (MMORPGs, open-world sandboxes). Yandere Simulator is a 3D sandbox-style stealth game with school simulation elements; it’s the territory of a big company, not the territory of one dude and some part-time volunteers. A game like this had no chance of being finished in less than 4 years.

Here is a timeline of my life so far:

As you can see, I’ve been in the “Yandere Simulator” phase for longer than any other period of my life. I’ve been working on Yandere Simulator for longer than I’ve been in high school, longer than I’ve been in college, and longer than I worked for a video game company.

When I look back at my high school years, I can recall hundreds of fun experiences. The same goes for my time in college, and my time at a video game company. However, when I look back at the past 5 years of my life, I only remember one thing: sitting at a computer, working on Yandere Sim, and being miserable most of the time. I had a “teenage” phase, an “early 20s” phase, and a “mid 20s” phase, but I didn’t get to have a “late 20s” phase. There’s a giant gap in my life where my late 20s were supposed to be.

When I worked at a video game company, I was often asked to develop prototypes. I was known for working extremely fast, and pumping out fully-functional prototypes in less than two weeks. You’ve seen examples of this; Yanvania, Yanderetale, Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki, and the Light Music Club’s rhythm minigame were each created in less than two weeks. I can make video games very rapidly, and I’ve proven it numerous times…but, ironically, I now have a reputation for being slow, because I’m currently known for Yandere Simulator, a company-sized project that is being tackled by a small team.

I have dozens of game ideas, many of which I’m much more enthusiastic about than Yandere Simulator. I feel like I have so much more to offer the world than what you’ve seen from me up until this point. The one thing I want more than anything else in the world is to take a break from Yandere Simulator and work on another project, even if it’s only for 2 weeks. But, if I did this, I know that a lot of people would freak out and assume that I’m permanently abandoning Yandere Simulator, and a lot of my patrons on Patreon would probably want to withdraw their support.

Because I’m being paid to work on Yandere Sim, I have an obligation to remain fully committed to it. In other words, I’m not allowed to do anything else with my life until the game is complete. As a result, it feels like I was sent to prison on March 31st 2014. It feels like I’ve been locked in a jail cell for the past 5 years.

This is one of the primary reasons why I add easter eggs to the game. You may have already realized this, but the easter eggs represent the things I’m interested in; cyborg ninjas, supernatural monsters, dragon skulls that shoot laser beams, etc. If I have to be trapped inside of this “Yandere Simulator Prison”, then, at the very least, I want to fill it with stuff that I think is cool. Easter eggs give me the opportunity to temporarily develop the type of content/gameplay that I’m actually interested in, even if it’s only for a few short hours.

It’s incredibly ironic that there are people who genuinely believe that I’m intentionally delaying Yandere Sim’s development. I am the one human being on earth who is the most negatively impacted by Yandere Simulator’s prolonged development. I want Yandere Sim to be finished more than anyone else in the world. I’m in “prison” until it’s finished! Of course I want it to be done as quickly as possible!

However, I refuse to sacrifice the game’s quality or break any of the promises I’ve made, so instead of rushing the game out as fast as I can, I continue to go down the checklist of everything I think the game requires, and I continue to try my hardest to make it the best game I can possibly make.

With that said…at long last, we’re really close to the end of that checklist. Tutorial, save/load, framerate, intro; I can count the number of remaining “checklist features” on one hand. After that, I’ll move onto Osana, who only requires a few things to be finished: Mysterious Obstacle, Befriend/Betray, suitor. It has taken me 5 years, but I’m almost there…I’ve almost satisfied the criteria for graduating from “sandbox” to “demo” and launching the long-awaited crowdfunding campaign.

The first two months of this year were incredibly productive. New murder methods, new areas at school, new weapons, new characters, re-worked mechanics, proper reactions to blood/weapons, etc. It was a stark contrast to 2018, when significant updates were few and far apart. I was very proud of my progress, and I wanted to keep up that pace…but, unfortunately, March wasn’t as productive as January or February.

I was really looking forward to implementing a proper introduction cutscene for the game, and I was hoping to do so before April 1st, but I still haven’t received all of the assets that I require for the cutscene, so I wasn’t able to make progress on it. Hopefully, the intro cutscene will finally be implemented sometime in April.

While waiting for the intro assets, I intended to make progress in other areas of the game. However, I couldn’t accomplish anything significant. I know that there is no excuse for this, but I had a lot of trouble staying focused this month. I constantly allowed myself to get distracted and sidetracked, and managed my time pretty badly. I feel awful about it. I’m very disappointed in myself, and I’m going to work hard to redeem myself in April.

This turned out to be a pretty depressing blog post, didn’t it? Up above, you can see super-cute artwork depicting happy smiling characters, but my honest feelings don’t match the artwork. I feel like I’ve done a disservice to those artists by putting such sad words underneath their cheerful artwork. I’m sorry about that. Hopefully, I’ll turn things around in April.

Thanks for your continued patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Increased speed of Enigma Mode attack animations and also allowed the player to cancel the animations by inputting movement. (Attacking in Enigma Mode should now feel faster, more fluid, and more satisfying.) (This is relevant because of something that will be added in the near future.)
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from taking a shower if they had just taken off bloody clothing that was obtained from a clubroom changing booth.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Student Council animations/pathfinding to break if they were distracted while noticing/returning a misplaced object.
  • Male characters now have male voiced lines when reacting to a note in their locker / being pushed off the roof / being splashed with liquid.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan from being able to change into a clean school uniform that she had carried into the locker room.
  • Fixed bug with Yamiko’s character model that would cause some of her polygons to stick out like spikes during certain animations.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to fail a Mission Mode mission if they executed their target by drowning them in a toilet.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Awareness Bar” from updating when the player got too close to a student in Mission Mode.
  • Updated the “exchanging shoes at locker” animations so that students are no longer interacting with invisible doors.
  • Updated the “finding note in locker” animations so that students are no longer interacting with invisible doors.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to identify a non-bloody mask or article of clothing as a bloody object.
  • Fixed bug with Life Note Mode that allowed the player to target students who weren’t present at school.
  • Students will now refuse to pick up metal objects if metal detectors are present at school.
  • Added new sound effects for the guitar weapon.

109 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s 5-Year Anniversary!

  1. Hell, I’ve been here the whole time this has been developed. I’m not leaving just because it takes awhile. You have more fans like me who aren’t going anywhere, I saw a few in these comments. I’m on the east coast and I stay up until 3 am on the 1st and 15th to wait for an update. Please yandev, I know I’m just one person in a sea of comments, but please listen to those of us concerned for you. I’ve been severely clinically depressed, I know how bad it sucks. And I hate to see a game that has brought me joy for 5 years destroying you. I don’t know if you’ll even read this, but please know that if you need a break me and a whole bunch of other people will be here when you get back. I’m proud of how much you’ve done these past few months. Please give yourself a break. You’re doing a great job 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Yandere Simulator! The game has come such a long way and I can’t wait to see what it becomes in the future

  3. YandereDev maybe my last build was broken – but in the 17th March Build when I take a bathe there was no animation ~ now it has some kind of fog…

    Is that new? Or my game was just broken? ~ Anyway that’s a nice detail ~

  4. Yandere dev, please take a break! sure, the game is fun and all- but it won’t be fun when an update comes out when we know you’re slaving away, depressing and breaking yourself for it. take a month’s vacation, your health is more important than anything.

  5. We support you 100% yandere dev, you have done a beyond amazing job working on this game for the past few years and you have changed so many lives in the process. I have been following the development of this game for the past 4 years and never once have I doubted you. Please know that we value your health above all else, so however you feel you should go about finishing the game and what would be the healthiest option for you don’t hesitate to do that. Don’t feel obligated to keeping people happy if you’re not happy. I don’t care how long the game takes I have been enjoying the ride of it’s development greatly. When you put up the Kickstarter after Osana is done I will be donating as much as I possibly can because I am so in love with this game and your dedication. I am so proud of you and what you’ve accomplished, I know that the process of making the game has had a toll on you but just know that you have people standing beside you supporting you all the way. Much love ❤️

  6. You’ve done all of the things nobody I know could ever do. Us fans don’t care how long it takes, I think it’s fun to test out all of the features you add to each build. Only the impatient people can’t seem to understand how long it takes to make a fully functioning game. And I’m sure being a solo game developer must be very stressful and hard! But please don’t push yourself to please the seemingly impatient people who just don’t know what it’s like. Do what you want with the game, take your time- feel free to add easter eggs for something interesting. We’ll wait.

    • Please calm down, you seem to be fuming with rage and annoyance. Just take a deep breath and maybe rephrase your comments. You have some really good and well put together arguments but, its somewhat hard to understand them underneath due to the vibe your giving off.

      P.S: Sorry for my spelling and english

    • Look, I understand that everyone has a voice and should be allowed to say what they want. Free speech and all that. But to be honest, you’ve just been rude and inconsiderate. We can see that you don’t like Yandere-Dev. But you shouldn’t leave comments like these. We know that he’s trying his best. He’s added so much into this game so far. You keep saying he hasn’t been working as hard as he said he does, but where is your proof? And if it’s, “The game still isn’t finished after five years!” then please be quiet. Everyone would like to see you create such a complex game with rivals, animations, stable frame-rate, intriguing content, original object and character models, and much more in a shorter time than him.

      In short, please think twice before commenting rude things to hardworking people. It doesn’t help him, nor you.

    • If you were a game dev, you would understand that sometimes when a bug needs fixing, sometimes things can go wrong. There’s plenty of things that take time when making a game, not everyone can make a game within 1 or 2 years. Not everyone cares how long it takes for Yanderedev to finish the game. It’s like making artwork, in a way. It takes time, and patience. And how are these excuses? What an excuse is, is your reasons for coming on here and posting rude comments. And yes, he’s being paid to make the game. It’s his job to make the game. Is that a problem that he wants to make money and be able to take care of himself? Are you just saying these rude things because you want attention?

      If you don’t like Yanderedev and what he’s creating, then just stay off of here, and avoid anything that has to do with Yandere Simulator if that’s how badly you despise it.

  7. You always say, “Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.” But what we should all be saying is: “Thank you for never giving up.” So thank you. Yandere Simulator probably won’t change the world. Maybe not how we view video games. But you deserve all the praise we can muster for working so hard, for cutting so much out of your own life for this effort, and you deserve to feel like all that sacrifice was worth it. Take a little time off now and again. Reconnect with your friends and family. Catch a good movie or play some video games. Your health and your sanity is much more important, and you deserve to have a life to go back to when all this is done. This blog post really puts into perspective how much of yourself you’ve put into this game, and it really is astounding that you’ve done so much in five years with such a small amount of resources. If nothing else, you should take pride in knowing that you’re worth nearly a whole development team just by yourself. You are amazing, and don’t let it get you down. We’re with you on this all the way. And we’ll keep following the development of Yandere Simulator. And on your future projects beyond.
    Thank you. For never giving up.

    • You’re just being rude and please stop commenting, you’ve made your opinion very clear, and at this point, I really would like to read the comments without seeing your negativity spread everywhere. It’s my choice to believe in Yandere Dev so I would love it if you would please respect other people’s opinions, without trying to force yours down everyone else’s throat. If you don’t believe in him or this game, then fine, leave but you don’t have to troll around and ruin everyone else’s experience with this project. I’ve been following this project for about four years, and am I sad that I can’t actually play the game because I have a Mac, yes, but I’ve still followed him, and am still glad that he has managed to create something so complex and unique. I can appreciate the time and effort that has gone into making this game and can wait another five years if necessary because at this point I know that all that waiting will be worth it. It’s people like you, who can’t control themselves and run their mouth that brings down the moral and makes it hard for the creators to continue if they feel that all they will receive is negativity. So just, stop, because at this point no one wants to hear it from you, you’ve done your damage, you’ve made your point, you don’t care about the creator and evidently this game, so that leaves the question on why are you still here? Just leave.
      Thank You

  8. Even if you are not making much progress in the last few months, it does not matter that you do other things besides Yandere Simulator or do other things for Yandere Simulator. I’m just happy if you hear something from you, or just such blog posts as appear now. It’s also nice to know what you’ve done for the game. I would slowly but surely take a look, which in addition to the development of normal working hours and leisure have. 13 hours a day, not everyone can do that and still seven days in the week? No, do 8 hours and five days. It does not bother me and for a whole herd of people either. But not everyone understand this.

  9. Yanderedev, the 2nd of March is my birthday and I do not know what to do and I think I will only spend it again and I would be very happy if you brought me a very good update as you always do so I would be very happy thank you I will always be supporting you in the Game development 🙂

  10. Yandere Dev, know that along with developing something so ambitious that people are excited about, and putting so much love into it, people who’ve been along with you, following your journey can be inspired by you, and learn from your mistakes. Heck, you inspired me in this blog post to work on a game i’ve wanted to make for a while now. So thank you, for developing, Yandere Simulator.

  11. I posted this on Bijuu Mike’s new video. I’m posting it here is as well in the hopes that you read it just to understand the joy you bring people!—-

    I like to think of it like this: being able to follow this development is just such a fun thing in itself. Every time a major task or event gets implemented into the game it’s always so fun and so brand new! Everyone loves to mess around and explore all the hard work Yandere Dev has put in.

    While I can’t wait for the game to be complete, it’ll be bittersweet, for me at least. Once is completely finished it’s just that, finished. It’ll be fun to play the game but once you or video game YouTubers play through a couple times, that’ll essentially be the end. Maybe some add ons at the most? The updates are fun and it’s so enjoyable to watch this project grow and take form.

    Hell, it could take another 5 years and I still wouldn’t be mad about it (although I’m not trying to have Yan Dev in jail for that long!). I see Yan Dev get so hard on himself and it’s really frustrating because like Bijuu Mike says, he is bringing joy and fun to hundreds of thousands of people.

    I know when it comes to big projects burn out is a real thing. I think if Yan Dev does need to take a couple weeks off… he should. Sometimes that needs to happen. When I was in art class and one of the students would be stumped on a painting my teacher would tell us, “take a break, come back at it later”. And she would be right! When you come back with fresh eyes and a fresh mind you have the ability to look at it from a different perspective, it’s a revitalization. Every creative mind needs that.

    Keep on keeping on Yandere Dev, your game has helped me through so me really, REALLY hard times in my life. And to that I give you such great thanks. I really don’t think you understand what a strong impact you have on people.

  12. YandereDew, I dreamed that you came to my house and I hugged you tightly and wished you prosperity in the development of the game.

  13. Thank you Yandere Dev for making this game and I’ve been a fan of the game since it first came out and I’ve been waiting and haven’t done any coding or hacking to try and get Osana into the game I’ve been waiting for Osana to be realised and I love the game so much and I would appreciate it if you would reply to my email thank you ________________________________

  14. YanDev, we all love that you’re trying to lock yourself in jail for us, but if I’m being honest, I’m sure more than enough people would even be willing to pay for you to take a week or two off. On a project as long as this, the burn-out that’s possible can stick anyone into a pretty dark place – especially working with it for as long as you do every day. For your own sanity and the long-term productivity of development, it would be in your best interest to take a break. We’ll all be here when you get back, and if some people have a problem with needing to be human for a week, then they aren’t worth your time or the game created from that time. Take care of yourself, man, and happy anniversary to YanSim!

  15. Please please please do this game on phone and free and be the original one because I don’t have a computer and I can’t buy one please please

  16. Please dev, when the intro is implemented (Just so you feel accomplished) go hang around with somebody or take a two-week break, or something. Your fanbase doesn’t want you to be exausted. Take a break and enjoy yourself. Cheers.

  17. Excuse you? You can’t talk only about negative stuff here! I’ve been here for 2 years and in my opinion none of the things above happened. YandereDev was and is working so hard on the game and you are just slowing him down with this. Would you like to be in his (YandereDev’s) shoes, seeing everyday hate through email?! Working 13 hours and not sleeping 8 hours? So, everyone who has the same opinion as Yuku, think again.

  18. Your completely entitled to your opinion and if you believe it’s a fact good for you. But don’t come here being a complete a-hole and acting like a fcking rude, impatient toddler. You say everything he just said was a lie? All I see is that he was telling the truth when he said he was getting bullied. What your doing is against the fcking law as bullying is a crime. I know you’ll probably stick up your nose at this and think that your right and I’m wrong and I honestly don’t care. But if you came here just to say mean things then you can piss off.

  19. There is somebody out there who talks about releasing their supposed truth, actually, they do not know if what they say is true or not.
    I do not care what you say
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    What do you expect if what you say is true that everything is a scam?
    you want everyone to come saying “you were right, friend, I had to listen to you” things do not work so you know and what happens if what you say is true, how would you do? would you say now I’m wrong and I apologize or you’re going to hide like the dirty rat you seem to be
    I did not want to insult you, I’m sorry, but once it’s enough to give your opinion, I’ll say it this way
    You do not have to go everywhere saying that it’s a lie with time the truth will come to light
    I wonder what your reaction will be the rat that escapes and does not accept to lose or wait for the attention that the hero deserves or maybe just accept that he lost and lose apologies or if it is a scam just do not try like the hero and let everything flow
    I only ask you this stop commenting and take care of your life that you do not care what others do with their money is their money and everyone decides what to do with the
    Each person is responsible for their misfortune and their success
    go once do not bother anymore
    If you want attention, take care of your life and not that of others
    once again I will tell
    do not help those who do not want or need your help
    out of here and do not humiliate yourself but I’m not anywhere I’m just in the middle point I do not support any
    I hope you know how to handle the truth when you reveal yours or the creator’s
    you will accept your defeat or you will believe important for being right I do not know and I do not want
    I’m sorry if you do not understand the whole thing after all I do not have an advanced English like to write it myself I do it with the translator sorry my stupid

  20. Dear Yanderedev,

    I don’t comment often, but to this message, I feel like I should, because it made me realize we’re pretty alike. According to your timeline, we’re close to the same age, I believe we’re both west coast type people, and… I know exactly what you mean when you say you feel like a project has put you in jail.

    Now, I’m not a game developer. Heck, I’m barely even a gamer. But I am something of a writer, and for three years, I was in a prison cell shaped like an unfinished manuscript. It was my first serious attempt, and I charged through a good portion of the story before I just lost my momentum and couldn’t regain it. From there, the project was a spiral of despair: When I tried to work on the manuscript, I felt bad, since I was fighting for every single word and losing. But when I thought about other projects, ones for which I had or had developed a greater passion, I felt even worse. There weren’t a bunch of Patrons supporting me, who I’d let down, but there didn’t have to be; my own dissatisfaction with a job unfinished was enough to to shackle me to the project. It dragged on and on, and I felt horribly trapped. I didn’t have the motivation to move forward, but I didn’t have the heart to abandon it.

    Eventually, the dam broke. I don’t remember what did it, but I hit a place where I was able to work with, if not the passion I had in the initial stages, at least some hope once again, and about this time last year, was able to type the words ‘The End’. Since then, I’ve still worked with the project, getting it read by individuals for feedback, commissioning artwork for a cover, and getting the manuscript proofread so hopefully I’ll be able to publish. All the same, the day I was able to put the ‘first draft’ in the can as essentially a complete work, I felt an unbelievably great swell of relief, because I had finally been released from that prison.

    Since then, I’ve completed another manuscript, for a different story, one that I got the idea for during my imprisoned doldrums. It’s longer than the first, but riding a new schedule and a swell of passion, it took maybe eight months, none of which felt like prison the same way. And as that goes into the cycle of reading, revision, and preparation, I’ve begun to work on a third. And that third story is another part of why I wanted to reach out.

    Because, you see, the third story — the one that I’m working on right now — was in part inspired by following the development of Yandere Simulator. The specifics wouldn’t look anything alike, but I can safely see that without Yandere Simulator, without your work, I wouldn’t have ever been inspired to work with a “yandere” character archetype; despite being something of an anime fan, before I encountered Yandere Simulator, I hadn’t thought much about the archetype. I hadn’t watched Mirai Nikki, or felt a strong connection with such a person. Now, I’m writing a novel from the perspective of a Yandere, albeit one quite different from Yandere-chan/Ayano Aishi, and exploring the psychology of a high school girl with a crush that means more to her than her life and a capacity to do anything to protect that person from the events transpiring around them.

    So I want to thank you, not just for working on a game, but for inspiring me. I know our situations aren’t exactly comparable; manuscripts aren’t games, and there’s not a real ‘hard cap’ on how fast I can work, while there’s really only so much that a single game developer can get done at a time. All the same, I think part of what helped me move out of the darkest spot, struggling with my work, was being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel, a goal to reach for that was more than just dislodging the millstone from around my neck. And I hope you can find in yourself the heart to keep going, and to not let your project harm your life. I understand the need to see something through, and I want to say… it gets better. It really does.

    However you choose to move forward, if you can do so with hope, looking for that light at the end of the tunnel, thinking of what inspires you, I believe you can reach a happier place.

  21. We’re so proud of you for coming this far Yandere Dev. Keep going, and thank you for not giving up on this project!

  22. Your commitment to this game is incredibly impressive, YandereDev. You really should take a break if the stress is really this bad, even if you’re doing all you can this much stress can’t improve the quality of either your work or your life. The vast majority of us (read: those of us who understand there’s a person behind this project and not an unfeeling, unthinking automaton that exists only to churn out YanSim updates) will completely understand and appreciate your work all the more if we know you’re in a better state of mind doing it. There are millions of fun games, there is only one YandereDev – keep yourself safe so that doesn’t change.

    Also, to that one guy constantly bashing him in these comments, keep your bullshit to yourself. Free speech is to express your opinion in a calm and civil manner, not spread vomit caustic hate all over people who neither need nor deserve it. People are perfectly capable of deciding whether to support YandereDev on their own and, quite frankly, you have no say in the matter. Go do something fun or productive or positive instead of spending your time verbally beating on people.

  23. Tbh, I didn’t expect that the starting of the development of Yandere Simulator is March 31. Which is ALSO MY B-DAY!!! XD
    I was born at March 31, 2004. And now, I’m 15. Also, I can’t wait for your finished game, YandereDev. I hope you’ll finished soon. And may Yandere-Chan/Ayano Aishi will still keep her lovable Senpai. Welp, this is K8, PEACE OUT!!!

  24. Friend, you should probably stop the development of the game, it’s obvious that it will kill you eventually at the pace you are going. screw the fans, if you are not having fun and your health is in danger then cancel the game, is not worth it.

  25. Man I do feel bad for you. You should sleep more. I see why you stress it so much with others. Take brakes when necessary.

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