March 15th Bug-Fixing Build


At the beginning of this month, I decided what feature I wanted to work on next, and estimated that I could complete the feature by March 15th. I made a lot of progress, but in the end, March 15th simply wasn’t a realistic goal; it wasn’t enough time for volunteers to prepare the necessary assets and animations. Although I really wanted to be able to show off an exciting new feature for you today, it simply isn’t ready yet. I’m sorry!

While waiting for the assets I need, I’ve been making various changes and improvements to the game. There are certain things that have been bothering me for a very long time, and I decided that this would be the build where I finally fix those problems.

If you’d like to read a full list of every bug that was fixed and improvement that was made over the past 10 days, please scroll down past these dancing Yandere-chans, drawn by MayeMomorino, Rayan-kzm911, dothackerYggdrasil, and akyber!

…huh? You’re confused? Well, you see, there’s this meme, and…ah, nevermind.

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Some weapons look suspicious and dangerous (like the Occult Club’s knife) and other weapons look like harmless everyday objects (like scissors or a screwdriver). If a student finds a dangerous-looking weapon, they will report it to a teacher. However, if a student finds a harmless-looking weapon, they will pick it up with their bare hands and put it back where it belongs. You can use this method to get any student’s fingerprints on a weapon.
  • Students who are leading teachers to suspicious objects (or teachers who are following students to suspicious objects) will no longer be affected by liquid coming out of bucket traps. I’m sorry, but it would simply create too many new scenarios.
  • Students will no longer react to bloody uniforms as if they are witnessing murder (but teachers will still assume that Yandere-chan has committed a crime if they see her carrying around a bloody uniform).
  • Selecting the music note in the pause screen menu will now display an “Audio Settings” menu where the player can adjust the game’s background music, or turn it off.
  • From now on, if Yandere-chan tries to take a weapon out of the faculty room’s storage box while teachers can see her, she will instantly get in trouble for it.
  • Fixed bug that caused Student Council members to completely forget about suspicious objects they were investigating if they had to shove Yandere-chan away.
  • Fixed bug that caused Student Council members to permanently stop moving if multiple Student Council members noticed a blood pool simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from being able to react to blood pools if the player had destroyed a weapon earlier in the day.
  • Fixed a problem with the teacher’s “calling the cops” animation that would cause her arm to twitch while making the phone call.
  • Fixed bug that caused security cameras to identify red paint on Yandere-chan’s clothing as evidence of a crime.
  • Fixed bug that would make a weird shadow appear on Yandere-chan’s body during some of the easter egg modes.
  • From now on, students who are told to “Go Away” will go to the hedge maze, rather than the school roof.
  • Teachers will now use a handkerchief when picking up a weapon that has been dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed bug that caused police to identify clothing stained with red paint as evidence of a crime.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to take a shower while outside of a shower stall.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to spawn wearing multiple pairs of shoes on their feet.

Side Note

Teachers can walk through metal detectors while holding metal objects without facing any sort of consequence! This is technically a “bug”, since it’s illogical…but, if teachers weren’t allowed to pass through metal detectors while holding metal objects, then there would be situations where teachers are trapped and can’t reach their destination. So, it would be preferable to create an in-game explanation for why they can pass through metal detectors. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Every faculty member is carrying an ID card. The metal detectors are able to detect these ID cards, which means that the metal detectors are aware if a faculty member is passing through them. Faculty members are authorized to carry metal objects, so metal detectors won’t trigger an alarm when they detect a faculty members are passing through.

There! Bug resolved! However, “trust me, they are carrying magical ID cards!” is kind of a lame explanation, unless it is supported by something inside of the game. I bet you’d be more willing to accept this explanation if it was possible for Yandere-chan to steal an ID card and use it to get through metal detectors without being caught…so, I plan to add this feature to the game in the near future!

What’s Next?

There are still a few “This has been bothering me for a really long time” problems that I want to fix, and a few “I’ve been planning this for several years but I simply never got around to it” features that I want to put into the game. You probably won’t see the next big, exciting feature until around the beginning of April, but it’s entirely possible that you’ll see another “bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements” build before then.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

70 thoughts on “March 15th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. No problem Yandere Dev, take your time and made not quick decisions that makeing more bugs ore illogical ways as such like the metal detectors thing with the faculity members. Im happy that the game is still on development and you dont put Osana inside the game. I wisht the game would be never finished 😂😂😂

  2. I like how students now pick up weapons that are not considered “dangerous”. Perfect way to fame people thank you.

  3. Yayyy \(*v*)/ a new update! Don’t worry, we’re happy for every update coming out, may it only be a bug-fixing build. Red paint identified as blood and “suspicious” objects that weren’t suscipicious at all were things that bothered me some time now, so thank you for that.

    I’ll happily wait till the next big update comes out- I understand it can take some time. After all, it’s better to take some time to make it work instead of rushing and it doesn’t work at all. So take the time you need, ok?

  4. there is maybe a little problem with the new rule that says :
    “if a student finds a harmless-looking weapon, they will pick it up with their bare hands and put it back where it belongs. You can use this method to get any student’s fingerprints on a weapon”

    Wouldn’t that make the rivals too easy to frame for murder?
    that would be sad to have prepared all routines and eliminations to make the game harder if all you have to do is putting a cutter in front of Osana then kill someone with that cutter …
    Maybe you already have some ideas to spice up the thing. if not, you should think about it 😉

    anyway, great job for now on, currious to see what you preaper for April.
    keep the good work. see you.

  5. Oi YandereDev Esta perguntando quando você acha que o jogo vai ser feito. Obrigado, tenha um bom dia / noite
    (Hi YandereDev. This wondering when do you think the game is going to be done. Thanks, have a good day/night)

  6. im worried he is gonna say “Guys Osana is finally here!” and everyone downloads the newest version and it was all an april fools joke…

  7. Yay new builds im so excited for the next feature and april feature or plan so excited btw but take your time yanderedev good luck 🙂

  8. Hello, I installed the game again because my computer has had a huge bug that makes it uninstall. But, downloading this game is blocking each time saying either that there is an internet prombleme or that the version has had a small problem. I find it a shame because I love this game, so if you can give me advice or arrange it I would be eternally grateful.

      • Boniechan can you be paitent you spoiled, rotten, ungrateful piece of $#!t? I’m more excited for SNAP mode. You clearly only think about what “must” be in the game, when, sometimes, those things that “must” be in the game, don’t have to be in the game as soon as damn possible! I’m sorry that you want Osana to be in the game and she’s not there yet, but you have to be paitent! There’s no point in adding her just like that! Now, do us all a favor and stfu!

  9. i mean the game is FANTASTIC but like theres this bug that if you comit a crime and walk infront of the student council with a body and you run away the student council will pepper spray you even though there no where near you and they still manage to pepper spray even if there not even near you yandere dev plz fix that bug

  10. Yandere Dev I really like personas. Can you please add new ones if you have time? Also I think the Succubus should be working already.
    PS: More easter eggs if you have time

  11. Not sure I understand the towel change. Just seems like unnecessary censorship to me. Maybe there are some people who are for some reason sensitive to that though, in which case it should be some sort of option, even if it’s a more technical thing.

    After further thought, it could save YouTubers some censorship, but the last time that happened, with the panty shots, it was an option, not a permanent change.

    • It’s for the Yandere Simulator ban on twitch, and he proposed the idea quite some time ago. I guess tiny cencorship clouds arent enough for Twitch

      • I think twitch said its because the game is not finnished, in twitch mind its probable for yd to add a non twitch friendly thing, so they are waiting for the game to be finished and see if its good

  12. A better and logical way for Teachers to get through metal detectors
    would be they use key cards to disable the metal detectors then enable them when they leave.

  13. OOh! The ID card thought sounds interesting, you could use the same mechanics as pickpocketing the shed keys for that :3

    • lol
      ALSO i have an idea…

      Yandere Dev.! I thought of a somewhat cool Feature for the game! (well at least I think it is.) What if you implemented a School Dance like, in real life Schools? I feel like this would offer a distraction for most students, and could be used to have a nice advantage over your rival! However, this would also mean the student council And teachers are more alert.(Of course, this is up to you I know you already have your hands full, I can tell you are going to be one of my Fav. developers!)

    • You can press L on the title screen and the Lovesick title screen will come up. I don’t think that there will be any more Lovesick stuff in the game though…

  14. Yandere Dev read this comment is important, you can fix these 2 bugs that are: 1st bug to solve would be any student gets scared because Yandere Chan left the uniform clean in the school floor.Each student and teacher exchanges the uniform clean with blood on the floor. Every teacher gets scared and calls the police because the teacher saw the uniform cleaned in the floor. 2nd bug to be resolved that Yandere Chan cannot change the uniform stained with blood if Info-chan gives you a clean uniform, even the male student who helps to get his task gives you a clean uniform but you can’t change the uniform stained with blood. Yandere Dev can you fix these bugs for the next update of yandere simulator please?

  15. YandereDev, YandereDev!
    I know that you attempt to make YanSim to the latest version of Unity, but there was so many bugs! Those bugs has been fixed? I can’t wato to play YanSim without lag. But i know that you were working a lot to improve the game and Thank you very much for it. It’s better than before!

  16. So, dev, Ive done some interesting searches that has to do with incinerators, and my oh my did i find something interesting.

    A random thought came up to my head when watching a youtuber play yansim

    “Does incinerators burn bones?”

    And I googled it (yes yikes it wasn’t something my dumbass could’ve figured out myself) , and the first thing that i saw was this:

    “You cannot burn human bones to ash. It’s actually not so easy to get rid of a body. Nowadays, after cremating the bones they place the fragments into a kind of blender which makes the ashes we know. … Cremating at the optimum temperature (1400-1800 degrees), the average weighted remains takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours.”

    So, I have a question.. what will happen to the remaining bones when the incinerator is finished burning the rest?
    Will the cops find it?
    Or will yan-chan find a place to hind em?

    Eh, I’m speaking to soon, since idk if this will be an actual thing in the game, it was just a though that popped up in my head;;

    *Also, pardon if my english is bad, since its not my first language >-<*

  17. hi yandere dev, first im a fan from mexico, and second after reading the part about the teachers ID cards i tougth this,
    why just give the teachers ID cards why don´t have diferente levels of ID cards going from
    students ID cards, this ones could work as a security messure by keeping a record in the club rooms(and only working on club rooms) telling the police which student entered previosly,
    club leaders:in the case of the club leaders their ID cards can unlock the supply room and the club rooms(the student ones just mark a student entry and unlock their lockers)
    student council:this ones let the student council members pass troguh metal detectors with metal objects but if yandere-chan stela this ones she can´t use them if a camera catches her on video and shows that she isn´t a member of the student council
    faculty members:basically what you suggested
    also this idea is just for when the school enviroment is pretty low, and info-chan could have two new items to sell
    1:the card holder:this item could let yandere-chan use the stolne ID without raising suspision becasue her ID is hiding the stolen one,
    and it could be one of the expensive items
    2:the fake ID:basically have info-chan create a one use fake ID that would be expensive but alos would require the info on one student but it can only be bought once per week

    if any of this sounds like a lot of trouble coding then its alright if you don´t do this.
    i just wanted to share this idea i had

  18. hey yanderedev at the lunch time i have a bug with the student and his HEAD i talk to her and he die because i…… really i dont do that!!

  19. Yandere Dev!
    You should add a feature, where, you can basically carry the red paint around and put it on a pool of blood so that the students won’t notice the blood and thought it was some kind of spilled red paint. I don’t know if you agree or not about this. I hope you read this and thanks for taking your time.

  20. wuju!!! It’s going to be april very soon and there will be an update!!!!

    Wait………….April…………oh may waifu………

  21. I can’t wait for the finished game I just went to the oldest build I can find and it looks so different from the most recent build I think welll I know that yandere dev is doing a great no awesome job

  22. i found a bug: a teacher was told about a dead body so she was standing near it after calling the cops. i hid around the corner and laughed and she walked away continuing on with her schedule. (the student was stuck following XD)

  23. Do you think in the next bug fixing build he may make the sound effects for changing clothes quieter? It has been bugging me that I can hear students changing across the map. ( yanderedev love the amazing progress you’re making❤)

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