March 2019 Progress Report

New video, new build! Check it out!

Remember how the last big update – the ability to drop stuff on students and light them on fire – resulted in a ton of new bugs? Well, I’m gonna keep it real with you; this build might have the same issue. This update involved MASSIVE overhauls to the “teacher receives report / teacher investigates report” feature, and it’s entirely possible that there might be new bugs with that feature, and also bugs when students and teachers react to suspicious objects. I tested every situation I could think of and fixed every problem I found, but there might be some edge-cases I didn’t think of testing, so you might run into some weird bugs in this build. (That’s the point of these debug builds, though; for people to find and report bugs.)

Watching YouTubers play Yandere Simulator is, by far, the best way for me to learn about flaws, exploits, and bugs in the game. However, I’m fully prepared to accept the possibility that YouTubers will ignore this build, since this update probably doesn’t contain anything that a YouTuber could make an entertaining video about; the fact that students can now react to blood probably won’t excite or thrill an audience. It’s one of the most significant changes to Yandere Simulator’s gameplay in years, but it doesn’t introduce new content that facilitates a cool video. It should definitely make things more challenging during Mission Mode (or throw a wrench in your plans if you’re planning a “Kill All Students” challenge”) but outside of those kind of scenarios, I understand if this new build isn’t considered “YouTube Material”.

To read a list of everything that was added, fixed, or changed in this build (and to see some special artwork of Yamiko, the protagonist of Life Note) click “Continue Reading”!

Blood Pools, Bloody Weapons, and Severed Limbs

  • If a student finds a pool of blood, they will walk over to it and investigate it.
  • After confirming that they have discovered blood, the student will run and tell a teacher.
  • The student and teacher will run to the location where the blood was spotted.
  • If the teacher doesn’t find blood (because the player has cleaned it up), she will assume she is being pranked, and return to the faculty room.
  • If the teacher does find blood, she will call the police.
  • If any character witnesses Yandere-chan mopping up blood, they will realize that Yandere-chan is trying to cover up the evidence of a crime, and will react according to their persona. (For example, teachers will try to apprehend the player.)
  • If a student has lost a teacher’s trust, they won’t bother to reporting things to teachers anymore, and instead will go hide in a classroom where they feel safe.
  • If a second student finds blood while another student is already reporting the blood, the second student will go wait in class while the blood is being reported.
  • Everything stated above also applies to dismembered limbs and bloody weapons, as well.

Discarded Weapons

  • If the player picks up an object that can be used as a weapon and drops it more than 10 meters away from its initial location, that object will be considered to be suspicious and dangerous, and students will react to it upon seeing it.
  • The first student to locate a suspicious/dangerous object will run and tell a teacher about it. Other students will simply ignore it and return to their daily routine.
  • If a teacher finds a suspicious/dangerous object (but doesn’t find any evidence of a crime) they will pick up the object and bring it to the faculty room.
  • A teacher’s fingerprints cannot be transferred onto a weapon. To make this more clear to the player, I will most likely adjust the “teacher picks up weapon” animation so that teachers use a handkerchief to pick up objects, instead of picking up objects with their bare hands.

Fixed, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that caused Occult Club members to spend eternity trying to walk into their locked clubroom if the Occult Club was shut down.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the weapon menu from updating properly if a weapon was dropped using gamepad controls.
  • Removed a debug command in Yandere-chan’s room that people were triggering accidentally.
  • Began to update the girls’ locker room with new models (but it’s not finished yet.)
  • Updated the textures of the bullies’ phones so that their screens aren’t blank.
  • Updated shaders that weren’t being affected by changes in lighting.
  • Added 1 new hairstyle and 1 new accessory for Yandere-chan.
  • Updated Yamiko’s clothing in the Life Note cutscene.
  • Added voice-acting to the Life Note cutscene.

Known Bug

  • The dialogue in the Life Note cutscene will advance automatically, without waiting for the player to press a button. This will be fixed in the next build.


I’m a huge fan of Death Note, and I had a lot of fun making my parody, “Life Note”. If you’re curious to see more of the protagonist Yamiko, here are some character design sheets:

What’s Next?

The next features I’ll work on will probably be the game’s intro cutscene and tutorial. After that, I’ll implement the Mysterious Obstacle, and then it’ll finally be Osana Time!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

122 thoughts on “March 2019 Progress Report

  1. Not a fan to the anime ordeal to be honest, though I do understand the appeal. For me it’s too easy and cliche, a simple means for the protagonist to get everything without having to do much. Like if at any point in time Ayano wanted to know all the killing techniques she could figure them out within the first week. It’s not a bad idea and I can see why people would go with it but I just think there could be something both better and more believable for Ayano to get her ideas. Instead I believe it would be a good idea to use Ryoba Aishi, Ayano’s mother, to explain how to properly eliminate a rival. She was the Yandere before her daughter Ayano after all so she would know exactly what techniques to use to help her daughter out. After all, she even showed Ayano how to properly clean up blood when she was still a child, as shown in a previous video, so it’s obvious she has the intention to help her daughter get her senpai. I think it would a great idea for the players to get to know the Aishi family as a whole by having Ryoba tell her daughter in subtle ways how to eliminate rivals, maybe by telling her daughter ideas she got from her mother (Ayano’s grandmother) or something along those lines and it would work perfectly. It would definitely bring up the history of why the Aishi family has this “affliction” and seem compelling for player to want to look into.

    The catch being Ryoba could tell only so much information at a time before having to hang up for fear of getting caught. Remember, she is on the hunt for the reporter whose trying to put her in jail, which is why she’s gone from the house, and thinking that talking to much on the phone could be dangerous, especially if someone was listening in. Like a reporter for instance? Maybe a detective? Or how about a cop? Someone like Ryoba Aishi would seem cautious about what she does and wouldn’t want to make a mistake like that, not when there’s a threat that could take her away from her senpai right?

    Getting ideas from Anime and video games is a funny joke and a decent one at that but I feel like it’s too convenient for the character to rip off an anime or manga just to find out how to kill people especially when the kills would be based off fiction. And quite frankly, considering Ayano is a supposed mastermind behind all the deaths and eliminations and expulsions and matchmaking and whatever in the school, you’d think she’d get a better source for her crimes then a fictional T.V show right? Kinda something you’d see in an anime itself you know? A girl falls in love with a boy and watches an anime and reads a manga about killing and then uses those ideas to eliminate her rivals and get the boy in the end. Kinda makes things feel a bit anti-climatic, am I right? Now’s that’s not to say that the anime and manga idea is bad. In fact I have no real issue with it at all. I just feel like you could get more out of it if you did things a bit differently. That’s just my two cents anyways and I hope it makes sense. I’d like the anime idea regardless but this just popped into my head and I felt like I had to write it down before I forgot.

    Thanks for reading and keep on supporting YandereDev.

    • Honestly this is a really good idea, much better than the incoherent babbling of the young kids on this forum.

    • You do realize that a lot of Yandere simulator is based on anime and anime cliches? (Senpai looking generic, alot of girls falling for him despite that, the yandere and other anime character types.) Also, people can take inspiration from media for their crimes. (Copy cat killers) And her mom telling her is the same thing, just someone telling her what to do.

      • I do but I think this would be cool to know about Ayano as a whole. Plus when YandereDev said he would consider a 1980s mode, this could tie in to how Ryoba knows what she does. It’s more of a lore friendly idea that can be expanded upon. I have no problem with the anime idea, I just want to know more about this infamous yandere family that our character is apart of. It’s mainly from a fan point of view. It’s not a perfect idea but that’s what great about forums ya know?

    • I like this idea a lot better. I thought the anime and manga idea was alright, but this would make more sense and make gameplay more interesting. I hope that Yandere Dev sees this and takes it into consideration.

    • Well, you have to think of all the possible ways for a new player to learn how to do these things: 1) Buying them from Info-chan (if that stays implemented), 2) Watching the anime (if that stays implemented), 3) Experimentation, 4) Reading a FAQ or strategy guide. The point is, it’s really not hard for new players to learn, whatever method they choose.

      For veteran players, they know everything already, so they don’t even need these things. A veteran player could play Ayano as a genius serial killer that can think up murder schemes out of nowhere! Does the protagonist “get everything too easily” in that case?

      And remember, this isn’t giving the player all the skills they need to actually pull off a murder. It’s just exposing some game interactions to help the player come up with their own plans and strategies. I think the anime is just a fun (and in the case of Life Note, HILARIOUS) way to give the player this information.

      • I think it’s a way for players to enjoy the lore of the characters just as much helping them with eliminations. Finding out new ways to kill someone is fun and all, but for gamers to truly be immersed in a game there is always a story to go along with it. What better way to have players keep coming back then to have a compelling story with compelling lore? Ayano could go about digging into her family history if the player wanted or maybe info-chan could give a backstory about things. Heck maybe even the final boss of the game could spell things out in an overly dramatic fashion like a stereotypical villain like you see on T.V.

        However, as a character in game, Ayano probably wouldn’t really care about what those in her family did unless it held importance for getting her senpai and everything else and as players we would only care if we were into lore but even then in the examples I gave it would be an after thought.

        I’m not saying that Ayano should get everything from her mother, in fact adding more sources for her to draw inspiration from would show just how resourceful she really is and help her grow as a character. Her mother Ryoba is simply one source out of several, anime and manga included, that would give the fans an insight to one of the most mysterious and violent characters in the series, also showing how Ayano would react to the fact that her “normal” mother was just as bad as her or maybe even worse.

        The fans love the game because it’s new and interesting and having more sources for information is always something that can help them understand more. Ryoba giving advice to her daughter is a great way for the players to not only get to know the character and lore more, but also let the players get something tangible at the same time. Once again though this is just my idea on the topic. I like the anime and manga idea, I just think there are other possible ways that could be used. I guess we’ll have to wait and see won’t we?

    • Me personally, I agree that the Anime method was a little…simple….while it could be good in the future with a little tweaking, right now it just seems a little easy. The method you described is actually really good,and having a time restriction on the conversation would add a sense of urgency, and wouldn’t make it so easy. But, it would still give veteran players an unfair advantage if they’re just starting a new game. To stop things like that from happening, I think that you should have to find out certain information,whether it be from Info-chan or just wandering the halls, that gives you certain weapons to be aware of. Making you have to take pictures of certain things and send them to Ryoba so that she can cryptically give you a way to dispose of your rival. All of her methods,whether you give her something harmless or not would be lethal, because it’s been revealed that Ryoba is rather violent. While Ryoba was crafty,she was limited to her blood lust, and I think that would add a choice to the game as to whether you want to go with your mother’s ideas in a type of Mother Knows Best scenario or trust your own instincts and go with a non lethal approach.

      Given that Ryoba is clearing trying to catch and kill the Journalist, it would make sense that she is urgent and constantly on her toes. So, would it not make sense for you to only get one call a week with her? She would constantly be moving, probably unable to communicate. So trying to stem off of that, you could make another restriction so that Ayano must learn her mother’s hidden number through a cryptic message, she can only call her once a week before the number is changed and she has to go through an even MORE difficult message to get it. It makes it so that murdering students isn’t easy, to push you to other methods, and give you a bit of a challenge and a sense of choice during gameplay, deciding when you want to use your one call. It’s a premise I thought worked very well in the Yakuza feature, and feel should have been implemented in some way.

    • I hate kids with anime profile pictures says:
      HEY HEY HEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      WORK ON OSANA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

    • This sounds great, plus there can be more scenes like the blood clean up where Yandere-chan remembers her mother coaching her, or maybe finding notes or a book written by her around the house with more information as well

    • I’d be happy to get on board with this idea, this is one of the best ideas i’ve seen come out of the Yandere Simulator community, it’s really well thought out and it actually has substance as opposed to half the garbage that has been suggested in the past

      It’s mighty strange that the brilliant idea comes from someone with an actual legible name, it’s not me being biased, i’ve seen these idiots who use Fancy text in a lot of places and the amount of **** they come out with is… unrivalled and is actually one of the reasons i stopped following development of this game, that and *cough* Osana, I don’t do well with long waits and the amount of brain-dead people that suddenly appeared here did not help the wait at all

      I really want the day to arrive where I can finally play Yandere simulator as a game but I really really want the day to arrive that I can play Yandere simulator as an actual game with this amazing idea added in.

      Maybe it will be finished before I graduate university in 2021, that’d be nice.

    • This is such a great idea. I’m not a fan of learning killing methods from anime, either. Ayano seems smarter than trying to replicate anime deaths, if that makes sense. Not to mention, implementing phone calls with her mom would be MUCH easier to do, since you wouldn’t need new drawings for every anime episode. All you would need is the voice acting and a phonecall animation for Ayano. You could even use Osana’s phone animation in the meantime. Although something simple like her pacing around her room or even just sitting on her bed would be more fitting. Love this idea!!


  3. Yay!!! Finally students react to blood limbs etc. I’m so glad that you’re making so much progress on Yandere Simulator!! (Also known as Love Sick)

  4. This is wonderful YandereDev! Keep up the great work. I know we all can not wait for Osana and the mysterious obstacle!

  5. The Death Note pastiche is great both as a pastiche and a gameplay mechanic. In general, I think you could add more such ideas at the cost of “choose one and come to school late”:
    * Watch a thriller anime (shows Life Note + the details of one of the murder plots appear in the info menu)
    * Watch a drama anime (shows some other pastiche + the details of one of the non-violent eliminations e.g. expulsion, friendship, matchmaking; appear in the info menu)
    * Watch a romance anime (tips or bonuses for the rival matchmaking)
    * Watch a harem anime (bonus to seduction)
    * Watch a cooking show (bonus to reputation gain from making food)
    * Watch the news (learn more conversation topics?)
    etc. etc.

    Also, I think it would be AWESOME if you get a special event (or ending) if you use more than a certain number of ideas you learned from Life Note. I.e. eliminate all rivals with the 10 exotic methods shown in the 10 episodes of Life Note, and the ending sequence shows Ayano being hunted by the famous international detective “Elle” who links the serial murders to the tv show yadda yadda.

  6. What if you could use red paint for blood? then the player can spill some paint on the floor so a student can report to a teacher then the teacher will call the police there will be a police investigation when they’re done they will find out that it’s paint, the next day the student will get bullied for pranking a teacher.

  7. OMG. Osana owo. Good job Yandere-dev I’m proud! I’m really happy for that. I myself can’t play the game, but as soon as i get my new computer i will play it!

  8. Oh my god I LOVE Yamiko so much. I’m going to have to draw her, I adore her design so much. Even if you don’t keep Life Note, please please please keep Yamiko somehow!

  9. W-hat if when the photography club examines every “iconic” murder method that Ayono is using then they use the horror Anime for tips and use to find a way for those methods to be stopped. or they report to the police that the same actions from the Anime are being done in the school, so the police finds a way for the show to be canceled. Maybe it can cost something to use the Anime for other methods including murder methods such as the frame for murder method.sorry if my English is bad, i type too fast.

  10. I like the idea of anime thing, but don’t you think that gaming club would be into anime too? maybe to get the WHOLE gaming club to do a favour for you, you would have to ACT like you like a suent anime and get them to like you. just in case you damage your reputation.

    other than that the whole anime idea is a good idea. I like it and it would hurt me truly to get rid of all that time that the voice actor and artists put into that short episode of Life Note.

  11. Oh a New Build that’s amazing. lemmie test it out for a bit.

    (Uses test dummy “Midori”, dismembers her head and leaves it on the floor)

    Now we wait ;some random student “What is that?”
    “Oh my god! I need to tell a teacher!”
    *Goes tell a teacher*
    “Come Quick! Someone has been dismembered!.
    “Dismembered?! Take me there right now!
    *Sees the head and calls the police.”

    Me: “Wtf, how does that person not realise that’s Midori. Yandere Dev even told us “Every student, knows your face and name…”

    I mainly wrote this so other students could potentially change their routines depending whos head was identified on subsequent days… Could you add this please? :3 It’d be kind.

  12. Okay, listen. I like the idea of having another anime aside from Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki exist in the world of Yandere Simulator. It adds world building and a chance to expand on the type of school Akademi High is. It even adds a chance to add more personality to certain characters with a preferred anime type in such, and overall, the Anime learning feature is rather cute. But it’s very flawed. It adds a bit of a damaging flaw to Yan Chan’s personality. Taking into account that Ayano is smart enough to play the school in her hands like puppets with perfect skills of prediction, shift her very personality to become more likeable, and is smart enough to know how to frame someone for murder, hide a body, and even disable metal detectors and security cameras; this method makes her come off as an anime loving, happy time murderer. Now, at first the ideas seems interesting, it could even be great if give proper adjustments. BUT….I feel as though it dumbs down US as the player, and Ayano as the protagonist. I understand that there has to be SOME way for a character to learn base game mechanics, but having be through this seems so simple. Maybe have Ayano find something of her Mother’s in the basement or in her room, around the house. Old plans that she had during her days as the raiing Yan Queen of Akademi High. Maybe have a mechanic in the game set up where Ayano is able to piece together her own plans with objects she sees around the game. Have it be like a type of puzzle where the player pieces together the objects and unlocks a brand new method. Don’t just make it easy and give us an anime to explain it all easily. The anime is a nice addition, no doubt, and I enjoy adding the cutscene into the game. It, again, adds a world building feature that I’m always happy to see in games. But in my opinion, it should be in the game as a side mission as a way to earn favors and trust, not part of one of the main mechanics of the game.

  13. You could have programmed the students to bring a dangerous object to the teachers and they could be blamed for murder (?)

  14. “The next features I’ll work on will probably be the game’s intro cutscene and tutorial. After that, I’ll implement the Mysterious Obstacle, and then it’ll finally be Osana Time!”

    I was originally super excited but then remembered:

    1) updating the student interface so you can talk to them about various subjects and gain or lose their favor and your reputation rather than just complimenting them
    2) Snap Mode
    3) updating the student council so they send you to the counselor’s office for misbehaving (this one might be a thing already; I actually haven’t checked)
    4) The remaining Rainbow Nine kids? The courtyard is super empty at a couple points during the day, not to mention that it would make sense to have a few more students who aren’t in clubs.
    5) Bookbags! So far the only ones in the debug are Kokona’s, which stays fixed in place always at her desk, and the bullies’, who never take theirs off.
    6) Maid cafe minigame! Unless you’ve decided money isn’t going to be a factor in the game the way weather isn’t going to be a factor.
    7) Taro unmasking the player if they decide to to try committing murder in front of him using a mask to hide Ayano’s identity.
    8) game over for killing half of school’s population
    9) Are all school buffs functional yet? I don’t think they are, or perhaps they just don’t have utility because the other half needed is missing (like being able to navigate social situations better if you have a high psychology stat but right now interaction is limited as hell).
    10) there are still empty rooms, although that may not be HUGELY important?
    11) no physical education portion of the day, but that also may not be hugely important

  15. The game is looking nice! Also, the discord link isn’t working anymore. is there another one I could use to gain access to the server?

  16. Hum, I think Yan Dev left an encrypted message a few minutes ago in this post and then he changed it back. Can someone decrypt it? I don’t know what kind of code this is:


  17. It’s really cool how you’ve come so far in developing Yandere Simulator! It’s also disappointing that people don’t like the anime idea (•ิ_•ิ)? But to make things harder and less accessible, maybe possibly you could make the player have to search for the anime or something close. Kind of like the same way you do with the manga idea.

    Anyways, I’m super excited for Osana to be implemented, so I don’t expect you to take notice of any idea’s just yet until you’re finished with her.

  18. Hey YandereDev Why I cant to trip the water to student . When I carry the bucket of water And use CTRL Yandere-Chan just laughs…YandereDev or Anyone tell me Why????

  19. Hey YandereDev Why I cant to trip the water to student . When I carry the bucket of water And use CTRL Yandere-Chan just laughs…YandereDev or Anyone tell me Why????

    I dont know why but I really to know….

  20. Instead of having direct instructions of murders, maybe poetic-like dialogue in the Anime would make it more of challenge and interesting to try and break down what the figurative language is meaning.

  21. Yandere-Dev Yandere-Dev!! ;-3

    It’s nice to see You in high Spirits and happy that You came quite far in a relatively short Amount of Time the last one or few Months 😉
    Awhile ago from January on i was a little bit negative since overzealously Fan-of-You-me wanted to see more Video’s of You uploaded on YouTube. Seeing your Video’s about the Games Progress ALONE makes me kinda addicted to them.

    I am very happy for You regarding how far You already came even though You are still the sole, single Developer of your Game.
    ( Right? At least i think You are, if i didn’t miss something. )

    There are SO MUCH MORE Students and Characters on itself in the Game right now – and the newest Area looks INCREDIBLE beautiful 😉

  22. I have an idea for the gameplay of the game: it would be that Ayano should go to the calligraphy room to write a fake suicide letter. ( Sorry for my bad English I’am French)

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